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Did the U.S. and Norway blow up Nord Stream?

I am not going to spend a lot of time on this because I think the story speaks for itself. But legendary journalist Seymour Hersch (85 years old!), who won a Pulitzer Prize over 50 years ago for his reporting on the My Lai massacre during the Vietnam War, the Abu Ghraib torture story, the… Read More »

Coming Crisis, Undersea Bases, AI … And Answering a Few Questions

Hi Everyone,  I have a few things to discuss with you in this Fireside Chat Podcast. First, I spend a few minutes exploring some of the themes of the paper I posted here last week, titled UFOs and the Coming Global Crisis. It’s in article form only and a bit long. Thinking that probably not… Read More »

[RDM] 9/11 and the Real Nature of the Current Revolution

Hi Everyone, The anniversary of 9/11 snuck up on me. I thought about this yesterday and last night and have a few thoughts about it’s significance. I actually don’t have a lot to say this time about the event itself, and am not getting into whether or not it was an inside job, although most… Read More »

Richard on Fade2Black, July 20, 2022

  [RD Note: I posted the audio of this interview, which Jimmy was nice enough to give me. This was a crazy interview that combined some wacky personal stories with analysis (some of it dark) of the current situation. As always, Jimmy and I enjoyed our conversation and I truly hope you do as well.]… Read More »

[RDM] Why We Need UFO History More Than Ever

Hi Everyone, I have a small amount of administrative info to go over but the main content here is twofold: (a) a discussion and series of predictions of the fallout around the war in Ukraine and how that is likely to affect western society for the remainder of the year, and (b) a lot to… Read More »

[RDM] The Narrative Must be Maintained

Hi Everyone, This talk is basically in three sections. The first part discusses the work Tracey and I have been doing relating to the website upgrading project. This is going very well, and I discuss some of the details in this chat. One thing we didn’t mention is that during this process we are occasionally… Read More »

[RDM] The Day After the Big Event

Hi Everyone, I had a fairly quiet day today, more or less decompressing after such a long day yesterday. That’s when I gave my virtual conference lecture, “UFOs: The Most Important Thing We’re Not Talking About.” That lecture was supposed to be two hours but ended up being two and a half hours, quite long.… Read More »

[RDM] Liberal Arts, War, Revolution, & Disclosure

Hi Everyone, Okay, today I came back with some geopolitical analysis, and offered a few thoughts on Russia-Ukraine. Not wanting to take sides per se, but to point out that Western media is clearly not giving an accurate picture of what’s going on — namely, a collapse of the Ukrainian position. This massive failure (I… Read More »

In Defense of Conspiracy Theories | The Richard Dolan Show

Hi Everyone, I took my presentation from last Sunday and reworked it a bit. I am looking forward to tonight’s program and hope you find it interesting.  It goes live at 8 p.m. Eastern time tonight.  Richard   

[RDM] In Defense of Conspiracy Theories

Hi Everyone, I prepared something that I will probably have for the general public for my next Tuesday Richard Dolan Show, and am happy to give you my initial version. Believe it or not, I actually don’t enjoy being the constant bearer of bad news. I would much rather be focusing on the light at… Read More »

Interview with Mysterious Universe

Hi Everyone, Two days ago I had a fantastic conversation/interview with Benjamin Grundy of Mysterious Universe. For those of you who may not know, Ben has been hosting this podcast for many years. He’s one of the best.  Plus, he’s in Australia. So, while discussing UFOs and the new documentary I am appearing in, The… Read More »

Blast from the Past: UFOs and the Media

Hi Everyone,  I’ve been finding a bunch of older videos of me out there at various locations on Youtube. This is a lecture I gave in the spring of 2018 at the Ozark UFO Conference, one of the oldest (and nicest) conferences out there, at least from my own perspective. This is a lecture that… Read More »

Blast from the Past: Full Lecture from 2015

Another blast from the past. This was actually posted about a year ago, but I only found it this morning. I gave this lecture during the spring of 2015. It’s a full, long presentation mainly focusing on the international structure of UFO secrecy as I understood it at the time. This was six years ago,… Read More »

Answering Questions on Disclosure and Deception

Hi everyone,  In my email today was something from someone I’ve known for quite a few years and have a lot of respect for. This is a person who was formerly a moderator for Bill Ryan’s Avalon website. This person is extremely smart and has many relevant things to say about the subject of UFOs… Read More »

[RDM] Lessons from the Anthrax False Flag

Right now I am uploading this as an audio-only file, but I’ll try to upload this to a private Youtube link soon. But I recorded this without video, so ultimately it won’t really matter.  The anthrax attacks of September and October 2001 were the “two” in the one-two punch that brought America the USA PATRIOT… Read More »

[RDM] Born in the USA: Bringing the Color Revolution Back Home

[RD Note: This article is roughly 7,500 words, so there’s a lot in here. I haven’t discussed the subject of Color Revolution in quite some time. In part because it is very, very obvious that it’s a politically charged thing to discuss here in the US, in which opinions on Donald Trump have divided people… Read More »

[RDM] LIVE 3 1/2 HOUR AMA: Thursday March. 19th @ 6pm EST

NOTE: THERE ARE TWO WAYS TO WATCH THIS LIVESTREAM. You can watch it right here in this tab and it will play perfectly. But if you want to watch the live chat that occurred during it, then you will need to watch this at the unlisted Youtube link. That’s easy to do. Just click the… Read More »

[RDM] Clips from my interview on F2B with Jimmy Church

Last week when I interviewed on Fade to Black with Jimmy Church, Tracey took some video. It came out well, and you can hear everything perfectly. It’s a nice behind-the-scenes clip, and you can hear Jimmy and I discuss the following themes: The question of Coronavirus as a false flag The importance of UFO crash… Read More »