RDS Part 1. Jeffrey Meldrum on The Scientific Case for Sasquatch.

By | January 14, 2019


Jeffrey Meldrum is probably the world’s leading academic expert on Sasquatch, more commonly known as Bigfoot. I was glad to be able to do this interview with him. He is a full professor of Anatomy & Anthropology at Idaho State University and knows his stuff. He is careful in his statements, meticulous in his research, and very brave. I found myself fascinated by his approach and certainly by his conclusions on this mysterious phenomenon. I hope you enjoy.


3 thoughts on “RDS Part 1. Jeffrey Meldrum on The Scientific Case for Sasquatch.

  1. MarkH

    Was not 100% convinced about the bigfoot issue. thought they may have come and gone or sightings were so sparse through mainstream media we would never have any proof of existence that is until David Paulides spoke about them after tracking them with the help of Native Americans Tribes. they may not be what we think they are! incorporate that with the conversation in regards to bigfoot at the skinwalker ranch. Now I don’t know what they are but they seem to exist.

  2. Craig Champion

    Thought/Qestion: If Bigfoot is a paranormal phenomenon, might it be possible that Sasquatch (Cryptid-types in general ) can leave trace evidence when in this realm and yet vanish when threatened?

  3. Rosanne Losee

    I’ve always wondered why people think it couldn’t be true. After all, what do we really know about this world?

    Of course there is probably a ‘link’ between the primates and homo sapiens sapiens! I applaud Dr. Meldrum for his courage and implacability in continuing research into this phenomenon!

    I always tune in when he is on TV discussing evidence of Bigfoot.

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