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Shooting with History Channel, What It’s Like

  Hi Everyone, Two days ago I did a fairly long shoot for the History Channel, including a few episodes of Ancient Aliens and another program as well. This is something I’ve done many times, so I always know what to expect. It was a long shoot — I was on camera for about three… Read More »

Answering Questions on Disclosure and Deception

Hi everyone,  In my email today was something from someone I’ve known for quite a few years and have a lot of respect for. This is a person who was formerly a moderator for Bill Ryan’s Avalon website. This person is extremely smart and has many relevant things to say about the subject of UFOs… Read More »

[RDM] Thoughts on F2B Interview with Richard Doty

Hi everyone,  Last night, Jimmy Church did a very interesting interview of former Air Force intelligence officer Richard Doty, a man that many here know a thing or two about. Doty is infamous as the handler and purveyor of at least some amount of disinformation to the UFO field back in the 1980s. He was… Read More »

Disinformation Agent: The Truth About Philip Klass. Richard Dolan Show with Kathleen Marden.

This show will premier on Youtube tonight at 8 p.m. Eastern Time. I’d have it earlier for members of this sight but the way I am rolling it out on Youtube makes that impossible.  My description of this episode in Youtube reads this this: In the history of the study of UFOs, Philip J. Klass… Read More »

[RDM] The Social Credit Revolution: Off the Cuff Podcast

Hi Everyone.  Following on a theme I discussed a bit last week, mainly in passing, I wanted to focus a bit more on the coming deepening of the already-in-progress social credit revolution that is going on worldwide. Yes, we all know about the Chinese system, which is leading the pack. China has developed what can… Read More »

[Members] Weekly Wrap: Revisiting Controlled Disclosure

Aside from reviewing some of the interesting highlights of the past week or two, I tried developing an idea that I’ve been mulling over for a while. That concerns an idea I floated about a year ago: Controlled Disclosure. I’ve been wondering about this idea and have decided that I might have labeled this process… Read More »

[Members] The New World Order–In 1976

Yesterday during the most recent Intelligent Disclosure I made a brief reference to something I had intended to insert into the visuals but simply neglected to at the last minute. This program was concerned with the recent news about how the FBI created an Intelligence Bulletin earlier this year concerned with the dangers of “conspiracy… Read More »

[Members] OTC on Unidentified Episode 5

We are trying to catch up on Unidentified, which recently aired Episode 6. But we just finished watching Episode 5, concerned with UFOs and nuclear technology.  Tracey recorded us talking for almost 25 minutes about this episode. But I’ll give a quick spoiler right here: we both thought — and I definitely thought — the… Read More »

[Members] Content Before Context!! RD Off the Cuff.

Once again, I was sitting on the back deck yesterday and without warning started one of my mini-rants. Tracey stopped me and made me back up and start over, so here we are. Forgive me if I sounded a bit feisty at times in here. There are times when I feel that elements of ufology,… Read More »

RDS Pt. 1. The Majestic Documents with Ryan Wood

In light of the recent Admiral Wilson leak, I thought it might be interesting to talk to Ryan Wood about ANOTHER important set of leaked (or disputed) documents. These of course are the Majestic documents, which he and his father Dr. Bob Wood have analyzed for many years, the results of which are available on… Read More »

[Members] Harrasment and Defamation of Richard & Tracey on New Facebook Page

Hi All, Within the last hour, a new Facebook page has begun posting clearly defamatory material about Tracey and myself. This site is called Deep State Disclosure. The link for the page is This information is identical to what is being posted on Twitter by Cory Goode’s right-hand man, Rob Vannoy. Jordan Sather is… Read More »

[Members] YouTube Censorship, Historical UFO Sightings, Controlled Disclosure. Weekly Wrap, May 5, 2019

I spent an hour updating you on what was interesting this week, and what I am looking forward to. I suppose Youtube’s ever-more-annoying moralistic censorship is definitely on my mind. But the themes under discussion for the week are far more interesting: I reviewed the main videos we produced this week and also provided other… Read More »

[Members] Controlled Disclosure & Rebranding UFOs (Text)

I’ve decided that, whenever feasible, I can post the text version of any video livestreams I create on Youtube or elsewhere. Often I like to write these out, so here is the text version of my Youtube video “Controlled Disclosure” from last week, April 6, 2019. Forgive the typos and glitches. I’ll go back soon… Read More »

[Members] 5G and Total Control. Interview with Catherine Austin Fitts. Richard Dolan Show, Nov. 8, 2018.

  This is Part Two of my interview with Catherine Austin Fitts, available for members of Here Catherine and I discuss the threat of 5G networks, the soon-to-be-pervasive technology that will transfer the massive amounts of data that will be required to enable the internet of things. There are more than health risks, which have… Read More »

Globalizing Thievery. Interview with Catherine Austin Fitts. Richard Dolan Show, Nov. 8, 2018.

Recorded November 7, 2018. This is a fascinating and extremely clear discussion of the nature of the $21 trillion of “unaccounted discrepancies” in the Pentagon and HUD budgets from 1998 to 2015. Catherine argues that the fundamentals in how we look at the U.S. federal budget and spending is completely wrong, and our society is… Read More »