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Thirty or More UAP Whistleblowers?

Hi Everyone,  This update discusses two things, each for about ten minutes. The first ten minutes is a breakdown of the article I have pasted here.  The article is titled “Dozens Of Government UFO Whistleblowers Have Given Testimony To Congress, Pentagon, And Inspectors General, Say Sources.” One of the authors is Michael Shellenberger, who has… Read More »

Why Are They Here? | The Richard Dolan Show

[NOTE: THIS VIDEO WILL BE LIVE AT 8 PM EDT ON TUES. AUG 29] Hi Everyone, I have a new program for the Richard Dolan Show this evening: “Why Are They Here?” I keep thinking that I want to bring ufology back to the basics to as much of an extent as I can. Toward… Read More »

Guest Appearance | The Higher Side Chats

Hi Everyone, Thanks to the gracious permission of Greg Carlwood, host of The Higher Side Chat Podcast, I’m able to make available the full two-hour-plus interview I did with him about a week ago. The first hour is fully available to the public (link for that below), but Greg continued to record additional interview for… Read More »

Interview with Project Unity

Hi Everyone,  This was an interview I recorded late last week with Jay Anderson of Project Unity. Jay as always was a great interviewer and very graciously allowed me to roam. We got into topical issues, then went a bit more philosophical and it all was good. I hope you enjoy this! Richard 

1930 Encounter in Texas | Coffee Talk!

Hi Everyone, I recorded this chat with Tracey just before the weekend. It felt like one of our old “off the cuff” clips before we started doing the more formal Off the Cuff podcasts. So we thought, let’s call it “coffee talk,” since we were having some morning coffee and it seemed just right. Yes,… Read More »

Reflections on UFOs and Life | FCP Interview w/Tracey

Hi Everyone,  Tracey suggested something different today for my Fireside Chat Podcast. This took the form of a video interview, with Tracey starting out by asking me how my perspective on UFOs and life in general have changed over the last thirty or so years. Kind of a nice way to frame this around my… Read More »

SPECIAL LECTURE | What’s Still Missing in the UAP Conversation

Hi Everyone,  Here is the first “re-do” of my three lecture/presentations given this year at Contact in the Desert. As I explained in the beginning of this video, I am contractually obligated NOT to present the recorded version of that lecture, which is only something that the conference itself can do. That’s just how they… Read More »

Who is Managing the ET Situation? | Answer Forum

Hi Everyone, Tracey and I reviewed some recent questions and this one struck me as something I wanted to dive into right away. Thanks to member Tom McKibbin for the question.  I have an extended audio response to this but also throw down a bunch of notes below. They roughly correspond to what I had… Read More »

Humanity at a Crossroads | The Richard Dolan Show

  [NOTE: THIS VIDEO WILL NOT BECOME AVAILABLE UNTIL 8 PM EDT. THIS IS DUE TO YOUTUBE’S POLICY REGARDING SCHEDULED VIDEOS.] Hi Everyone,  I will release my recent interview with Steven Bassett later this week. Right now I want this video to go out, since I think it is of more immediate value. In this… Read More »

Richard Talks to GPT-4 about Aliens | The Richard Dolan Show

[NOTE: After I posted this, I received comments from many members that the video was inexplicably private. That is because when a video is scheduled for Youtube release, it automatically becomes private until it is public. Sorry if that confused anyone, but the video will be live at 8 pm Eastern time).  Hi Everyone,  I… Read More »

Discussing Aliens and UFOs with Chat GPT-4

Hi Everyone, Once again I engaged in an extended conversation with Chat GPT-4 about something of interest. This time it’s all about UFOs and aliens. Like my previous conversation with it (regarding the current global revolution), it is easy to notice the very strong “guard rails” on the algorithm when trying to get it to… Read More »

Astronaut Secrets | Richard Dolan Show Pt. 2 w/Darcy Weir

Hi Everyone,  This is a short but great extra segment that Darcy Weir was gracious enough to record with me. In this, we each shared a few stories we knew about some of the behind-the-scenes statements concerning ET connections of the two most famous astronauts in history, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. Darcy is a… Read More »

FASTWALKERS: Space-Based UAP | Richard Dolan Show w/Darcy Weir

Hi Everyone, This is a pre-recorded interview I did with filmmaker Darcy Weir on his latest film titled, “Secret Space UFOs: Fastwalkers.” I’ve interviewed Darcy several times and in fact he has interviewed me as well, including for this latest documentary. I really think Darcy has become one of the leading filmmakers in the UFO… Read More »

Ufology: Analysis vs. A Pile of Magic Beans

Hi Everyone, I spent this entire Fireside Chat trying to work out an idea. Actually, a number of ideas that I think are inter-related and probably can be brought together into something coherent. I feel as though I am working on this over the past year or more and that it will eventually lead to… Read More »