Merry Christmas!

By | December 26, 2018


Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, from Richard and Tracey. We are doing a little bit of holiday season travel but during this time we would like to send our sincere wishes for everyone to have some time this season to reconnect with those things that matter most to you. Whether you do or don’t celebrate Christmas, we wish you and yours a happy, healthy, and meaningful season and new year.

Life always presents challenges, difficulties, and tragedies to us. But there remain many reasons for us to be grateful for this time we share, and many opportunities remain to make something good and worthwhile for ourselves and others. To inspire ourselves and others with the knowledge that we can, every one of us, do something to make life better, not worse. To ease the burden, not increase it. To love others, and make ourselves into our best version yet.

In a time of rapid change and a feeling sometimes that we have lost our footing on the things that matter, to reengage our humanity, to focus on higher matters, and to remain cheerful in the face of adversity. As far as I can see, that’s the essence of the human spirit.

In other news, I hope you enjoy my best Sinatra impression. 🙂

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  1. Satyagraha

    Seriously, Richard, we need you in that day job. We don’t care if you’re already booked, headlining in Atlantic City. You stay here!

    Will send an email about forum platforms too. I don’t know what’s best, but I’ve seen some of what’s pretty bad. Don’t know how much they cost, but the one private forum I’m in is by invitation, not subscription. So, there’s one with a relatively smaller membership that’s getting by without the members paying some kind of rent. I think their main expense must be storage/hosting, but I don’t know for sure. It’s been around for years, while I’ve only been there for a few months. They just migrated platforms in an upgrade and had to haul all their old baggage to new servers. The improvements were substantial, but they have hotshot admins.

    I am on another forum that has to make it on donations where I am a non-techie moderator. I have stayed there for close to seven years now because it’s a great bunch of folks who get along (or else). They are always needing help with the finances but still get by. We love each other and many give to sustain it. I have been on some machinery focused forums (tractors and sawmills — I have both) and the political partisanship has driven me away.

    Around 1995 I was nearly a charter member at the NPR “Your Turn” forum, but they had to kill the forum off when they woke up and realized that they had inadvertently made their listeners into online news editors and reporters. They simply couldn’t have that, not with their board of directors all being straight out of Radio Free Europe, Radio and TV Marti, the USIA, interestingly, all organs of government propaganda. Their platform was technically and operationally a great one, but that they had software cost a fortune. Some of us wanted to keep it going when they pulled the rug from under us. We wanted the same platform, but had to settle for a cheapie software, run by one volunteer with the tech skills to keep it going. There are about four of us still posting there today as the “NPR castaways.”

    One of the admins over at that membership forum posted something out loud within the past few months, before I was a member here, but after I had mentioned you, Richard, that he was interested in your work. He might be tickled shitless just to get an inquiry from you. I will email that info to you. That site has too high a level of partisanship to be much fun in my opinion. Sure hope that never happens here. This membership system would bode well for strong loving community. That’s what I want for sure.

    Happy Boxing Day, Richard and Tracey.



    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Just want to comment on the NPR part. And yes for sure, so glad you made the Radio Free Europe connection to NPR. It’s too bad that so few NPR listeners are aware of the deep intelligence community connections it has. Anyway, as for the forum, I can tell you that Tracey and I were looking at models today and plan to do something soon! Also, if you or anyone else has a specific lead for us, send us an email!

  2. William Sickle II

    Tracey & Richard: It has been fulfilling for me to see, and now participate in the realization of the broader potential of your work. As a team you have demonstrated a balance in views and comprehension that certainly I appreciate – and from the comments I’ve observed – many of your listeners and members do as well. Just seems more wholesome and healthy with truly nettlesome subject matter you’ve chosen to determine the truth about.

    I particularly like the attitude of exploring tangential and entirely relevant subject matter and their tie-ins with the primary topics of UFOs, geopolitics, false flags, robotics, remote viewing, trans-humanism. . . and more. Though I don’t have a forum model to suggest, I have no doubt you will decide on a most appropriate and workable format when finally determined. I shall be looking forward to that; the YT Live Chat is not very inviting from my perspective.

    Thank you both for all of your devotion and hard work ! May your present moments and the year ahed be as fulfilling and Joyful for you both as you intend it to be.

    I have not reviewed you archive as of yet, however, I have an interest in learning and hearing more from David Adair ( I heard him referred to as ‘Rocket Man’ once ). His work and experiences seem particularly relevant to your topic areas generally, and his efforts presently to reinforce the national power grid to withstand potential EMP and CME impact. This and his experiences with Area 51 seem to warrant significant exploration.

    My best energy to you Both // Bill

  3. Alastair Barker

    Have a good break Mr & Mrs D…… 5, 4, 3, 2,1,…. Ok that’s long enough. The freaking world ain’t gonna save itself y’ know. Sheesh! – Did Jesus take a short break in Sharm el Sheikh? I don’t think so. ‘ (”and lo, it came to pass that the Lord spake unto Jesus saying ‘verily thou hath been preaching thy fecking sandals off, go forth and kicketh tho uback with thy mates, taketh with thou that Magdalen bird who looketh well up for it ? – The Gospel according to St Dan Brown chapter 666 verse 1) Seriously (no really) thank you for making me feel included at this particular point in time. Love. OH … and if you are going to Canadia (?) a piece of advice which ‘may’ be valuable.” Drink Canada Dry” is NOT an instruction (as several of my now deceased Scottish countryman have proven) XXX ?

  4. James, Hitt

    “In strange and uncertain times such as those we are living in, sometimes a reasonable person might despair. But hope is unreasonable and love is greater even than this. May we trust the inexpressible benevolence of the creative impulse.”

    Your thoughtful and compassionate words in the description below the video immediately brought this quotation to mind.

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