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[Members] Video Interview with Cheuk Fei: Chinese Ufology

Tracey and I recently had this interesting chat with Cheuk Fei, a gentleman from Hong Kong whom we met at this year’s Contact in the Desert UFO Conference in California. What a lucky meeting that was. Cheuk is extremely knowledgeable about UFOs in general, but not surprisingly has a great deal to say about the… Read More »

[Members] Interview with Gordon White, 8-13-2018

After our interview for KGRA, I sat down with Gordon White for this “apres” interview in which he discussed some of the most intriguing UFO cases in Australian and New Zealand history, including a fresh perspective on the famous disappearance of Frederick Valentich in 1978. We even got into some strange sightings from New Zealand… Read More »

[Members] Off-the-Cuff Follow up on “The New Censorship” livestream show. 17 min.

I am glad we had this conversation — once again while driving on the highway. This is some helpful follow-up to our RDID livestream program of August 7, “The New Censorship,” which is also here on this site. I find what is going on in our society regarding the media clampdown on dissent to be… Read More »

[Members] After-Interview with Nick Redfern

After our interview for the Richard Dolan Show on KGRA, Nick and I really got into cryptozoology, one of his strong interests over many years. Without a doubt, Nick is one of the world’s leading Forteans — that is, researchers modeled on the great Charles Fort, who lived a century ago and nearly by himself… Read More »

[Members] Interview with Jonny Enoch

Tracey and I interviewed the fascinating Jonny Enoch recently. This young man is definitely a rising star in ufology, and without doubt one of the most engaging and smart researchers I’ve met in quite a while. Jonny studies the full gamut of UFOs and related information, with an apparent specialty in ancient history. Much of that… Read More »

[Members] Interview with Kathleen Marden

This is a quick but interesting interview Tracey and I did with UFO/abduction researcher Kathleen Marden in June as a followup to our interview on KGRA. We discuss a bit on left/right brain theory as it affects experiencers or abductees. Kathy is just so engaging and open. Wonderful to chat with her.

UFOs and the Media: Disinformation or Disclosure [85 min. video podcast]

This is a full-length lecture that I delivered for members of this site of my latest thoughts on the establishment media’s relationship to UFOs. It’s a fresh delivery of the same lecture I recently gave for the 2018 Ozark Mountain UFO Conference but specially recorded for here. This lecture is both historical and contemporary, covering the… Read More »