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Important Developments in the UFO Field

Lots of tremendous developments of late that will be keeping us busy through the summer. In fact, I am aware of even more going on than these three developments, but they are all good places for us to restart some much-needed conversations.  1. Researcher Joe Murgia has completed a deep four-part analysis/discussion of the Eric… Read More »

Skinwalker Ranch Secrets: Richard Dolan Interviews Travis Taylor

This was my live interview with Travis Taylor, Ph.D., an aerospace engineer, optical scientist, science fiction author, and star of National Geographic Channel’s Rocket City Rednecks. Nowadays Travis is the star of the new History Channel television show The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch. Travis came to this subject pretty much as a skeptic on anything paranormal regarding the ranch, but he… Read More »

AATIP, Elizondo and More: Tim McMillan Interview on The Basement Office

Another interesting interview and nicely encapsulated by Steven Greenstreet of the New York Post with a short interview with Tim McMillen. This is about confirmation of several things: documents providing that Luis Elizondo did work for AATIP, that it did (and does) investigate UFOs, and more.  I’ve also included a link to McMillen’s article, published… Read More »