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By | January 30, 2022

[RD NOTE: This was going to go live last week but we gallantly recorded it the other day and will air it for Tuesday, February 1 at 8 p.m. Eastern Time. I will just say this was a great conversation and I look forward to it airing]

Hi Everyone,

Darcy Weir is a filmmaker and friend of mine who has just made a new film as part of his secret space series. This one is titled Secret Space UFOs: Rise of the TR3B. I was interviewed for this a year ago or so, as was Jim Goodall, Jeremy Rys, Jack Kasher, and others. I will be talking with Darcy and Jim about the film, but mainly about the likelihood of the legendary TR3B. craft, sometimes known as the Black Manta flying triangle. Does it exist? He’s got some excellent video and testimony to support the notion. 

We will go live on my Youtube Channel at 8 p.m. Eastern. I’ll have a link ready before then. 

You can click the image below for more information.

22 thoughts on “Talking about the TR3B | The Richard Dolan Show

  1. GerardBrunoLAMARQUE

    Hi Richard ,
    Hope you well . Well, you said “I had an unexpected tech glitch here and am postponing my interview with Darcy and Jim. We are going to try for tomorrow.”

    It’s already tomorrow, where is the Interview ? please

      1. GerardBrunoLAMARQUE

        Thank you for your reply. Can’t wait to watch / listen to that Interview.

        When will you make your Interview with Louis Elizondo available ? Please

  2. Kristi Jennings

    Hi Richard and members- I was wondering if you all knew of a reliable news source for all things ufology. I think it’s time we have a news source and how it relates to this ever changing world. I’m new to your site, so maybe you already have something like this? Thank you.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Good question, Kristi. I’d like to know what members think. Here is a short list of sites that I like for that purpose.

      When I think about it, I feel that there is a lack of easy to access UFO news sites out there. Probably Filer’s Files and UFO Chronicles are the best all-round news sites, but … there HAS to be something better. I do like Educating Humanity, although it’s not always topical. In fact, none of them are regularly topical. Anyone know of a better news site? How I miss the old UFO RoundUp.

  3. Author

    I believe that they exist. After all, the Military Idustrial Complex has not been twiddling its fingers for seventy or eighty years. While propoganda exists it has been used to foster half-truths and outright lies because you can’t tell the people or sometimes they’ll murder you. Perhaps greys are the boogie men fom our historic days. The TR3B should be available in kit form as it is so well known about in UFO circles however, if that is what is currently known then whatever the latest craft is, it could be extraordinary.
    I don’t believe in everyone but I am convinced by the likes of Dolan, Schratt, Hall, Schneider, Good, Lazar and Howe.
    Furthermore, I believe that they are or were (Schneider) honest and upright members of society who should be respected for reaching for the truth.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Yes, unfortunately in this case I’m not able to preview it for the members of this site. That’s simply because my YouTube team is going to premier it on Tuesday.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Lol…. Mr, Smooth. Truth is, the other people in the program were far more on-point and insightful than I was, but I was happy to participate. I think Darcy did a great job with it.

  4. Ted2

    There is a UFO investigator, David Marler, whom I think now has the CUFOS files that has written a book about triangular UFOs. He was on a recent web cast and expressed doubts about the TR3B’s existence. He said that it was discussed by one person, I think the fellow you all mentioned on your broadcast, years ago but Marler had not found any evidence to substantiate it.
    BTW – Another recent webcast I saw was by a Charles J. Hall who said in the 1960s he was in the military and worked at Dreamland. At the time, he stated that there were tall white aliens that had a base there. He seemed to be sincere and said that he was allowed to discuss his experiences (e.g., Uhouse and JRod). One interesting comment he made was that the aliens had interplanetary UFOs and scout UFOs which I presume were used to travel around the earth. He said the scout UFOs were made by American contractors here on earth. This goes along with Lazar’s and Doty’s claims about our possession of UFOs some of which were made by private contractors here on earth. If you haven’t heard this fellow’s story, you might want to look it up. He goes into some details in explaining the tall white aliens.

  5. itsmeRitaC

    I am listening but only fifteen minutes into it. I have thought that there is so much secret space weapon stuff that i find i am being affirmed so far. Of course we know that isn’t the whole picture at all. I won’t say more right now, but i wish that Jim G. hadn’t lumped all ‘religions’ together to say that the world isn’t ready for accepting other self aware life within all of infinity. Actually, it varies widely amongst religious orientations, or so the polls have shown. 🙂

    I may change my perspective when i hear more, but Jim’s concerns about the ‘world’ learning that ET is real remind me of what was being said decades ago. I think things have indeed changed in that regard. Of course that depends on the spin that the national security state has decided upon. 😉

    1. itsmeRitaC

      I am still listening. 🙂

      Ronald Reagan’s diary in 1985? I must write LOL about that. Darcy is saying Reagan was ‘read into’ , etc. In 85 i think RR was well into neurological problems and it reminds me of a very old SNL skit where he was on top of the “I am a Contra” CIA operation. The joke back then was that he was obviously not in charge of anything really. So i am having a bit of trouble with this portion, as my own living experience of the Reagan years is rather vivid not in the least because of Iran/Contra . (People won’t like my post here, i know). And that is only one of many reasons.

      I am sure CIA man Bush, VP, would have known what was going on in space back then. I must admit i don’t know who ‘Fouche’ is. I don’t know if i spelled his name correctly.

      Oh. “The best and brightest to protect our nation”. I can’t comment on the statement i just heard from Darcy. The loving our fabulous military personnel is not a statement i look for when i want ‘Truth’. I am becoming more and more aware of the answer to a discussion you and i had several years ago, Richard. Why does it seem that ‘ufo’ topic is more populated by the ‘right’? I have my own theories since that time, but it is a fact.

      I personally find the worship of all that is military to be far, far right. No one else may think so, but that is rita’s perspective. I know that i won’t be getting my truths from the MIC. I know many in the ufo community believe otherwise. Oh well. Oh, now Darcy is talking about Putin and China. OMG. They are “enemies”. Of rita? Really.

      I will stop here since i need to, but i will try to listen further in hopes that one of those two men makes a U turn. But i am not very hopeful.

      I am forty minutes in by the way. 🙂 Long live the patriarchy and the war machine. “Keep space free for war”. I see that bumper sticker coming in 2022.

      Am i really that alone here?

      Thank you, rita

      1. itsmeRitaC

        Ps. I sincerely apologize for sounding so ‘negative’. I believe this entire topic is just so profoundly important and meaningful……….

    1. Clifford Ribaudo

      Sadly … in the infamous words of Steve Jobs, I am sorry to say these documentaries…. sucked 🙂 After watching 4 of his documentaries, I was rather disappointed. Badly edited; story is all over the place and sort of a mish mash of stuff. Ya woulda thought after 4 or 5 he’d start getting it right.

      1. Richard Dolan Post author

        Hmm. I guess I thought it wasn’t bad at all, and for my part I liked seeing some of the recent video recordings of black triangles. I realize we can’t prove they are legit, but I guess I have a hard time thinking they were all fake. Plus, I like seeing Jim Goodall on screen and thought that Alien Scientist (Jeremy Rys) was very interesting.

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