Targeted Individuals: Conversation with Micah Hanks

By | November 5, 2018

My friend and colleague Micah Hanks asked me if I would do a short spot on his KGRA radio show, The Gralien Report, on the phenomenon of Targeted Individuals. That is, people who believe they are being targeted by agencies or organizations that are trying to destroy their reputations and lives. We talked for just under 20 minutes and I gave my assessment that this is a real thing, one with incredible potential to be very scary moving forward into the future. He graciously provided me with our entire segment, which I am posting here. To listen to his full show, please go to or

6 thoughts on “Targeted Individuals: Conversation with Micah Hanks

  1. sunbinder

    Richard / Micah,

    What about proxy corporations working on behest of governments or even for their own owners? I believe we are entering a new era where governments are quick to know that they can contract the work out and not get caught red handed, themselves. Now take this one step farther. Non-human intelligence can be said to be targeting individuals as well. Time to really re-think all this in light of the SSP and how deep that goes from a corporate and non-human perspective. One can really say that breakaway civilizations are capable of this activity as well as occupying Mars. Interesting indeed. Voices on this phenomena have indeed come out too. Honestly, it’s become ‘All of the Above.’ It’s all happening in great likely-hood. Covertly.


  2. JudyV

    I was very disturbed recently to come across several videos about how Dr. Rauni Kilde, a well known Finnish physician, was viciously targeted for speaking out about UFO research, government agency abuses, etc. I no longer have any doubt that it is real, and about to get worse! It is easy to imagine the future enforced conformity that Richard is concerned about.

  3. Satyagraha

    I pretty much reached burn-out as both a political and environmental activist. I never got traction going through proper channels, mostly with my congresscritters, but also attending rallies, demonstrations, and sometimes manning the barricades. What I learned through those decades is this, you have the right to speak, but not to be heard. And hear this, as it so much pertains to the topic here; you can continue only until you start to become effective toward bringing the change you are seeking.

    Case in point: the bombing of Judi Bari for her work to save the California redwoods. She, with her companion, was blown up. It happened to her while going between events in Oakland, CA, with the FBI on the scene almost immediately to arrest her for transporting explosives. He pelvis shattered by the bomb directly under her driver’s seat. That somehow didn’t kill her, but she was to die of a most virulent form of cancer not so long after. (Much the same way investigator, Mae Brussell, died.)

    The lesson, I guess, is don’t be too effective when opposing state policy.

  4. W.T.Flux

    A very interesting topic for certain, and I sincerely enjoyed listening to Richard and Micah’s discussion. It seems that we’re commonly limited to a near prehistoric image of the nefarious MK Ultra program being confined to mental hospitals beds laden with heavily sedated and psychotropically saturated individuals. These poor souls either knowingly, or unknowingly, being the subject of dark hypnotic manipulations and cruel mind control experiments. I personally believe that this type of “institutional” imagery, along with the urban legend worthy tormentous tales aplenty of those CIA safe houses where victims were lured, drugged, and often confined for extended periods of time, served a very dark purpose. Just as did the “justice served” impressionism via a congressional outing that denoted official punitive hand slapping measures, and the ongoing ban of such inhumane practices. IMO,this is because the intelligence community were quite comfortable (by design perhaps?) with this now socially passe barbarous imagery now neatly relegated to the unethical dark ages of deceptive progress.
    However,the hypothetically derived truth that I personally speculate paints quite a different deceptively covert masterpiece. A far less fortuitous version of the intelligence community’s feigned public image. An image comprised of the media’s projected justice system driven moral and ethical reform.
    If one is willing to indulge themselves by examining the following conspiratorial hypothesis as put forward via the pen of one Martin Cannon, one can truly gain a great deal of insight at very least. This last sentence’s statement is not proclaimed for the sake of some kind of “be all, end all” in relation to the specific overall hypothesis itself, but rather the many sub denoted indicators referenced as being sourced within the scope of Martin’s paper. Perhaps a legitimate light bulb moment in the midst of one’s reflected train of thought may ensue, perhaps not. Either way it’s indeed a fascinating conspiratorial consideration.
    Martin Cannon – The Controllers

  5. Franc
    I am not here on this site to pass judgement or spy on anyone and Richard has my full CV for him to check and we have been in regular contact. I am here to learn from Richard and Tracey and develop myself as a published Ufologist and open my mind. At the same time, my day job is about helping people with problems.
    We help people who fear for their safety and / or reputation. On the physical security (Sy) side, after elite service in the Brit Army, I was trained in executive close protection by one of the world´s principal close protection experts: the former head of security for presidents: De Klerk, Mandela and Mbeke. My colleagues are all either ex-Para and / or ex-SAS / SBS or former members of the UK´s Special Reconnaissance Regiment (SSR), which used to be the famous 14 Intelligence Company (the DET). My partner, ex-SAS, is highly regarded in Hollywood and beyond – think of a famous actor, producer or director and he has run their security for them. We met working close protection for executives in Algeria in the mid 90´s. For surveillance, counter surveillance, secure communications and electronic counter measures, we use the SSR guys (and gals). We also have a brilliant communications / IT specialist who is ex-GCHQ. There is nothing on the web, dark web, social media or pretty much any electronic domain he cannot own. We have another ex-SAS senior instructor who trained Delta, the FBI´s HRT and US Army Green Berets. We are all trauma trained and also use advanced life support paramedics (ex-military elite units). We also have relationships with various agencies where we operate and excellent intelligence and counter-intelligence capabilities. We also have a lot of ex-Delta, Green Berets, SEALs, Rangers, Force Recon, Fed and buddies from other agencies.
    We have dealt with cases of industrial espionage, industrial sabotage, preventing hostile takeovers and recovery of children abducted by or under the influence of cults, to name a few. We also had a very sad case where a young woman had been abused and that abuse filmed. We were contracted to recover the compromising material. We have investigated loss of valuable materials and mostly work at the C-Suite level in corporate environments. We always operate strictly within the law. We are not mercs. We help people, keep them and their loved ones safe and people often come to us when they have nowhere else to go. Obviously we charge for our services. Pretty sure the Insectlins would not want to get in our way either.


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