Livestream on the Aviary with Grant Cameron, Melinda Leslie, & James Iandoli

By | July 12, 2021

Hi Everyone,

I agreed to do a livestream interview with a few other people for a general discussion about “The Aviary” and related things in ufology. Honestly, I have no idea where this will go, so let’s find out! 

This starts at 7 p.m. EDT/ 


30 thoughts on “Livestream on the Aviary with Grant Cameron, Melinda Leslie, & James Iandoli

  1. Klaatu

    I think we need to pass the hat and buy Grant a new computer. Take it as a deduction on your next tax return.

  2. itsmeRitaC

    Well Richard, for me you were like the grown up in the discussion, but i only saw about the last forty five minutes. It had some good stuff. Louis is a nice guy but i would say a little naive on certain levels. I didn’t hear much from anyone but you and Grant got totally impossible to hear, so distorted.

    I will always say i don’t want military contractors in charge of my universal contact with Others. And actually, they aren’t. However, their brains, as i have said before, would be as alien for me as an actual alien, i believe. And sadly so. Just look at the world.

    One thing i must say. I am watching Greer’s movie since it is on youtube for free and i am about half hour into it. Forget the man himself in a way. The politics, which it mostly has been so far, are right on target with me as far as it goes. And i am glad for that part alone.

    I heard that the threat narrative is needed, near the end, with Louis saying it is the only way to get the money and the seriousness in the government and population. So then we are back to a Will Smith movie franchise again. Believe it or not. Breakthroughs don’t happen that way.

    Regards and glad you are feeling better,

    1. itsmeRitaC

      OMG. StarFish Prime…I dreamed that five years ago. Part of that dream was a starfish in the darkening sky was moving around and an explosion came out of it and a mercury rocket came out of that. 🙂 And far, far more amazing things like ‘hepapod’ in the sky.

  3. Paul & Mieke

    Thanks Richard for sharing your time and wisdom here. Fantastic to see you together with Melinda and Grant.

  4. Vincent Canale

    What a great show! Richard, you rock brother. I wish I knew you on a personal level. I think you would be a hellofa friend. I wish that I had skills that would help your work. I can say Traverse City Michigan is a great place to live. I’d be honored to give you a tour and an ear. From a slightly disabled carpenter, I love what you do!
    Be well.

  5. Ron Holmes UK

    Hi Richard, this is one of those times where I KNOW I shouldn’t say anything, so I’ll try not to – but I want you to know that I WILL enjoy watching your on-camera “reactions” to…. “stuff.”

    Have fun mate.

  6. PressToDigitate

    That was a great show, “Papa Dolan”!
    But, I’m afraid that despite the name, “Unidentified Celebrity Review”, they didn’t have you in Silhouette, or Pixellated or anything, and didn’t even disguise your voice; they even labelled your window. So, we all knew it was you the whole time. They Outed You! 🙂
    Poor Grant seemed to be having a bad day, technically and otherwise. I’ve never seen him look so grumpy! (He’d have been better off Pixellated…)

    As to the substance:
    You missed a great opportunity to shed further light on the Crash Retrievals, when the subject of what brought them down – came up. Vallee’s “Gift Theory”, which Grant Cameron inserted, is perfectly ludicrous for many reasons and should never be taken seriously. Its so preposterous that it defiles any intellectually rational discussion that it abuts. Apart from the obvious ease with which infiltrating ET Hybrids could covertly introduce selective technologies the Aliens wanted us to have, and the evidence for direct communication with them by our government since at least 1954 through which it could have been exchanged, there is – as with large scale interstellar migration issues – that nagging logical annoyance of logistical Astronautics. Remember the General’s musing, “Long Supply Lines”? NO interstellar expedition is going to literally Throw Away entirely functional scout craft – and the personnel on board – just to ‘drop technical hints’ to the local savages; PERIOD. Apart from *no incentive whatsoever* for them to contribute to our technological advancement (right after we came up with the Atom Bomb), and extensive evidence they have interceded to inhibit it – in the very fields of Power and Propulsion such debris might contribute to – the unpredictability of [what Musk calls] “a sudden unplanned rapid disassembly event” could not be reliably employed as a means of technology transfer. The idea is just grossly stupid and unworthy of discussion.

    Whereas, we have many different sources of testimony that the crashed UFOs were brought down by U.S. weapons fire, first unintentionally by Radar, and then with Directed Energy Weapons derived from it. The unexplained stand-down of the BOMARC, Nike-Hercules, Thor, Genie, Falcon and Hawk nuclear Anti-Aircraft/Anti-Missile systems, in countering UFOs, against which “Many planes and pilots were lost” has ONLY TWO possible causes. Either 1) We had a better weapon for Counter-UFO defense, already reliably deployed, which would be less obtrusive; OR 2) The National Command Authority had *already* been compromised by AHO Infiltrators (or by Treaty), such that our government intentionally stopped defending Americans against predation from the skies, for their own corrupt benefits. There just isn’t any plausible 3rd option here. Perpetuating silly excuses like “mechanical failure” or “pilot error” – “just like we have” – just further contaminates the issue. It is of vital importance that we know *how* such DEW weapons worked and *how* they were utilized, and *who* was responsible for standing down the nuclear interceptors for no apparent reason, and *what* made them do so. Little else in Ufology is as important as those four key questions. Any future Third Edition of UFONSSv1 must answer them.

    Finally, the overall discussion about the Aviary, Invisible College, ATP Working Group, etc., failed to cope with the one obvious 800 lb. Gorilla In The Room: That *not one* of the “Insider Wannabes” on that list *has ever been* an actual “Insider”, nor has anyone in Ufology ever brought forth testimony provably from one. You mentioned it, but failed to force everyone to confront the issue. They are all “on the outside, looking in”, and this goes directly to the issue of AHO infiltration, the Compromise, Corruption and Co-Option of our National Security State, by the Invasive Species, and its surreptitious use of Earth-based industry to support its own offworld logistics requirements. Its why nobody [“Human”] can ever gain access, regardless of their authority, including Mellon, Wilson, Reid, and Goldwater. We’d better take cognizance of this Fact, either debunking it or grokking it, because otherwise, the quest for “Disclosure” is just one big Circle Jerk. By the turn of the century, when the 80s-era ARVs had *still* not yet made it into the Active Inventory, it should have raised red flags that they weren’t built for Human defense applications at all, but for use by *Someone Else*.

    Oh, and “Slainte’!” (on the Guiness). 🙂

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Hey ptd, actually I do believe I addressed the points that you are saying I failed to address. Maybe not as obviously, but I think I did. I certainly discussed the fact that the US military has actively tried to bring those craft down. And I think, unless I am mistaken, that I made it very clear that in my own opinion none of the aviary are “ultimate” insiders. I’ve certainly said so many times in the past. I’m sure all of these things could be said more forcefully at various times, but I don’t think I ran away from either of those points.

      1. PressToDigitate

        Yes, you did, albeit briefly. Its just that every discussion in Ufology seems to get bogged down and sink into a swamp over these same two issues. As long as the crashes are happily left unexplained, or attributed to ridiculous causes (Alien “gifts”, Mechanical Failure, Pilot Error) – with no examination of the exopolitics involved in the interceptions – and subsequent cessation of same – we are left ignorant of the true situation, and at great peril. The grossly obvious inconsistency in this not being a prime focus of Ufological endeavor demands explanation. By the same token, decades have passed in which the same handful of [“avian”] ‘rapporteurs’ keep being adulated from afar by everyone in the field, despite their interminable dribble of next-to-irrelevant tidbits, without providing any meaningful reconnaissance to the public on what is really being done on Our World – it also being ever more grossly obvious that it’s because *They Do Not Know*. We don’t just need *genuine* Insiders to hold forth with all of the useful, in-depth information at their disposal, we need physiologically-verifiable Alien Hybrid Operatives for interrogation and analysis.

        Add to this the preoccupation with redundant Sightings, the constant forcible injection of religious iconographies about “Angels”, “Demons”, “Ascension”, “Vibration”, etc., and the continual backbiting where people ostensibly in support of Truth keep sniping at any possible revelations, doing the “Skeptics” (Disinfo Contractors) work for them, and we’ve got the perfect Sh*tstorm instead of the serious fledgling scientific discipline we need in order to address the problem. Most of those who aren’t preparing to worship the Aliens are convinced they are some form of ‘Trolls from the Inner Earth’, or Unrepentant Nazi Wunderkind, or [suicidal] Time Travelers from Our Future, or some other distraction. Meanwhile, the Brain Sucking Aliens plod right along, from *within* our Aerospace/Defense & Intelligence Communities, completing their ‘Planetary Acquisition’ on “the Hundred Year Plan”. Our venal, corrupt, self-serving Vichy Establishment more blatantly does Their bidding with each passing day, erecting ever more draconian regimes of Surveillance, Censorship, Propaganda, and other forms of Social Engineering, Psychological Manipulation and Cultural Control, that we obligingly dismiss as unrelated to the needs of the visiting Invasive Species.

        Humanity is in “Deep Doo-Doo”, and the Aliens running the UFO Coverup have masterfully diverted everyone from engaging in serious analysis of the situation (exactly as one would expect them to do, if their motives were other than benign). That no one in Ufology is even contemplating, in a theoretical manner, any concepts of possible “Worst Case Scenarios” – is extremely disturbing. As long as Ufology remains about “Consciousness”, our conceptualization of the [psychic] ETs [with psychotronic technology] will be nothing other than what They want it to be. How Convenient…

        1. Ron Holmes UK

          PTD, With the greatest respect: At this point I find myself wondering why you seem so insistent that Richard should convey your thoughts and opinions to the community for you, rather than doing what you’re clearly able to, and starting your own channel?

          You’re a fine communicator and have some very interesting and (clearly) powerfully-held beliefs and views. The community NEEDS people like that, and whilst it seems that you personally dislike some of the branches or avenues that other researchers are taking “Angels, Demons, Ascension, Vibration etc” I believe that every opinion is valid in a subject as vast as I believe this one to be.

          Why not make that move and head out on your own terms? I think you’d find a large number of people would be interested to hear from you as a primary source of information and commentary, rather than as a skilled counter-point / counter-puncher to someone elses theories?

          I think you’d quickly become an asset in your own right.

          1. PressToDigitate

            Thank you, Ron. I *DO* have plans to launch a live news service focused on covering breaking ET/Disclosure and AI/Singularity developments in realtime, distributed in ways that would make it *Inherently Uncensorable*. These plans began taking shape at the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, in 2013. While the suppression of this subject seemed to relax in the years following, we can now see how it is likely to be reimposed – with a vengeance – in the near future. Such a network would highlight the work of key researchers pursuing a “Realist” perspective on these issues. Unfortunately, there are *very* few such Realists in Ufology. Richard is foremost among them. Without a new, serious organization dedicated to bringing clarity to field, there is no one for such a new network to actually cover, without just being another ‘Infowars’ – “with Saucers”.

            If I were to go out publicly, talking about our world being Colonized by Aliens in ‘humanesque’ Hybrid Container bodies, bred from Abductee germplasm, and ‘Officialdom’ having been infiltrated and compromised by the ETs long ago (which explains the Coverup), I would be just another crazed “David Vincent” (“The Invaders”) or “Harrison Blackwood” (“War of the Worlds” TV Series), or “Cade Foster” (“First Wave”), or John Loengard (“Dark Skies”) lone wolf, ranting in the wilderness. But RMD is the world’s foremost authority on the subject, and *could* mobilize various types of research (such as Abductee Implant Extractions – in mass) that would expose everything in an unequivocal manner.

            At some point, it will be glaringly obvious to everyone that some form of clandestine “Human Underground Broadcasting” will be needed.

    2. J-Rod

      “Gift Theory.” LOL. I think the only “gift” we’d be worthy of is what comes out of their spaceship’s port-a-loo. How could people possibly entertain this absurd thought.

  7. Billwilcox44

    OMG, Lu Angeles needs to try to maintain some professionalism and stop giggling like a grade school child.

  8. itsmeRitaC

    Hello again, Richard, listening to Jimmy Church talk to Lou right now from last nite. And Lou says something that flies in the face of one the hopes you expressed in the panel here, which is that there is a deep need for whistleblowers to come out of these SAPs, DOD, etc. Lou is not supportive at all of this. I just heard him say this to Jimmy. The authorities know best.

    My analysis of him stands. And it isn’t about me not being open minded. I am open eyed. And i hear a man who never delivers and pronounces ‘something is coming soon’ whenever i hear him on endless podcasts. And so what? If it comes, it comes. It reminds me of msm before the national election and they keep busy by predicting for a year. And even that very night. What is the point. I am quite serious.

    My goodness. I say, what has come out in three and half years? This is genuinely sad to me. But i never hung any kind of big hope when TTSA came out. It just felt ‘wrong’ to me.

    I must say it is what it is. From my point of view this is mostly interesting from a deep political perspective and it will be interesting to see the circuitous route taken………………… where?

    I happen to believe that humans will ‘get’ whatever they are supposed to, regarding this phenomenon, and i don’t think that it will come from a pronouncement from the Pope, or the President or the DOD. Etc. For me, this is not even an hypothesis. It is as apparent as the sun or the moon. 🙂

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Hi Rita, well I certainly do not see Lue as a magic bullet. I hope I never came across in that way. He has, at least from my perspective, a very limited mandate, and it’s obvious he has no intention of going over that. No, we will have to do the heavy lifting ourselves.

  9. clarsson19

    Perhaps the most informative, up to date, lively, and fun discussion on this topic that I’ve ever heard. With awesome people like these on the job, I have renewed hope that progress will happen.


    Guy! Your Hair! In the splash pic for this video! It’s so long!

    I know it must be an old pic.

    Why did you cut your hair, anyway? NO ONE is going to take an UFO Historian any more or less seriously on the basis of hair length, for cryin’ out loud.

    Of course. you just probably felt like cutting your hair because it was a hot summer, or someone made a cutting remark that led to cutting your hair.

    As one long-hair to another, let that freak-flag fly! For gosh sakes, it’d be better for you to go with the expensive suit and nice car look rather than trying to be some sort of J. Allen Hynek Jr. in tweed and leather patches.

    Or if you really want to bend folks antennae, shave your head except for a little bit on the sides, wear a cheap lightweight fabric suit and say, “Hi, I’m Philip Klass Jr, and I’m here to straighten all of you out on UAP! Like my Dad, I work with the spook agencies, so you can trust me!”

  11. Steven Cole

    Excellent conversation, a lot of interesting little nuggets dropped throughout worth looking further into. I do wish Grant had a better connection, it was difficult to hear him and he didn’t share as much as he normally would, as such. Melinda Leslie, is sharp and on point as always, but it is a tad annoying how she cuts other speakers off….. repeatedly. But she’s so sweet that she gets a pass as far as I’m concerned lol. On the topic- this is actually very relevant today, as so many of these individuals have sort of evolved over the years, starting off as interested parties looking for some answers on the UFO subject, into today’s “crusaders” for so-called disclosure. I find myself wondering if they actually HAVE answers, and want to bring this info to the world for patriotic/moral/scientific/monetary reasons, or if it’s that they could not acquire answers through private channels and they’re hoping that gaining public support and political inquiry will shed light on the topic simply for the sake of their own personal knowledge… I also wonder how much of the info these gentlemen shared with one another might have been planted DISinformation (intentionally or unintentionally) dropped to further muddy the waters of ufo research. Who knows. I guess that’s the point of disinformation, right? They’ve got ufo researchers so confused and jaded that if a ship landed right on their lawn and they shook hands with the entities operating the craft they’d STILL claim having been subjected to a psy-op, holograms, hallucinogens or some form of psychotronic weaponry instead. It’s starting to look like Occam’s razor actually SUPPORTS an ET ufo hypothesis (to the chagrin of debunkers everywhere)! Anyhoo- thanks as always for the informative, quality content!

  12. Harry Harris

    I was somewhat shocked at how Grant Cameron came off in this discussion. He looked almost ill or unhealthy. Definitely seemed like he was not in good shape. In any case, was not going to watch this video discussion as really did not know who the hosts were etc. But gave it a go anyway. Leslie , interestingly enough came across the most enthusiastic (maybe her norm) and with some info/data I had not seen before about the Aviary and the mutations from there into other groups that happened since the 80’s to the current situation. Since I did not watch the show live could not ask any pertinent question. But the question I would have asked, is why have, after all these years, these beings not revealed themselves in a public way that would let everyone on earth know that they exist. Why is it always for us to find out who they are instead. There seems to always be a disconnect here when this is asked and the usual answer(s) goes off into conspiracy territory or we are just ants to them and the like etc. Maybe you provided a better answer in your book ‘The Alien Agenda’ which I have not read. In any case, I have not heard or read anyone giving an answer to this question that makes much sense given all of the history worldwide on this phenomenon.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Hi Harry, yes I do believe I tried to address it in my most recent book. I think the best reason is that they are acting in a clandestine manner in a way that we would not approve if we knew openly. I hope that I’m wrong.

  13. Ted2

    I am listening to Melinda Leslie’s UFO Denmark presentation. If 20 percent of what she says is true, there is no way in hell that the U.S. government/military would be willing to admit to an alien reality behind UFOs.


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