Consciousness and the Fabric of Reality | RDS w/Anthony Peake

By | May 21, 2024


Hi Everyone,

I recorded this yesterday with a fascinating researcher named Anthony Peake. I suspect some of you already know about him, but for those who don’t, he’s a real gem. Here is what I wrote for the Youtube description. 

Join Richard Dolan on a fascinating journey with acclaimed author and researcher Anthony Peake, as they delve into the mysteries of human consciousness, UFOs, and the nature of reality itself. Anthony Peake, known for his extensive research and thought-provoking books such as “Is There Life After Death?” and “Cheating The Ferryman,” brings a wealth of knowledge on topics ranging from near-death experiences, the concept of the Daemon and Eidolon, to quantum mechanics and the potential of living in a simulated reality. With a background from the London School of Economics and a career dedicated to exploring the borderline areas of human consciousness, Peake challenges our understanding of reality and pushes the boundaries of conventional thought.

More about Anthony Peake: Homepage:
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I really enjoyed this. PLUS, Anthony recorded a second part (Members Only) which I am going to post later tonight or possibly in the morning. We had a long talk about Philip K. Dick, about whom he wrote a book. Very interesting stuff! 


10 thoughts on “Consciousness and the Fabric of Reality | RDS w/Anthony Peake

  1. Bjofod

    Interesting, but let me add a personal view. I have always tried to stay in our ” reality “. Sometimes it is easy to fall out of this though and think – ” this must be something from a differnt dimension or demons” but I refuse to go that way.

    Humans have a tendency to look to demons and magic and other dimensions when we meet something we dont understand. Like symbolism on our money and in art and statues and everywhere now really but it is only us that do not understand it. We are not aware it , in other words we are not conscious about it.

    In my view and what I have focus on , everything is in our reality. Some people have the ability to remotely view, that is also in our reality but we dont fully understand it. It is not magic.

    Words and symbolism contain a lot we are not aware but it is there in plain sight and only a few people on this planet have the full awareness of it, those who talk in that language.

    In the latest few years many have talked about an evil force that may feed off our energy and as they say it can be aliens, demons, whatever but it is an evil force that feed off our energy anyway, that is what they seem to see. And in realty we can all see it happens.

    In reality, this is true and it is no magic in it, it is however hard to see cause it is well packaged. The reality is that less then 1 % of the worlds population always have been high rank leaders and they feed off the labour from the masses. Our labour is indeed our energy that produce all we make. The masses feed the few. In a religious group the leaders feed off the members still today as it was in the dark ages with the vatican church.

    Only now it is speeding up and it becomes more visible. And still it is real as a rock you can hold in your hand, no demons, no magic, just a higher understanding among the few that feed off the energy of others. Knowledge, awareness and consciousness is power and it is beeing used to drain energy to create wealth for the few initiated.

    Can we raise our consciousness and become aware this reality or will we forever blame the demons and seek comfort in the promise from our manmade religions.


  2. Pyroxide_Martini

    I quite like Anthony Peake’s theories having read “cheating the ferryman”

    Simulation theory has an explanation for why person A can see something and person B cannot ans Rizwan Virk explains this quite well in terms of game theory. Person A and B appear to be in the same reality but they are not – person A is operating from their console / screen and so is Person B which creates this illusion of a shared world – Person A’s character may be more developed then person B’s and so their game experience might be different as their character’s world perception is different.

    Many years ago I was running with a friend when I noticed in the distance vertical lines coming down from the sky on the left hand side of the horizon, spaced out but prob 6-10 and I had no idea what they were and I asked my friend and she simply couldn’t see them but to me, they were there, clear as day. It reminded me of a scene out of the sci-fi film “Lucy” (Scarlett johanssen) whereby she could see the threads of reality as she evolved but of course others could not.

    You could deep dive on many of Anthony’s concepts, I don’t agree with all of them, in part due to experience but they make for interesting conversations

  3. Gerald Anderson

    I am not sure how to approach something like this. But I will say I am familiar with the drug DMT, I have worked in the field of drug treatment for a very long time. I have lots of experience working with Hallucinogen users, of many different kinds. Its been my experience that these drugs tend to generate lots of thinking. Partially because they interfere with the brains ability to repress. That being said, I will say I have a materialist perspective. Consequently I believe without that perspective, these observations remain theoretical in nature.

  4. SunPower

    Hi Guys I enjoyed the talk.
    Insightful synthesis by humans = Conspiracy Theory.
    Mainstream Propaganda reinforced by AI = Super brain function Singularity.
    Remember ET are a master at cognitive manipulation of the fabric of reality – in a sense.

    – A

  5. MrFancypants

    “Time is what keeps everything from happening all at once.”

    Thanks so much for brining on such a profound guest Richard!

    I am intrigued by so much of the conversation but I’m not so easily subscribing to his interpretation of time.

  6. Clint Child

    It’s great to hear an explanation of consciousness and quantum mechanics from Anthony Peake. I think there is value in hearing explanations from many different sources. One commentator will explain it differently than another, lots of disagreement and debate. I’m reading Consciousness Became the Universe: Quantum Physics, Cosmology, Neuroscience, Parallel Universes. It’s a collection of articles by various experts. Also just picked up The Hidden Universe by Mr. Peake. Thanks for the interview!

  7. QatarUganda

    They are demonic in nature necessarily. The Bible makes this very clear. They are present and then unpresent to boggle and divert our belief in Jesus Christ’s redemption plan for and of the human being. The pole vault the chasm from immaterial to material . Watch your step believing in their holy utility.

    The Bible is our world’s Encyclopedia Galactica. – Carl Sagan

    Read the Screwtape letters – CS Lewis .


  8. Andromeda107

    Absolutely fascinating !!topics that Anthony Peak covered. I was trying to wrap my little brain around so much of what he what he was talking about . I have always wondered about people who were on the spectrum if he or she could possibly tap into another form/ level of reality because of his or her brain being wired differently . A lot of what you and Anthony were talking about made me think of reincarnation .I know there have been cases where parents have talked about there child ,who is at an extremely young age talking about being in a war , or living in ancient Egypt times . Things that no child should possibly know.

  9. Headhunter01

    Richard and Tracey and all, with regards to Consciousness and the fabric of True Nature in various realities, may I suggest the works of A.H. Almaas?

    Kind greetings.

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