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[Members] Weekly Wrap, March 17, 2019.

I had a few things to say about what I’ve been thinking about, including Korean War UFOs, the amazing interview I had with Gary McKinnon, and the UFO crash retrieval phenomenon. But mainly I wanted to talk about a lecture I am developing around the idea of scientifically-driven UFO disclosure. The recent public statements by… Read More »

[Members] Weekly Wrap March 10, 2019

This was a travel week which meant that things got a bit jumbled up. However, I want to share an idea with you, a germ of an idea, really. It’s about what I’m currently calling  “The Theory of Indefinite Exponential Growth.” It occurred to me that many of us are making a certain assumption about… Read More »

[Members] Weekly Wrap. March 3, 2019.

On topic this week: recap of some classic UFO history, including Project Blue Book and the surprisingly fascinating Florida Scoutmaster case of 1952. I then had a few MORE thoughts on the coming 5G tech revolution before switching gears to Manly P. Hall and how he still seems so relevant today. An update on the… Read More »

[Members] Weekly Wrap Feb. 3, 2019

I’m continuing to incorporate graphic images on these videos nowadays, hopefully livening things up a bit. I’ve summarized the major themes of the week: documentary proof of the serious nature of UFOs, a review of the fascinating Lubbock Lights case of 1951, the two outstanding conversations I had with my friend and colleague from Portugal,… Read More »

[Members] Weekly Wrap Jan. 13, 2019

Another week, another weekly wrap! Several very interesting ideas and developments this week. After discussing the career of USAF Captain Edward Ruppelt, it occurred to me that his historical significance has been underrated, and particularly the manner in which he was pressured into recanting his views. Perhaps my comparison of him to Nicolai Bukharin was… Read More »