Coronavirus and Citizen Responsibility

By | March 14, 2020

My livestream from this week. Article in the next post is for members of this site. My main message: if we believe in rule by the people, then we need to act like it in this crisis and work together responsibly as citizens should. 

As a side note (probably like a number of you), Tracey and I have not felt 100% this week. Judging from the statistics, it’s likely we just have an ordinary bug. But we are definitely keeping to ourselves for now and will keep you posted on how we are doing.

We also want to know how YOU are doing and getting through this.


15 thoughts on “Coronavirus and Citizen Responsibility

  1. Jim

    Value your comments. My wife Naira, who is a doctor agrees with you and the points you made esp regarding the elderly. Feel better. 😀 Jim

  2. whatif

    Amen! And thanks, Richard. The theme of your message is spot on, however there’s a bit of a catch-22 standing in the way. Most schools (and daycare facilities) are still open, even ones in hot zones such as Santa Clara county. While it appears kids suffer the least, they probably spread the most. I suspect governments are leaving them open because there’s no one home, due to dual income and single parent households — feminism, like it or not, has led to a big brother babysitter dilemma. So here we are, schools are festering with the virus. Even if they close tomorrow (they should have over a month ago), the damage is done especially in the hotter zones. I’m not suggesting it’s too late to take action. Indeed, there’s still time for responsible parents to pull their children out of school; they *will* close early this year anyway. But the clock is ticking louder and louder. As you say in this post, it’s up to *us* to shoulder the responsibility and stop leaning on the government.


    I dont know if it’s a good thing or a little bit sad; I considered all of the preventive measures recommended and my life has really not been affected. I already did my monthly shopping and never really leave the house except for work. I always wash my hands anyway. After all this is over I really think I should get out more.
    Thank you for all you do. Hope you guys stay well. Much love to the Dolans and Dolanites alike.
    – T LaMar

  4. Ed Coffman

    For me to stop working means this: I’m unable to support my wife & son living abroad. My wife is caring for her Mother in a foreign country. She has no way of making an income. My family has no assets, has tremendous debt already, and if I don’t work, my financial situation will just become that much worse. Add that to the fact that I have a chronic nasal/respiratory condition that I have harbored for almost 10 years now, and you get a pretty good picture of what I’m going through.

    I guess I need to sit at home though, until we’ve all weathered the storm.

  5. Mike

    Could not agree more with Richard.

    Let to our little part. There is going to be bumpy ride for the next few months.

    WHO shows 1678 self-reported USA cases as of Richard’s stream. Denmark, population 5.8 million, self-reports 801 as of same time. Since we never experienced that before, the reality did not set yet.

  6. PressToDigitate

    ITEM: The media has convinced Millennials they’re likely to die from COVID-19, despite the fact that fatalities *DO NOT OCCUR* in their age cohort from this virus, Period:

    ITEM: As with 9/11, there was a [‘predictive’] simulation exercise of the scenario now unfolding, involving high level insiders now involved in the actual event, just prior to it doing so:

    ITEM: Personal “HealthChip” monitors will be pushed into the mainstream as a result of this crisis, by Google, Amazon, Apple, and others, as soon as the immediate panic dies down enough to not make it look ‘opportunistic’ on their part. These will be adopted by Medicare, Medicaid, VA, and major insurance carriers, and – just watch – within five years, will become ‘mandatory’ – if you want to receive your “Free” Medicare-for-All:

    ITEM: Does it *have* to be Chinese propaganda when they accuse ‘foreign agents’ of releasing the virus in Wuhan? While I certainly don’t believe it was U.S. Army (or Intelligence), I consider it probable that *their* upper eschalon security/intelligence infrastructure has been infiltrated, compromised, and co-opted by ET Hybrids, just as we suspect *ours* has been (Russia, likewise). This would admit the potential for a scenario where their own actual bioweapon was released by personnel in their own Level 4 laboratory, against protocol and without official sanction from the Chinese command authority; to them it would look like the act of a [fully] Human ‘foreign agent’; but suppose it was actually ET? Without conceding they’d created it, their cover story is the closest they could come to “it got stolen from us – by someone”.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Another excellent comment. Btw we just did an Off the Cuff on coronavirus and potential male infertility based on a previous article you cited in another comment. Thank you for that!

      1. PressToDigitate

        I just logged on and saw you’d posted one, going to watch that now! Thank you! Here’s a thought:
        When things get back to [relatively] “normal” in a few months, but with a lot of major events still cancelled or postponed until next year, what would you think of a small “Executive Retreat” for a handful of key leaders in Ufology – without presentations or audiences – for the purpose of high level “think tank” strategic analysis, away from the crowds?

        I suspect that we probably already collectively know “the answer” (to the grand ETUFO presence issues), and can flesh it out in depth, by rational analysis and logical deduction, without any further release of anything by “the government”. Getting a handle on a coherent and specific assessment – and ways of testing it – might prove to be a stronger approach to the future of Ufology than waiting on the *next* TTSA, or Emmanegger, etc.

        Chincoteague Island, here at NASA’s Wallops Island spaceport, would be a great place for such an Executive Retreat, and we’d love to host it. We’ve got the Wild Pony Swim, Rocket Launches, Fresh Seafood, and an isolated Beach, less trammeled by tourist throngs than most…

    2. Mike

      Why would ET venture into this? For them, we are like animals in Yellowstone are for us. They tag us, collect us for reproductive samples and release. And when group of animals dies off from contagious disease, then too bad for animals concerned.

      What I admit, is one day we can get disease for outer space by accident. If I recall, Mt. Helen released some nasty bio stuff during eruption.

      1. PressToDigitate

        The Abduction reports do not equate us with wildlife that they are monitoring, tagging and releasing. They have a much bigger stake in our population than that; they are probably discretely becoming a part of it, through infiltrating Hybrids as Colonists. What they most appear to need from us is our ‘Built Environment’.

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