Richard Interviewed on TikTok

By | June 9, 2023


Hi Guys,

During the weekend I was interviewed by a successful TikToker and YouTuber named JK Ultra. We hadn’t known of her but she knows what she’s doing and has a massive Tik Tok following. Sorry but I don’t know how to link to her Tik Tok but her Youtube channel is here. I do know her TikTok presence is very large, much larger than Youtube. Anyway, this is a short interview which Tracey caught on her phone and we thought we could share it here. I am sure JK’s version of it looks more interesting! I think for that she included me along with Nick Pope and other people. Sorry but I don’t know where that is, so enjoy this instead. 🙂

Oh yes, we learned that JK previously did an extended series of TikTok videos on my book, A.D. After Disclosure. She definitely has followed this field very carefully!