Back from the Carribean

By | March 24, 2019

We returned late last night from our nearly week-long MUFON Cruise, which took us from Fort Lauderdale to the Yucatan Peninsula and back again. It was a great experience in more ways than one. First, Tracey and I learned that cruises can be really fun! We would definitely have this experience again. Honestly, just the experience of being able to look out over water from horizon to horizon is hypnotic, at least for me. I feel fortunate to have had such an experience.

But without a doubt, the highlight was meeting so many great people, especially several who are members of this site. Tracey has all the pics on her camera, so we will be uploading a few of them here a little later. But for now, I just want to acknowledge Kirsten, Kurt, David, Ken, Colin, and Janice.

There were many excellent conversations, and of course formal lectures by presenters. In addition to my own lectures (which I will be creating here shortly), there were good ones by MUFON Director Jan Harzan, Chase Kloetzke, and Debbie Ziegelmeyer. Big themes for sure included MUFON, TTSA, AATIP, and USOs (the last by Debbie). My main theme was on the scientific bombshells recently dropped by Dr. Hal Puthoff at the 2018 SSE conference. All in all, there was more than enough for everyone to sink their teeth into.

Here are some pics of our wonderful week. Starting with the deep blue sea.


With new friends Kurt and Kirsten.

And with more new friends David, Janice, and Colin.

With one of the trip organizers, Mike Migliore. He and Wendy were fantastic.

On the bus. That’s Chase on the far left with her husband Pete. Also Kirsten and Kurt behind them.

In Yucatan, at the bottom of a lot of steps.

With some of the peeps, including Chase and Pete. That’s Wendy Migliore in the front. She and her husband Mike organized the trip, and did a great job.

Tracey has a true knack for the group selfie!

Do I ever love this pic.

Debbie Ziegelmeyer and Jan Harzan.

We had a panel discussion on the cruise. Wondering what I said to make Jan and Chase look so happy.

Cruise member Bill (left) with fellow cruise member — and new site member–  Ken (right). Welcome, Ken!


With new member of our site, Stuart.

Wearing our too-cool Disclosure tee shirts!

7 thoughts on “Back from the Carribean

  1. Eric Karch

    Welcome back to Rochester, it’s actually not to cold and grey here! Spring has sprung (unless we have one more snow storm, which is totally possible in Rochester ?). Glad you had a good time on the cruise. I have never been on one, but my wife is trying to get me to go. Not really feeling it though, we’ll see. I enjoyed the latest YouTube talk on the Betty and Barney Hill case, and I don’t get why the Blue Book program couldn’t represent them in a more legitimate way. What is the issue with the Hill’s not being presented as they were, an interracial married couple? I will never understand Hollywood:( I will continue to give the show a watch, but your lectures and the plethora of books on the UFO subject is more where it’s at for me. And the documentaries, I love documentaries! By the way, the new hot/cold beverage container is quality, very sturdy and the graphics pop, so happy you offered this on the site! Looking forward to the upcoming lectures from the cruise! Cheers!

    1. Richard Dolan

      Hi Eric,
      Thanks for the greeting! Regarding the treatment of the Hills on the Bluebook series (which portrayed BOTH as African American), I have to say it’s mystifying to me. Only thing I can think of is that they set the event ten years earlier, in the early 1950s as opposed to when it happened in 1961. Maybe because it was (slightly) less of a social stigma in 1961 than the early 50s? I can’t really think of any reason why they would change that. Weird. Hope to see you at a Rochester Meetup next time!

      1. Timur Rozenfeld

        My wife and I actually had no idea that episode was even related to the Hill abduction as it was so different. This does give them an opportunity to do it properly next season or whenever.

  2. Jason Matses

    Great photos, thanks for the wrap-up! Looked like a great time. My fiancée and I were following the updates and considering jumping on one of these group cruises sometime ? I’m visiting her this summer in her hometown Birmingham, UK. We’re going to come to the CLExpo specifically to see Richard and Tracy and Linda MH! Looking forward to to that.

    Richard & Tracy, please take a look at this footage I discovered yesterday , what do you think? To me this is top 3 best UFO footage I’ve ever laid eyes on, if not #1

    Allegedly in Madrid, September 6, 2015. I couldn’t find much on google about where this video may have came from but I didn’t look hard. What I DID find was a specific Secure Team video posted about a Multiple UFO sighting In Los Angeles on the same day, Sep6,2015. The secureteam footage is different footage from a different location on the globe but on the same day. The footage is far away but is highly anomalous, multiple objects hovering , glowing blinking rotating etc… some of the most credible footage on Tyler’s entire channel.

    May they be connected? Was there perhaps a new planetary arrival/surveyal on that day? Maybe more footage from the day can be found.

  3. Allen Page

    Looks like you guys had a wonderful time. No seasickness I hope. My wife and I did a western Caribbean cruise in ’06 and got to visit the ruins at Talum. Cheers, Allen

  4. Satyagraha

    A note from the bandwidth challenged:

    The photos on this page total 24 MB. That’s a really long load here. Of course I would like to see the pictures too, it’s just be ready to sit and wait for them. When we get a forum, and folks will be wanting to post their own images (and these could be important to our subject matter), these will likely be coming from smart phones, as that’s what people do these days. I moderate another forum and it has become a lost cause to get it through people’s heads about their images, not to mention lost bandwidth for everyone, but the images being put up are way bigger than my 32″ display, and weigh in in the megabytes range.

    I have a Linux app called, “Simple Image Reducer,” that I use for images that have big file sizes from my fancier cameras. I don’t usually have to deal with that because I have my kick-around/go everywhere camera set for 640X480 pixels, which seems to be well sized to the average internet page (800X600 is about the maximum needed for the internet). I set the density at 72dpi, a clarity well suited to most any desk top monitor. What to do about those smart phone images short of loading them into a computer and resizing both for pixels and density, I can’t say.

    For some reason, that first image up there, the seascape, is only 213 KB, though even that one was scaled to about a quarter of the original pixels, or roughly half its vertical and horizontal dimensions [1,152px × 648px (scaled to 595px × 335px)]. But still, that image is a perfect example of what you can get for .1% of the bandwidth of the average other image on this page.

    I hope, when the forum begins, we can have in the guidelines some directions and warnings about image file and pixel sizes. Part of the cost of the forum’s hosting will be the byte load. How will we spend that capacity? Not only are the larger than necessary images a waste of storage space (a true waste because almost no one will be able to see any visible improvement for the expenditure), but it will impact those of us who get our bytes through a cocktail straw. We don’t all get fire hoses. If there are images so important that the large, high density, files are needed for our research purposes, they can be placed where they can be downloaded at a link.

    The situation here for me with even the newsletter is that I have remote content blocked in my email client, because the download time is just too great. The images overwhelm my lousy DSL connection that I get for just over $1200 per year from CenturyStink (the only game in town). Satellite would be faster, but costs more yet, and I have zero income, only out-go.

    Okay, that’s my squeaky wheel rant. I guess it’s always about oil.


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