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RD Chronicles: Davis-Wilson Notes, Part 2

NOTE: UFO CHRONICLES SERIES HAS BEEN PURCHASED AND IS NO LONGER ON YOUTUBE. I WILL LET YOU KNOW WHEN IT’S AVAILABLE AT A NEW PLATFORM. This premiers later today. I thought in this one I discussed the details of the document but based on their title I am less certain. I still think that’s… Read More »

RD UFO Chronicles: Davis-Wilson Notes Part 1 This is the first part of my foray into the Davis-Wilson notes. This segment gives a background to the controversy, explaining how the leak happened, and all the major players involved. Part 2 discusses details of the document itself.  Richard 

RD UFO Chronicles: The 2006 O’Hare Incident Of course, this is a very important UFO sighting/encounter. It is rightly considered among the more important American UFO cases of the 21st century, and in my view helped to kickstart a renewed and improved media profile of UFOs for a few years. This was a big case when it happened and it’s easy… Read More »

RD UFO Chronicles: Alien Implants I could have done a better job with this. In discussing Roger Leir, a podiatrist, why oh why I failed to mention that many implants were not removed from the foot but from other parts of the body? I knew this and don’t know why I neglected to state that more clearly here. Other… Read More »

RD UFO Chronicles | The Forgotten 2002 DC UFO Encounter I had forgotten I did this one. What a great case and it just amazes me how forgotten it generally is. Considering the time period (shortly after 9/11), the location (Washington, DC), the particulars (attempted jet intercept of amazing objects) and publicity at the time (Washington Post), you would think this case would have… Read More »

RD UFO Chronicles: Shooting an ET in 1978 Hi Everyone, This got posted yesterday and I am seeing it now. Sorry for the delay! This episode concerns what I believe to be a true story, of a military policeman shooting an alien being at Fort Dix, New Jersey on January 18, 1978.  I wonder if I am the only UFO researcher who… Read More »