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By | June 24, 2024


Hi Everyone, 

Last week, Tracey was a guest on the “Beyond Contact” podcast, hosted by Ron Janix on the iHeartRadio and Coast to Coast AM Paranormal Podcast Network. The interview delves into Tracey’s journey into remote viewing, her understanding of its mechanisms, and also its implications for the broader field of ufology.

In the interview, you can hear her description of remote viewing as a process of gathering psychic perceptions about a hidden target, emphasizing the structured approach of Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV) that overlays intuition with a set of protocols. She also shares her personal experiences with remote viewing, namely her “Orlando experience,” which amazes me no matter how many times I hear her tell it. Along with so many other remote viewing experiences – both hers and many other people – you really see how remote viewing can transcend our conventional understanding of time and space and get a glimpse into the untapped capabilities of the mind.

The conversation also touches upon Tracey’s involvement in studying abduction cases. I would say that her approach is empathetic and open-minded, aiming to provide a platform for these stories to be shared without judgment. She discusses the Legends Project, in which she wants to preserve the narratives of older generations who have lived with these profound experiences, often in silence due to societal stigma. This is something that she and I are looking to create some kind of home for on the web, probably connected to this website at least initially. 

I really liked this interview with Tracey.  Am betting you will find it of interest as well!



4 thoughts on “Tracey Interview for C2C Paranormal Podcast Network

  1. Craig Champion

    “These aren’t answers; they’re clues.” Great interview – loved your confident delivery / quick, articulate responses to the questions!

    In listening to the segment regarding Patricia Cyrus, it struck me that when you were “remoting” her and she was aware of it, realizing something was occurring and psychically rendering herself more available, “meeting” you in a sense, that this may be a clue as to how the Others may use telepathy.

    My sense is that: Everything is Connected.

    Your point is well-taken that RVing is a birthright and it might explain how the “first-time effect” might frequently occur. Similarly, there’s the important, sought-after tenet of Beginner’s Mind in Zen. It seems as though we often simply need to “get out of our own way.”

    “We don’t understand who we are.” Totally agree – that’s ‘cause we aren’t ever, fundamentally a “Who” but rather a process in the timeless, eternal now.😆

    Thanks, Tracey!

  2. SunPower

    Thank you for sharing this talk with us, Tracey. I’ll be happy to hear more about the interesting abduction cases you’ve studied. I was never abducted myself, it sounds traumatic for their subject. Sadly, I’ve also never seen one of Richard’s nuts and bolts UFOs. I still think the stories are interesting, however.

    1. Andromeda107

      You are not alone Sunpower , I have never experienced and abduction, nor I have seen a nuts and bolt craft either .I would like to see a nuts and bolts craft up close with et’s minus the abduction part . If they take me I don’t want it to be against my will .I want to have choice in the matter. But I know have been cases where humans have come into contact with et’s and it hasn’t all been traumatic.

  3. Andromeda107

    Thanks for sharing this interview Tracey. I can’t wait to hear more about Joe’s encounter with the creature.

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