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Live Video Clip with Jimmy Church and Linda Moulton Howe

This is a five-minute clip from June 2018 while we were at the Contact in the Desert conference. Tracey captured a segment where I discuss the lack of serious media inquiry into UFOs, despite the recent AATIP revelations, while Linda talks about the extraterrestrials themselves, via one of her interesting sources.

The Cost of UFO Secrecy [Exclusive Lecture]

It’s easy to forget that UFOs aren’t just some theoretical “what if we’re not alone?” type of question. The issue is extremely down-to-earth and affects everyone on the planet. Not simply in terms of the obvious philosophical implications, but in terms of the heavy-handed secrecy and control system that has actively been in place for… Read More »

Personal Message from Tracey and Richard

As we have had such a busy and momentous time in Australia, we want to give everyone a shout-out and friendly greeting, catching you all up before we fly back to the U.S. Below are a few photos of what was for us, the trip of a lifetime — so far. Nice pano shot at… Read More »

Tracey interviewed by Grant Cameron

A few weeks ago while we were at the Ozark Mountain UFO Conference in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, Grant Cameron became completely charged up when he discovered that Tracey not only was an experiencer, not only a remote viewer, but had similar ideas about the significance of left vs. right brain style thinking as it applied… Read More »

UFOs and the Media: Disinformation or Disclosure [85 min. video podcast]

This is a full-length lecture that I delivered for members of this site of my latest thoughts on the establishment media’s relationship to UFOs. It’s a fresh delivery of the same lecture I recently gave for the 2018 Ozark Mountain UFO Conference but specially recorded for here. This lecture is both historical and contemporary, covering the… Read More »

Interview clip on UFOs and the Media

During the recent Ozark Mountain UFO Conference, I was interviewed by my friend Adnan of UFOHub. I’ve done several interviews with him over the years, all of which are interesting. This one was no exception, and Tracey recorded her own clips while it was underway. Just an advance peek, as the full interview won’t be… Read More »

The Double Edged Sword of Disclosure

UFO Disclosure has been a holy grail for generations. Surely, the end of secrecy will help humanity move to a better world, won’t it? It’s true that shining the light of truth on the darkness of secrecy and even criminality will be salutary to some of the worst woes we face, but should we expect… Read More »