Notes on a Recent Interview with Lue Elizondo

By | November 3, 2021

Hi Everyone,

A few weeks ago, Lue Elizondo did a very interesting interview with Curt Jaimungal for Curt’s excellent Youtube Channel Theory of Everything. I personally thought this interview was interesting enough that I took notes throughout most of it and wanted to clean them up and share those here with you.

Also, I just spent the last two days doing a long overdue re-review of Raymond Fowler’s classic work on the Betty Andreasson Luca abduction history, and will be preparing something similar here regarding that. But for now, let’s take a look at some interesting statements made by Lue in this interview, the full version of which I have linked here.

I do wish I had included timestamps for these statements but only did so for a few of the statements. However, I am including everything here in the order of the interview, so hopefully it won’t be too difficult to find the spot in  you are looking for in the actual interview. 

Here are Lue’s various statements that I personally found interesting. At the bottom is my summary of what I think he is saying. 


UAP are known to engage in cloaking activity.

Orbs – somewhat evasive in describing them, but mainly because as he points out they can encompass many different distinct phenomena. Believes they are sometimes “real” UAP although they were not discussed at AATIP.

Every interview he’s done has left “breadcrumbs” for attentive listeners.

He has explicitly been warned not to discuss classified information. There are people in the Pentagon who were not happy about what he did in going public with UFO/UAP information. He was also warned that he would be labeled as crazy or worse. He knows is walking a very fine line. “There are wolves circling around the fire.”

He mentions exactly the scenario that I [RD] was given by another ‘insider’ many years ago. That is, that competition among contractors is inherently unfair because not all get equal access to “exotic” material. Years ago, my source told me that this was a genuine concern with UFO Disclosure, since such practices could invite serious law suites from disadvantaged defense contractors. Elizondo says nearly the exact same thing here, that UFO/UAP secrecy potentially gives some companies major advantages over competitors and therefore massive government contracts down the road. Elizondo refers to this scenario as “hypothetical,” but again this is exactly what was told to me more than a decade ago. I consider it entirely possible that the same person discussed this with Elizondo. If this is true, and to me it makes perfect sense, we can see another dimension to the problems of UFO Disclosure: that some companies have a great deal to gain from it while others have a lot to lose.

He believes UFOs are not a new phenomenon. And then makes an intriguing suggestion, leaving possibly another breadcrumb: that DNA sequencing and modification is something that would last for a potentially extremely long period of time, and which would have a higher chance of being noticed by an advanced future society (like our current civilization) than even something like the pyramids. Is this a hint about something he knows? As always, Lue gives hints but nothing really to bite into. Is there something in our DNA that we can examine? He delves more into the possibility of genetic modification of humanity later in the interview. 

“… Material related to this topic that has been recovered” [timestamp 49:45] “That’s all I can say about it.” So, yet another strong suggestion from Elizondo that someone or some organization, presumably related to the United States government, has recovered UFOs or related technology. 

“We can provoke reactions from them.” [RD: I think this is a direct quote but if not it’s very close.] Hence, he believes this is anotherjustification for referring to them as craft, and not merely as some sort of natural phenomena or even artificial but etheric phenomena. 

“There are very compelling photos that seem to show something inside, some kind of occupancy. And I’ll leave it at that.” [RD: Again, I think this is probably an exact quote.] Elizondo then says it can get “murky,” but he has spoken to a number of individuals that apparently have persuaded him that this is real, that occupants to these craft have been photographed. When Curt asks to clarify what Lue meant by murky (eg. bad quality photo, unclear provenance, etc.), Lue essentially says all of the above, which I suspect was simply a convenient answer for him to give. [RD: Of course UFO history is filled with very compelling witness testimony about seeing occupants inside these craft, both from the vantage point of being outside the craft as well as inside the craft.]

States that we need to offer amnesty from criminal prosecution for truth tellers and whistleblowers on this subject.

We need government transparency on the matter of UFO/UAP. 

States that secrecy is “abused for the wrong reasons.” I imagine he got a bit tied up in speaking but we know what he means. States he is a big fan of Harry Reid and Marco Rubio.

Asked about the “hitchhiker effect”. Seems to indicate that he knows of something vaguely like this – which refers to a potentially paranormal phenomena in which the person is “followed” by “something” after an initial encounter with strange phenomena. Skinwalker Ranch comes to mind. But Elizondo is quite vague and does not go into detail. He does say absolutely “yes” at one point, however.

Asked about “The Adam and Eve event,” which he stated he had heard of but did not know about it. [RD: I don’t know what this is.]

Asked about AAWSAP vs AATIP. Explains that the latter was a subset of the former. The former went defunct but the latter remained.

Asked about remote viewing. Essentially declines to discuss it, almost seems to imply that he doesn’t think much of it, but he’s not clear. [RD: I would personally be shocked if he truly was not impressed by remote viewing. I strongly suspect he is holding back here, big time.]

Asked if disclosure is a good idea and are we perhaps poking a hornet’s nest by attempting it? His answer: if there is a hornet’s nest there, it’s probably a good idea to know it exists.

Asked about Trans-medium travel. He suggests that this might even be possible through rock, not merely space, air, and water. He does state that he lacks the math knowledge to understand how this happens. But he does give it a seemingly strong endorsement. 

Asked, have there been biological samples recovered from craft? Lue rephrases the question: “have there been biological samples recovered? Yes.” [Timestamp1:16:45]. Beyond this, he is clearly being purposely vague.

Also states that the notion that UFOs move through space and time and hence not really as our Newtonian common sense implies is “right on the money.” 

Seems skeptical about the claims of Angelique, who has recently claimed there are aliens underground in eastern California.

At around 1:30:00 [approx.] he begins to talk about how human beings catapulted to the top of the food chain around 70K years ago. He asks, what if it turns out that there’s another species that’s even higher on the food chain? Would we then need our institutions, our government, and so on, if it were to turn out that there’s something else or someone else that is higher up than we are? We think we were the zookeeper, he says, but are we just another animal in the zoo? Elizondo does state explicitly there’s going to be a point in the “conversation” in which “we are going to have to reconcile certain things.” He appears to be saying that we are going to have to come to terms with that fact that there are more powerful beings here who are essentially running our world. His reference to humans of 70,000 years ago is interesting to me, considering my recent strong interest in human pre-history. He does seems to suggest that we may have been tampered with, or more accurately enhanced, at around that time, and seemed to imply that he was given information by people who he trusted. This of course is not radically different from the idea I put forward in my last book, The Alien Agendas, based on the speculation of my late friend, Dr. Colleen Clements. My best guess was that we might have been enhanced around 45,000 years ago. I should add that there are certainly times when I don’t know if I even believe the theory, especially as I learn more granular-level detail about that period of our history. Frankly, I am just not sure, but I do think it’s possible. I also think it’s possible that our rapid evolution stems from our increasingly powerful ability to reshape our physical environment, which in turn affects our biology. Anyway, it’s interesting that Lue puts this idea out there. 

Makes a strong criticisms of charlatans in the field who take other people’s money. He mentions no names but it’s fairly obvious who he is referring to. Talks about pride, ego, and narcissistic behavior, even using the word sociopathic. States that there are always fibers of truth in a blanket of lies. [RD: I thought that was a good quote.] But he states that such people try to convince everyone that they and they alone have the truth. [RD: Yes, this happens in our field, as we all know.] 

Seems to acknowledge that at least some reports of cattle mutilation are truly anomalous. 

Asked about the possibility of the cryptoterrestrial hypothesis—that these have been living here in some manner all this time. He “can’t say no.”

Asked about Project Serpo and declines to comment referring to it as pure speculation. [RD: Hmmm!] 

Asked if he has had any “holy shit” moments in his history dealing with UAP. Answers, yes, quite a few. 

Acknowledges at least some of the history of past government intimidation of UFO witnesses.



I wouldn’t necessarily say this is the best or most informative interview Elizondo has given, but it’s probably up there. As always, he give me the impression at least of being someone who is doing his best to answer the questions put to him respectfully and truthfully – to the best of his ability. It’s obvious he is holding back a great deal of what he knows, and in fact he makes this clear explicitly a number of times. Throughout the interview, I would say. 

A few important takeaways that I think we can make if we are willing to read between the lines, and not even with much difficulty: 

There are [probably multiple] retrievals of UFOs or UFO technology. 

There has also been the retrieval of biological material, but [not necessarily?] from craft. That’s an interesting twist. I would personally add that the history of UFO research gives us strong reason to believe that we have indeed recovered craft and bodies from those craft. But Lue’s statement does at least strongly imply that we’ve got biological samples of aliens around there somewhere. 

Based on the various statements he has made of these UAP, it seems obvious that there has been a great deal of interaction between our military and these objects.

They are operating on levels that are vastly higher and more advance then we are. Tis might even include their ability to move with relative ease through solid rock, and much more. Moreover, that at some point we are going to have to have a difficult public conversation about this reality. 

In addition, his hints about genetic modification of human beings seems to suggest a version of the famous statement by Charles Fort: “I think we’re property.” 

There was no discussion about the possibility of alien abductions, which (unless I completely missed it) seemed like a huge oversight. In fact, I am not aware of any strong public statement by Lue Elizondo about abductions. It seems to me that the subject’s absence causes it to looms ever larger. 

The overall effect of his hints and various definitive statements make it clear that he believes humanity is facing a serious challenge. Still, he maintains a good public face to encourage us to continue seeking answers. How much of that optimism is real is another story, and I have no idea.

Final Thought

I find Luis Elizondo to be fascinating to listen to. Moreover, having listened to him many times, and having spoken to him directly, as well as corresponded with him and his wife, I believe him to be a genuinely good and decent human being who has frequently been smeared by groups and people who have their own agendas — all while accusing him of having a dark agenda. For my part, I don’t buy it. I think Lue is doing his level best to get genuine information out to the public in a way that he feels is responsible but most importantly that keeps him legally safe. 


46 thoughts on “Notes on a Recent Interview with Lue Elizondo

  1. Rosanne Losee

    Thank you for the summary, Rich. I did my best to listen to the entire 2+ hours, but I always have a hard time sitting and listening, I much prefer to read a transcript. That said, your summary was spot on. I totally agree with you, that Lue appears to be just what we think he is; a decent person with some real classified information doing his level best to keep us in the loop without stepping on the big toes, or put himself or his family in danger.

    That part is sad. That we still have people who have knowledge who are being silenced with threats and intimidation is disgraceful. National security just means that the PTB want the technology they got, before our enemies get it before us.
    Pretty much what Stanton Friedman said.

    My own inference is that this entire topic will open up a Pandora’s box and the Furies will start flying. I am thinking of the lies and coverups of the military, of the government powers who have been holding this to their chest, refusing to allow humanity to know the truth, and of course, religion.

    Yes, Rich, I agree that they have probably ‘enhanced’ us eons ago, and that wouldn’t sit well with religious institutions, would it? Millions would find that revelation very difficult to swallow, perhaps even become furious; all we have to do is watch what is happening right now in our country due to the pandemic, to know that humans do not respond well to crises.

    But this goes to the heart of who and what we are and THAT is going to upset the apple cart.

    Like all of you, I want the Truth embargo to end, once and for all; the sooner we humans get the real dope on the UFO phenomenon, the sooner we can deal with it psychologically.

    I agree with you, too, Rich, about the abductions. THIS IS THE CORE! And yet Elizondo dismisses it pretty quickly, saying it is not qualifiable or quantifiable. Of course it is. No one has done the hard work. Are there some databases that list the people who have been abducted and if they had implants injected into their bodies for tracking? This is the HEART of the whole lousy business.

    He agrees it is a damnable thing to abduct anyone; in that he is correct. This notion that it is OK for aliens to take us against our will flies in the face of all that’s holy, and it is precisely why abductions must take CENTER STAGE.

    I wish our old friend, Dr. Scott Littleton was here, Rich; because so much of this harkens back to the anthropological ascension of man, and I bet Scott would have had a lot to say on it.

    All in all, great interview and thanks for the excellent summary, Rich!

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Hi Rosie. Thanks for all of these comments. And I do miss our friend Scotty. By the way, I am preparing some notes and thoughts on Ray Fowler’s important work on the Andreasson affair for tomorrow’s Fireside Chat. I was chatting about this with Tracey who pointed out that the OGs of ufology like Ray are in danger of being forgotten and I agree. In our new environment in which we can at least have somewhat more to discuss in public on UFO/UAP, it’s a good idea to revisit some of their work and re-integrate it into our knowledge. And abductions are one of the keys. Btw for oldtimers who may not know, OG means Original Gangsta. 🙂

      1. Rosanne Losee

        Thanks Rich.

        btw, one of the things I used quite often at the library was World Cat’s catalog where you can pick up ANY book from the old days on UFOs. I read through Fowler’s, as well as Andreasson, and of course, ALL of Jacques Vallee’s early books from the 70s, including as well, Keyhole and the other early investigators and commentators. I highly recommend this to everyone. Your local library, through Interlibrary Loan, a consortium of national (and international) libraries across the contiguous USA, can virtually pick up any book you wish with a simple library card. You get to keep the book for six weeks, free. If you don’t want to purchase, you can do it this way, especially some of the long lost and old timey authors from the 40s and 50s. Your local library, Your Best Friend! 😉

  2. Gaspar74

    Excellent breakdown and I came to exactly the same conclusions listening to it 3x now. It seems the conversation from him at least is slowly becoming more revealing. He’s seemingly on a tightrope in regards to crossing a line with his NDA’s but stir same time I feel like he’s crossed it a few times. Things are escalating in the public ufo arena but sadly the general populations hasn’t blinked. I think this is 100% due to LACK of serious mainstream media coverage. I’m not sure that will happen unless literally the president has a press conference and states it to the American people.

    Side note. Have you seen Jay of project Jnity latest video with retired CIA officer Ramirez? That was interesting and he definitely was saying that were hybrids. Even brought up reptilians amd bloodlines and such. It was mostly a course on navigating the Foia system with tie bits here and there.
    Anyways. Keep up the good fight! And don’t let the bastards drag ya down!

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I have not yet seen that interview but have communicated a bit with Mr. Ramirez. I am not supporting or attacking him. I feel cautious. That’s all. I may get my feet a little more wet but right now am happy to let other folks do that heavy lifting.

  3. whatif

    Thanks for the writeup.

    I dunno, Richard. I want to take Elizondo at face value, but here’s my problem with him. If he has signed NDAs with government agencies, as he claims, how does he get away with revealing specifics such as admitting they have biological samples? That has to be a breach.

    So the question becomes, why is he not already in jail? He has revealed similar information in the past, yet he’s still walking free and breathing. So either he’s lying about having classified knowledge and is making stuff up, or he’s controlled or planted opposition. . .

    Okay wait. . . another idea. Perhaps he is telling the truth and leaving breadcrumbs as you suspect. Then perhaps he’s not in jail (or worse) because he’s made himself a celebrity. If they arrest him, we know he’s telling the truth and the subject gathers more attention. Likewise if suicided, less so if smeared. There must be some Machiavellian term for this celebrity effect.

    Forgive me for thinking aloud here. Anyhow, I think I follow you now re Elizondo. Never question the Dolan.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I hear you on these questions re Elizondo. If he’s under NDAs, then how can he say these things? My best guess is that the hints (or statements) he has dropped are done with just enough plausible deniability that he gets away with it. For instance, we don’t know his source regarding biological materials. I don’t know this, but is it possible he got his info on this from an “unofficial” source that he believes is good? I suspect things like this are happening quite a lot in his world. Now, if he were to refer to a program that engages in such biological research, he could likely be in trouble. Or if he explicitly breaks the rules of a specific NDA, ditto. But dropping hints here and there, I suspect he’s doing all this legally. I also suspect he has people “inside” who support this. They might even support it for the right reasons: that is, to get some truth out. There is also no question he has adversaries in that same world.

  4. intranuclear

    Thank you Richard immensely for linking this video, really, thank you!

    I find it impossible to think of Louis as anything other than the genuine article, because if I do not, then you or I will immediately also fall into the other crappy side. Everything I have learned about honesty or lying tells me that people like Louis (you obviously included) are genuinely honest and principled.

    But again, I can’t thank you enough for your work and everything else you say or do.
    Oh, and personally when you mentioned that you and Tracy are working things out, my heart soared once again. No pressure.


  5. itsmeRitaC

    Hi Richard, i just read over the initial portion of what you wrote above.

    “He mentions exactly the scenario that I [RD] was given by another ‘insider’ many years ago. That is, that competition among contractors is inherently unfair because not all get equal access to “exotic” material. Years ago, my source told me that this was a genuine concern with UFO Disclosure, since such practices could invite serious law suites from disadvantaged defense contractors.”

    I say we start a collection fund for disadvantaged military contractors! My heart is breaking for them. The ‘system’ is stacked against them in this , our America!!!!!! 🙂

    Didn’t i read here a few months ago that L.E. is in that very contractor game? That he is a middle man between pentagon and private corporation? Or am i confusing things?

    Here is something else that i have mentioned before right here

    “He believes UFOs are not a new phenomenon. And then makes an intriguing suggestion, leaving possibly another breadcrumb: that DNA sequencing and modification is something that would last for a potentially extremely long period of time, and which would have a higher chance of being noticed by an advanced future society (like our current civilization) than even something like the pyramids. Is this a hint about something he knows? As always, Lue gives hints but nothing really to bite into. Is there something in our DNA that we can examine? He delves more into the possibility of genetic modification of humanity later in the interview. ”

    Which is that he seems to repeat old theories that have been out there for a while and doesn’t give evidence. Anyone here could say these things is my point many times.

    I also don’t understand his background education and how it connects to all of these sciences such as genetics and astro physics, etc.

    Thanks Richard.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Hi Rita. You got a chuckle out of me with the comment about the poor contractors. Yes, I hear you. But the fact remains that this IS a potentially serious legal issue that seems to frighten some people who might otherwise support more info on this coming out. It’s a factor. As for Lue’s education in the sciences and genetics in particular, or even human pre-history, I really don’t know. He’s clearly a very intelligent person who can grasp the essentials of scientific ideas, even if they are not in his main wheelhouse, which I think we can safely say is in intelligence and counterintelligence. I had the impression from that interview that his hints about genetic manipulation in our past came from a source that he trusts. That’s about all I have on this at the moment but I do think it’s interesting.

  6. JimmyBee

    Why can’t they release some of the “clear, mind-blowing” photos or videos? Seems to me that would kick start the “conversation.” Blurry dots give skeptic/debunker trolls fodder.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Well, I don’t think that guys like Lue have much control over what is released. I am sure he’s got friends in the right places, but to pull that off is probably difficult, frankly. I have always been led to understand that even the first three videos released a few years ago was a heck of a coup and that if Navy higher-ups were aware of what was going on they would likely not have let that happen.

  7. Bob Levey

    I agree with you 100% on your final thoughts Richard. Luis is straight up and as we know and you have stated he could be ruined at any moment. No sane person is going to put family and life on the line just for the fun of it. Luis been doing it “Real Time” for years.
    God Bless him and his family.
    And thanks to you Richard for your very clear thoughts.

  8. Dirk Adams

    I thought the interview was fascinating as was Jumungal’s interview with you. I seem compelled to believe at this that at this point we’re going to wake up one day in a whole new world as written in Heinlein’s ‘Stranger in a Strange Land’.

  9. TomTort

    A very interesting and informative interview, yet I think there is so much referred to but only hinted at. It is an interview that is difficult to listen to because there is a fear factor that has to be dealt with. It is as though he is committed to a quest but can’t commit because of circumstance that is out of his control with a tremendous concern for his life. It is as though the mafia is breathing down his neck. I feel terrible for this man who under incredible pressure.

  10. John Viner

    I first came into this field back in 2004-5, when I entered a full-blown psychotic episode. One of the ‘insights’ I had was that we had been ‘seeded here by aliens’. This came in the form of a burning conviction; perhaps a kin to a religious or spiritual experience — I was, and remain, an atheist. From then on, I decided to look for the evidence for myself, as so many have and will continue to do into the future.

  11. Spyros

    Post reading it all through – Absolutely fantastic Richard!! You’ve done a great job !! Amazing . Lou is 💯 .

    I’m at work . But skimming through it, all I can say is ‘Brilliant!’ RD & ‘I agree’ (on him being an honest , good human being & person in your final thought).

    I very much look forward to reading in full later. Thank you Brilliant public service servant you.
    Have read the main thrust points : absolutely fantastic Richard !! You’ve done a great job !!! You know what you are talking about.

  12. D.A.


    Nice summation. I had previously asked you about Luis’ comments about the moon. The comments I was referring to (somewhere around 40 minutes into it) were relative to when he was talking about finding archeological artifacts and other evidence related to ET, especially ancient ones. Luis went on to discus the problems associated with finding such artifacts on a constantly changing earth. He then asked the host to think about what he would do if he had wanted someone in the distant future to discover some kind of evidence of him—how would he do it…where would he leave the breadcrumbs, if you will? The host said he would put the evidence on a satellite in orbit. Luis alluded to DNA markers as potential evidence of ET intervention in our development (which Lazar stated he read about at S-4), and then later mentions that ancient artifacts would be better preserved on the moon—which has a static environment that would not be so prone to erasing evidence of ET’s existence, if ET were so inclined to set up shop there. Now why would he bring either of these things up, and couch the whole subject the way he did?

    If we were instructed by the host to read in between the lines in search of breadcrumbs, then what else could we assume other than Louis strongly suspects (or knows) that evidence of ET might exist in our DNA (perhaps as an actual encoded message, as he alludes to, or even an anomalous segment of nucleotides that shouldn’t be there) and that ET artifacts may in fact exist on the moon. Luis doesn’t seem like the type to idly speculate on such things, and goes to great lengths to weigh his words out precisely, so he either knows these things to be true based on hard evidence, or believes they might very well be true based on unquestionable information from an indisputable source. Otherwise he wouldn’t be speculating on such things in an open forum knowing that everyone would be parsing out every word he says—as literally instructed to do so by the host. Just a thought.


  13. itsmeRitaC

    p.s. I just read a little more here. I know that L.E. said he did not support the idea of ‘whistle blowers’ in an interview a couple months ago. I believe i posted that right here after i heard him say that. So it would seem he had a sudden change of mind on that topic.

  14. Sean Mulhern

    Great summary to the important parts of the interview. I watched this interview last week and thought it was one of the best I’ve seen by Luis. The discussion about us not being the top of the food chain was pretty huge in my opinion. We know a given alien species would be vastly more intelligent/advanced, but the way it was worded, it sounds like there’s more to it than that. The zoo analogy comes to mind as would a puppet master comparison in which we are the puppets. Those are just simple analogies, the real truth of the situation is far more complex. Regardless, I don’t think we are going to like what we hear when the truth is finally known. There’s definitely something more to that area of discussion and that part may end up being the scariest part for us and the driving factor in keeping all of this covered up. Having said that, we need to know regardless of what happens afterwards and it should not drive keeping all of this hidden away.

  15. D.A.


    So…you had spoken to Luis directly. Do you mind if we were to ask what kind of questions you had asked him? Did he tell you anything worth sharing with your flock, if you haven’t already…or perhaps worth mentioning, but can’t?

    Also, I thought Luis made some recent comments to the effect that more ATTIP evidence would be coming to light in the not too distant future—I don’t recall if he mentioned this during this particular interview or not. If my recollection (and interpretation of his words were correct) could this perhaps involve some videos of the Tic-Tac and/or Gimbal, or something entirely new? Do you think Luis has expended all his insider-status capital, or do you think he is still connected and obtaining more information? Has he, or Hal Puthoff, ever followed up with any information regarding the Army CRADA for looking at the meta-material?

    Regarding the meta material: you mentioned in one of the many programs that you were on that the body of the craft acted as a waveguide. I believe you are correct, but more specifically—I suspect it acts as a resonant cavity, as well as portions of it acting like waveguides and antennae of sorts. Just think about how a crystal radio is powered, or how microwaves are generated by a magnetron. Lazar had mentioned that during his time at S-4, he had heard that the metallurgical group had some kind of breakthrough, but due to government short-sightedness regarding compartmentalization, he wasn’t told what that breakthrough was, but more importantly, his group wasn’t provided any critical information about that breakthrough, which could have been relative to the work they were doing on the power source. Classic government incompetence. Interestingly, the Russians were there as well, and were kicked out when the breakthrough was made, so perhaps the deep-state transcends geopolitical boundaries (at least to some extent). Anyhow, could that breakthrough regarding metallurgical properties perhaps involve the effect that a certain, very specific, wavelength of electromagnetic radiation might have had on the metal—-something in the terahertz range, for example?

    Also, over the last few years, I recall reading more than one account from different, totally unrelated, sources about the the shell of the craft having two skins—if I recall correctly, one individual was a witness at a crash site, and the other was a witness at a facility where metal was brought in for study. And in the case of the second witness, I believe the properties of the two skins relative to their behavior under testing were somehow interlinked. Coincidence? Maybe….maybe not. Moreover, we’ve heard too many eye-witness stories about the lack of apparent wiring in the craft. Well, energy needs to be transferred from the power source to where work is performed somehow. Again, think of crystal radios, but where the circuits are incorporated into the metallurgical properties of the craft, where conversion and manipulation of the energy waves are carried out on a nano-scale level within the structural components without the need of cumbersome and inefficient wires. This would also explain how the interiors of the craft could be illuminated without lights.

    Regarding movement through rock: I have yet to hear any eyewitness accounts of craft suddenly emerging from, or entering solid matter, but I could be wrong. I do, however, recall a story by some Italians, who reported making “friends” with a group of supposed extra-terrestrials in the 1950’s or ‘60’s, who claimed to have an underground base from which they were able to enter and exit at will without having to traverse any kind of opening. Of course, there are the numerous abduction cases where witnesses claim ET phased through walls. The ability to “phase” through solid matter, however, may involve entirely different capabilities, technologies, and physics, than that required for trans-media travel through fluid-like substances, such as water, air, or space—presumably by warping space time around an artificial gravity envelope.

    Needless to say, all ET are not likely created equal, and who’s to say those guys visiting us, aren’t themselves being visited by even higher forms of intelligence with, or without, their knowledge? Our zoo keepers may indeed have their own zoo keepers to contend with. I believe Stringfield at one point attributed the dearth of crashes in more recent times to ET possibly perfecting the technological limitations with their craft, which might be true for a particular species of ET, but given the preponderance of evidence that suggest ET has been around in all different shapes and forms for hundreds, if not thousands, or tens of thousands, of years, I would venture to guess that the more likely scenario is that those particular ET who have crashed are either new to interstellar travel themselves, and are therefore plagued by the limitations in their own technology, or they have been brought down purposely by other ET (there are eyewitness reports of such events), or brought down by us (which I am more skeptical ), or perhaps some combination thereof. Or maybe they were just driving their version of an interplanetary Yugo.

    Regarding potential conflicts among ET over our skies, Nuremburg immediately comes to mind, as does a more modern-day account by someone in Australia or New Zealand (if I recall correctly). Perhaps even Roswell might be put in this category. I’m still kind of fuzzy regarding the facts surrounding Roswell, but from what I can gather no actual craft was recovered from Brazel’s farm, just debris, correct? Supposedly, some dead bodies were also found not too far away, which were either inside or just outside some kind of presumed life pods, correct? And wasn’t another craft (along with a living being and three dead ones) found around the same time several miles away on the Plains of San Agustin? And didn’t that craft have a semi-circular gash in its side that appeared unrelated to striking the ground? Coincidence? What are the odds of two craft suffering unrelated catastrophic failures at the same time at the same place?

    Sorry about all the questions and subsequent rambling. I would be interested in hearing more about your experience with Luis.


    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Hi D.A. Let me try to answer these. First, yes, Lue has mentioned a few things to me that are interesting and relevant — as well as information that I know came through him to a reliable source to me. There are important things he knows which have not gone public, a small number of which have come to me. I’ve done my bet to convey these things without exposing him, which I do not want to do. Suffice to say that when he talks about our acquisition of exotic tech, I am extremely confident he’s telling the truth. Also, I don’t think he has expended all his insider capital, because I think he had a lot to begin with and seems to be continually acquiring more as time goes by. I have not heard him, Puthoff, or anyone for that matter speak about CRADA in a long time so I am also wondering what’s going on with that study. Truly hoping it doesn’t get disappeared. Only a hunch, but I think we will eventually hear more about it but I truly don’t know.

      Then you write this: “Anyhow, could that breakthrough regarding metallurgical properties perhaps involve the effect that a certain, very specific, wavelength of electromagnetic radiation might have had on the metal—-something in the terahertz range, for example?” In my best guess, I would think the answer is yes, that this is a key, critical breakthrough. That idea of the meta material being a waveguide was something I first heard in Puthoff’s SSE lecture in 2018. For me personally that lecture was a breakthrough in how I personally understood how these craft might operate. I don’t know how much Puthoff really knows, that is, how far his knowledge goes. But I would imagine that a great deal of work is being done somewhere on this — probably in the CRADA study if nowhere else.

      Your next statement about craft potentially having two skins that interact with each other is something that needs some analysis because it DOES seem important. I agree with the possible value of speculating that this might have something to do with the noted lack of wiring and traditional electronics being noticed in UFO craft.

      You write: “Regarding movement through rock: I have yet to hear any eyewitness accounts of craft suddenly emerging from, or entering solid matter, but I could be wrong.” Well, then you do mention accounts of craft seeming to do something like this. Yes, I’ve read several accounts (can’t recall how many, but a few) of craft doing just this. This used to be “explained” by the possibility that the mountainside was just a hologram covering an actual opening, but what if that’s not the case and these things CAN go through solid rock? These things sound crazy to our common sense but … so did so many things once upon a time.

      Regarding the “WHY” of apparent UFO crashes, it remains a hard thing to discuss because there’s so much we still don’t know. But I still think it’s a combination of (a) likely hostile action by our military and possibly other (Russian) militaries, (b) the potential of vastly greater traffic up there and all around us that we are mostly oblivious to, (c) the possibility that even with highly advanced technology that glitches can still happen, and (d) as you suggest, varying levels of expertise among the various groups of other beings. Also, as you suggest (e) intergroup hostilities that we don’t know about. I am sure there are other factors.

      Thanks for these questions.

      1. iam080


        There is the possibility of-
        e) To facilitate knowledge interchange, yet to minimise conflict, a multitude of retrieved artefacts might *appear* to be provided as a result of random, unintentional accident.

        (This supposes a deliberate yet clandestine experiment by NHI / ET’s to monitor the impact of knowledge/ information seeding upon human populations, potentially in readiness for widespread public contact.)

        As mentioned here –

        You might be aware of claims that NHI / ET’s have been able to penetrate the most secure facilities in the USA. For example, the report of a landed UFO, circa 1984, at Pease AFB, Strategic Air Command where a nuclear warhead was allegedly found disassembled within its New Hampshire bunker after only a short period of time.

        IF NHI / ET’s are able to perform such feats, penetrating the most secure US military facilities – then presumably they are also able to detect and retrieve advanced non-human hardware. Thus, IF NHI / ET technology has remained in human possession for decades and it has not been re-acquired by NHI / ET’s, then it is reasonable to ask –

        *i) in terms of pros / cons for NHI / ET, why would NHI / ET’s permit our species to study advanced non-human technologies and (if such study is permitted),*
        *ii) how would NHI / ET’s limit the impact of potential inter-human conflicts resulting from the presence and influence of such technologies?*

        Presumably, after one human group attains undeniable physical proof of NHI / ET visitation (technology, artefacts, organic bodies) then IF NHI / ET’s do not choose to re-acquire and suppress access to such advanced non-human knowledge, they might then become concerned with establishing an appropriate balance of covert and overt actions wrt public contact readiness.


        In terms of objects passing through barriers (which is perhaps analogous to quantum tunnelling), you might wish to ask your various sources about *Rigid Spatial Relationships*. If, using gravitational control, NHI / ET’s can create one macroscopic bubble in SpaceTime for craft spatial-temporal displacement, then presumably they can create MULTIPLE bubbles in SpaceTime, of variant scale. This is briefly described in the PACL CARET report.

        Speculatively – to part the curtains of a wall, so to speak, (or to join them in uniform assembly), multiple microscopic space-time / gravitational fields might be utilised. For example,, one resonant phase may EXTERNALLY HOLD APART, whilst another phase may EXTERNALLY HOLD TOGETHER, then through another phase shift a passing object may INTERNALLY RESIZE, then INTERNALLY TRANSLOCATE, One might imagine such phase shifts as enabling “Ant-man” to near-instantaneously shrink to a point, then ride a trajector beam which coherently facilitates an ultra-precise quantum tunnelling path between spaces, then upon de-activation, expand to human scale. IF near instantaneous quantum tunnelling could be technologically triggered, it’d likely occur at rapid speed, near to that of light itself. To an observer, this would appear as a blink and you miss it event.

        Again speculatively – with that same sufficiently advanced, ultra-precise technological control (multi-layered gravitational manipulation of matter residing within space-time), molecular assemblies within carefully designed components could potentially interact through such fields. i.e. conventional wires for communication and electrical energy transmission would probably become ancillary/secondary mechanisms, that is, not primary functions .

        Ask Bob McGwier if he can cite – in scifi literature (pre-2007) an example of Rigid Spatial Relationships. 😉


        More profoundly- if local material objects (biologically at the scale of a human being) can be coherently phase shifted to a non-local immaterial state (potentially interacting with all time and space), then naturally in such context, what embodies sentient intelligence?

        That is, for any given individual, if both a local and non-local state may co-exist, how and when does the material form intelligently interact with its immaterial form ?

        Like thoughts and dreams, does each person experience abstraction events which, in actuality, involve interaction with a timeless self?

        Moreover, can a non-local self consent to interact with another non-local sentience and is such abstract interaction reflective of reported human to NHI / ET experience?

        In terms of defining what it means to be a human being, how may non-local sentiences be distinguished and differentiated from that of a uniquely localised, individual self? ie. what constitutes the layers of inception?

        1. Richard Dolan Post author

          My goodness, I will need to read this comment five more times before I think I can truly grasp what you are saying. When you wrote this… “For example,, one resonant phase may EXTERNALLY HOLD APART, whilst another phase may EXTERNALLY HOLD TOGETHER, then through another phase shift a passing object may INTERNALLY RESIZE, then INTERNALLY TRANSLOCATE..” I thought that was fascinating enough. Then I kept going and it got better. This is just brilliant. Thank you.

  16. Member_217

    What is the correct spelling of Lou’s first name: is it Lou or Lue? (By correct spelling I mean his preferred spelling.)

  17. Gal Matheys

    that was long!
    there was one question “did loe ever found out something that was not in his questions list” he said yeh

    if he did that for a living with access that we don’t have and he found out thing that he could not even think of
    how in god name we will find out about such things ?

  18. D.A.


    Thanks for the detailed reply.

    Regarding the Italian account of ET having an underground base, I think I might have learned about it from a documentary I watched on TV quite a while ago. I recall them talking about the beings, or “friends”, who looked human in every detail, just appearing out of no where. As far as I can recall, they didn’t’ mention anything about seeing craft emerge from the ground, but in all honesty, at the time I thought it was BS, so I didn’t watch the entire show—maybe I should have.

    Regarding the CRADA: I have to look it up. I believe it is in the public domain, or at least should be. If it has an expiration date, it might be interesting to see if that date has already come and gone. If it has, whoever did the work surely published a tech report, which is likely classified, but has been shared with TTSA, or the individual in authority representing what used to be TTSA, which I assume is Hal. You may want to contact him about it. Also, depending on classification, and authorized distribution, I might have access to it through our tech report database system (long shot). Another good question is: if the work has been finished, did Hal, or someone else from TTSA, get the sample returned? If he did, he might be interested in doing a round robin test with another Army analytical lab, like ours. We have two SEM/EDS instruments at our disposal, as well as an ICP-MS. Another on-post organization, which we have done previous IED detection work with in the past, may possibly have a terahertz instrument at their disposal as well, but I am not sure. I have also written a CRADA for a study I did with a contractor for developing a variable resistance sensor to monitor NC propellant stability based on nitrate ester decomposition kinetics, so writing another CRADA wouldn’t be an issue. Obviously, none of what I mentioned is classified, so I can talk about it. If Hal, or someone else representing TTSA, did get the material back, then it might be worth looking into. Hell, even if they didn’t get it back, their Army partners on the CRADA, might be interested involving another Army lab to look at it, if for no reason than to just have another group validate their findings. Of course it might also fly in the face of inherent territorialism, but there is nothing anyone could do about that. With that said, it might be worth a shot looking into—-albeit a very long shot.

    As always, just a thought.


  19. whatif

    > but what if that’s not the case and these things CAN go through solid rock?

    Clear evidence of craft entering and leaving the sea at incredible rates with apparent zero resistance suggests the transition/medium doesn’t matter: vacuum of space, atmosphere, water, ice, or solid granite. In my view the most likely explanation is that such a craft does not travel through the medium as it appears to, instead it applies a “magic” technology to escape the fabric of space-time as we understand it. There are several competing theories regarding the magic.

  20. David LoVecchio

    Thank you for the summary, thoughts and insights, Richard. I had watched the video shortly after it was first posted and found Lue’s statements to be thought provoking, especially what he seemed to be suggesting as ideal places that a higher intelligence would leave evidence of its existence that it wanted to be preserved for as long as possible. When I was listening the moon was out and close to being full (this would’ve been around October 20th then) and I remember looking up at it during that part of the interview and wondering if such a familiar sight could be hiding something so unfathomable. There have always been rumors about the moon of course but at that moment for whatever reason it hit me in a way I hadn’t really felt since hearing Karl Wolfe’s testimony during the Disclosure Project’s 2001 event.

    To your questioning of Elizondo’s statement on RV: there is a quote in ‘Skinwalkers At The Pentagon’ that is directly attributed to Lue and would certainly suggest that not only is he a firm believer in it but he’s also a practitioner (at least in regards to the incident he’s quoted as referring to). Hold on…let me get my lazy butt up out of my comfy chair and find it…

    Ok. It’s from Chapter 6:

    “As he enjoyed his steak tartare, Elizondo regaled those around him with some war stories, including one hair-raising exploit about how his advanced intuition and remote viewing capabilities had saved his life and the life of his men while on a covert combat mission in war-torn Afghanistan.”

    Another interview worth checking out is Curt’s interview of Kevin Knuth who provided an interesting speculative answer (with a foundation in known physics) to Curt’s question about why the structure of these craft seem to be so relatively stable over time when our technological progress, tied as it is to Moore’s law, practically guarantees that the outward appearance of our technology is constantly changing. Kevin hypothesized that if humanity was someone else’s experiment and that same someone was able to travel through space at close-to-light speeds they would in effect be fast-forwarding the experiment relative to their own experience of time.

    So, start the experiment and set up the necessary parameters then take off at close to light speed for a month and return to Earth at close to light speed. They would have been gone in their relative framework of time for 2 months but possibly thousands of years would have passed here on Earth. Depending on how interested they were in what they found upon returning they could set up a more permanent presence, make a few alterations in the experiment and then reduce the amount of time they spent away before returning to check again. What Kevin Knuth was saying is that the ships people see might not have changed because they could be the exact same ships that people were seeing hundreds or thousands of years ago.

    It called to mind the biblical accounts of people like Enoch who weren’t reported as dying but were said to have been taken to “walk with God”.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Interesting idea regarding the stability of alien design. I speculated something else in my last book, The Alien Agendas, although I don’t think I addressed this specific issue. Yet, my idea was/is that these other beings very possibly have come to a level of stasis in their development, at least in terms of technology. After all, must we assume that all technological and scientific progress is indefinite? Personally I don’t think this is likely or even possible. At some point, scientific knowledge will plateau. Within such a constraint, it’s likely that you achieve designs of various inventions and technologies that are, essentially, perfected. Think of the bicycle. Sure, there have been improvements on it over the past century or more, but basically it’s a perfect design. Two wheels, a chain, pedals, and a strong frame. You can tweak all that but it’s perfect for what you want it to do. This could be the same sort of thing with a flying saucer … or at least with various designs of such a thing. And by humanity about to achieve what I keep calling the Fourth Stage of Humanity — again, plugging my book 🙂 — we ourselves might very soon be reaching something like that level. Just my thought at this time.

  21. Steven Cole

    I was originally skeptical of Mr Elizondo. It bothered me the way he conveniently came into the public eye through TTSA. It felt like maybe he was a government plant put in to collect intel and further muck the waters of truth through misdirection of a false narrative. But- since 2017- I’ve realigned my early skepticism and have come to generally trust him for a slew of reasons. Danny Sheehan representing him as legal counsel, to me, speaks volumes. Sheehan is NOT a gullible man, nor a liar, and has been a stalwart ally of the disclosure movement for decades. Elizondo also has truly put himself out there in the world at the forefront of the UAP topic, which has clearly brought him tremendous challenges, frustrations and subjected him to mind numbing scrutiny- be it from possible psi-op folk like Greer or the narcissistic, arrogant rantings of Greenwald- and is still standing 4 years later, his earliest statements having come to pass with more to come. To say he’d look like a fool and a liar were he outright incorrect or proven wrong through analysis is an understatement. He also, plain and simple does not come across deceptive, and my intuition is that the man is doing the best he can navigating the bureaucratic minefield of the Military industrial complex while speaking his truth within his legal limits.

  22. Steven Cole

    Speaking of TTSA- any idea what happened to Peter Levenda? From 2016-2018 he was everywhere- and had some brilliant insights on the UFO topic…

  23. Colin Massey

    I would be surprised if Lue really was unconcerned/blase about remote viewing. In the book Skinwalkers At The Pentagon’ there is reference to a remote viewing session by Joe McMoneagle that is very interesting. It concerns The Skinwalker ranch. I would think that Lue would have been aware of this. Perhaps he didn’t want to be drawn into that area.

  24. Matthew Palmer

    I would be interested to know peoples thoughts on what Lue might have meant when he said “the reasons will become clear very soon” (paraphrasing) when referring to the timing/release of his upcoming book?

  25. AbeFX

    I’m guessing that “the Adam and Eve event” refers to what is described in the following video.

    In short, The Adam and Eve Story is a book by Chan Thomas that was supposedly classified by the CIA for many years. It has to do with a theory about a pole shift, in the earth’s past.

  26. Lucretia McBride

    December 04, 2021

    Good insightful comments Richard, thanks — really like listening to Luis Elizondo and watching those breadcrumbs fall while he two-steps avoinding that pesky NDA; there were comments and question in the interview relative to the now infamous caricature by artist Chistopher Smith – here is a link to the art, perhaps you can pass it on:

    The Nimitz Incident: Key Players
    Christopher Smith
    London United Kingdom


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