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By | November 30, 2023

Hi Everyone, 

Tracey recently did an interview with Alexis Brooks. I haven’t even listened to it all the way through but I can report that Tracey enjoyed doing this. I also have no doubt it’s excellent. She has been doing some great research into certain matters of late, and I know at least some of it is discussed here. The Youtube notes are:

Alternative researcher and remote viewing expert Tracey Garbutt Dolan shares insights on the historical secrets that have been kept about humanity’s ability to tap into the psychic realm and why now it’s time to lift the lid on the secrecy of human potential, before it’s too late.

And actually, Alexis recently interviewed me for her program and I will post that too. Sorry that I forgot! 


6 thoughts on “New Interview with Tracey

  1. Bernard Pelletier

    Most people are complete hopeless cases. They’ll never wake up. It’s not in them to be logical. It’s not their nature, so they can’t be rational to any considerable degree. We saw that especially dramatically and tragically in the Covid plandemic. They refused to listen to reason. We see it also in their support for pol. cor. (cultural communism). They love to be lied to, and they allow themselves to be brainwashed.

    Mrs. Dolan is missing a large part of the subject, which is the alienocracy. Aliens capture souls and recycle them for food using machines. They are energy parasites and especially like negative energy. Their human proxies like the WEF know they don’t have much time to implement their agenda because they have maybe about 10 years, as 2032-33 is the next tetrad- blood moon-solar eclipse and the last 1 this century.

    I don’t know what they’re refering to when they talk about number patterns. They’ll have to explain that 1 to me.

  2. Allan Lavigne

    .Great show, and insightful interview.
    As you’re a remote viewer, have you ever researched the ability of painters who are blind from birth can paint both subjects and landscapes?
    Here is a Google Image link to many examples.
    I strongly believe there is a biological mechanism of action in these cases that kicks in allowing the blind artist to see much the same way as a remote viewers only constantly.
    There may be some of the answers you seek in how the brains of these individuals work.
    Allan Lavigne
    Former A.P.R.O. Investigator

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Richard here, but I just gave the link to Tracey, who is extremely impressed. She adds, ‘if we can look through other people’s eyes [as she did in her Orlando Remote View] then why can’t someone who is blind?’ Thanks Allan.

  3. Andromeda107

    The emergence of AI for some reason doesn’t scare me,it never has. I always felt it was going to happen, it’s inevitable. It the emergence and evolution of AI really fascinates me,but what I do worry about is people completely losing that connection with nature because of AI. There needs to balance to stay connected with nature,to stay grounded as you mentioned Tracey . But unfortunately I don’t think most people will stay grounded. Also Tracey another important trigger that could enable humanity to look inward and reexamine itself is the non-human intelligence phenomenon. I think if the non-human intelligence that is here,stops operating in the shadows and truly reveals itself or selves that that could be a major trigger for the world. Also I am not surprised about Pat Price dieing under mysterious circumstances stances;with his gifts/abilities of course he was a threat to the alphabet agencies. Anyone with his incredible abilities is going to be threat.They assassinated JFK ,and when I say they , Iam pretty sure the CIA had a hand in the JFK assassination. If they are willing to assassinate a president,they have no problem with killing a remote viewer with extraordinary abilities. I want to get into meditation,but I have a hard time quieting my mind and focusing. I think I would need the help of DMT or some other drug to help me; but from time to time I do disconnect and walk through the woods inside the state park that is near me. It is really calming and soothing and lets me process things . Really great and thought provoking talk

  4. Mel NA

    I am beginning to think that Tracey may be closer to the “truth” than Richard. Yes, I have had multiple sightings and considered this extraterrestrial for most of my life but that is all changing. And I am not alone. Ross Coulthart during an interview with Chris Cuomo stated the following (more or less): “We have skills we haven’t mastered.” “what we’re dealing with here is a super consciousness, a super intelligence.” “Maybe there’s a huge super computer…that has created life…that is tinkering with us.” “What we think of as God is some artificial consciousness.” “What fascinates me is how many good people (involved with this) have started meditating.” “We’re not consciously aware as to our own capabilities.” “We have skills that we haven’t mastered.” “I’m increasingly drawn away from the nuts and bolts – the UAP aspect.” Yikes! And maybe Tracey can tell tme why I am seeing 11:11:11 on digital clocks, on the time associated with a Youtube posting, etc. as well as 555, 222, 444 everytime I look at a clock. It’s freaking me out…

    1. Bernard Pelletier

      So that’s what they mean by number patterns. I have heard of it before, but I never encountered it myself.

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