Joseph Farrell on The Bell. RD Short Clips.

By | April 18, 2020

This will air at 3:30 p.m. Eastern Time! A great interview clip with Joseph Farrell on Nazi flying saucer stories, upon which he sheds important light, and then the one story he remains deeply intrigued by after all these years: The Bell.

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  1. PressToDigitate

    Whether the Nazis made any progress toward a flying saucer, and how much, is irrelevant because it wasn’t sufficient to lead to a fieldable weapon that affected the outcome of the war. *The important thing is that they attempted it*, and had either psychic Contactee data or debris from Crash Retrievals – *or both* – which led them into that line of research to begin with. It has been calculated that the technical expenditures of the Ahnenerbe bureau, in constant dollars, effectively exceeded those of the U.S. Space Program through Apollo. Had the Nazis been ‘whimsical’ enough to do so over mythical, mystical “woo” alone, they wouldn’t have been intelligent and disciplined enough to rule Germany – and almost all of Europe – and been a serious competitor for world domination. I think its a pretty safe bet that their ET connection was all too Real; and consisted of more than the 1936 wreckage from Nuremberg, even if wasn’t the full bore endorsement and ‘military aid’ they may have wanted from the Aliens.

    If Maria Orsic and the Vrill were a combined Remote Viewing/CE5 “Contact Team”, able to do *deliberately* what Ingo Swann described happening *accidentally* in “Penetration”, namely, attract the attention of ETs on the Moon, a lot of this makes a lot more sense. If the Germans had wanted to facilitate for the Aliens exactly what we have seen in the Abductions since the late 1950s – an organized program of Hybrid breeding – they could not have been more obvious about it than “Lebensborn”. We do not know to what extent the Nazis were using Artificial Insemination, or even In Vitro Fertilization, as most of the technical details of the program have been scrubbed from history, and the participants kept mostly anonymous (apart from some survivors legal claims for compensation). Did you know that many of the resulting children were rejected for being “different” (even with new identities) and rejected by their parents and foster parents, with some consigned to asylums, institutionalized as “insane”?

    Why should we assume that ‘building a saucer’ was the only involvement the Nazis had with (or wanted to have with) the Aliens? The Aliens had nothing to gain from giving the Germans the technology to do so, but the Nazis may have tried to barter something else to them in return for such cooperation – and been swindled in the process. Tens of Thousands of Lebensborn children were created between 1935-1945, in the official breeding centers, that have been acknowledged. Perhaps more than that were created on an “out-patient” basis – unaccountably, as most records were destroyed (or classified). In “Nordic” Scandinavia, where much of Lebensborn was conducted, reproductive eugenics continued underground throughout the 1950s, emerging in the 1960s in a variety of types of medical procedures and social research – including the [re-]introduction of IVF in the 1970s.

    Despite the fact that I’ve been involved with space propulsion research since the 1980s, their field drive technologies are far from the most important feature of the Aliens’ presence here. Its certainly of the least interest *TO THEM*. So why does so much Ufology looking back to the 1920s-’40s think an “engine” is the only interface in covert Human Contact during that period? Might I suggest, following UFONSSv3, and perhaps v4, that there could be a UFONSS “Volume 0”, 1922-1941, tracing the real development of the Nazis “National Security State”, in light of the ETUFO presence?

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Great comment and I just lost most of what I was writing before hitting reply. Argh. Anyway, I don’t believe the 1936 case, having read the awful book by Jan van Helsing and finding it wholly unconvincing. Now, the early 1930s crash in Italy I could possibly get behind if Dr. Pinotti can show some documents about it, which I think he either has done or believes he can do. Admittedly I am not on top of the case. As for the hybrid connection to the Lebensborn program, I must admit I had not thought of this. Not sure what I think in terms of its truth. I tend to be skeptical on this one. But I do agree with you that the ET situation is much more important than propulsion!!

    2. pedro303

      Concerning the Orsic topic and Vril society there is no historical evidence, also nothing about a UFO crash, some people locate it in black forest … here I read Nürnberg… I asked van Helsing and he told me that there is no proof of a ufo crash. We dont have a single manufacturer for the Vril or Haunebu discs and no location where these objects were build. Secret societies didnt have fabrics. A little bit of truth is in the ‘Kreisflügler’ or ‘Hubflächengeräte’ which werde produced in Breslau and Skoda/Prag by Miethe and Schriever.
      They were mentioned before the neonazi literature in a book from 1958 by Lusar ‘Die deutschen Waffen und Geheimwaffen des 2. Weltkriegs’ on pp. 146/7. some othe sources mention these objects too. Later Avro Aircraft Limited tried to copy them in Project 1794. Another argument against antigravity objects is that all materials were used für A4 rockets und Me 262 in the underground factories. If there had been a chance to construct operating antigravity discs we had fouind at least some traces there.
      I am grateful for any other source to proof the existence of any antigravity object until the end of WWII.

      1. Richard Dolan Post author

        Thank you for this information, and for the record I have always agreed with this perspective. The evidence is just not there. Claims, some of which were recounted by Renato Vesco back in the 1960s, referring to earlier claims that disintegrate when you look too closely. Anyway, I appreciate your comment.

    3. ufoguy

      Hi Richard,
      Just listening to this now. Very Interesting directions for the thought trains to run. I am with you both through most of it. Subsequently, I have a question based upon something I heard one of you say on the subject of domesticating animals. It’s no mystery that we we domesticated wild animals for agriculture and other purposes. But who domesticated us? I mean, What free thinking animal would ever domesticate itself?…And why? I think the only conclusion to this is that we have been domesticated as well.


  2. pedro303

    The Bell seems a myth if you explore the history of this location. Witkowski claims the
    ‘fly catcher’ was a test rig for the Glocke. It was erected in the 20ties a basis for a cooling tower
    of the Wenzeslaw mine and the ‘Elektrizitätswerk Schlesien’ build the powerstation in 1909 for
    the whole region. I inspected the very small underground tunnels, there is no space for the
    construction of a Glocke. And 100 m away was the Dynamit Nobel AG manufactory really not a good place for such a ultra secret project.
    Now Witkowski sits in his Museum Mölke and waits for visitors.

  3. jimirod

    I guess we can’t really go there if it’s dangerous. Anti-gravity is something else and must be more complex than that unless it is missing something they didn’t have in the kitchen. It kind
    of reminds me of a bunch of kids to too excited to think straight when this whole plan came to fruition.
    Looking at the ethereal side of inventions it occurred to me that a great invention seems to get replicated in several places at the same time by different countries or cultures. That’s
    the story I’ve heard in the past.

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