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  1. Tormance

    Have to admit… tho I don’t think where we were only just a year ago… is coming back… at the same time I found your predictions jarring, frightening… and really scary. I have to admit I am not looking too far ahead but my thoughts as far as they went didn’t go as far as you are going.

    I naturally think although things wont be the same… masks will go away, gradually camaraderie will return, and with it some measure of confidence etc.

    Maybe that is not what is happening… and to be honest it looks like you are more right than wrong… and more right than my few thoughts about this… I do think control is the name of the game… but I think we will be in a prison without bars… and though some of those ‘old habits’ will return what they mean for us and to us… will undoubtedly be something different. Just very scary thinking about that… what do I tell my son…?? And those of us that really are trying to understand everything going on… not all of us… are trying… to see what is really going on…

    So you have become like it or not a sort of Voice of Freedom… I would bet you never saw that coming… and of course … its true then… Orwell had some of it right… a lot of it way too right. Huxley too… But I also find myself thinking about Childhood’s End… that masterwork by Clark.

    It is without much doubt one if not the most powerful of all of his writings and I can see a strange mirror in it to everything going on now. Of course could it be “they” are here… as you have pointed out… not for standard reasons that might please those of us that read too much science fiction anyway and would adopt such reasons without quarrel… but maybe “they” look up to us in ways we cant fathom right now… not impossible as crazy as it may seem. And it does seem crazy to me… tho I just wrote it.

    AI undoubtedly has a big part to play in all of this… though it still seems to most of us relatively unobtrusive… it isn’t that at all… and if AI has some big part in controlling us… would they not keep that part of the equation… under wraps… an unknown variable? Painting us into a corner… with scapegoats… and your remarks about history and it fading from view… is it our fault we cant remember?

    Indeed sorry to hear about your mom… I lost mine in this last year. Losing anybody is tough… but your parents especially so… in a different way.

  2. PressToDigitate

    The great many ‘trend facets’ becoming clear as we approach the first year into the plandemic, and the way they correlate in support of a singular outcome – a set of circumstances from the global to the individual – which only support one possible scenario, place all of this *FAR* beyond “chance”. It is *Impossible* that we are merely witnessing a set of “coincidences”, which “just happened”, that the global Power Elite are simply opportunistically “taking advantage of”. At every turn, deliberate, broadly coordinated pressure, from deep within the Establishment, across a range of disciplines and hierarchies, has peremptorily averted an amelioration of the crisis , in most of the developed world. The hard clinical evidence shows that Hydroxychloroquine, and Ivermectin, and Remdesevir – and other therapeutics, are almost entirely effective, across nearly all of the population, when aggressively deployed. The primary studies refuting HCQ were themselves withdrawn from publication for manifest academic fraud in their preparation; while thousands of clinicians worldwide have come forth to attest to their success – despite censorship both within the medical profession and industry, and in the popular press. While the Lockdowns, Social Distancing and Masks have been scientifically debunked – often by the data of their very advocates themselves, and the Death Counts wildly inflated, and the “Tested” Case Counts a tiny fraction of those actually infected, the wholesale manipulation of the ignorant and uninformed, with fear and extortion, escalates, week by week. The idea that this is all just natural and random is laughable. Its just an extension of the ridiculous “Bat Soup” explanation for how it all started.

    Then we have the Deep State -hijacked Presidential Election, with mountainous evidence of massive Election, Ballot and Voter Fraud, occurring in a tightly coordinated fashion across more than half a dozen states, involving Millions of Bogus Ballots, with no Voter IDs, no Signature Matching, no Chain of Custody, no Tabulation Observers, with vast numbers having no Postmarks, many with Postmarks *Altered* (or ignored); Ballots preprinted with Biden votes on them (and no down-ballot votes), never folded for mailing, and tabulated over and over again. Before even getting to the [illegally ‘Online’] tabulation equipment, some of which was programmed to reject *a majority of ballots*, thus allowing manual “adjudication” of each vote, [again without Observers], and which – inexplicably – tallied *fractional votes*, separately weighted for each candidate, we can see that, long ahead of November 3rd – “The Fix Was In”. There is no set of coincidental accidents that can contrive this reality. But the CIA could. We know that, because it HAS, in the elections of other countries around the world, for decades.

    Since all of the prosaic, mundane, conventional explanations given in the Official Narratives, for the Plandemic and the Election are *decisively* disproven by the facts and hard evidence – and the sworn testimony of thousands of A) Doctors, Virologists, and Coroners, and B) Elections Observers, Postal Workers, and IT Consultants (for Dominion!), “whatever remains, however improbable, must be the Truth”. “Great Reset” = “Great Change”. This isn’t all happening ‘astride’ the ETUFO question and “Disclosure”, annoyingly distracting the media and public from all that riveting F-18 FLIR Gun Camera footage; all of this *IS* “Disclosure” – in that it is the ETUFO presence manifesting itself in our affairs, manipulating our society and civilization to the needs of its Terminal Endgame – with rapidly diminishing “discretion”.

    Now that the AHO-driven Deep State will have its captive “Puppet POTUS”, a 47-year Swamp-Dweller with extensive vulnerabilities to Blackmail for immersive involvement in global corruption – the most visible evidence for which he hasn’t even disputed, and which the FBI concealed from the public for 10 months, since before the first votes were ever cast in Iowa or New Hampshire, we can be certain that what transpires from here on out is exactly what our “Space Brothers” intend to see happening to us. That’s *why* they worked so hard to get rid of Trump. While the dynamics of the Infiltration are different, Robert Heinlein’s “The Puppet Masters” is a parable instructive of our present situation:

      1. PressToDigitate

        Yes, we’ve all been played like Violins.
        It continues, with the False-Flag Capitol Break-in (Antifa squad identified from multiple sources as staging it, with active help from Capitol Police).
        Next will be the purging of “dangerous Right-Wing Extremists” – who just didn’t support the New World Order, or go along with its Rigged Election. OF COURSE they’re going to stigmatize those they want to suppress as “dangerous extremists” – that’s what EVERY dictatorship does to its opposition.
        But, with every such tyrannical action, they give birth to more “extremists”; those who weren’t before, become radicalized by indisputable evidence of corruption, oppression, atrocities – or all of the above.
        The handful of a few stragglers (out of a Million protesters) that *were let into* the Capitol is nothing. If Trump & the MAGA Movement had wanted, they could have occupied the Capitol with the Whole Herd – and dragged all of the offending lawmakers out of the building for a drumhead trial on the West Portico. They Didn’t. Next time, They Might Bring ROPE.
        The Illuminati has been a lot better at plotting and exploiting crises than the Human Resistance. That’s probably going to have to change.

  3. intranuclear

    Dearest Richard,

    It is impossible to disagree with you as you mirror my thoughts and perhaps I yours’, but having been hip deep in machine learning, especially deep reinforcement learning and following what Neuralink is now openly doing (something that started in the early 80’s actually), it is more than obvious that combining Neuralink’s tech with deep RL (reinforcement learning) must lead to the so called proverbial “AI”. Not saying that it already does not exist of course.
    This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but because we will not know the decisions made, or rather the policies optimized by this “AI”, until it is upon us, it is most likely that the vast majority of the human race will be deemed redundant. By that I mean the services provided by the current populace will not be needed, and instead, now living in a confined Covid world, the tasks needed for the populace will more likely be as “new data providers”.
    Payments will come in the form of credit for food and housing and other basic services, but not the traditional anonymous way of accumulating wealth. This also is not by itself a bad thing, but simply by the fact that the vast majority of people will not be participating in this new system, we are kind of talking about a form of break-away civilization.

    I can totally see us going towards building a “gray” society, but clearly not all of us. So in some ways, those left behind will be “allowed” to do and live as they want to with the proviso that they do not interfere with the activities of the break-away civilization.

  4. Terri

    Great lecture! Looks like Logans Run is finally here. It has happened so fast. I never expected that it would be such a slam dunk. I guess people our age should just be appreciative that we were the lucky ones that got to spend most of our lives enjoying freedom. I am so proud to be an American. I am going to miss her so. I held out hope for God to save us from such a time. I guess all things change. I’m just not ready..
    Looking forward to your new book. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  5. RGen

    You had me at Echo Chamber. Well, you actually had me the whole time!

    With an actual inability to fact check, we are left with only our common sense. My common sense says the “safety rules” placed upon us make no sense. They nearly conflict one another, and seem drawn to be challenged.

    AI scares the living daylight out of me; always has, yet obviously humanity rushes without restraint t be the first, and clearly victor, of our war games.

    Richard, you new book is a lovely read thus far. I can’t wait to have some people over for discussion. With any luck, some won’t agree with the premise!

  6. William Loika

    First of all sorry about your loss Richard. I am spreading this video around, it’s spot on and very blunt , clear and correct, as well as bone chilling. I am 72. I was young during the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. I experienced a level of freedom that young people now will never know. In the future they will be taught that those were dangerous times, and that they are much better off safe and sound under the boot of the elites. UBI, plenty of drugs and mindless entertainment. I began to see this coming in the 80’s. Now it has accelerated to warp speed. To much for the average person to comprehend. It’s sad. I am glad I am old and was alive during the final stages of freedom. I have no hope for the future. Sorry, but I don’t. To many people are apathetic and dumb. The younger generation, oh my god! And the kids born into this?! 😢😢😢

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Hi William. I’m a bit younger than you, but young enough to know what you are talking about. Sometimes I think of Augustine or Boethius in relation to our own era. That is, the last people to have seen what things once were like amidst the fall. I hope we are both wrong.

  7. Giorgio

    “Richard, sometimes it’s not clear if you are generalizing against the left-wing Establishment without sufficient nuance; sounding as if you are mistakenly in favor of the new deceptively ‘right-wing’, anti-democratic, power-hungry, authoritarian personalities posing as “anti-Establishment” but replacing conservatism (and classical liberalism) with their own (and worse) much more intolerant, manipulative, and coercive Establishment.

    Because it seems to me that the latter would be much more eager to impose control over the population through advanced AI surveillance (and by any other means) as you – correctly – foresee.

    But the true spirit of rational liberalism and Democracy (including a balance between individual freedom and social responsibility) has to be defended from power-hungry “right-wing” populists confusing the “information ecology” to their advantage. Of course, it also has to be defended from corporate-dominated republicans and corporate-dominated democrats to preserve individual freedom, voluntary human cooperation, and a harmonious pluralism without unsuspectedly becoming servants of emerging populist dictatorships.”

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Hi there… you wrote ““Richard, sometimes it’s not clear if you are generalizing against the left-wing Establishment without sufficient nuance; sounding as if you are mistakenly in favor of the new deceptively ‘right-wing’, anti-democratic ….” All I can say is, I do not support authoritarianism in any of its forms.

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