Off the Cuff Podcast #21 – The Consciousness Connection Breakdown

By | February 1, 2024

In this Off the Cuff discussion, Tracey and I reflected on the Consciousness Connection, our event from last weekend. We expressed our  gratitude for the attendees and the presenters, including Russell Targ, Dale Graff, Patricia Cyrus, and the others who shared their insights on consciousness and related topics.

In terms of the themes of the event, we talked about remote viewing, precognition, and retro-causality, among other things. Tracey brought up the concept of the brain as a filtration device that keeps us in line with reality and time — a very interesting idea — and how breakthroughs in consciousness can challenge this perception.

This also led Tracey to share some personal experiences and dreams that had precognitive elements, in particular her dream of what surely seemed to us to refer to the recent crash of the Japan Air Lines plane on January 2 this year. We also touched on the idea that we are more than we’ve been led to believe, and the limits of what our psyche can accept when it comes to exploring the unknown realms of consciousness.

We were very happy with the weekend community that was created last weekend. We discussed the replays available for those who missed the event, and provided information on how to access them.

Overall, we were very pleased with how everything turned out, the insights gained, and believe we will organize a similar event in the future.

Finally, it was nice to do another OTC with my wife. 🙂