Russia’s Covid Vaccine?

By | September 4, 2020

We all know that not everyone shares the same opinion on the pandemic and lockdown policy. And certainly many folks are very suspicious of any purported vaccine. I am not taking a position on this (sorry to those who want me to!), But I do find this story interesting. Published in RT, and somewhat to my surprise even in some Western mainstream places.

One thing I am curious about. Are the members of this site more likely or less likely to trust a Russian vaccine as opposed to one developed by a western nation?

I have a feeling that the general public, bombarded so often by RussiaRussia! stories, might be less trusting of the Ruskies. But I suspect the breakdown might be quite different here. Just curious.

I have a feeling that no matter what we may think privately about the safety of a vaccine, the world population is fully backed into a corner. We all realize, I think, that nothing is going to become remotely normal until there is a vaccine. I don’t like it any more than you do.

But if this was indeed a plandemic, would the Russian vaccine be an unwelcome development? In other words, the wrong vaccine? Again, just wondering what some of you think. All opinions are welcome, as long as we respect those who disagree with us. 

BTW I am about to upload a few more items today so stand by!

Respected British medical journal The Lancet publishes study showing Russia’s ‘Sputnik V’ Covid-19 vaccine to be 100% effective


64 thoughts on “Russia’s Covid Vaccine?

  1. technomage

    “We all realize, I think, that nothing is going to become remotely normal until there is a vaccine. I don’t like it any more than you do.”

    Why would we need a vaccine for a virus (even putting aside the fact that the PCR data is unreliable with many false positives), has over a 99% survival rate?

    Why would we need a vaccine when Vitamin D levels have been shown to be inversely proportional to reported COVID deaths? I haven’t even covered Zinc and HCQ.

    What kind of “normality” would we expect in accepting a vaccine with insufficient safety testing and where any attempt to push this onto the public is a clear violation of the Nuremburg code?

    No, the only normalcy we will get from accepting this vaccine is to make COVID-1984 a greater reality than it already is today. Just like with 9/11, fear will drive a population to do almost anything. I suggest that instead of saying, “oh, nothing to be done, it’s inevitable”, that we resist in any way we can. This is what Gandhi and Martin Luther King taught us, and they were successful.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I am totally onboard with you here. I am talking in a purely political sense, that there is just no way the world is going to be allowed to go back to normal without some kind of vaccine. In practical terms, I have come to the personal viewpoint that everything should be reopened, and the at-risk folks should take their precautions but let the young people, who are at very little if any genuine risk, get the economy moving again. But that will not happen, sorry.

      1. whatif

        In the heat of the moment, yes, I agree with you. But change is the rule of life. Regardless of whether or not Covid was a planned pandemic, I suspect its utility will be dramatically reduced after the election. The narrative will change and perhaps we’ll reach a tipping point where the public will simply come to understand (finally) that Covid is no more threatening than other common viruses for which we have no vaccines. Of course the outcome of the election is paramount. Massive fraud could swing the election toward Biden… in that case head for the hills.

        1. J-Rod

          @whatif I’d hate to think people could possibly be that stupid. Biden has the wisdom and elocution skills of a sea urchin.

      2. PressToDigitate

        Richard, I believe that you and Technomage are both correct. There is no medical or public health rationale for risking a rushed vaccine with such a tiny mortality profile – and among precisely targeted and easily sheltered victims, at that – when several extraordinarily effective therapeutics already exist in the established pharmacopoeia that have proven safety records. Having said that, *most* of what we’re seeing is a *political* exercise, to wreck the economy, vanquish independent small business wealth, breed dependence on a government UBI, compel the adoption of mandatory government healthcare, normalize intrusive surveillance, expand social/media censorship, etc., that has nothing to do with “Public Health”. The only genuine rationale, for a *real* vaccine, that’s safe and actually *works*, would be to constrain the spread of Male Infertility among the Asymptomatic, which is the principal effect delivered by COVID-19, and the one for which it was created by recombinant genetic engineering in the first place. That is not an altogether trivial matter, given that its progenitors have set a goal for the Earth’s Human population of just 500,000,000 – and THIS is how they intend to achieve that.

        While my Husband & I will refuse any vaccinations pushed by the [Deep State] U.S. public health establishment and “Big Pharma” here at home – mostly because they tend to lie a lot, and have, about COVID-19, in particular, too much already – IF we *were* going to elect to take a vaccine, YES, I would be *LESS* suspicious of the Russian one than I would one created in the United State, China or Europe. The probable ties between investors in Moderna and ones that funded work at the Wuhan Institute of Virology where the virus was engineered, are just too dicey to risk. On the other hand, Russia has a strong incentive to control Infertility, as it must reverse its population decline. Those behind the “Western” vaccine programs (i.e. Rockefeller Foundation) are steeped in eugenic Population Control mythos, that dates back to the “Kissinger Report”:

        Multiple studies have shown that Immunity to this virus is very short lived among those who have had it, which strongly indicates that vaccine-generated immunity will be short-lived, as well. So getting the shot is probably pointless, in either case. The virus was created to be this way; Immunity will be transient, but the Infertility will be permanent, and spread incrementally. It will take two or three generations to achieve the population reduction that our Alien Overlords and their Illuminati Collaborators intend, perhaps more; they’re patient. Vaccine-born Infertility has been “a thing” for some time now; multiple Class-Action lawsuits against the Gates Foundation and others are underway in the Courts, for “epidemics of infertility” resulting from ordinary vaccinations against the normal disease regimen. The only question is whether more Earthlings will be rendered Infertile by the ‘Wuhandromeda’ virus *itself*, or by the ‘vaccines’ distributed to combat it.

          1. itsmeRitaC

            Richard, are you saying you agree with the statement PTD has here? I am profoundly interested in your thoughts on this in particular, for many reasons. Thank you Richard!

            “It will take two or three generations to achieve the population reduction that our Alien Overlords and their Illuminati Collaborators intend, perhaps more; they’re patient. Vaccine-born Infertility has been “a thing” for some time now; multiple Class-Action lawsuits against the Gates Foundation and others are underway in the Courts, for “epidemics of infertility” resulting from ordinary vaccinations against the normal disease regimen. The only question is whether more Earthlings will be rendered Infertile by the ‘Wuhandromeda’ virus *itself*, or by the ‘vaccines’ distributed to combat it.”

            1. Richard Dolan Post author

              As PTD knows, I really appreciate his input because they are always well-thought-out and original. They provoke me into thinking about these things. To answer your question, I can’t agree because I don’t know. I consider his theory about what is going on to be possibly true to a greater or lesser extent. For me, the possibility is on the table. But I also listen to other theories when they are presented.

            2. itsmeRitaC

              I wasn’t able to post a reply to your response, so i am posting it here. Thank you Richard. I hear you. One thing though……………..There is always the artifact of ‘confirmation bias’ regarding theories. 🙂

        1. Christina

          Whatever the overall force is, I’ve always believed “it” thinks we’re too many, and that we will be reduced until the size of the population is found suitable. I also agree very much about the short-lived immunity re. a vaccine. I’m in fact rather surprised there’s not more attention to this in the general public discussion.

          And, I also agree it’s an awesome idea for Richard to interview you! 🙂

        2. Carolyn3

          Great reply PressToDigitate,
          I agree with all of that. When I was in the military I was in the medical field, and one thing I had to do on occasion was I administer vaccines to personnel at certain times. I hated doing that as my job was to help people heal not add more issues. Over the years I’ve done more research regarding vaccines, I know what is inside those vaccines as I had access to the packaging inserts that most people don’t. Around 2010 I found the list of over 300 new vaccines coming down the line. Several of them are “anti-cancer ” vaccines. People will line up for those. I’ve seen the movie I Am Legend and it freaked me out, not that I think we would all become vampire zombies. I do think many would become walking time bombs regarding the after effects.
          There is no accountability nor liability when it comes to vaccines manufacturers and they know this. Those in charge will put what they want in them and not lose a single nights sleep over that. . Humans are the lab rats to those in charge.
          In fact most people involved in the vaccines will invest in the vaccines and those people will massively profit off human injuries and deaths.

          U.S. Code Title 42. THE PUBLIC HEALTH AND WELFARE Chapter 6A. PUBLIC HEALTH SERVICE Subchapter XIX. VACCINES Part 2. National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program Subpart b. additional remedies Section 300aa–22. Standards of responsibility

          This is a dirty business and we are the ones who will suffer in the end. This is not about helping people. This is about human greed and control.

          (from the website below)
          The global human vaccine market is predicted to reach a size of more than USD 47.5 billion by 2022 with the varied demand for vaccines in high-income and developing countries. Wondering how to make the most of this booming human vaccine industry? Technavio’s extensive industry research report offers a detailed insight that will allow you to take full advantage of the opportunities available to you. This study provides an in-depth analysis of the market by considering the evolving demographics and consumer behavior in the global human vaccine market. It also examines the competitive landscape and some human vaccine manufacturers that include GlaxoSmithKline, Merck, and Pfizer.

          I stay in constant contact with my husbands doctors at Duke Medical Center since my husband has had 2 liver transplants. The transplant team wants to keep their transplant patients alive and healthy it took a lot to get them this far. At this time they are saying it will take 12-18 months before something is viable to give to patients and public. I’m trusting them at the moment.

          1. PressToDigitate

            I *wish* I could believe that releasing the virus, suppressing widely available off-the-shelf therapies, and hyping an unnecessary vaccine were all being done for someone’s “profit”, just so they could make a buck. No, I believe its *much* worse than that. The true consequence won’t be the few hundred thousand people who die from it directly, but the Billions of our people who will never be born as a result. To me, this looks like a 65 year plan for us to “make way” for Others, who believe they need this planet more than Humans do.

  2. ThankYou

    It takes 7 to 20 years to develop a viable vaccine and HCQ is inexpensive. 7 types of known corona viruses including version 2019. Maybe vax developers are indeed now close to an internal bandaid, but not a cure. If a person is tested today and has had a cold within the last 10 years, that person could be testing positive for sars covid. Then what?

    On a side note; with Shinzo Abe quitting his post in Japan as their Prime Minister, and Netanyahu on the chopping blocks, my gut says that we are heading to a more peaceful, truly healthy planet, where scientists are no longer murdered or threatened for finding cures.

  3. alisonbell

    J.P.Farrell has a highly interesting take on the above. You can listen in his News & Views from the Nefarium on you tube or read his blog. I tend to agree with his view point.

  4. Christina

    One of my main problems with vaccines in such situation is how they’re rushed through. No matter where they’re from. But I’ll be honest and admit, I’m instantly more suspicious about a Russian vaccine. I know “the world” might need a quick solution to sort this, but I’m still afraid there’ll be side effects we won’t be aware of until it’s too late.
    It’s also an issue I’ll never be able to find valid documentation showing it’s properly tested at all. But then again, that’ll be an issue no matter where it’s from. I’ve generally stopped believing I have the ability to see through the information that’s made, and will be made available… And I don’t trust what I’m told… Big pharma and their allies are too powerful and I don’t give much for their official agenda.
    So, after going through my instant reactions, no, I don’t think I’m notable more or less afraid of a vaccine no matter where it’s from. The thought that we probably can’t get past Covid without a vaccine is sad and frightening…

    I’m very curious to read other views, so thx for the post 🙂

    1. Christina

      Seeing the conversation above, I’ll add that my comment “we probably can’t get past Covid without a vaccine” is related to the authorities demanding us to have it. I would prefer we let nature and humans live through this without interfering… I really don’t like the risk that we’re forced to have the vaccine…

        1. Christina

          Yeah, you’re right Richard! That is unfortunately our reality… And it’s extremely frustrating how the fear mongering our politicians are practicing seems to work 😫

    2. itsmeRitaC

      I can relate to your response here, Christina. However, i would likely trust Russia before the ‘homeland’.
      regards, rita

      1. Christina

        I understand that Rita. I just can’t see past my basic hesitation about the vaccine at the moment… But that might change over the next period of time as things develop 🙂


        1. itsmeRitaC

          Don’t get me wrong. I haven’t gotten any kind of vaccination since i have been an adult. I just never saw the need. And i am not a big fan for a few reasons.

  5. intranuclear

    The problem with all vaccines throughout time is that adverse side-effects will not be known for many years if not decades, so to mandate any vaccine is criminal beyond belief.
    How frightened does a population have to be to accept such mandates.
    I want to check out of this hotel.


    1. WickyBu

      I doubt a vaccine would be mandated, more likely voluntary. I wonder though, who is the more fearful…those deciding to get the vaccine or those who decide not? It’s just as terrifying to me, to allow ‘herd immunity’ in the society.

      1. FamousAmos

        While a vaccine may not be officially mandatory, the government and corporate establishment could make it effectively mandatory by requiring proof of vaccination just to access public places, grocery stores, places of work, use of public transportation, etc.

        The net effect of this may be that if we refuse the vaccine, we may be cut off from large swaths of social activity and the greater economy.

        The descent into global fascism is done through incremental steps, done deliberately slow as to be less shocking, more palatable, more acceptable, easier to rationalize for the bewildered herd (that’s us) ☹️.

  6. Carolyn3

    I am suspicious of this vaccine not because of the Russian connection, but due to lack of research and trails for this. I stay in touch with my husbands liver transplant team at Duke Medical Center here in NC and they told me they are working on a vaccine as well. They told us it would be at the very minimum 12 to 18 before they have one. That doesn’t mean another medical facility won’t have one sooner. I wouldn’t get the Russian covid19 vaccine or any vaccine immediately. I would just watch and wait with any vaccine. There is ALWAYS side effects and they can be immediate or take months to appear. The side effects can be common, severe, and long term.

    1. Carolyn3

      I just wanted to add this to my above comment regarding this vaccine and investing in BIG pharma. vaccine. This is what is important to the wealthy elite. I have posted this article because there is important information in the article regarding what the future may be regarding the vaccine.

      Article posted below is titled,
      It’s Crunch Time for Vaccine News. Brace Yourself.

      (from article)
      The stocks are volatile because so much is at stake. Bernstein analyst Ronny Gal says drug companies could sell $20 billion worth of Covid-19 vaccines next year alone. That’s a lot even by Big Pharma standards: The world’s best-selling drug, AbbVie’s (ABBV) Humira, will likely clock $19.6 billion in sales next year, according to FactSet.

      Yet the Covid-19 vaccine race is rife with uncertainties. No one knows how good these vaccines will be, or how safe. No one knows which among the leading offerings from companies like Moderna, Pfizer (PFE) and BioNTech (BNTX), Novavax (NVAX), and Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) will be the best. No one knows how long the vaccines will last, or how long the virus will be a threat, or if the public will trust the companies and the government enough to accept inoculations.

      The first clues could come in October, when Pfizer and BioNTech expect data from their trial that will involve 30,000 people. Moderna, meanwhile, could have data soon after. And President Trump has increasingly signaled that he wants a vaccine to be available before the election.

      What follows is a guide to the difficult questions health-care investors need to ask over the next few months:

  7. Doctor3j

    TO VAX OR NOT TO VAX? As a physician I can’t give advice for medical ethical reasons unless Its my own patient in a professional doctor/patient relationship. Your can understand that anyone could give well intentioned advise that might eventually prove harmful,etc… With these vacs, little can be concluded especially with safety.

    The main value is societal. Would give a rational for re opening up society close to what it was. Its a very complex moral problem. If everyone or most people get it than I wont need it. That’s the herd immunity idea. If you don’t get it , while it may be your own valid choice for your own risk of getting COVID 19, you are, in a way, hurting the rest of the herd.

    If you are high risk the risk/benefit profile favors getting the vac.

    You all may be surprised but I’m not categorically against the Russian vac. They don’t care if we get it or not. They want it for themselves. Putin’s daughter is getting it. If its avail to me months before ours I’d consider it.
    I’m in a high risk profession. Many of my colleagues have had it and many of our medical ancillary staff as well.

    My guess is that the US public is so distrustful of all thing gov, that a great many, I guess 40%, will not take it. Those at low risk of morbidity will not take it solely to help provide herd immunity benefit to others.

    If as some of our most brilliant members think that the aliens are really in control, then I renounce all that I have said above.

    Too many contingencies.. We need a certified, beneficent AI computer, inputted with all the myriad facts of our individual and all other circumstances, to advise us what to do.

    Nothing is simple anymore…………perhaps it never was but we got too smart.

  8. JimmyBee

    I DON’T trust Russia and DON’T trust RT. Not at all. Of course, I don’t trust Fox or CNN, either. I don’t any media. They ALL have agendas, and none seem to have an agenda of just telling the truth.

    I had to go to a minor med clinic this morning. The nurse was an anti-vaxxer! Oh, that was an interesting experience; “You don’t know WHAT they put in that stuff! You can’t SEE what’s in a vaccine.”

    You can’t see what’s in an aspirin, either. Or tomato soup, or water, or your smart phone…
    I’m not pro-government, not pro blind trust. But, I can’t back into a corner and suspect everyone of every thing (exept the media, hahaha).

    I watch Dr. John Campbell. Here’s a link to a video he made two days ago, mentioning that the US is supposed to start passing out a vaccine by Nov 1.

    He explains the science behind everything.

    Once last thing: He also has a video explaining how “universal” mask wearing can reduce symptomatic Covid by some 90-95%
    Interesting video, here’s the link:

    1. WickyBu

      Yes, trust is definitely an issue. But like you say, at some point we have to trust…something. It’s fearful times we are living in and it’s understandable that people do not have faith in the powers that be. But I’m sure the same was said when previous vaccines were produced…smallpox, measles, polio, etc etc etc, throughout history. Anti vax hysteria was evident at every stage for all of them, so it’s not unusual that the same is happening now.

  9. jjsedona

    I have A LOT of questions about this COVID vaccine.

    In 1952, my mother had a reading with “sleeping prophet” Edgar Cayce. Her told her many things — including that she should not vaccinate her children – nor her grandchildren. His prophecy came true when my nephew died of vaccine injury having multiple shots going into the military, and another nephew became autistic after receiving the MMR, flu, and polio vaccines at age 24 months. The little guy barely survived the night and regressed to crawling and nonverbal. It was horrific to learn the hard way that pharmaceutical companies can not be held liable for vaccine injury or death. However, I did learn that there’s a whole ward of nothing but vaccine injured soldiers at the camp where my nephew was sent for training.

    I was already rejecting the COVID vaccine because it is a influenza virus. We’ve had the flu vaccine for 35 years and we still have the flu. Nine times out of 10 the CDC will come out and admit the flu vaccine available wasn’t effective against the type of flu going around. But the vaccine did cause much injury — every person I know who (usually forced) to get a yearly flu shot have cancer. Every woman I know – most who work in the health care industry – who have had yearly flu shots have breast cancer. Fun fact. It is not surprising to have this kind of side effect when the shot contains toxins such as formaldehyde, aluminum, Thimerosal, chicken DNA, aborted baby cell tissue and more.

    Do we really want to go down the Transhumanism road? Are we willing to accept artificial intelligence that will be delivered in the proposed COVID vaccine. I have looked at it and it frightens me when I hear, “we won’t have any kind of normal until there’s a vaccine.” Makes my hair stand on end when I realize that we are racing headlong into the possibility that this vaccine has the potential to change mankind forever – and not for the best.

    No testing. No long term testing. Has the potential for changing us forever. Again, a pharmaceutical company can not be held liable for death or injury from a vaccine. New BONUS: A recent military study shows military personnel evaluated who received the flu vaccine were at 36 percent increased risk for coronavirus.

    So who’s involved in bringing us the new COVID vaccine?
    Elon Musk –
    MODERNA – (mod -ified – RNA) Derek Rossi discovered that he could take modified RNA to reprogram a stem cell and change the function of the stem cell. He proved you could genetically modify something by using modified RNA. Moderna is founded on this concept. This company has never made a vaccine before. Nor have they ever made RX medicine before. This is their maiden voyage. They have been in the news because they are fast-tracking their vaccine. Usually it takes 5 to 7 years to bring a vaccine to market — this company has gone from phase one in March to it’s current phase 3 right now. This is incredibly fast – how sure are we that they are being careful, truthful, and how can they be so sure with testing only 45 humans? Especially since in the first dose of the vaccine 100% of those tested had horrendous side effects – reminder that this is just a short-range test. You’d need more time to have long range tests. Maybe years. But the report mentioned that animal studies you can expect mutations in the DNA / genes, cancer, also increase autoimmune reactions.

    Taking this COVID vaccine is NOT without risk. This vaccine will not be fully tested.
    How will they administer this vaccine?
    New stuff = Micro needle platform
    Can be self-administered like a bandaid. In the bandaid little tiny needles – fashioned after viper (snake) teeth full of
    Modified RnA – these micro needles would puncture into your cell membrane, and that synthetic RNA looks like part of the virus – and would go to the nucleaus to make more virus -the idea would be that there would be a better t-cell response because the body would be used to seeing the it and would know how to make antibodies and handle it.
    The problem with this is a process called TRANSFECTION.
    The has to do with the way we make genetically modified organisms. Although we know that GMO fruits and vegetables aren’t as healthy as those organically grown they want to do the same with this vaccine How is human life any different? If we become genetically modified would it adversely effect our health. It has a high potential to alter the human genome. There’s a good chance that these modified t-cells will stabilize and become part of the human species forever. Or it could be temporary. That’s the chance we are taking. And we may never know for generations.

    Another point= this is synthetic DNA, it does not come from nature and therefore can be patented. Does that mean the Queen, the DOD, Moderna, or Bill and Melinda Gates would somehow own a piece of the human genome? That’s a possibility. And that’s just ONE way a vaccine would work. One.

    There’s no long term studies and vaccine manufacturers can not be held liable to death or injury due to a vaccine.

    IN YOUR FACE is another idea: Luciferase. See – they don’t even hide it. (the makers say it was named this because this artificial enzyme has a light source). This is an idea that came about because they want to be sure you’re vaccinated. It’s put under your skin – like a tattoo (or mark of the beast). Then you get an app on your cell phone, hold it over the spot of the Luciferase and it shows your vaccination record. It also gives you an ID – you are not Sally or Jim – you are a number, a bar code. Congratulations you are now a product (but you’ve already lost your identity behind the worthless masks).

    HYDROGEL – this comes from DARPA. The rumour is that it’s back-engineered ET. Look up Profusa for more information.
    This is Nanotechnology – little robots that go into the body and assemble and disassemble anything they need , Has the ability to connect with artificial intelligence. Connects with any smart device – 365, 24, 7. Can gather data like your emotional , illicit drugs, or supplements as well as blood pressure, blood sugar count, and even menstrual cycles. My question – who needs this information?
    Whereis the information going?
    Who is protecting this info?
    This is scheduled to be unveiled in this next vaccine – who knew?

    Just like a cell phone, we can send information and we can receive information – how would that affect our daily life? Are they going to send me my daily prayer or thought for the day or to be a Manchurian Candidate?
    So many wrong things
    OUR BIGGEST MISTAKE – we’re so torn over the VIRUS, over TRUMP, over CENSORSHIP as to not offend anyone that We’re not taking about it
    Companies outright lying that it won’t affect DNA – it can.

    Please research this. Let’s not rush it. Do we really want DARPA involved in our vaccines? Do we trust Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation who said that could they could exterminate 10 to 15% with vaccines? He’s a software tech, not a doctor.
    What are the motivations?
    DARPA interested in Gene Drive Technology or Gene Extinction technology – it is possible to exterminate an en tire species on the planet. Who says who say to stay or go? Why aren’t we talking about this? Insect – can do to human? Do you trust them?
    Why the big rush? Let’s think about it.
    They can’t force a vaccine if there are alternatives. But doctors are being silenced and HCQ has been banned in many states.

    Praying for everyone. Let’s not make a big mistake.

    1. Daphne

      I worked in the medical field for 43 years. I do not have cancer nor have any of my colleagues. If this were true that vaccines cause cancer then there would be a higher incidence in individuals working in the medical field which is not the case.
      The annual influenza vaccine includes vaccination against a maximum of three of what scientists predict will be the most virulent viruses for the coming Winter here in the West. Most of these viruses originate in China. The prediction has to be made in the Spring so that the manufacturers have time to produce the vaccine in time for the Fall. Sometimes other, more virulent strains appear later in the season making their prediction less than optimal.
      There is no scientific evidence that vaccines cause Autism. That issue has been well studied and the claims debunked. Vaccines save lives. I grew up in the era of polio. Do we really want to go back to that time. I think not.

    2. technomage

      Indeed. And for those who believe the “vaccine” will usher in a “return to normal,” think again. According to WHO, Gates, and Fauci, there will be no return to “normal.” WHO, Gates and Fauci have once again moved the goalposts: coronavirus is the pretext to “address climate change,” accelerate Green New Deal objectives, “re-imagine,” and “re-order” society. The vaccine, powered by mRNA, nanotechnology is essential to their “re-imaging,” in that it provides a way to seize ownership and control over humanity, right down to the building blocks of life.

    3. GrannyChanie

      This is an incredible amount of information! Even before I read this (and all the other comments), I wasn’t sure about getting the vaccine. Too many questions and too much distrust of government, media, and self-proclaimed “medical experts.”
      One of the personal issues for me concerning this virus is that both of my daughters, due to their professions, are going to be required to get the vaccine when it comes out if they want to keep their jobs. So this vaccine is already becoming mandatory before it’s even out.
      God help us.

  10. Daphne

    I wish, for once we could all leave the politics out of this pandemic. I worked in the medical field for 43 years. The last 13 years for Dr. Steven Holland’s labs at the NIH, here in Bethesda Maryland. Our institute is NIAID which is headed by Dr. Anthony Fauci. I hear people trying to portray these researchers as participants in some kind of evil plot to rule the world. I guess we all know the stories that abound today. I must tell you all you are mistaken. These doctors and nurses, (one of which was me), are dedicated scientists. Most of them have worked at the NIH for the majority of their careers. I am talking 30 years for many. Dr. Fauci is the real deal. A brilliant doctor with one goal….to Help People.. I guess that is hard to believe in this cynical world we live in.

    1. WickyBu

      ‘Thumbs Up’ – apologies, the button wasn’t working for some of the comments in this thread. Perhaps I’m being silenced…

  11. Tonkanme

    I don’t even get flu shots. I haven’t been sick in years. I’m not going to be part of the test population. I still have the scar from the vaccines I received when I was a child. I won’t participate.
    To quote Nancy Reagan “just say no to drugs”

    1. WickyBu

      I think there are always exceptions to the rule. I used to come down with the flu every year without fail. When I turned 60, I started getting flu shots for the first time. Only once since then did I come down with something, but turns out it was bacterial. So as far as I’m concerned vaccines do work. It’s not for everyone, and not every person needs one. It comes down to an individual choice. I have no idea who has or hasn’t had a shot and frankly I don’t care. I do it to protect myself and so far it’s been working.

        1. WickyBu

          Well, in my case and that of anyone I know personally who gets flu shots, they have worked in preventing coming down with the flu. I can only attest to what I know. I don’t know anyone who has become ill after having had one. But there are always exceptions to the rule I guess.

        2. J-Rod

          @jjsedona I have the flu vac every year, without fail. Think of all the other diseases that have been contained because of vaccinations. If Bill Gates puts nanotech in them, I don’t mind him knowing what times of the day I go to the bathroom. LOL.

  12. clarsson19

    Unexpectedly controversial topic! Covid is not a trivial disease and we already (I think rightly) recommend vaccines for lesser viral diseases such as a typical flu, especially among higher risk groups. Even at this point the data are not completely comparable or reliable in regard to Covid as there remain too many unknowns such as viral genetic variables. Regardless of a relatively low mortality rate across the board, there is substantial morbidity and among certain groups the risk is disturbingly high. Such groups cannot simply be dismissed. In the final analysis, it doesn’t matter what nation produces a successful vaccine – success is still success. Medical research in Russia is as valid as anywhere else. The President just announced that we’ll have a vaccine available by November (yes, convenient timing). Should we trust it more if it is not Russian? The Lancet is a standard setting publication in the medical field and can generally be trusted for what they print. Just be certain that you’re comfortable with what they don’t print.

  13. jennymemon
    As far as I am concerned Richard, this video tells you all you need to know about ANY coming vaccine. I think its pretty irrelevant which country makes it. I do hope I have posted the correct one of Gates waving his hands around like some deranged Woody Allen wanabe. I have not left links before, so forgive me if my technophobia has let me down.
    I am tired of people trying to pretend or convince themselves that this is anything other than a blatant, orchestrated attack on humanity. I understand the denial, it is terrifying, but that does not make it untrue, to me anyway.
    There will only be one winner here, and I for one have picked my side. I have always used my intuition and instincts and they have served me well, hey, intellectuals are overrated right?
    Remember the Edie Brickell song,
    ‘I’m not aware of too many things, I know what I know if you know what I mean’.
    That kind of sums me up, I think life is simple in some ways, and yet so immensely complex, and probably so contrary to what we think we know. There are too many things that are left out , gaps in our knowledge, deliberately i am sure.
    You have been very generous in giving people a voice on your website, and I have enjoyed it immensely.
    We are all faced with choices we never wanted to make, but i will say this, this is not the time for any of us to keep our heads down and hope they dont ‘come for us’ because as history has shown, they do come for you in the end.
    Be brave, know your truth, and nail your colours firmly to the mast, remember, this is a spiritual war, its your mind and soul they want, dont give it to them X

  14. MancDaz

    Not sure on it being 100% effective, but as far as it goes and what I have read or heard is that it is 100% safe for humans as far as the scientists can tell thus far. A few weeks ago it was all over the news here that Russia had hackers trying to either steal info on our vaccine programme or at the very least snoop. As for our (UK’s Oxford) vaccine goes, is that is has shown promising results in generating antibodies 7 times or more in a short space of time.

    Now in the news today is that covid tests kits are that sensitive that they are most likely picking up even dead virus cells and showing a positive results, to which would IMO fall into what I have said for a while, the numbers to me seem generated (fabricated) If you have been following the daily infection rates of countries, you would of seen an obvious pattern. IMO I think most countries GOV’s have come together to agree of upping their numbers from time to time. For what reason…. who knows ! Scare mongering? again for what reason..? For people to fall in line, GOV control experiment for something more scarier to come…? I am not saying for a second Covid isn’t real, but I don’t believe it is as bad as they are making it out to be. Putin has given the vaccine to his own daughter already.

    I was looking back as well at the 1918 Spanish Flu that killed so so many people around the world. That took 2 years to slowly fizzle out. Then the Hong Kong Flu pandemic of 1968 which also lasted 2 years. Then came SARS in 2003, but was that deadly it was killing faster than it could spread. 2006 swine flu lasted aprox 2 year as well. Now brings us up to date with COVID-19, currently we do not fully know when it started as there are reports that it started earlier than Nov/Dec 2019, some scientist state that it could well of started earlier around June that year, but we do know that it went global in Jan/Feb 2020, so from looking back at other pandemics and how long they lasted we should be clear of it by Jan 2022. But we do need to take into account that our technology is far superior to where we was in 1918 and 1957 – 1970 and a vaccine may just be the best defense for a shorter infection time than 2 years.

    Last bit:

    What is very interesting is Sweden that took no measures of lockdown or mandatory wearing of masks and they now have an even lower death and infection rate of Denmark and other regions around there.

    Another very interesting point is Arfica, at the start of the Pandemic, doctors and scientists was extremely worried that with such poverty in Africa and groups living all together that COVID would be rife there and have many many people dead and hospital filled to the brim. Something that has not happened and left those scientist baffled, they have put the so low numbers down to poverty and actually being around many different variants of the corona strains and have built up their own herd immunity.

    1. jjsedona

      100% of test subjects for the COVID vaxx have had severe side effects. So since they did not die that means the vaxx is safe? Asking or a friend.

  15. Carolyn3

    Okay so something a little creepy prepared by the CDC.

    Wonder why zombies, zombie apocalypse, and zombie preparedness continue to live or walk dead on a CDC web site? As it turns out what first began as a tongue-in-cheek campaign to engage new audiences with preparedness messages has proven to be a very effective platform. We continue to reach and engage a wide variety of audiences on all hazards preparedness via “zombie preparedness”.


    I personally have experienced the painful branding, “ANTIVAXER” for questioning the safety and quality of vaccines. I learned about the political nature of this issue the hard way and as much as I enjoy calling “SHENANIGANS” on these issues I must say this:
    Reality itself and Political reality are two very different things. The WORLD needs this vaccine to return to normal. It needs the the TRUTH if we want to be better than normal. I still maintain if we were cut off from MEDIA the virus would disappear. However, if we are going to play this thing out the vaccine is needed to satisfy the beast. As far as I can tell Russia is only the enemy when it is convenient for people. If we can trust them to give our astronauts rides into space we can trust them with a vaccine. Well, as much as anyone else anyway.
    I simply want it to be optional. When it comes down to it, I really dont mind anything if I am allowed the freedom to choose.

  17. Carolyn3

    This is the plan from the CDC as far as a vaccine, but I’m sure open to changes as needed.

    Pandemic Influenza Risk Management
    A WHO guide to inform & harmonize national & international pandemic preparedness and response

    Look up CONPLAN 8531

  18. TomTort

    I don’t trust vaccines. “Big Pharma” can’t be trusted. They are not legally liable if this vaccine causes any health issues. This virus appears to be man made. I will not argue about this. I have spoken to some “people” who are in a position to declare this is the case. There is something very suspicious about the entire situation.

  19. TomTort

    I do appreciate the research being done to counteract this virus, but it’s those at the top I don’t trust. Russia can’t be trusted and saying China as non trust worthy is a given. There are far too many distractions simultaneously happening. The question is what adjenda is being carved and for what purpose and by whom? We are not in a WW3 or are we! This whole scenerio may have been well thought out and may have been in the works for a long time.

  20. Carolyn3

    I think covid19 vaccine investment is the modern version of the Gold Rush.

    I just wanted to add this to my above comment regarding this vaccine and investing in BIG pharma. vaccine. This is what is important to the wealthy elite. I have posted this article because there is important information in the article regarding what the future may be regarding the vaccine.

    Article posted below is titled,
    It’s Crunch Time for Vaccine News. Brace Yourself.

    (from article)
    The stocks are volatile because so much is at stake. Bernstein analyst Ronny Gal says drug companies could sell $20 billion worth of Covid-19 vaccines next year alone. That’s a lot even by Big Pharma standards: The world’s best-selling drug, AbbVie’s (ABBV) Humira, will likely clock $19.6 billion in sales next year, according to FactSet.

    Yet the Covid-19 vaccine race is rife with uncertainties. No one knows how good these vaccines will be, or how safe. No one knows which among the leading offerings from companies like Moderna, Pfizer (PFE) and BioNTech (BNTX), Novavax (NVAX), and Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) will be the best. No one knows how long the vaccines will last, or how long the virus will be a threat, or if the public will trust the companies and the government enough to accept inoculations.

    The first clues could come in October, when Pfizer and BioNTech expect data from their trial that will involve 30,000 people. Moderna, meanwhile, could have data soon after. And President Trump has increasingly signaled that he wants a vaccine to be available before the election.

    What follows is a guide to the difficult questions health-care investors need to ask over the next few months:

  21. jjsedona

    I’m cautiously watching and yet I’ve seen no one address the nanotechnology nor the artificial intelligence that will be INJECTED with a vaccine DIRECTLY INTO THE BODY. Does NO ONE have an issue with this? No one is bothered that DARPA (the military) will be able to track your body 365 days a year 24 hours a day? And that they can SEND information into that artificial intelligence as well as receive it? While NO ONE is taking responsibility for protecting information or even telling us what that information will be used for?
    I am not convinced that doctors are so altruistic that this information, this nanotechnology, this artificial intelligence will NOT be used against us, when history tells us the opposite.
    Fauci knew that that pandemic was coming in 2017. Test kits for the disease were ordered when we didn’t even have the virus yet. We have photos of Obama and company inside a Wuhan lab taken back in 2016.Just before the COVID outbreak, they ran Event 201 to practice for it. Fauci knew about HCQ in 2005 — no one needed to die of COVID!
    How can we look at these facts and NOT BE SUSPICIOUS?
    And today, everybody is rolling over, eyes casts down to the floor, meekly saying that Fauci and scientists are absolute saints and we should just trust them.
    Do you trust them?
    I don’t trust Bill and Melinda Gates – and every time I research the CoviD vaccine their name keeps coming up. Bill gates wants fewer people on the planet and promised to do this thru vaccinations. The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation is being held responsible right now for the massive amount of deaths from their polio vaccine program.
    I can’t understand why people are not questioning this.
    And now we find out that the COVID crisis will end in March 2025.
    I want to see a full disclosure of the virus – where it came from and why. I want to see a public discussion of the nanotechnology and artificial intelligence that will be delivered in the COVID vaccine. I want to see a real reason for shutting down the world economy over THE FLU. I want to see real numbers and honest evaluations. It’s time to stop this madness, throw away the worthless masks, and our politicians to explain what the world bank is planning for us economically.
    This isn’t about a virus. This is killing people and it’s putting the human genome for sale to the highest bidder. It’s time to say NO.

    1. jennymemon

      It is beyond suspicious now, anyone still left wringing their hands and saying lets just, flatten the curve, social distance, wear the mask, etc.. Well to be blunt they may as well just bend over now. If there is actually ANYONE left who has not woken up and smelled the bullshit, sorry i mean coffee, then you are delusional or insane.
      If we keep accepting these impositions he will have this planets population down to half a billion, before you can say nanochip.
      Tell anyone you know that will listen, what is going on. Be bloody difficult wherever you can, shops, restaurants, hospitals etc. Let people know that YOU KNOW its bolloc*s. If we care about the world our kids will inherit, this is our duty. I get it, I want my old life back, but we must be realistic, they have stepped out of the shadows now and brought the fight to us, we HAVE to fight, we CANNOT lose. United, we can turn this around very quickly, AND create a BETTER world than we had before.
      When we are victorious ‘Never again’ should be our motto, keep vibrations high everyone, even that is more protection than most people are aware of X.

    2. Carolyn3

      I have no problem talking about this. I’ve worked in the medical field and I know what is out there and what is coming. I’m also going to choose to stay calm and focused and do the best I can to make positive changes where and IF I can. We all have a voice and you are right that now is the time to use our voice. This is NOT a time to be silent. The people are the majority but we have forgotten this. I think we are remembering as the country is protesting across the country now.

      Speaking of gates, Gate has God syndrome. The man is out of control. As far as I know he is NOT a doctor, scientist or anything in this field, and yet he can tell us what we are going to do because he says so? Seriously who died and made him God? Oh wait, that’s right he has more money than God. He pays off the media to make him sound God-like.
      Then we have Alan Dershowitz a lawyer who stated in an interview on YouTube that if we don’t get the vaccines that the police will come into our homes, hold us down, and jab the vaccine in our arm.

      If that doesn’t send a chill up your spine this should,

      MIT engineers have developed a way to store medical information under the skin, using a quantum dot dye that is delivered, along with a VACCINE, by a micro-needle patch. The dye, which is invisible to the naked eye, can be read later using a specially adapted smartphone. THis may not happen now during this pandemic, but it is in the works.

      If they can store information in that nano chip that means they can put ANYTHING they want on it. They could even deliver illnesses via the chip. They could give us all whatever they want.

      1. Carolyn3

        I don’t think it’s Russia we have to worry about,

        Here is another add-on I found. It’s from 2016 titled
        Engineers design programmable RNA vaccines

        Noted at the end of this article,
        For that project, the researchers designed vaccines that target genes that are normally turned on only during embryonic development. These genes, dormant in adults, often become reactivated in a type of cancer known as non-small cell lung tumors.

        If this can be used for good than I am all for it as my grandmother died from small cell lung cancer, or for curing childhood cancers such as various leukemia’s.. When you see who funded this it makes you wonder how it will be used.

        The research was funded by the Department of Defense Office of Congressionally Directed Medical Research’s Joint Warfighter Medical Research Program, MediVector Inc., the Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT, and Harvard, and the Defense Threat Reduction Agency/Joint Science and Technology Office program in vaccines and pre-treatments.


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