ZODIAC: RD Interview with James Iandoli

By | August 5, 2021

I did this today on James’s Youtube channel, Engaging the Phenomenon. In truth, there was more that I could have said on Zodiac, at least in terms of identifying the person who wrote the Sedge Masters articles under the pseudonym “Greg Halifax.” However, I elected not to give up that person’s identity, since none of us are 100 percent sure about it. It’s only something like 98%. Plus, I know he is getting on and has hung up the phone on those few who have tried to reach him. 

Other than that omission, we got into a good conversation. I hope you enjoy! 


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  1. Ted2

    If you have a PC and scanner with suitable software, you can scan the Majestic documents and save them as PDF files. I’m not sure that you can do a word search in PDF – possibly you can if you have Adobe Acrobat on your computer. If you don’t, you can convert the scanned PDF files to MS Word documents using the conversion utility in MS Edge and then do word searches.

    I’m not very computer literate and some other listener can probably tell you how to do it a better way. I have done a lot of research over the years and use that technique when possible. It makes it easy to pull out quotes as they are already in Word and nearly everyone uses it for their word processing. If you use an Apple computer, I don’t really know if the same procedure will work.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Oh hell, that’s a lot of work but would be worth the effort. The Woods did publish a book version of The Majestic Documents. But it can’t possibly be the entire amount, since it’s much thinner than my collected print outs. I never did a comparison to be honest, since I always had my own complete print out. but doing a scan and OCR would be extremely useful.

      1. PressToDigitate

        Their book, “Majestic Documents” is “Out-of-Print”, as is Ryan Wood’s “Majic Eyes Only”, and has been for some time now. I emailed Ryan months ago to inquire about the situation, and he said the issue was “being worked”; but the UAPTF farcical report came and went, and their genuine documentation is still nowhere to be found.
        The unavailability of these volumes (and many other classic UFO books) right now creates grave risk for Humanity, as pervasive mass censorship against us prepares to ramp up.
        Richard Dolan Press could rectify this situation by securing nonexclusive Rights to many such volumes, and bringing them back to market, using a Print-on-Demand service (other than Amazon).
        Why are we allowing *dozens* of key, vintage UFO authors to lapse into obscurity, just as the world needs to hear the stories they have researched and collected over decades?
        We might as well be feeding them down the “Memory Hole” ourselves with such neglect.

        Some would think it a very savvy move in publishing to be the one that returned all those orphaned UFO books to the shelves, just as public interest in the subject comes to a crescendo in the next year or so. It could even be a “gold mine” for RDP. Or, perhaps the 20th Century just doesn’t matter anymore…

  2. Jess Hansen

    I so look forward to watching this! MJ12 docs have always been a complete mystery and possibly a disinfo decoy. Anway, wanted to forward the link below before I forget…again.

    I am still hoping that you interview Marshall and or Reed Summers. What they are saying resonates from a simple common sense perspective. It involves channeled material, which is always problematic (to me) But it is so different in quality and tone than any channeled blather I have ever listened to or read, that it might turn out to be an important, even if small part, of an over all perspective on ET’s, Jess

    Here is a recent interview on Ufo Hub.


    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I have to agree with you about Marshall Summers. The channelled element always put my back up, but what he actually says is interesting if you simply read it as an analysis. I have his first book right here in my office and started reading it again recently.

  3. PressToDigitate

    The case that the MJ-12 documents were fake/hoax rests on a handful of really absurd issues, such as the Harry Truman signature matching other documents *too well*, a charge which is ignorant of the fact that a device known as the “Auto-Pen” was in widespread use in the government throughout that period. Facts like that completely defang the whole “hoax” narrative. If you’re in the business of controlling leaks among the Intelligence Community, and one “gets by you”, and something legitimate finds its way out to the public, *the only move available to you* is to attempt to discredit it retroactively; to make out genuine documents (or films/videos) as “fake”, to distract serious investigators from pursuing them. They’ve done this many times – even including recently with the ‘TicTac’, ‘Gimbal’ and ‘GoFast’ videos for a long time before they were ultimately acknowledged – and some people in Ufology keep falling for the same “Stupid Spook Tricks”, over and over. “Autopsy”, same thing.

    The idea that some/most/all of the documentation was manufactured as disinfo to “fool the Soviets” during the Cold War doesn’t hold water. That’s always thrown out as it it were some self-evident likelihood. But nobody ever coughs up the nitty-gritty as to what and how, exactly, any of it would ‘misdirect’ the Russkies in any constructive way, as a Counter-Intelligence “psy-op” in information warfare. This is the flip side of the ridiculous idea that the ETUFO Coverup in some way has supported National Security, rather than destroyed it, as the hard history clearly indicates. Let’s Be Clear: There is *NO* credible argument that the denial of ETUFO reality, or of the Crash Retrievals/Bodies, etc., in some way protects any meaningful secrets essential to national security. “Where’s the Beef?” Does anyone seriously believe the KGB was fooled by the “Weather Balloon” charade for Roswell? Or by the [time traveling] ‘Crash Test Dummies’ excuse, decades later? The Coverup was *never* directed at keeping things from the Soviets/Russians; they had their own program, and our programs apparently collaborated since WWII. Not a single credible example has ever been advanced as to how our adversaries would somehow be ‘advantaged’ (rather than Intimidated) by the knowledge that Alien Visitation is Real, via U.S. military encounters with Them. The Coverup – and efforts to discredit leaks like the MJ-12 docs (and “Autopsy”) – have all been about fooling The Public – not Moscow.

    In the 21st Century, there is *NO* evidence (apart from Trump’s furtive Space Force) that the “National Security State” has engaged in any efforts to protect U.S. national security from ET incursions – or to protect The Public from Alien Predation. Indeed, a strong case can be made that they progressively gave up – or gave in, to Vichy Collaboration with the Aliens – decades earlier; or were gradually, systematically infiltrated and subverted from within where paramount national security issues – such as “Planetary Defense” – were concerned. I believe that since as far back as Holloman in ’55, we have been increasingly dominated by what is, in effect, an “Alien Security State”, maintaining the Coverup secrecy for the ETs benefit, not America’s or Humanity’s, to protect an inhuman global Alien Agenda that no sane people from This Planet (outside a venal, self-serving Elite) would be sanguine with, If They Knew. Some of these Vichy Collaborators – and Hybrids – aren’t in Langley or at the Pentagon, some run Big Tech in Silicon Valley. This is where you get things like “Jigsaw” and “Wellcome Leap” from…

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I agree fully on your MJ12 document statement, and THINK I agree with your last paragraph here. I think the data we have seems to line up on that assessment.

  4. 6EQUJ5

    As a new member just a few months, I have a question. That defining moment in time that you became a true believer in UFO’s. I am 72 years old and I had a moment in early 60’s with a car like I never seen drove on wheels by me and it had no driver. From the moment I knew that we had watchers / overlords / from beyond our earth. Thank you 6EQUJ5

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Wow … driverless car in the 1960s? Agreed that is a heck of a thing to see. I will indeed be happy to do a retrospective on how and why I became a true believer, so to speak. For the record, it’s something I have discussed many times in interviews over the years, but no reason I can’t do a formal post here on that very subject. Thanks for asking about it, and thanks for sharing your experience.

  5. jcaplan

    I agree with you that the quantity and style of the MJ 12 documents acquired by the Woods make it highly unlikely that they are false or pure disinformation. As a body of material they have the ring of being exactly what they appear to be. On another topic I was wondering if you have ever looked at the Ummo documents? These were hundreds of fascinating memos mailed from 1965 to several individuals mainly in Spain on numerous subjects purporting to come from occupant(s) of the Planet Ummo. They are detailed and technical and are impressive as a body of material. It makes little sense for anyone to have fabricated such a hoax on such a scale and for what purpose? I would be very interested in your views if you have ever had the opportunity to consider this. Best: Jonathan

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Wow, thanks, Jonathan. Honestly, I know about Ummo in generalities but I have NOT read the materials. Guess that’s another project. Anyone have a link for them?

      1. jcaplan

        They were published in 1985 in hardback in 2 volumes by Antonio Ribera (privately published by Wendelle Stevens). I know that Flying Saucer Review carried some articles about the Ummo documents (FSR Volume 20 Nos 4 and 5, Volume 21 Nos 1, 2, and 3/4, and Volume 26 No 4). Some think that the Ummo documents were a hoax. Jacques Vallee said in 1991: “The alleged revelations, if they contain no great surprises, are clever and occasionally stimulating. They could have been produced by a person with a graduate degree in physics and a good acquaintance with biology, especially if the person had access to international meetings where extrapolations and avant-garde ideas are often debated ten or fifteen years before they become reality in scientific magazines” (“Revelations: Alien Contact and Human Deception” Ballantine Books). But their quantity, the variety of subject matter, the number of people to whom they were sent, and the huge labour involved in writing them over such a long period of time raises obvious questions about the hoax theory.

  6. Cat Gardner

    Great interview! I appreciate many things: good discussion of the topic as well as your support of the next generation of researchers. Very cool of you.


    I wanted to share a resource related to disinformation: the Union of Concern Scientists published the Disinformation Playbook in 2017 (updated in 2018): https://www.ucsusa.org/resources/disinformation-playbook

    “The deceptive practices that make up the Playbook are used by a small minority of companies—and yet, as we show, they are found across a broad range of industries, from fossil fuels to professional sports. Here are five of the most widely used “plays” and some of the many cases where they have been used to block regulations or minimize corporate liability, often with frightening effectiveness—and disastrous repercussions on public health and safety.”

    The 5 Plays are

    1. The Fake: Conduct counterfeit science and try to pass it off as legitimate research
    2. The Blitz: Harass scientists who speak out with results or views inconvenient for industry
    3. The Diversion: Manufacture uncertainty about science where little or none exists
    4. The Screen: Buy credibility through alliances with academia or professional societies
    5. The Fix: Manipulate government officials or processes to inappropriately influence policy

  7. SkyDiver500


    Great interview. Just a heads-up that Zodiac was mentioned in the Majestic Documents – “Important Memo From Source S-1” –


    Page 2:
    “a. MJ-12 does not exist as a government intelligence agency. It ceased to exist in 1969 and became a private concern financed by big money and big science.

    b. The group has been called by many names. The most recent one was used in 1992 and was identified by the name JEHOVAH. At one time it was called ZODIAC and may have changed in 1995.”

    You also talked in the video about the number 12, see this on page 5:

    “‘Why do you think the UFO study group appointed in 1947 was called MAJESTIC? And why do you think the other group was called JEHOVAH?

    “Put the two together and see for yourself. It is SPIRITUAL! If you don’t believe me just read the Bible. Yes, the Bible. MJ-12 did and it scared the shit out of them. The 12 Apostles and the 12 created in 1947.”

    “One is an antitypical reflection of the other, except the antitypical 12 are not spiritual men, and couldn’t grasp the significance and import of what was happening on the world scene.”

  8. iam080

    FYI Richard,

    It’s curious that one of the named individuals in the Sedgewick Masters series flies to Vancouver, (ie British Columbia, Canada). As, in real life, there is an individual (likely associated with the attorney mentioned in the EWDavis / Wilson notes) who actually lives < 20 km from Vancouver airport.

    If interested, email me for details.

    I've posted some other comments, which you might find interesting, on your member site:


      1. iam080


        I did not receive an email from you. (My last communication from you was May 2020.)

        My thought regarding the named individual in the Sedgewick Masters series (who flies to Vancouver) is that real life person (of same name with connection to the presumed author of the series) may be able to privately provide further insight into this matter.

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