CITD 2024 Ticket Giveaway!

By | April 3, 2024

Greetings everyone!

Contact in the Desert has granted us 2 tickets to us to give away!

Richard and I will both be speaking there this year along with approximately 60 other speakers. It is their 10 year Anniversary so they are really striving to make it a memorable one. I have to say they really do have an all star line up this year!

If you are interested in going in for the draw, please go to this link and register your name today as we will be drawing in the next few days.

To register for the draw for tickets click the image or below:

Click here to register for the draw

Link to CITD for more info about the conference and speakers: CONTACT IN THE DESERT WEBSITE

We look forward to meeting you if you are able to make it this year!

Very best,

Tracey & Richard





6 thoughts on “CITD 2024 Ticket Giveaway!


    Uh, it says the drawing is April 1st. The date of this post is April 3rd and one does not see the drawing date (past?) until one has given personal information. I trust this is a typo and the drawing date is May 1st?

    1. Richard Dolan

      Yes, I mentioned to another Commenter that this was MY mistake. I was indeed supposed to do this drawing and didn’t. So I plan to do it later this week. Sorry for that confusion. I will make sure everyone here knows what’s going on when I do it.

  2. Shelby

    Waitaminute here. This was posted yesterday and it says they will notify the winner by Monday, April 1st. 😓 I’m not so good at time travel. Either the giveaway was an April fools day joke 🙃 or we ALL missed it because it was a mistake.

    I’m assuming it’s a mistake because I’d really like to go. What’s the real date we have until?

    PS – I really like the Menu improvements and the font changes!

    1. Richard Dolan

      Yes, that’s MY glitch. Sorry for that. I was indeed supposed to do this over a week ago and, well, didn’t. My plan is to do the drawing this coming week. Sorry for that confusion. And thank you for your feedback on the menu improvements. That was entirely my project when I did it, and it took a lot of work! 🙂

  3. JimmyBee

    Hi Tracey!
    I won’t be able to attend in person, but I did just sign up for the live stream. I think it’s a great idea for UFO conferences to live stream! Looking forward to seeing you all live. And thanks to PursuingX.

    See you all there, virtually. 🙂

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