Globalizing Thievery. Interview with Catherine Austin Fitts. Richard Dolan Show, Nov. 8, 2018.

By | November 8, 2018

Recorded November 7, 2018. This is a fascinating and extremely clear discussion of the nature of the $21 trillion of “unaccounted discrepancies” in the Pentagon and HUD budgets from 1998 to 2015. Catherine argues that the fundamentals in how we look at the U.S. federal budget and spending is completely wrong, and our society is bleeding money on a daily basis to fund unaccountable programs that do not benefit the people.

Don’t miss Part Two of this interview, available to members of this site. In that segment, Catherine and I discuss the dangers of 5G networks, not focusing on their demonstrated health risks, which of course is serious. Rather, on the pervasive datamining that will occur against people once it is implemented. And of course, much more. Members can link to Part 2 here.

Catherine Austin Fitts is one of the world’s leading experts in “black budget economics,” and has been investigating U.S. federal government financial discrepancies totaling in the trillions of dollars. She was Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development from 1989 to 1993, and is an investment analyst and advisor. She has authored many articles on financial fraud, missing money, and the structure of power in our world. See her websites at:

10 thoughts on “Globalizing Thievery. Interview with Catherine Austin Fitts. Richard Dolan Show, Nov. 8, 2018.

        1. Tracey

          Hi Bruce,
          This is Tracey. Thanks for the suggestion. I added a link in the writeup of this post (found above) to part 2. Also please take note of the right hand column on every page. It contains links to all of the most recent posts and is a helpful navigation tool in general in the event we forget to link something. I’m glad you asked so others can find it also.
          5G is a technology that is being rolled out around the world that has serious health risks among many other concerns. People probably won’t even realize it’s happening as it will be the infrastructure built in for our phones, computers, and even home appliances. Catherine goes much deeper into explaining in the second part of the interview.

  1. James, Hitt

    I’ve eagerly read large tomes on economics with great interest and took away a lot; proper, solid economic theory is surprisingly non-technical. But high finance and the lingo around it still bewilders me. Catherine’s virtuosity with this stuff is like watching Herbie Hancock play a keyboard…amazing, and bewildering lol.

    1. L Boulanger

      Yeah, nice analogy James. Herbie Hancock or Thelonious Monk!
      Listening to Catherine speak is mind bending. Thank God she laughs also.
      She makes me feel like the spoon that bends in the film The Matrix…
      But the truth is mind bending and that’s probably always been the case.

  2. Shachar Keren

    baby-boomers pension funds are basically invested in secret programs that also control all of the government financial IT services which is quite convenient if you have to run two separate economy’s in parallel.

  3. Jay King

    I loved the CAF interview, listened to both parts last night. Part 1 was more informative overall I guess, with the extraordinarily well-articulated financial overview, though I also really enjoyed (‘enjoyed’ is totally the wrong word here) the discussion about 5G. I’ve been on the fence about the worst predictions about the effects of 5G (and still am tbh), and it was good to hear more about that from someone as analytical, logical and grounded as CAF sounds.

    I really enjoy the new format and appreciate the delineation between the two parts- felt like a good opportunity to switch gears, and I like the idea of RD and guests allowing themselves to go a little more “out” sometimes for the members. Thanks again.

  4. Carolyn Padgett

    WOW, I’ve heard Catherine talk before but as Richard said I still learn something new on these interviews. I knew a certain level of this manipulation by our government, but this type of manipulation is a betrayal of humans by humans. This is our personal war by our own people and it’s kept in the dark. Humans are cattle herds to the elite.
    So, secret groups, that can MAKE ALL THE MONEY (OMG) they want or need and use it on anything they want in secret and NEVER be held accountable? I know that this does happen..I mean our money is not backed by gold so it’s all just numbers floating in the “they” increase the numbers. This can never be stopped on any level.
    I’m going to listen to this interview again to more details. I mean I’m aware of the level of corruption on this planet but it just seems to get worse.
    I wouldn’t blame ET’s if they decided to just wipe us out. ALthough they may be involved in this as well at this point who knows anything is possible haha. You know I was rooting for humanity, but this human horror-show is mind-blowing to me every time I hear information such as this it just gets darker and darker and no end in sight.
    The bad part of this is when you know what is going on there is no amount of un-doing this from my mind. It’s really just how far do you want to go down that rabbit hole? Ughhh

  5. Jerry

    Great conversation all in all. But I loose quite easily track of where the money comes from and where it goes into. Maybe a diagram or infographics would be a good addition?

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