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By | September 29, 2020

In honor of The Great Presidential Debate, which is tonight, I thought I would take an increasingly well-known test to see how my own political orientation lines up with how I see myself, and how I stack up against other people. 

It occurs to me that many views and conclusions that I have held over the years have moved this way and that, and the truth is that I really haven’t been able to characterize myself for quite a while. In the old days, I was pretty much a Democrat-sympathizer, and usually rooted for Democratic political candidates over Republican. As many of you have gathered, however, I have been an orphan of the Left for the past decade or so. And I am sure most of you realize I have no use for either of America’s main political parties. 

Anyway, I digress. So I took a test called the Political Compass Test, which you might enjoy taking as well. Why not? It was surprisingly challenging and, even more surprisingly, it asks many relevant and up-to-date questions. I think it’s rather well put together. 

The test measures your political orientation along two axes. One is the standard Left-Right metric, but the other is Libertarian vs. Authoritarian. As we all know, there are different Leftists and Rightists, and it helps to get some clarity on the matter when you look at a bigger picture, which this tries to do. 

My result? The main result did not surprise me — I am very close to being the ultimate Centrist. But not exactly. I lean SLIGHTLY to the Libertarian side and SLIGHTLY to the Left. I was actually surprised by these results. I would have thought I was more Libertarian than the test says. Apparently I have more of Mussolini in me than I would like to have admitted! 

And I was also surprised that I tracked slightly to the Left. It’s not by much, as you can see in the graphic. Just barely. But I honestly would have thought by now that I would have been slightly to the Right. After all, I can see as well as anyone that I am swiftly moving into the “GET OFF MY LAWN!” phase of life. 

But when I think about it, I am happy with the results, and hopefully you are, too, since you will now know that I honestly do try to be balanced when I provide any of the political commentary that makes it to this site, courtesy of my fevered brain! 




Member Gregory Phillips linked another test, which I also took and gave similar results, although the economic component moved me to the Right a bit. Overall, some of the questions seemed a bit more loaded to me and a bit tougher for me since many of these issues were complex to my mind, not easily answerable one way all the time. So I often went “neutral” on quite a few of them. But of course, I guess that is the point of the test! My results came out very similar to the other test. Apparently, I am a Centrist — something I would never have thought about myself in the past. Thanks, Greg!

Here is a screenshot of my results:


PresstoDigitate also had another survey here.  And yes I took it. Here, I am not quite a centrist but a Liberal-leaning Libertarian. I think mainly because I support social security and …. uh … universal healthcare? 🙂 For the record, my attitude on healthcare is that we Americans have the worst possible system. I would sooner have NO regulation and NO insurance (at least not in significant amounts) on healthcare (just as I support the same concept for higher education) because I believe the insurance is the single biggest cause of the ballooning costs. I think we would be infinitely better off with less intrusion by government in these matters. However, knowing that will NEVER happen, I support the next best outcome (in my view) which would be universal health care. Hell, talk to almost any Canuck and they will tell you the same. In the long term, I support the freedom of genuine markets and supply/demand to give us the best overall outcomes, but only without the red tape. In lieu of that, I don’t see why the Americans can’t do what other western nations do. As Kent Brockman says, “That’s my two cents!” 🙂 Oh, regarding the student loan situation, I think we seriously need to consider ending the student loan industry ASAP. It needs to die, and that wasn’t a question on the survey, unfortunately.


55 thoughts on “My Political Compass Results

  1. wildbill65401

    I will readily admit that I am shocked by results. I had no idea!

    Awwww…I tried to paste my results and was unable to. 😥

      1. wildbill65401

        Haha! Good call! 😀

        It says:

        Economic Left/Right = -1.38
        Social Libertarian/Authoritarian = 1.08

        Wild Bill 🤠

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I just started taking it, and am halfway through. I don’t like this one as much, because I find I am answering “neutral” on so many because the questions themselves don’t have much nuance. I suppose they create them to be that way, but I instinctively don’t like them because these are very complex issues. The other test also sometimes simplified the questions, but this one seems more so to me. Anyway, I will finish it and post my results. 🙂

      1. Gregory Phillips

        Glad to hear! I also came up as much more left wing than I expected on the political compass test. Wonder if it’s biased.

  2. Leslie Schwartz

    Interesting Richard, I am -9, -4.21 Much more to the left and as well more libertarian than you. I think I am testing more like the typical liberal arts student, and you are testing more like the staid older generation history professor. But I am probably a few years older than you. I wonder where the average true believer in UFOs, life exists on other planets type of person would settle on that grid, I would have guessed closer to my results than yours.

  3. Doctor3j

    Another way which I look at it is not a simple Cartesian plane . You arbitrarily chose the categories. IN REALITY THIS SHOULD BE A MULTIVARIATE ANALYSIS. I’ll bet most of the people who take this test are not happy with the result. They will say that doesn’t accurately describe me.

    There are many more categories that need to be given a weight that are just as important. What about some other categories, like representative democracy vs a communist /socialist run country a person would have to live in?

    Other such big issues are: private property vs communal ownership. News media that is all propaganda vs true honest journalism. True honest history vs a revisionist woke version. Strict but fair law and order vs anarchy and revolution. Love and inclusion vs Hate and purposeful incitement of division. Who controls academia. All media manipulation need to be fully disclosed.

    More multivariables to consider:

    Basic Constancy in most areas, with slow, well considered change vs sudden radical revolutionary change, with no regard for tradition.

    I hope some day Richard will NOT be compelled to write a history of “THE RISE AND FALL OF HUMANS ON EARTH”

    There is no way that the various alien groups haven’t reconciled these and many other principles.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Hi Doctor3j,
      I do tend to think that the limitations you point out in the test are actually more or less covered by other questions in it. That’s my opinion. In other words, I am not sure that by adding the categories you mention that the test will end up substantially more accurate. Heck, maybe it would be, but my sense is that it probably would get to a point of diminishing returns. And I am sure I won’t be writing the history of humanity’s rise and fall; that will be done by future robot historians. 🙂

  4. Ed Claytor

    Hum, I finished as Economic Left/Right: -1.25 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -1.64. Which is about right. I always been an independent. I consider myself as fiscally a conservation and socially libertarian. about the same as Richard. just one more space down and to the left.

  5. whatif

    If you’re not a devout lefty, it’s probably best not to take online quizzes on your own devices, even when declared “anonymous.” The deep state has its claws buried deep into Google, AT&T, etc. via the NSA and other agencies. They are collecting every bit of information possible. That information is processed through sophisticated algorithms to catalog and cross tabulate YOU in hyper-dimensional databases they maintain on EVERYONE. In essence the internet provides the means for an instant and strikingly accurate profile on anyone — what you do on the internet is who you are and they know.

  6. PressToDigitate

    I too was surprised that you didn’t score more Libertarian, so I took the quiz as well.
    My score of 3.38 on the Left/Right axis and 0.46 on Libertarian/Authoritarian axis had me even less Libertarian than you – which surprised me even more.
    So, I pulled up the classic ‘Nolan Chart’, and took that quiz which did push me – considerably – farther away from Center, toward Libertarian.

    It will be interesting to see how today’s advocates for ‘Inclusive Diversity’, “Intersectionality” and “Critical Race Theory” react to the reality of Alien Colonization as fait accompli’ – “in our midst” – as it were. When, as “Alien Nation” predicted, the ET Hybrids turn out to be “Whiter than White”, in the sense of being Smarter, More Ambitious, More Meritocratic, More ‘Uptight’ and More Elitist – and generally occupying more positions of Authority, Influence and Control than anyone else in society (“da Man” so to speak), its going to be a major social impact of the ETUFO presence that no one has even addressed yet. How would political attitudes across the Socio-Economic spectrum change if it were suddenly revealed that “most of the top 1% ain’t from around here” to begin with? It reminds me of Reagan’s musing of “how quickly our differences would vanish if we found out”…

    (Of course, having said that, the extinguishment of “Xenophobia” across Human culture, and making any notation of ‘difference’ a socially sanctionable instance of “Hate Speech” is *precisely* how They (ET) would want to socially engineer our civilization – BEFORE making their presence manifest…)

    1. Doctor3j

      Excellent summary of our real plight here on earth. Totally agree. This eloquent statement proves that you are not one of “them.” You passed the hybrid test.

    1. FamousAmos

      I guess we’re the only two guys hanging out in the lower-right quadrant…

      Economic Left/Right: 5.38
      Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -2.51

      Ron Paul 2008 🙂

  7. jjsedona

    Birds of a feather and all that…
    I wasn’t surprised of my results since it is squarely between Richard’s and Wild Bill’s.

    1. Carolyn3

      I took the test twice because I was torn on a few questions as to whether put agree or strongly agree to see if there was much of a difference , and there wasn’t that much of of a change on the chart.

  8. John Littler

    Very interesting exercise, i was genuinely surprised.

    Economic Left/Right: -4.75
    Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -6.97

  9. Chester_Hunter

    3 years ago I came out at
    Economic Left/Right -2.38
    Social Libertarian/Authoritarian -4.72

    Just 4 months ago I came out at
    Economic Left/Right -2.0
    Social Libertarian/Authoritarian -5.49

  10. Craig Champion

    I had to smile at everyone’s surprise at the results of the various tests. One thing to consider about psychometry is that test results often-times reveal more about test construction than about the reality of what a test is supposed to measure. As such, it makes sense to consider test results within a broader context of information.

  11. Andrew

    Economic Left/Right: -6.38
    Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -5.54

    Wow! Further out there than I expected too! I’m almost ten years younger than RD, and I am still learning and my opinions and thoughts all a wide variety of topics continues to grow and change as I try to remain open to new ideas, experiences, and information.

    Agree that there a few questions where my first reactions to was, “It depends…” or “in what context?”

  12. MarkH

    My Political Compass
    Economic Left/Right: -4.75
    Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -3.03
    ? I don’t believe it LOL

  13. technomage

    It’s a testament to this site that so many people feel comfortable posting their scores. In many other places, this would invite instant flame wars.

  14. intranuclear

    Hah, I seem to be pretty close to your’s but a more extreme Libertarian:
    Your Political Compass
    Economic Left/Right: -3.38
    Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -5.85

  15. Redspan

    That was an interesting test and my results are further left than I would have thought. My red dot was close to Richard’s in the green square.

    Economic Left/Right: -1.63
    Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -3.08

    Very odd. I voted Conservative and for Brexit so according to many in the UK that makes me a far right xenophobe! Haha! I’m actually more left/liberal than they imagine.

  16. PressToDigitate

    Mine came out just where yours did on Liberal/Conservative, but about two ‘star-heights’ in between further north on Libertarian. (Which is odd, because I’ve always prided myself on being “Somewhere to the Right of Darth Vader”, politically…)

    BINGO on your Health Care comment. I have yet to get anyone to tell me how Medicare/Medicaid or Obamacare act any differently from “Price Supports” in Agriculture; keeping prices artificially inflated for the benefit of the industry, by ensuring unlimited demand at a price floor, and effectively eliminating any product (service) going out to anyone any cheaper than the government will pay. Its actually worse than that, because Medicare/Medicaid actually expressly require that the government price be the lowest price each vendor offers. The days when a House Call cost ‘a Chicken’, and an Appendectomy ‘four Chickens and a Goat’ are gone since all Customers had to bid against The Government for all their medical treatments.

  17. technomage

    I think the problem on the economic score is that there is a confusion between capitalism and fascism so many of the corporatist (i.e. fascist) problems we see tend to make people answer to the “left” because they look at the current system and equate that with a free-market system, which it’s not even close to. This may be why some people are surprised at their scores.

  18. Alastair Barker

    Economic Left/Right: -7.75
    Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -7.95

    I feel I may have lurched to the right – 2×2 squares away from the corner of bottom left. Going soft. See y’all at the barricades. 🙂


    My wife and I scored about the same. If there were more detailed questions it would be much better.
    It was pretty accurate. I knew I was more left than right but left has been tarnished by current events so it feels more shameful than it should.😁
    Ultimately I believe that power corrupts the human soul. We need to find a cure for that.

  20. Christina

    Economic Left/Right: -3.0
    Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -4.82

    Funny to see myself rated in such test meant for a different political system than I’m used to 😅 I’m from Denmark by the way… 😊

  21. itsmeRitaC

    Ha. I just took the test you linked to. I will bet you can guess where i showed up on the square! 🙂 That’s me. A good old leftist libertarian! I think that may make me a little bit unique as far as being such a person while also being so interested in the UFO phenomenon all of my life!

  22. technomage

    I think only 3 of 4 of us are in the bottom right box:

    Economic Left/Right: 4.75
    Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -4.67

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