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[Members] Off-the-Cuff Follow up on “The New Censorship” livestream show. 17 min.

I am glad we had this conversation — once again while driving on the highway. This is some helpful follow-up to our RDID livestream program of August 7, “The New Censorship,” which is also here on this site. I find what is going on in our society regarding the media clampdown on dissent to be… Read More »

Off the Cuff with a Journalist

Here, Tracey recorded me during an interview with a journalist from a newspaper in northwestern Arkansas in advance of the 2018 Ozark UFO Conference, where I will be speaking. It’s an interesting clip. Although you can only hear my side of the conversation, it was essentially me giving long answers to a series of questions.… Read More »

Off the Cuff with Micah Hanks

Tracey likes to record me when I am not aware, convinced that sometimes I say something interesting that I wouldn’t ordinarily say in public. This is the tail end of a conversation I had on Skype with Micah Hanks earlier today. We had just finished an interview for his podcast, Middle Theory, which is entirely… Read More »