FAQ & RAFFLE! SATURDAY June 6th LIVE Conference: (Frequently Asked Questions)

By | June 5, 2020

Greetings everyone!

Let me take this opportunity to thank all of you whether you are planning to attend the conference on June 6th or not. We appreciate all of your support.

For those who are attending I want this to be a central place for Q & A for the conference this Saturday.

Let’s start with these:


Q: I have limited funds but really want to attend. Are there any raffles for tickets?

A: Why yes. It was inspired completely by a member’s comment on this site. We now have a raffle for 3 all day passes.

link: Ticket Raffle

Q: I purchased tickets but I don’t think I received a receipt. What should I do?

A: Search for orders@eventbrite.com in your inbox for the receipt. Also be certain to check spam / junk folders. This email receipt tells you that a follow up email will come by the end of day, June 4th, with the links to the conference (for security reasons).

Q: I am still receiving emails advertising the conference. Does that mean my purchase did not go through?

A: No. Mailchimp emails are promotional emails that go to everyone regardless of whether you bought a ticket or not. That is our newsletter service that is completely separate from the event. 

Q: Can I record the event?

A: No recordings please. We recommend you watch it live or immediately after – then you will have up to 30 days to rewatch it.


The Lineup:

*VIP AMA spots are sold out. There is a waitlist however.

Link to full post

Link to tickets

Hope this helps to clear a few things up.




16 thoughts on “FAQ & RAFFLE! SATURDAY June 6th LIVE Conference: (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. PressToDigitate

    Here are a few links you may find useful on background for your segments:

    FOR “HUMANITY’S FOURTH STAGE” (and How COVID-19 gets us there quicker):
    VitalConnect is one concrete example of a wearable personal “HealthChip” Monitor that’s in use, right now, today, using COVID-19 to expand its user-base. Think of that key fob gadget that Nationwide Care Insurance offers to obtain lower rates, and picture this one (or something a lot like it) becoming “suggested” (ever more strongly) by your Health Insurance carrier, in the same manner:


    JUST AS Human science – even in the “white” world – has figured out how to design a Warp Drive that we know will work (if we could build it), from the theory and experimental data of [renegades] Drs. Miguel Alcubierre & Sonny White, and to do Anti-Gravity/Electrogravitation from that of Drs. Evgeny Podkletnov and Claude Pohrer (not to mention the contributions of others like Drs. Sarfatti, Haisch, Davis, Puthoff, et al),
    SO TOO do we have More Than “An Inkling” as to the physics of Quantum Consciousness, from the theory and data of [renegades] Drs. Stuart Hameroff and (Sir) Roger Penrose, et al. From that basis – again, ‘If We Could Build It’ – practical *psychotronic technology* for the Extraction, Stasis and Reimplantation of the Consciousness, or “Soul” is already *surmised to be possible* by Human Science. While a lot of “woo” also uses the phrase “Quantum Consciousness”, this work in the physics underlying neuroscience is “The Real Deal”:
    (Drill down for extensive references, many downloadable)

    The Rhea Space Activity *contract* openly engages private expertise for cislunar and lunar surface space surveillance. It will be impossible for this newly sanctioned intelligence sector (“Lunint”) to avoid recording *new* “Lunar Transient Phenomena”, and artificial – alien – constructions and activity on the Moon’s surface. As I have previously opined, a proper *Institute* in Ufology could put itself ‘Front & Center’ of this emerging situation.

    Good Luck with “D-Day”!

    1. PressToDigitate

      (Psssst! – Let’s make 8th May, 2021 -“VE-Day” – *Verified Extraterrestrials Day* – The Day in History when, by which, in lieu of insufferably waiting on Government “Disclosure”, Ufology had taken upon itself to have obtained and to ante up to Humanity, the final and clinching absolute empirical proof of the ETUFO presence – and Their Intentions.)

    2. PressToDigitate

      Richard, did you get the bit in the links above regarding the new Lunar Surveillance initiative, “LUNINT”?
      (and the other items)
      That its even being done “in the clear” would seem to have profound implications.

  2. FamousAmos

    I’m really looking forward to these lectures. With no YouTube-big brother-censorship concerns, I hope Richard can ‘take off the gloves’ for some bare-knuckle talk about how he really sees the world!

    Peace, love and support from your biggest fan in Atlanta

  3. Ed Claytor

    I have Norton for my software security. Got a file from livestream@pursuingx.com
    with a PDF file included about the lecture I had purchased. When I open the file and look at it got a pop-up saying that Norton had sanitized and delete the PDF because of an execution file that was attached in the PDF? Was this the link file to Saturday broadcast lecture. Really don’t want to disable my security software just to be able to watch the lecture.
    Ed Claytor

    1. Kirsten RDMHost

      Thank you so much for reaching out Ed! I think the best thing to do would be to write to Guest Services at livestream@pursuingx.com – perhaps they have another way that they can send you the PDF? Or, sometimes you can disable your pop-up filter for just one download (that would depend on your particular security software of course).

      If I find out anything else, I will email you!

  4. PressToDigitate

    I got my Webinar Link for the Alien Agendas lecture session, but not for the AMA following, which I also registered for.

    Somewhere it said there were to be separate confirmation emails and links for each session.
    Am I missing something?

    1. Kirsten RDMHost

      Thank you for asking! Yes! Those AMA links will be emailed separately to you – I have been told that they will be emailed from livestream@pursuingx.com TONIGHT.

      The AMA’s will be done via GoToMeeting, here is a great video that shows how GoToMeeting works: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=8&v=HKJ-Ei4z8k8&feature=emb_logo

      Also, if you have any trouble tomorrow during “D-Day” please don’t hesitate to email me at eventhelp@richarddolanmembers.com

    1. Tracey Post author

      Hi Zignal,

      The raffle was drawn last night so we could get links out to people in time. Sorry!

      Thanks so much. I will pass on to Richard.

      You guys are in the best position to know Richard’s thinking here on the site 🙂



  5. Robert Stears, MD

    Dear Richard and Tracey,
    I regret missing your presentations today. I was especially looking forward to the AMA.

    Unfortunately, I had to work all day to fill an unexpected need.

    I am not asking for a refund. Please keep my funds with my compliments and with my wish that you both keep up the good work.

    Regretfully Yours,
    Robert Stears, MD

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