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By | January 11, 2024

Hi Everyone,

I am really happy to post this interview that Tracey and I did together with Alexis Brooks for her program Higher Journeys. Here, we both talked about the extremely intriguing subjects of precognition, remote viewing, lucid dreaming, and the broader implications of consciousness. Well, mostly Tracey 🙂

However, we both discussed our experiences and insights into these phenomena, emphasizing the reality of these abilities and the need for people to explore and understand them. We discussed some mysteries of human consciousness and its potential, with Alexis and Tracey both questioning if such abilities have been kept hidden from us. 

Tracey also shared her experiences with precognitive dreams, including a vivid dream about the recent plane crash in Japan before she knew anything about it. I have to say, that was quite detailed and amazing to me. I can 100 percent vouch for the truth and accuracy of what she said about it. 

For myself, while I acknowledged some initial skepticism earlier in my life about such phenomena, I also shared how my conversations and experiences with Tracey have helped to open my mind to the reality and potential of these abilities. 

Finally, we also discussed our upcoming Consciousness Connection event, which aims to explore these phenomena further and help people understand and experience them for themselves. 

It was fun to do an interview with my wife. Super enjoyable. I hope you find it interesting. It sure was to me. 


2 thoughts on “Richard & Tracey … Interviewed

  1. Pyroxide_Martini

    Amazing discussions and honestly this is my preferred area of discussion. I am hopeful the upcoming conference can be packaged to view later as with a young family and time zones, it is impossible to attend live.

    Some thoughts of my own and based off an NDE I once had. It appeared to me that we are part of a greater being, this being is not God and it is as aware of us as we are of our own cells. I believe lovecraft also encountered such beings but it instilled existential horror within him whereas for me it was initially terror in the face of such an entity but it became awe and wonderment.

    It also suggested whilst we are within, we also exit once we pass and form part of an even greater existence, independent of such entities.

    Then there are beings beyond and outside of this that appear to guide us and guided me back to my body (once I agreed, they can’t seemingly force you)

    But the point I would like to make is interconnectedness – we are smaller than atoms within such entities, our galaxies appear to be those atoms. To understand our Universe on the Macroscopic scale, we need to understand how own atoms work on the microscopic scale and I would include the notion of gravity within this understanding.

    If a cell has all the relevant information of the body, perhaps we, as humans, have access to such knowledge on the macroscopic scale. Cells have the information to become, evolve, mutate, form together into various bodily functions and perhaps the differences between ourselves and ET is possibly similar to cellular differences within a body.

    It is all connected and whilst a cell can die, the energy does not, it transmutes into another form. Our bodies die but our souls continue.

    All energy is interconnected and perhaps on a quantum level this is how we access information outside of time. It is less a bodily function and perhaps more of an energetic function. I wonder whether in accessing it, we momentarily untether ourselves from the material form to gain a greater glimpse of existence.

    It’s hard too write these thoughts down cohesively as it’s more of a discussion and I can clarify more but hopefully you get the drift of the thought bubble

  2. David LoVecchio

    Starting my Friday morning off right by listening to this 🙂 The questions and implications are profound in terms of so many things. It actually makes me a bit nervous!

    Every now and then I entertain a theory that attempts to address one of the questions that was brought up: does everything that has ever happened or can ever happen exist in some kind of eternal “moment” that, for the most part, we experience as linear time? My theory, which was inspired by a wonderful undergraduate philosophy professor, is that we are traversing what would amount to the ongoing and eternal act of God thinking. This assumes an omniscient and omnipotent Being capable of envisioning everything that can possibly be envisioned while leaving room for contingent beings to discover them through action. So every move we can make on the chessboard, as well as _every combination of moves we can make_, is known before we even discover/invent the game let alone pick up a piece, but when we do move a piece the corresponding sensations are created within us by God as we traverse that region of God’s Thought.

    Also, “What if, uh…C-A-T… really spelled dog?”

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