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By | March 22, 2024


This is an interview done live yesterday with Tracey, conducted by Allan B. Smith for his show “Coffee and UFOs.” Much of the discussion revolved around the recent AARO UAP report, the concept of disclosure, and the role of consciousness in contact with extraterrestrial or non-human intelligence. They also discussed a recent Disclosure Rally in New York City, which was organized by Jim Garrison of the New Paradigm Institute, and which Allan attended.

Regarding the AARO report, both Allan and Tracey discussed how they found it disappointing due to its lack of transparency and unsupported claims.

Tracey also shared her belief that consciousness could be a gateway to understanding and making contact with NHIs, but definitely expressed her concerns about doing so. She also had some thoughts about a potential public backlash regarding “full” disclosure about UFOs and NHIs. She also emphasized her belief that the final frontier is not space, but consciousness.

I thought this was an interesting discussion and it was good to see Tracey move into some new areas of (public) discussion. These are issues she and I talk about privately all the time, but it was good to see her doing it publicly. 



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  1. Pyroxide_Martini

    Re Simulation Theory: what would you do if you realised you were in a simulation but not only that, you saw outside it briefly and remembered what happened and how you got there. What would you do? What could you do?

    As they said in the Matrix and I paraphrase “you are in a prison of your mind”

    And what if, your life inside the simulation is actually better than it was outside of it, now what would you do? All the people you love, children, friends, all NPC’s – the implications could break a person’s mind if dwelled upon

    Which leads to Cypher’s conclusion:

    “Ignorance is bliss”

  2. Pyroxide_Martini

    Re Tracey’s closing comments on the “final frontier” – I believe esoteric knowledge has always referenced a truth – we have to go within to go out – God is within – to commune with a greater reality is to realise we have all the tools required already to do that and actively pursue that truth regardless of where it takes you

    You will find this lecture very interesting


    I’m very glad that Tracey is in your life. It’s clear to me that she has a very beneficial effect on you (in addition to keeping you alive at times!). Her priorities of consciousness and its relationship to the phenomena and possible communication with it are as important as any other area of study.

    This quote from something Caitlin Johnstone wrote resonated with me and the caring that Tracey brings to your life. I hope it resonates with you both.


    >>>”Humanity doesn’t just need to escape from the mental prison of imperial indoctrination. It needs to escape from the heart prison as well.

    I’m always talking here about the need to fight empire propaganda to help the public awaken to the fact that everything we’ve been trained to believe about the world is a lie, because that insight taking root in sufficient numbers would be the first step toward the revolutionary changes our world so desperately needs.

    But large numbers of people opening their eyes to the reality of mass-scale psychological manipulation by the powerful would by itself be insufficient, because people need not only to see the truth — they also need to care.

    Realizing the depravity and immense human suffering the US-centralized empire is responsible for creates an opportunity to respond to this insight with horror and begin resisting it — but it is only an opportunity. At that juncture it’s still possible for someone to realize that we’re not being told the truth about what’s happening in the world, but decide to play along with the lies anyway, either because the existing world order has made them wealthy, or because they are too indoctrinated with support for western power structures, or because they ideologically support Israel, or because they’re afraid of the changes and upheaval that would come with an overturning of the status quo, or because they are intellectually and morally lazy, or some other selfish reason.

    Realizing that you’ve been indoctrinated into accepting a pernicious status quo unlocks an important door within yourself, but just because that door is opened doesn’t mean you have to walk through it. Walking through it requires another kind of awakening — an awakening of the heart.

    Really no amount of knowledge or intellectual insight will ever set us free as a species in and of itself. You could upload the sum total of human knowledge into the brain of everyone on earth — including even government secrets that aren’t public knowledge — but unless this is accompanied by a collective opening of the heart, it wouldn’t make any difference. Unless people can find it within themselves to care deeply about the horrific things our rulers have been doing to our fellow human beings, no amount of knowledge about those things will catalyze real change.

    full writing here–

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Thank you for all of that, Active Guardian. I just read this out loud to Tracey and like you I am a very big fan/admirer of Caitlin Johnston. And had not read this, so it really resonated. Many thanks for this.

    2. itsmeRitaC

      I totally agree and have said the basically same thing so many times i am boring myself. She summed it up well. If it is all intellectually based nothing changes. It is rearranging those deck chairs on the titanic. People often know a lot of what is going on, more or less. But they don’t really ‘care’.

      Without empathy, which is needed if one is ever going to feel compassion, people can know it all and it won’t matter. They may say it is not the way the system is supposed to work. But if it didn’t hurt my heart and soul, i would never be moved to take actions regarding the ’empire’.
      Cheers. I love Johnstone as well.

  4. Andromeda107

    Tracey that was a really good interview. And I have to agree that mediation isn’t easy. I have tried doing it ,and the longest I can sit in mediation is about 3 mins. Telepathy being the universal language, that is indeed interesting . So many abductees have stated that they have been had conversations with these beings though telepathy. My thing is are some of these beings naturally telepathic or did technology enhance their ability making them telepathic? Although in some of the contactee cases that Preston Dennett has talked about his channel, some of these beings are heard speaking some type of like that is unrecognizable. Also you and Richard need to watch this new series on Netflix called 3 Body Problem ,I binged watched the entire series.

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