Hello from Richard at CITD! | FCP

By | June 2, 2024

Hi Everyone, 

I’m very happy to check in from the Palm Springs Renaissance Esmerelda Hotel (I think that’s the right name!) during this year’s Contact in the Desert conference. It’s been hectic but very interesting and even fun. 🙂

Tracey and I will be back later this evening to go a bit deeper into things but I really wanted to come by for at least a quick hello to update you on what we’ve been up to. I’ve given two of my three lectures so far and done a few panels (which I discuss very briefly here). The lectures I’ve prepared are all going to be re-delivered here on this site very soon so that you can have them also. That will have to be when I return home of course. 

Tracey would have been on here with me but she is currently working to finish the last touches of her own lecture, which she will give this afternoon. We will update you on all of those details, too. 

I hope you are doing well and please bear with us while we get through this weekend! I am starting to lose my voice (at yet another conference), and all I want to do is rest it enough so I don’t lose it even more. 🙂 But things are good and I am glad to be seeing so many members of this site who have come here this weekend.