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[RDM] 9/11 and the Real Nature of the Current Revolution

Hi Everyone, The anniversary of 9/11 snuck up on me. I thought about this yesterday and last night and have a few thoughts about it’s significance. I actually don’t have a lot to say this time about the event itself, and am not getting into whether or not it was an inside job, although most… Read More »

[RDM] Globalists vs. Everyone Else

Hi Everyone, An hour-long podcast in the middle of the week. I had promised something on Afghanistan. I have a little on that, as well as a few short comments on Joe Rogan and Anthony Fauci. Fun times.  The main topic however is how I continue to believe that in many ways our Left vs.… Read More »

[RDM] The Red Line of Globalization

Greetings everyone.  Last week I published a video on Youtube called The Red Line of UFO Disclosure, in which I identified the “no-go zone” of UFO disclosure as any territory that is identified as the UFO Coverup or conspiracy. In this podcast, I discuss another Red Line, and this has to do with conversations more… Read More »