UFOs, AI, and “Progress” | RD FCP June 9, 2024

By | June 9, 2024

Hi Everyone,

Back home now, feeling good, and here with a 90 minute Fireside Chat Podcast. So, it’s not an actual lecture (although expect at least one later this week), but it does conclude with an extended new theory of mine — “Power through Complexity” is what I am calling it. I’m not saying it’s never been understood before; in fact, I think we’ve always understood this notion, but I do think I’ve begun to understand it in a fresh way that might be interesting to you as well. 

Before I get to that, however, I do a review of some recent UFO/UAP news as well as some interesting developments in the area of AI and technology. Much of the AI initiative usually comes through Tracey, who has her own feed on this subject and frequently sends them along to me. 

In terms of UFO, I start with a rather interesting article from News Nation that essentially did a quick recap of the ongoing struggle between Congress and the Pentagon. What I liked about it was how it collected a number of interesting quotations on the matter from many US politicians and Pentagon spokespersons. I liked it so much that I put the quotes into a slide presentation for you. 

There’s news about Japan’s initiative to do its own version of a UAP study. Before I discussed that, however, I had a few things to say about our rhetorical transition from UFO to UAP, and our transition from Disclosure to Transparency. Think about it. We once talked incessantly about “UFO Disclosure.” Now increasingly the public discussion is about “UAP Transparency.” Those are not the same things! I had a few things to say about this in the chat and I can assure you I want to return to that in the near future. 

Other news articles dealt with developments in AI and technology, Chinese flying cars, and a Chinese Drone Carrier. 

After all that I followed up on my notion of human power through complexity. 

Here are links to the stories I discussed:

News Nation, “Top-secret UFO research grips Washington: Here’s what they’re saying”

Japan Times, “Japan lawmakers create group to investigate UFO security ‘threat'”


CNBC, Chinese EV maker Xpeng aims to deliver its first flying car in 2026

Asia Times, China floats world’s first drone aircraft carrier

Binmile, 10 Innovative Developments in AI that You Need to Know

Two other interesting articles on AI. Here and here


I hope you found this FCP interesting and a bit thought provoking.