Balls of Light, UFOs, and Bigfoot. Interview with Stan Gordon | The Richard Dolan Show

By | December 6, 2022


Hi Everyone,

I am very pleased to announce tonight’s episode of the Richard Dolan Show, which is an interview with the great researcher Stan Gordon. This will be available when it aires on YouTube at 8 p.m. ET. At the same time, I will upload the exclusive Part Two of our interview, which is every bit as interesting as Part 1. 

Stan is such a resource and not nearly as well recognized as he ought to be, at least in my opinion. He’s been doing UFO research since the Kecksburg, PA crash of 1965 when he investigated it as a teenager. He remains the leading expert in the world among civilian investigators of that event. Another thing about Stan is that he has operated what I think is the longest-operating UFO hotline in the world, but one that is very specific to his geographic area of Western Pennsylvania. I’m not sure of the exact year but I know he started that back in the 1970s. 

Today his website remains very active. Click here to check it out. 

Along with UFOs, Stan has also been researching Bigfoot sightings for about as many years. In fact, he wrote a book “Silent Invasion,” about the extremely interesting events of 1973 in Western PA in which UFO and Bigfoot sightings occurred frequently in tandem. 

Lately, Stan has collected interesting accounts of seemingly intelligent balls of light and their affects on people. This was what prompted me to interview him, so we started off this interview by discussing some of those cases. The conversation then moved on to Bigfoot encounters, not because I was going in that direction but because he wanted to. It’s a VERY interesting conversation, mostly on Stan’s side of it. You will find this interesting, I assure you. 

By the way, Part two of our interview is every bit as interesting as Part one so you won’t want to miss it. In that, the conversation is a bit more open-ended and he offers his assessment concerning the very strange nature of this phenomenon and its “inter dimensional” nature, at least in part. I realize this is a topic on which there are many opinions but you have to respect where Stan is coming from. He’s done more work on this subject than most researchers, there’s no question about that. 


19 thoughts on “Balls of Light, UFOs, and Bigfoot. Interview with Stan Gordon | The Richard Dolan Show

  1. Peter Mancini

    I really like the interview. I remember in the ’70s at the movie theaters watching close encounters of the third kind. There’s a scene where a news conference about the serious subject of UFOs is disrupted by a crazy guy talking about Bigfoot. I think that captures the thought at the time that Bigfoot could only be a hoax and was for crazy people.

    It certainly was my thought as a kid. One of the strangest things about this journey in understanding the phenomenon has been to recognize that I’ve probably been deceived on absolutely everything, and programmed to ridicule so many things.

    Thanks for conducting the interview. It was really enlightening.

  2. Sean Jepson

    Loving the new content..

    I’ve heard and it makes as much sense as anything (to me) that Bigfoot is ‘Predator’/Special Forces type being belonging to the group that own the spheres. They send them down to investigate craft that have been downed after the spheres shoot them down/disable them. They’re hard to see because they’re cloaked against visible light. From this it sounds like they might retrieve malfunctioning spheres that have fallen to the ground too.

  3. Tim Prosser

    Greetings from a new member here in Perth, Western Australia.
    Way back in the 1970s I had two very frightening experiences, the first of which involved a close encounter with a hovering object and an approximately six hour period of time I cannot account for (I believe I may have been abducted), and the second of which I believe to have been an attempted abduction that I was able to break free of. The details of these I can describe later if they are of interest. I must add that nothing remotely similar has ever occurred again in the intervening 45 years, for which I am, of course, grateful.
    However, this topic of ‘light balls’ is of great interest to me, because I have witnessed them on two occasions. The first one was quite small and I saw it while a passenger in a car passing the big pine plantation alongside Leach Highway here in Perth. It appeared suddenly, arced upwards like a flaming comet and just as suddenly…vanished. I actually thought it was a prank by kids who had soaked a soccer ball in some kind of flammable liquid, ignited it and catapulted it into the air. I was a teenager myself at that time and was quite impressed by this apparent trick.
    The second one, however, many years later and on the other side of the country, was enormous – about the size of an old-fashioned gasometer. It appeared out of nowhere, arcing upwards from the ocean (which I had good views of from the balcony of my flat in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney), and then vanishing so quickly that I was initially confused and wondered whether I had imagined it. Again, I thought it was a ball of fire like the small one I had seen more than a decade earlier. I retired for the night slightly puzzled, but didn’t think too much more about it.
    Then, listening to the radio next morning while getting ready for work, I was amazed that the big news item was the ‘UFO’ witnessed by many people over the Eastern Suburbs and also, many miles away, over the Queanbeyan Highway. It was described by interviewed witnesses as a ‘large glowing orange sphere that appeared briefly, vanished and then reappeared several times at not much more than rooftop height’.
    I cannot accurately recall what year this was, though possibly 1983 or ’84.
    About ten years ago I found internet reports of the incident, which included several witness accounts by those who saw the thing much closer and for longer than I did. One said he’d watched it from his bathroom window as it hovered stationary over adjacent parkland, and another stated that it cruised quite slowly over suburban streets.
    Unfortunately, I found this report and bookmarked it on a computer I no longer have, and do you think I can find it again now, several years later? Not a chance, and the entire incident seems to have disappeared completely down the memory hole. I have, in recent years, chatted on Facebook with other witnesses , so I know it really did happen. I just don’t understand why I can no longer find any internet accounts of it now.
    So, highly esteemed Mr. Dolan, is this perhaps one you’d like to exercise your considerable investigative skills on?

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Greetings Tim and welcome to our little family here. 🙂 Your account is very interesting and yes I would personally be interested in learning other details you may have. You can most easily reach me at the Contact Tab on the website menu. Your message *will* get to me. As for “investigating” your case, I don’t think that is an easy task, but I am surely interesting in reading more about it! Thank you for writing.

      1. Tim Prosser

        Ah, many thanks for your response, Richard. It was most remiss of me to have not mentioned that I’ve been enjoying your Youtube presentations for several years. Your dedication to this topic, as well as matters of a geopolitical nature, is very much appreciated.
        And yes, I shall write through the contact tab some time soon, with an account of the two ‘abduction’ incidents. Not tonight, though, as it’s already getting on for four in the morning here and I really ought to call it a night. Such is the life of a retiree with no daytime commitments!

  4. Andromeda107

    I have a book titled Bigfoot Nation: A history of Sasquatch in Northern America, written by David Hatchet Childress. The book has Sasquatch sightings/encounters going back until the 1800’s all the way up 2000’s,in the book a lot of the early encounters/sightings during the 1800’s the Sasquatch is referred to as Wildmen ;so for me there is definitely something to Sasquatch, and I definitely don’t believe the beings are some undiscovered animal as some researchers would like us to believe. Native Americans ,who have been encountering these beings for decades ,have stated they often traded with the beings long ago,and they are highly intelligent;and that some of these beings don’t live in our realm,that they have the ability to move back and forth between their realm and ours ,which I could see some truth to that, afterall,they have managed to elude humans. Also I have heard the theories of UFOs being seen around Sasquatch,David Paulides talks about this on channel often.Richard what is your thoughts on the Patterson/Gimlin footage? I tend to believe it is real.Richard this was a subject, I really enjoyed it ☺️.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Glad you enjoyed the interview. Yes the Bigfoot researchers tend to divide on the issue of just how “strange” is Bigfoot? A natural “undiscovered” animal or something much more strange? I tend toward the latter group, as does Stan Gordon. Regarding the famous Patterson footage, I’m really no authority, that is for sure, but I do recall reading a spirited defense of its authenticity, although I can’t recall the specifics. I’m open to either conclusion on it, but only because I haven’t really done enough work to decide one way or another.

  5. Christian Morales

    I gotta work on my stigma with Bigfoot. Honestly I’m way more open minded now and I’m sure bigfoot is real. I’m personally more interested in ufos than in bigfoot or ghosts because of the implications. Ufos have huge implications and we have way more evidence for ufos. Some might argue the evidence point but if something is way smarter than you and it doesn’t feel like letting you duplicate an experiment then what do you do?? What if you’re the mice trying to study the humans? With that being said I have heard of some cases where ufos come non stop and studies have been made. I think they are classified tho. Chris Bledsoe for example. Has he ever been debunked? One last thing Richard there is an article going around about a CIA giving you a deathbed confession, it’s out there I saw it on my computer Microsoft edge.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Hi Christian. Yes that article about the “CIA deathbed confession” was actually an interview I did in 2013 — almost ten full years ago. The video itself garnered well over a million views at the time so I am not sure why someone decided to write an article about all that again. As for Bigfoot, that’s a topic for which I don’t have a lot of passion but I admit it’s just … interesting! Plus, when I run into someone who really knows a lot about the subject, I like to talk with them about it. I’m really glad Stan Gordon decided to go there, since it wasn’t necessarily on my list of subjects to discuss with him.

  6. Yoav Liberman

    Hi Richard, 
    A few months ago (unfortunately, I didn’t remember the name of the Youtube channel), the guest, an ex-policeman involved in Big Foot Research, announced that a breakthrough genetic analysis conducted on alleged Big Foot hair samples would shortly be published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal. The results, according to the experts, are spectacular. 
    Richard, have you heard anything about this?
    Many thanks,

  7. Curtis Lightle

    What a great interview. Another in a series of good ones recently. Worth every penny of $8.99/month or whatever you are charging now (: Sidebar, Gaia increased my monthly fee without asking me or any notification at all that I noticed.

    Ok, back on track. The first person to mention to me that Bigfoot might be a dimensional being was my wife. That was an a ha moment for me. She is not into UFO’s or Bigfoot or any of that stuff much but after my relaying my various stories she just threw that out there. I have ran with it ever since because it absolutely is a good explanation for the evidence. What is a dimensional being? Hell, I don’t really know but perhaps there are alternate Universes we run in parallel with. I just think they have the ability to come into our material world and become perceptible by us when they choose (or by accident on their part?).

    I would never say such a thing to someone with no background in any of this because they would think I was a nuts. But my response to these people is that you if you do not believe there are UAP’s or nefarious conspiracies you are simply not paying attention!

    Endlessly interesting, thanks for what you do Richard, keep it up!

  8. PressToDigitate

    That turned out to be far more interesting than I expected. I’ve never been much of a Bigfoot enthusiast – or Cryptids, generally – on the theory that (unlike Abductions), “Even if True, So What?”. But the now CLEAR indications that the Bigfeet are of Extraterrestrial origin (as, I hate to point out, “The Six Million Dollar Man” speculated in the 1970s), does make the whole thing a lot more interesting. I remember Linda Moulton-Howe telling me privately in 2013 that there was a good deal of evidence for this, from many “crossover” UFO/Bigfoot encounter stories. I think your interview with Stan Gordon closes the case on this issue; they (the Bigfeet) work for ET.

    Missing in the discussion (and I haven’t heard Part 2 yet), has been any analysis of exactly what they are and why they would be useful to the Aliens. It seems obvious that the Bigfeet are an engineered lifeform, created from Earth animal DNA, to be at home (and agile) in the forest and jungle (and adaptable to other ecosystems around the planet), probably for the purpose of excursions to study the natural habitat for scientific monitoring purposes, without being observed as “Aliens”. Perhaps a Bigfoot is just a Container – “Avatar” for Consciousness, as in the film – for Alien scientists or technicians to occupy on a temporary basis, to examine Earth “in the wild”. Its a “Meat Suit” – a Space Suit built from indigenous organic matter, which, unlike Human bodies, can be possessed when needed, and evacuated when not in use. It wouldn’t have the accumulated memory hardcoding that makes the possession of Adult Humans difficult or impossible for the ETs to transplant their Souls into (if they could, there’d be no Hybrids).

    Perhaps some Colonists find a Bigfoot – or other engineered lifeform – body, living out in the wild, preferable to taking Human form, and inhabiting our houses and cities. Perhaps the Aliens occupying the Bigfeet are another species, from an arboreal native biology back home, and when the primary Colonists become the New Humans through IVF-based genetic replacement, these “Walking Carpets” will also begin disembarking in force.

    Their interest in our unbuilt wilderness is significant, in light of the latest, more aggressive steps in Holland to begin the Agenda21/30 “Rewilding” project, by forcing thousands of farmers to surrender their land. Just like Hitler’s “Lebensraum”, its obviously meant to “clear off” spaces for New Residents. Most likely, the podiatrically-endowed are to be those New Residents. Too bad Dr. Roger Leir isn’t here when we need him…

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Yes, I have to agree with the likelihood that they are engineered, although why exactly that body type and size is beyond me, and also what their “mission” happens to be. I have to say I continue to struggle with making sense out of Bigfoot, even though I’ve interviewed several credible witnesses and spoken to some of the leading researchers on the subject: Stan Gordon, Jeffrey Meldrum, Loren Coleman, and David Paulides. And several others who are not as well known. All these people are serious researchers of the subject with a deep knowledge base.

  9. Craig McDowall

    I think Bigfoot is a hunting animal employed by aliens, much like humans use dogs or falcon to hunt animals. They are sent into the forest by aliens specifically to hunt deer, and bring them back to the mothership. Why? Because we all know the Grays love that spicy venison jerky during a long space trip. This might also explain why Mountain Dew often goes missing from remote campsites.

    1. itsmeRitaC

      Craig, I think your theory here is probably the most spot on! The protein is definitely what a Grey needs and if ingested, or however they take in nutrients, along with Mountain Dew, it creates a super protein that humans have yet to discover. It could reverse the aging process.


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