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By | April 11, 2024

Hi Everyone, 

No video, just a quick note for you. I do have a presentation planned for tomorrow that I believe is quite interesting, a bit on some interesting UFO landings around the world during the later 20th century. 

For today I just wanted to let you know that if you have noticed me producing a bit less for this site over the last couple of weeks, one reason has been my health. I am sure it’s nothing too serious, but I feel I should let you know that I have had some issues of late. Namely, two main problems: sporadic but sometimes difficult spells of dizziness, and similarly sporadic but tough spells of total exhaustion. 

I can assure you that my motivation to delve into the UFO subject has not wavered, nor my commitment to completing my current book project. But there are days when it’s just becoming difficult to get things done physically. This has been the case for several of the days earlier this week, although I am feeling better today, which is why I am writing to you now. 

The good news is that I have a doctor I really like and we are going through things. To be honest, my suspicion is that I am dealing with some weird form of Long Covid, since as far as I can tell both symptoms did not appear until after last November, when Tracey and I both caught Covid (along with a zillion other people) at the UFO conference in Las Vegas at that time. Frankly, Tracey got it worse than I did, at least for several months, but perhaps now it’s my turn. 

To emphasize, I don’t think I am dealing with anything grave at this time. I just think I need to take better care of myself and work within the limits of what my body will allow me at this time. It doesn’t mean I will stop posting. I am just mentioning this in case you have been wondering, “where’s Richard?”

I do want to mention something else I just checked concerning this website of ours. We have just completed six years of full time operation, with many more to go. During that time, I have been solely responsible for approving and replying to ALL of your Comments that are uploaded to any of my posts. Some of you know, and others don’t, that I am the only person who moderates and approves all Comments. I do this for a reason: I have always felt that if you take the time to post a comment to this site, then you have the right to know that I have at least read what you’ve written. It’s always been important to me and that is not changing. 

Of course, the downside to that policy is that it can often take a day or two for your comment to receive approval. I realize that can be frustrating for some of you. For that, please know I am sorry. But you need to know that when you write a comment, I actually DO read (and often reply to) what you’ve written. I like to think that’s a decent trade-off. 

I say all this because every once in a while I receive a complaint from a member of this site who doesn’t like the long turnaround for comment approval. If that has happened to you, please understand why. I hope this helps. 

By the way – I just checked for the first time just HOW MANY comments have been posted by members to this site. I’m not talking about posts in the Forum, that is totally different. I am simply talking about the number of comments posted by members of this site to my many posts over the course of six years. When I checked, the number shocked me: just under 28,000!

That amounts to about 4,500 comments each year, and about 12 per day, every day!

It’s a genuine testament to the brilliant activity of each of you who take the time to put your thoughts to the screen and share them with not just myself, but everyone else here. We have a heck of a community, something for which I am very grateful. 

I’ll be back tomorrow. 



48 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. BrianRuhe

    Get well soon Richard and Tracey!

    The Buddha taught us not to take health for granted. It is normal to get sick and die. We appreciate whatever time we have with you Richard!!

    Long live the Great Man, Richard Dolan!

  2. Richard Brown

    Feel better, Richard. Slowing down a little to stay healthy is a good thing. We’ll still be here 🙂

  3. Spyros

    Wow RD !! That’s a brilliant and deep write up !!! I hope & pray you 2 get better shake it all off & continue for another 60+ years !! No need to reply or respond to me. I get enough out of this site just-as and I get more more from this site than I put in ! You don’t owe me anything! Just owe it to yourself & yourselves to recover.. The matter of disclosure and truth surrounding government & UFOs & UFOs themselves can take care of themselves. I’m just thankful to have been be part of this community albeit in a tiny , small way & more as receiver than giver way ! Anytime you feel like switching it off or pausing it to concentrate on Big Richard and Big Richards life & health please do , no apologies. It was a Deep privaladge to know you Sir. & Will remember you always. Thank You . Grateful.

  4. Holly

    Hi Richard,

    Typhoid Mary here. I fear I may have passed on the plague to you when we met at the Vegas conference in November, for which I would like to profusely apologize!

    I hope that is not the cause of your continued ailments.

    Nattokinase, NAC and Vitamin D, as well as the unspeakable Iver are the way to treating the long term variety of the plague.

    I wish you well and a speedy recovery 🤗


    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Hi Carolyn, please don’t feel bad about that. I have no idea who passed the Covid on to me. Maybe you but maybe not and it doesn’t matter anyway. That stuff was AROUND! Doing my best to stay healthy and in fact I feel much better today.

  5. Perry Mittelstaedt

    Thanks for the update! I wish you and Tracey all the best and a solid recovery. Getting older is not easy, I will be 66 in June and have several chronic conditions I deal with daily…learning to slow down has not been easy for me and I’m sure you. You always give it your best and we are all so grateful to know you. You and Tracey are stellar human beings…and that seems to be in short supply these days. Everyone in this community should appreciate how rare that is. All my best! Cheers – Perry

  6. Anthony Dobson

    Richard, getting older is crap. However with your content it’s alway about quality over quantity. 5-minutes of Dolan time is worth a week of most others. Look after yourself mate!

  7. Elizabeth Wright

    So sorry to hear that, Richard, and thanks for letting us know: very thoughtful. There are lots of weird things around at the moment that need time and rest to recover. High levels of Vit D can have an effective impact, as the utube videos of Dr John Campbell and others suggest. Don’t worry about us- you give us a huge amount to think about, even with fewer posts. All the best to you and Tracey. Liz

  8. Jonathan Caplan

    Be well Richard. You are hugely appreciated and needed. I have noticed that this calendar year so far seems to have produced a large amount of negativity, anxiety and imbalance. In world events and in the health of many I know of all age groups. These are bumpy times and they distort our focus and wellbeing. This may all sound a little far out but I am seeing it in so many people.Sorry if I am pushing up the annual total to 4501!

  9. Andromeda107

    Richard your health comes first, I hope you feel better soon. And I am not one of those people who get upset when haven’t read my comment right away. I know you have a busy schedule, and I also know that dealing with health issues can be overwhelming and scary. Tell Tracey I said hello .

  10. Thomas Fattorusso

    Feel better RD we need you this next decade in a big way i think and fear
    Did you catch this abductee on redacted youtube show that person appears completely legit your thoughts? If you havent seen it please try its fascinating

  11. Dari Larimer

    Many Blessings to you & Tracy as you research your health concerns of late! My husband and I immensely appreciate ALL you’ve done & do to share UAP (&USO) information info with us. My deceased, USAF Colonel Father (a WWll pilot in Asia) greatly valued your research, Richard.
    He & his B24 team had “glow ovals/orbs” follow with their plane —and he said, he strangely never felt threatened by them! After the war, his team was “strongly encouraged” to NOT discuss their “glow ball” experiences with others, as it could “well affect your military career trajectory.” It has been an ongoing Truth misdirect and embargo.
    My dad surmised (from good sources) that 85-95% of UAP witnessed ARE “Military Black budget/even illegal,” reverse engineered. And he grew so frustrated that our world wasn’t able to credit the real source of this incredible tech as “from the others” (now NHI).

    On USOs, Something you may be interested in caught my attention today from “The Earth Watchman” site—a potential USO, 85 ft water-wave disturbance : https://youtu.be/ed7oslap2wg?si=_0QksKT8rsFo7FCG “Massive water disturbance DEEP in Southern Earth Hemisphere.”
    Again—HUGE thanks to you and Tracy!
    Rest, continue to take care.
    (Please- you’re so so busy —no response needed:)

  12. Clint Child

    Richard: I don’t know if you’re aware that chronic dizziness doesn’t always have a physical cause. If a medical doctor can’t find a physical reason for symptoms, then there may be no diagnosis. I know from personal experience that conditions such as PPPD (Persistent Postural Perceptual Dizziness) can be debilitating and doctors will be generally clueless. I’m praying for you to get through this. CC

  13. Peter Hutley

    I wish you both good rest and recovery. I’m amazed at all the things you have researched and presented to us . I’m extremely grateful as are many others. Take care, regards Pete Hutley.

  14. J-Rod

    Take care of yourself and Tracey as well. We can live without content for an extended time. And if people can’t…get a life. 👽👍

  15. GrannyChanie

    I’m really sorry to hear you’re having some health issues. Hopefully, your new doctor will be able to figure out what’s going on and all will be well. Your health and wellbeing are number one, so take the time to rest and care for yourself. Sending good thoughts and prayers to you both.

  16. Tom McKibbin

    Hi Richard,

    As a paying member of your site I’d like you to know that the reason I’m a member is to support you and the work that you do. I’m not looking at the calendar waiting for you to deliver content on time, and I’m not annoyed when videos get delayed. I’d continue supporting you even if there was no new video content.

    I’m sure I don’t have to tell you this, but please, please prioritise your health above everything else. You’re no good to us if you’re not able to do the important work that you do, and we want you to continue with your research for many more years to come.

    Really looking forward to getting the USO books when they’re ready, but please don’t rush them (or any video content) at the expense of your own health.

    Sending lots of healing energy in the direction of you and Tracey!

  17. Christina

    Hey Richard,

    Thank you for the update, I hope you feel better soon. Please take care and slow down when needed. You, Tracey and this site so valuable, and it’s not always important how often you post, but what you put out here. The quality of your work is unique, and much appreciated.


  18. D.A.

    Hi Richard,

    Hope you get better soon. I’ve been dealing with some recent COVID related issues as well, but nothing like yours. Regarding the 28,000 comments posted to your site, fortunately for you most people post relatively short ones, like me;-) Also, fortunately for you, we are in a current lull in news on the UFO front, so enjoy it while it lasts, which won’t be long.

    Did you happen to read Mellon’s Tweet not too long ago about the USAF’s CR&REP gatekeeper? It confirmed a couple things, which we’ve been speculating about now for while, and which Mellon and Knapp had alluded to on several occasions: 1) The current deep-state faction of the UFO Secrecy Establishment (USE) is absolutely embedded within the AFIC, and 2) Mellon, Elizondo, Stratton, and the other people I affectionately refer to as the AOA (with the possible exception of peripheral players like Knapp), have always known a hell of a lot more than what they had publicly stated in the past, and still know a hell of a lot more, which—of course—makes them still very much a part of the “shallow-state” USE, albeit a whistle-blower faction of it to whom we all owe a great debt of gratitude. Obviously, this means that a lot more will come out when the right opportunities present themselves. We just need to be patient and watch how this all plays out.

    Essentially, the public is sitting on the sidelines of a race that is pitting the UFO Transparency Coalition (UTC); which is made up of 1) the AOA (who got the ball rolling), 2) the deep-state UFO whistle-blower coalition that includes Grusch and the 40+ deep-state whistle blowers (as well as the USAF’s CR&REP gatekeeper), and 3) the UFO Congressional Disclosure Caucus (CDC); against the corrupt and immoral deep-state faction of the USE, which not only controls a large part of the IC and MIC but a number of key members of Congress as well (whether that control is wielded through some form of subornation, like bribes and/or blackmail, or some other form of extortion). Unfortunately, time, a compliant MSM, venal politicians, and a largely apathetic and easily manipulated public, are all on the deep-state faction’s side. In addition to seeing a ramp-up of UAP disinformation in the not-too-distant future, expect to see a number of CDC members, like Burchett, get voted out of office during the next election cycle, or get caught up in some form of scandal, or political intrigue, which discredits them.

    Whatever needs to happen with regards to keeping official UFO acknowledgment and subsequent public acceptance moving forward, has to happen soon—while the UAP topic is still hot, and the CDC is still intact and willing to fight. And be rest assured that if we know something has to happen soon, then so too does those within the UTC, as well as the deep-state faction of the USE; therefore, expect something to happen shortly, because if something BIG doesn’t happen over the next several months, then we can simply re-title the AOA UAP Enlightenment Era as the ARRO UAP Debunking Era, and then file it right next to the Robertson Panel Flying Saucer Debunking Era file, and the Condon Committee UFO Debunking Era file.

    As always, just my humble opinion. Get well soon.


  19. itsmeRitaC

    Hi Richard, long covid was what i was thinking the other month when you mentioned your health issues. I am sure your doctor has blood tested you like crazy. And inner ear issues for dizziness. I once experienced vertigo. It was so unusual. The dizzyness came upon me and it felt like the floor moved 45 degrees. I actually stood up against a wall because i felt i would fall over. That was about five years ago. It lasted about five minutes.

    Also, hypoglycemia could be involved but i am sure you are being checked for that as well. And also, if you are vegan especially, anemia comes to mind. Actually, the covid may have triggered these things. I dont know. I never got vaxed and i don’t think you did, so you don’t need to second guess about vax effects.

    I wonder what covid strain, or whatever mutataion was around last november because i got it for the first time at the end of november. However, i didn’t find it to be that bad. There are likely many variations on the theme. 🙂

    I strongly sense that you need to ‘let go’ a little. In general. I have a feeling that is not what comes easiest for you. However, it is happening anyway, so you may as well embrace it.

    Sending healing energies, rita

  20. deweyweber

    First yourself, then Chris Lehto with health challenges?

    In the words of Joe Cocker:

    You’re feelin’ alright? (Oh, no)
    I’m not feelin’ too good myself (no, no)
    Yes sir, you’re feelin’ alright? (Oh, no)
    I’m not feelin’ that good myself, yeah (no, no)

    We plan on attending Contact in the Desert, so please get well soon.
    Tracy and yourself are a national treasure to us who … Fight the Good Fight!

  21. David LoVecchio

    Knowing that I’m taking a small slice of your future time away, I feel bad writing to say I hope you feel better, but I’d also feel bad if I didn’t do so. Aaargh!! I guess I’ll write this, hope you don’t read it, and that you feel better.

  22. TomTort

    Don’t worry about how long it takes to respond to the comments. I appreciate your responses because they are sincere. It is a pleasure listening to an amazing and highly intelligent individual.. I enjoy your thoughts and honesty.
    It is a sad thing this COVID because I am sure you are aware it was a laboratory creation and has been a disaster for far too many innocent people. I had a close friend who passed away from this nightmare recently and his family is devastated. Just keep a positive attitude and consider all of your accomplishments. You are a person who must live long and prosper. Keep fighting the good fight. I look forward to your next publication.

  23. Lazy Mystic

    Dear Richard,
    please be sure to get tested for tick borne illnesses (which can manifest a variety of symptoms). This can go under the radar for many people, including mainstream doctors. Our Island (Martha’s Vineyard) is a hotbed for such afflictions, so health care providers here are usually extra trained to scrutinize for such infections (and there are several types, beyond but including Lyme Disease).

    It is worth the effort to get blood tested & screened. Good luck !




  24. Andy Walker

    Take care of yourself, health is more impotant than anything else. We’ll be here when you have more time and energy for this site.


  25. JerseyGirl2008

    I’m sincerely sorry you’re dealing with health issues and am thrilled you’ve found a doctor you like and that you’re working on these problems together. Having dealt with various chronic health problems throughout my life, I tend to focus on the positive aspects of life and keep going as best I can. But it’s been decades of this. It’s new for you, and it’s indeed scary when it occurs, yet I’m hopeful that these issues will pass for you. What I wish for you and Tracey – truly and deeply – is the ability to take a break for three weeks (it takes one week just to wind down). Go to a peaceful mountain cabin or a tranquil seaside/beach cottage and don’t worry about tending to the paywall or missing out on something. It will all be here when you return and your members will understand. You’ve been burning the candle at both ends for so long… you’ve well-earned a short break. You may think, “How can I possibly do this? I have so many commitments and people counting on me.” There’s never a good time. Just do it and return refreshed.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Thank you for this comment and I do foresee the time when I can do that. Hey … I could even potentially do so and no one would know: I could build up a bunch of releases and schedule them for uploading while I’m gone. Or I can just turn off the lights for a little while. 🙂 Anyway, at some point I do want to take a break. Maybe later this year.

  26. Christian Morales

    I don’t mean to freak you out and this is probably not it. So there’s this Illness called Havana syndrome and It’s very highly classified and I got a source which I’m sure you have some of these sources too that it not only happens to people in the government but people outside the government. Apparently a lot of USG whistleblowers get it, people working on defense and aerospace companies, and even in the White House. Almost like an invisible force attacking people and no one knows who’s responsible here’s the good news if that was the case reach out to Hal Putoff or Kit Green and you’ll be fixed real quick. Anyway it’s probably not that and nothing to worry about and I’m very aware of my paranoia. I see oh
    He met Karl Nell and Tim Gallaudet and the invisible aliens got him lol it’s so silly. The truth of the matter is it’s probably stress you probably got a lot of work and pressure under your plate. Take it easy man right after you finish Volume 2 on audible I’ll be the first customer and your USO book 😂😂😂. Seriously though slow down. There’s my 2 opinions my paranoid one and my rational one 😉

  27. Espen Brandshaug

    Hi Richard

    Regarding frequent dizziness, nausea, headaches and the occasional feeling of fatigue and/or physical exhaustion, aka: “the new normal”…🙄
    I recommend checking out Arthur Firstenberg’s thorough research on 5G and his decades long study of electromagnetic frequencies(radiation) related to health issues. He’s the author of “The invisible rainbow, a history of electricity and life”, he’s also the President of “Cellular Phone Task Force”.

    BTW I bet your doctor’s not overly enthusiastic or crazy about following up on these things though… anyways, it’s worth looking into I believe.

    Friendly regards,
    Espen Brandshaug

  28. RavenMaven

    12 posts per day! Wow. No wonder you’re tired!

    I usually don’t give medical advice, but I’ve been battling long covid for 3 years. In 2021, I took the thymus peptides that Paul Hynek told you about and they really helped alleviate many of my symptoms. NY is the land of peptides – you might try getting some through your Doc or Paul. It’s harder to get them now because the FDA is blocking production by compound pharmacies, so Paul might be the better route. . . . You might also have your Doc check you for AFIB. Dizziness and fatigue are classic symptoms – you’d have to wear a heart monitor for a week or two. . . .

    Otherwise, I agree with everyone else. Rest more and get better. There’s plenty of content here to keep us busy!

  29. Granite Rock

    Wouldn’t it be nice if you clicked some comment-posters name, you could see all his/her contributions to the site = read all their comments ever posted here

    You yourself say comments are a big part of this website here and you praise reddit. In reddit you click a persons name and you immediatly get their posts listed chronologically.

    Such a feature would be a great way of accessing info that was user-generated. There are some big, big minds in the comment sections right ‘ere. We should be able to click their name and get all bundled thoughts (comments) instantly

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      That is indeed a neat idea and I will look into that. Not sure if it’s possible with this platform, but I will look into it! thanks for the suggestion.

      1. Granite Rock

        Really hope this comes about.. Like if you click on Press2Digitate’s name or Allan Lavigne’s or D.A.’s you could read all their comments. This would certainly benefit everyone’s own research path.

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