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By | February 29, 2020

My livestream on the Men in Black. I didn’t realize until it was too late that I was using the native mic on my laptop rather than my nice Yeti mic. That always annoys me, but the sound still comes through well enough. The article version of this is already posted for members of this site who would rather read about this. 


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  1. AvatarDebrita

    THUMBS UP ON THIS SHORT Episode. Only because you mentioned it, I will say it was a bit “bass-y”. But if you hadn’t mentioned it I wouldn’t have given it a second thought.
    RELAXXXXXX, we love anything you put out……
    From all I’ve read on the Men In Black, I’d say I’m a believer…
    ON MOTHMEN/MAN ……….Loved the movie THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES with Richard Gere, 2002. Think it was a bit spooky and I remember being a bit scared watching it. Think the movie was based on a true story or true life supernatural stuff that happened …..check it out if you haven’t…..
    Have a great weekend.

  2. AvatarDavid Adams

    Hi Richard
    I absolutely love these topics. I never get tired of reading and hearing about them. I have many old books by people like John Keel, Gray Barker, Albert K. Bender, and others from decades ago.
    Thanks for this presentation.

  3. AvatarPressToDigitate

    If you were in charge of a covert Alien Colony expedition [intending “Planetary Acquisition”], to be performed discretely over the course of a Century (plus), operating primarily through ‘passable Hybrids’, “How would you go about it?” That’s the real question. If someone in Ufology thought this through, in depth, in detail – in a “War Games” scenario, we’d probably realize that a lot of these disparate pieces suddenly fit together in ways that made more sense, than when looked at from other perspectives.

    For example, the “Men-In-Black” anecdotes, in all their glory, make perfect sense in this context. While you would probably have carefully placed, well-trained infiltration operatives in the local security services, the human military, the aerospace/defense sector, mass media, research centers & centers of higher learning, and key technology industries, who were deeply ’embedded’ in Human society for lifetimes, advancing the Agenda would also require all manner of ‘sortie’ missions among Earth culture. You would almost certainly have your own ‘Alien Security Service’, to execute particular functions (if not particular *people*) as dynamically needed to maintain the information blackout among the Human population at large.

    You definitely wouldn’t want your long-term Hybrid “Embeds” to risk exposure, injury, capture or death by relying on them for enforcing the ‘seedy underbelly’ of the Coverup. If the ‘Most Human’ Hybrids (i.e. most ‘passable’) were the most valuable for embedded operations, for interaction with Humans in close quarters over the long or short term – and, particularly, if such fidelity of Human genetic emulation came at the cost of diminished innate mental/psychic abilities, you would use less ‘perfect’ ( hence, presumably ‘more psychic’) Hybrid emulators among Humans for “the dirty jobs” – the grunt work of “enforcement”, down there, ‘mixing it up with the Humans’.

    You would probably also have backed off somewhat – and, progressively, further – on the use of such operations as the Humans acquired more and better camera and communications gear, hand carried on their person, among the general population (i.e. dissemination of Smartphones) – in order to reduce the probably of credible detection.

  4. AvatarDarren Murphy

    Thank you for the discussion on this topic and the references to Mr. Redfern. I just bought one of his books, based on your relationship with him, and look forward to learning more about MIB.

  5. Avatarpedro303

    Great discussion Richard…are there events when the MIBs really punished someone or do they only threaten their victims?

    1. Scott SantaScott Santa

      pedro303 – Off the top of my head I can’t recall a specific instance that would fall into your question of actual punishment handed out by MIB …. if you’d like to include being scared senseless and into complete and utter submission as punishment … well, there you have it. Plenty of those in the literature.

  6. Scott SantaScott Santa

    If I’m not mistaken – Alfred Bender had his MIB experience ONLY after he had announced that he had actually solved the UFO mystery was going to reveal that in the next issue of his newsletter. Alas …. 🙂 …

    Always a fascinating subset to the UFO engima … I also highly endorse and recommend Nick Redfern’s MIB books – especially “Women In Black” …. now that particular book is really the scary one for me. They’re ALL good books – but read the “Women In Black” one and tell me it didn’t give you the extreme creeps!

    1. Richard DolanRichard Dolan Post author

      That’s a good point, Scott. But we are left to ask: DID Bender actually solve it? Or, like a lot of young people who are filled more with enthusiasm than knowledge, just get ahead of himself?

      1. Scott SantaScott Santa

        Almost seems that he stated he had solved it and would reveal his findings to boost newsletter sales and when that didn’t happen – he realized he had backed himself into a corner and really had no way out but to make up another story (the MIB one) to get off the hook …. My gut feeling is that NO – he did not solve it ….. he opened his mouth, stepped in it, wiggled his toes and……. yeah – I think he did get ahead of himself. Fairly certain we will never really know. 🙂

  7. AvatarStephen Early

    I have enjoyed listening to Nick Redfern. I do have his book on the Men in Black.But I think I gave the it to my son.. I have get it back and start reading it.I saw Nick a lot television talking about the Men in Black .They are definitely not like in the movies.I think they started out in history as people from the FBI or some other organizations. I think over time the aliens try to copy that same same look. I would like to learn more about this subject because it seems to be very interesting and mysterious to me. Thank you Richard Dolan for talking about it.

  8. Drew StreitbergDrew Streitberg

    I’m a big fan of this topic although not a fan of what Hollywood has done to the history of the MIB.

    Nick Redfern has done a terrific job collating all the cases together and it always appeared to me that we are dealing with almost two separate factions – A black program on one side that polices and intimidates witnesses and an other-worldly phenomena that is as strange as it is frightening for people who encounter them. I suggest the former purposely models itself of the latter for effect.

    There appears almost a “trickster” element to the latter and at times a strange naivety to the beings themselves in relation to humanity (i.e. being fascinated by a pen and in being gifted one eliciting a deranged form of glee (There are esoteric elements to that as well – i.e. the act of giving something creating a contract of sorts but I digress).

    Sometimes they appear organic and at other times almost robotic.

    The homogeneity of their appearance suggests a dogmatic conformity to procedures and a currently unknowable doctrine

    They almost seem to be a cloned, programmed species (although some accounts depict slight facial differentials) or an android. You could imagine them rolling off a factory line.

    The makeup part is what I find interesting… like children using their mother’s makeup, they don’t quite understand how to use it and it’s lack of natural blending makes it appear extremely stark and jarring for people who witness them.

    There also appears to be the issue of some form of mind control through powerful suggestion (one could speculate endlessly how this achieved though) and of course I believe Nick may have mentioned the “Black Eyed Children” in relation to this as well (as they appear to have similar abilities in that regard). A form of compulsion albeit resistible for some – perhaps it is like a Jedi Mind Trick and only works on susceptible minds?

    There is a good Russian Documentary on MIB which I’ve linked here:

    We don’t get many modern cases of MIB these days it would seem, and maybe that is reflective of a phenomena that evolves as we collectively evolve (i.e. history is full of magical beings that became modern MIB and “Greys” which now evolve to something else?) – Perhaps it is a singular entity posing as multiple ones or that is how our mind interprets the entity?

    My last point is that perhaps they are some strange form of “moderator” in a simulation or simply moderators in our present reality?

    The Women in Black (and having read Nick’s book) almost seems like an entirely separate phenomena in itself.

    Sorry, lots of thoughts, it is a fantastic topic. Whilst I’ve encountered many different phenomena in my life, this is one I never have but I’m sure it would be fascinating.

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