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Transhumanism’s Forgotten Apostle: Gerald Feinberg

Greetings everyone. I have something a little different for you, which in fact I’ve been working on for the past few days. I do know there’s been a lot of UFO news yet again, so give me until tomorrow to comment on that. Meanwhile, please enjoy this podcast/article. I think it’s relevant to the themes… Read More »

Interesting UFO article in the New Yorker

Hi everyone, Very interesting article published today by the New Yorker. It’s very long and centers primarily around Leslie Kean, but gives a good overview of the UFO subject right up to the present day. There’s a certain amount of the arrogance you would expect from this type of treatment, but much of it is… Read More »

Breakdown of the Latest from the Drive

The Drive has been in overdrive lately. This website has become a unique source of information for the UFO community. I would even say historically unique. In all of modern history there hasn’t been a solid journalistic source that covers UFOs from a military/national security perspective while not insulting our intelligence. The latest article from… Read More »

An Outstanding Analysis by a Member of this Site

This has been out for a few days, but Franc Milburn, a longtime member of this site, is also an experienced military and intelligence professional with deep knowledge of many aspects of international security matters, and also definitely regarding UFOs or UAP. He recently wrote this piece for the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies. It’s… Read More »

Live interview with Bob McGwier on Next Gen UFO Data

Greetings everyone! I will be doing a live video interview with one of our own, Dr. Bob McGwier, who is the lead moderator of our site, and is also a scientist and all-around brilliant guy. We will be talking about something of great importance, and something he has spent much time and energy building: Skyhub,… Read More »

Important Developments in the UFO Field

Lots of tremendous developments of late that will be keeping us busy through the summer. In fact, I am aware of even more going on than these three developments, but they are all good places for us to restart some much-needed conversations.  1. Researcher Joe Murgia has completed a deep four-part analysis/discussion of the Eric… Read More »