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  1. JudyV

    I am a member, slugged in, and yet when I try to open members only content it says oops, this is members only! I tried “contact” button, and nothing came up.

      1. Mr Gearoid Mc Colgan

        Abrams favourite director is Steven Spielberg
        They have worked together
        Perhaps Spielberg could be an influence
        Abrams is disliked by some in the Star Trek and Star Wars communities because of poor films etc

        Great talk Richard

  2. Ted2

    I wonder if some of those participants in the first show were informed about the tenor of the series. Sounds like some of those ufo shows on the Discovery network 5-10 years ago. Who were the chief debunkers on the later Showtime shows in the series? The usual suspects?
    As we get closer to the truth, the pushback gets harder.
    The one wild card in the whole situation is the aliens who, at least in part, don’t seem a committed to either full disclosure or to hiding their presence.

    1. PressToDigitate

      Its not their presence that the Aliens (and their Operatives among us) are committed to hiding; its what they’re really up to here. Desensitization and acclimation of the public to their presence, before some future “Big Reveal” is obviously underway, to reduce the Culture Shock when it happens. But the fact that Abductions remain a forbidden subject, among TTSA, Kean/Blumenthal, and others, tells us everything we need to know.

      1. Rosanne Losee

        Oh, my, yes, you hit the nail on the head.

        My son and I were discussing all this other evening. Out of my kids, my oldest has an interest and we share our theories. I told him exactly what you are saying here, PTD. I believe the reason why they are doing loop de loops around jets is to reveal themselves….and shadow at a time. Most people who have no ideas are thrilled with it all.

        But I believe that the universe is ultimately selfish and that is why THEY are selfish. They are here to use us, not for our benefit. They will continue their abductions and the same people will mock it, they will finally reveal themselves a la “Signs”… and then the takeover. What happens to those of us who are not abducted? Done away with? Slaves? The imagination goes wild.

        I can’t think of this too much without getting very upset. I have four little grandchildren, five years old and under and I look at them, and it saddens me that this is the world they will see. I grew up in more innocent times and that old saying, ‘ignorance is bliss’ is true.

  3. Harry Harris

    In case anyone has not mentioned it the Warzone put out an article by Adam Kehoe as per below:

    “The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, or SSCI, recently passed the Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2022 (IAA) on a unanimous vote. Among a range of priorities, the bill included provisions to significantly bolster the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force (UAPTF). ”

    Link: https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/41893/senate-intel-committee-strengthens-unidentified-aerial-phenomena-task-force-in-new-bill

  4. Craig Champion

    If the Google/Rand endeavor is designed to quell “a danger to an open and free society,” then isn’t this very operation, ironically the epitome of danger to a fundamental freedom (free-speech).

    Agreed – the series “UFO” does appear to align with classical disinformation; slick and dismissive.

    Beware of “Right-think.” Caveat, beware of what you think as a result of the 24/7 propaganda machine.

  5. Barbara Van Haute

    I could be completely wrong about this, but from the way you described J.J. Abrams series, he appears to be revamping the strategy he used when he produced The Fringe. A bit boring at first, then it became challenging, and only moved to being neatly mind-blowing near the end. Abrams is a great ‘entertainer’ but that’s it. His goal is to entertain rather than inform. Just IMO of course.

    Your outlay of Google Jigsaw and Rand was great. Very informative.

    And thanks for your comments about Hellyer. Just to to let you know, I read about his death on the Members site almost 2 days before I caught it on Canadian national news. Nice eh!!

  6. Laszlo Kiss

    Just wanted to say that use of “social media” as defined by Google/Twitter/Youtube/Facebook is the problem. When you are getting your information from a source that appears to be free of cost you get what you deserve.
    We are rapidly approaching the point where the only thing Google is good for is to locate the nearest taco shop.
    As an aside, try to search for “ufo landing”. Bing is the only one that tells you how many pages have a hit (725K), but they will only show you the first 50 pages (~500 sites). This applies to Google and DuckDuckGo as well, but these two don’t even tell you the number of available pages. The fact that you can’t get beyond 50 pages of answers is de facto censorship.

  7. Bob Levey

    I’m just watching the History Channels take on the Titanic, they did the same thing there and tried to shift the blame with many false accusations and fake news claims by the all powerful. Terrible!!!
    YOUTUBE WOULD NOT LET ME POST THIS TODAY. Or any other critical statements towards them.
    Time to move Richard!!!
    Great video

    1. PressToDigitate

      Time to Diversify; onto
      BitChute, Rumble, Brighteon, Odysee, Banned.video, D.Tube, Gab.TV, Minds, FrankSpeech, BitTube, PeerTube, Parler, Gettr, Clouthub, EpochTV, ISE.media, MeWe, Mastodon, Diaspora…and others.

      Serious, clear-headed Ufology, that isn’t captive to either Alien Influence or the Deep State (as if there’s a difference), needs to disseminate through every independent platform it can. Make its absence (or Sycophancy) on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter *conspicuous*.

  8. JurassicRanch47

    Apparently, there are “ours” and there are “theirs.” Sometimes, incredibly human SNAFUs help sort it out. Locking up at 2:00 am (AZ) one Sunday morning (3 am UT, this mesa Is split between two states), I looked out at a stretch of desert highway much like the one David Vincent took a wrong turn on. 100 feet above US 89, a small triangle identical to the one Chris Mellon was hunting south of Moab, hovered silently. Triangles had been blowing through the canyons after dark for months. In winter, this stretch of highway can go hours without traffic. Coming up from the Colorado river in the darkness, you could hear the deep, throaty roar of a mid-70s GM muscle car with exhaust cut-outs. As the headlights pierced the inky darkness and the rumble approached, you could see and hear the car slow and then come to a stop beneath the triangle. The craft was big enough for 1- 3 occupants. There are an infinite number of places they could have lingered, but they chose the only highway for many miles. The triangle crew panicked and decided to run for it. Unwisely, they chose the only direction with a paved road, and they bolted a mile down the main drag of the micro-village of Church Wells for the Grand Staircase National Monument. The kids in the muscle car weren’t giving up, and matched the triangle’s speed the entire way, running right under it, very loudly. The triangle could have shaken them at the monument entrance by just going straight and jumping into the canyon, but they turned and ran right above the gravel road, with the muscle car right on them. (They don’t get maps?) The race went another 1/4 mile, then the crew made their first right decision and jumped for Coyote creek beneath the face of the Kaparowits plateau, instead of sticking to the road. The driver slammed on the brakes just before leaving the road, sand and gravel flying, and the car roared in frustration. The triangle sailed silently toward Wahweap canyon. None of this struck me as very alien behavior. A couple of months later, well after dark on this same stretch of highway, the Men In Black Uniforms came within 20 feet of directing a seriously malfunctioning V-shaped craft toward an emergency landing. The pilot kept it just high enough to clear the fence and slowly floated it back into the very empty Coyote valley, which has been the site of a black projects v. Mormon cowboy range war since Bill Clinton created Grand Staircase (and Vermilion Cliffs). The Mormons still think they’re fighting “environmentalists.” This was about the same time that an auditor stumbled onto the Pentagon’s USAPs before a re-organization…. Something big went down in the Clinton administration involving DOD &and Interior. This place has never been the same since.

  9. PressToDigitate

    Richard, as noted, YOU are ‘The Wizard at the End of the Yellow Brick Road’ of Ufology. Your reaction to the Google/RAND project targeting *us* – those aware of the Alien Visitation Conspiracy “Theory” – is at the Vanguard of the field – and *Highly Commendable*. No one else in Ufology even seems to be aware of the situation. But “bemused indignation” in Commentary, alone, is likely inadequate by way of response.

    We absolutely *KNOW* from the Deep State’s *pogroms* against Russian Hoax Truthers, BLM/Antifa Truthers, Ukraine Hoax Truthers, Election Integrity Truthers, and COVID Truthers (among others) that the Techlords of the Deep State WILL be bringing their “Cancel Culture” to silence ETUFO Truthers. Anyone who expresses thoughts contrary to the impending ‘Official Narrative’ (which – This Report Indicates – will eventually endorse Greer’s “Benevolent Space Brothers” framing of the problem – because the Aliens *want* it to) will obviously be targeted for shadowbanning, downranking, demonetization, deplatforming and censorship in the near future, to protect that narrative.

    What can You do to alert the rest of Ufology to ‘Beware & Prepare’ for the type of Infiltration, Subversion, Manipulation and Censorship that the Deep State’s Vichy Collaborators at RAND will be bringing us in the months ahead? There are literally *Hundreds* of independent researchers, journalists, commentators, and documentarians who have *already* been silenced and excised from the public square by the same Rogue Spooks and Tech Criminals who are now behind this Google/RAND study, which queues up Ufology as one of their next targets. Will they delete Grant Cameron from YouTube for discussing Majestic? Linda Moulton Howe off of Facebook for talking about Crash Retrievals? Nick Pope from Twitter for recounting the recovery of Alien bodies? Let’s get serious: This Is *EXACTLY* what is indicated by the RAND study, based on how *the same people* in Silicon Valley have used the same supposed “misinformation” theme to *shut down discussion* by independent Microbiologists, Virologists, Epidemiologists, and Physicians on COVID, by FBI, CIA and NSA Whistleblowers on the Russian & Ukraine hoaxes (Coup Attempts), and by expert election integrity specialists and cyber forensics investigators on the 2020 Election Fraud. The information you’re not allowed to hear, see or read online, that they censor from you, is where you find the Truth about what’s really going on. That’s How You Know. THAT’S WHY THEY CENSOR IT. Now, they’re coming for You, for your colleagues in Ufology, and for *US*.

    Circle the Wagons! Pull the Fire Alarm! Light the Bat Signal! Put the Kettle On! We’ve *already seen* what the techno-tyrants have done to silence Populists, Conservatives, Libertarians, Christians – even fellow Liberals who didn’t toe “the Party Line” on Lockdowns or Big Pharma/Vaccines, or the Russian Collusion fantasy, or Syria. Now, they’re *clearly* coming for Ufology – in order to “clear the space” to permit some upcoming Official Narrative to be disseminated without competition or dissent. If we didn’t have *so many examples* already to learn from, we might be excused for letting a new wave of Censorship befall this field. But we DO have those examples, and if Ufology is stupid enough to do nothing, not huddle and prepare, not make contingency plans, not ensure alternative means of distribution, then, I guess Humanity deserves whatever is coming, and we’ll all just be useless in alerting them beforehand (despite 80 years of intensive research by thousands of devotees).

    1. PressToDigitate

      I just sent you privately another slew of documents on the architecture, methodology and rational of the Censorship regime, as it will likely be imposed on Ufology in the near future. Please download them for reference, even if you can’t wade through it all at the moment.

      Since the leadership in Ufology never came together to issue a “Joint Statement” condemning the six pages of fluff released on June 24th, perhaps *NOW* – based on RAND – might be good time to all make some noise TOGETHER, while you’re all still on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. An “Open Letter”, signed by *Every Living Public Ufologist* – perhaps with a new Change.org Petition attached – would be in order, if you six Grand Pubahs don’t want to engage together amongst you. Perhaps Bob Bigelow or one of the Hollywood TV/Documentary producers would cough up the dough to put that Open Letter in the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, etc., as A FULL-PAGE AD.

      Or has everyone been overcome by the inhalation of ‘Swamp Gas’?

  10. deweyweber

    Thanks for calling Big Tech and Rand out on the carpet.
    I love how Rand identifies “us vs them” as trait of conspiracy theorists when the ruling class totally views the rest of us as “them”.

    Personally, I believe in the “yin and the yang” paradigm in that we need opposing points of view. For example, life isn’t all guns or all butter. We need some of each to survive.

    However these days we see little tolerance of the opposing view.

    RichardDolanMembers is my supply of oxygen (read sanity) in an oxygen-deprived world.
    Thanks for keeping up the good fight!

  11. Doctor3j

    First piece of good news in the 70 year discrediting of the UFO phenom, is that Rand thinks the UFO “conspiracy” is not any threat to worry about. The audacity of appointing themselves as the ultimate controllers of much else is unacceptable. All these efforts in and of themselves, without needing to “fire a shot,” have already acheieved much of its goal, by intimidating all of us to temper and mollify and sanitize everything we express.

    We do need an update to the bill of rights

    Among many ideas would be strict laws to prohibit organized infiltration and surveillance of any free speech among groups without a FISA? or other.

  12. HappyCup

    “When you tear out a man’s tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you’re only telling the world that you fear what he might say.” ― George R.R. Martin

  13. Rosanne Losee

    Did anyone catch Joel Achenbach’s column today in the WaPo that “It’s Time To Stop UFO Mania
    and that ” aliens do not exist??”

    Truly a monumental admittance of the ignorance of people out there who should know better. This is the same guy who wrote the same thing 15 years ago, and this is all he has to say now?

    There it is, folks. We still have a lot of work to do.

  14. Andromeda107

    There is no Freaking!!! way that the objects that were seen flying around back in the 40’s ,50’s ,60’s,70’s were ours. The objects that were seen flying during WW2 ,called Foo fighters,which were cigar-shaped, red glowing objects , were definitely not ours, at one point we thought they were the enemies,and the enemies they they us. I can’t believe that J.J. Abrahms documentary put that out there, thats insane. I have no doubt that a few of the ufo objects we see today, and probably back the 90’s were and still is black budget technologly, and misidentification of something explainable but no freaking way back in the 40’s, 50’s ,60’s, 70’s and even 80’s.I would think J.J.Abrahms talked to a lot of government/military folks when working on this document, he probably reached out to some and some probably reached out to him,especially if the secretkeepers of this coverup; what better way to throw disinformation on this subject , give ridiculous information to a big time director/producer, ,convince him that all thes objects that were seen since the 40’s and so on, were black budget tech built right here in the U.S. and then convince that so call abductions were the work of a dilusional, crazy mind, by sharing with him bits and pieces of certain abduction stories, and not letting him see the entire story. I have episode 1 of , but I am not sure if I have any interest in seeing the others after listening you and Jimmy talk about the episodes on his show the other night. And as far as google going after people about ufo talk, I agree with you Richard ,why would they be so concerned if ufo’s/abdcutions aren’t real, people should really ask themselves that. The fact that they would bring Rand in at all on this subject, is somewhat suspicious. Thanks for talking about this.

  15. Scott Santa

    A Road I never thought in a million years we would be traveling on. Truly the stuff of sci-fi terror coming to fruition before our very eyes.

  16. Roland Reade

    Hi Richard you know the tea you begin with an A can you send to me I feel I need it at this moment in time 😇😇😇😇😇

  17. Bernard Pelletier

    The Rand Corporation, founded in ’48, has as one of its founders the notorious Air Force General Curtis LeMay, responsible for 100,000 bombing deaths in Japan, running mate of George Wallace in ’68, and heavily involved in the UFO cover-up. Another of its founders is Hermann Kahn, who was the inspiration for the title character of the movey Dr. Strangelove. LeMay was the inspiration for two characters in the same movey. The other founders are Air Force General Henry Arnold, and Donald Douglas, founder of Douglas Aircraft. So RAND is a product of the military-industrial complex, which is as notorious as Rand itself, and is, along with the secret-agency complex, the power behind the UFO cover-up. And Rand too is heavily involved in the cover-up, so it is not surprising that it opposes those who believe in UFOs and are against conspiracies. (Deep Secrets of a UFO Think Tank, George Filer, rense.com, ufoexplorations.com; Dr. Strangelove’s Real Life Air Force General, historyonthenet.com).

    We also see that terminology is chosen to control the narrative and for psychological effect–so they say “conspiracy theorists” for those who oppose conspiracies, “conspiracies” for conspiracy theories, “conspiracy theories” for conspiracy facts, “conspiracy groups” for groups that oppose conspiracies, “conspiracy theorists” for conspiracy realists. So opposition to conspiracies is identified with conspiracies and unconsciously perceived as conspiracies.

    As for UFO documentaries, the 13-episode series within the TV science series Atomes et galaxies, on Radio-Canada, in ’65 was excellent. But I was unable to find it, and it seems to be either lost or catching dust in some Radio-Canada vault. But I might try again to find it.

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