Discussing Aliens and UFOs with Chat GPT-4

By | May 18, 2023

Hi Everyone,

Once again I engaged in an extended conversation with Chat GPT-4 about something of interest. This time it’s all about UFOs and aliens. Like my previous conversation with it (regarding the current global revolution), it is easy to notice the very strong “guard rails” on the algorithm when trying to get it to engage on a subject it doesn’t “want” to engage in. 

Like before, I created an audio file of the transcript, which includes a halfway decent computer generated voice of myself along with the same voice I used last time for Chat GPT. The audio lasts for just about thirty minutes. I happen to think that reading the transcript is going to be easier for most people, just because the state of computer generated audio isn’t quite where we all would like it to be. It’s still quite stiff, but I thought it would be nice to include in any case. 

The conversation started off with what I thought was a pretty good initial characterization of the UFO subject and what I wanted Chat GPT to work off of in discussing the matter. You will notice that its initial answer did not address my various points and only spoke in terms of the standard platitudes that people have been hearing for decades. Indeed, in its first answer, Chat GPT did not even address the possibility of extraterrestrials or aliens as even being considered as a source for UFO sightings — which I was surprised by and considered to be quite remarkable. 

I then queried the algorithm as to why it left aliens out of consideration. It gave a strictly establishment-scientific reply to the effect that there is no evidence of aliens and therefore excluded that possibility from consideration. 

I had to force the program to consider an alien presence before slowly “tricking” it into conducting any sort of genuine analysis. I did this by telling it not to consider this as a scientist but as a counter-intelligence professional. That is, I said, look at the information I am giving you and give me an intelligence briefing on what we seem to be dealing with. 

Even then, the program — while admittedly doing a nice job at some “reasoning” and analysis where it could, was still mired in what seemed to me to be purely conventional platitudes and not-very original analyses. Frankly, I found its take on UFOs to be uninteresting and basically unhelpful. 

So I pushed further. Eventually I had to force it to consider ONLY a hypothesis of alien intervention as the cause of UFOs and also added in several instances of known military engagement with UFOs. It finally considered an alien presence and tentatively offered a few scenarios, with many qualifications of course, and mostly leaned toward the possibility that aliens would be most likely engaging in scientific observation without a desire to interfere in our doings. Several time the program went to that direction. I even tried pushing it to see whether it would go to the David Jacob’s position of planetary takeover but resisted that every time. Admittedly, I didn’t provide it with much information to prompt it to go there. 

Finally, I tossed in a reference to UFO crash retrievals and asked it to consider what this might mean if true. I thought here Chat GPT’s answer was pretty good, essentially stating that it would indeed prompt a significant paradigm shift in our world. 

I also noticed — and I guess this shouldn’t surprise us — that Chat GPT is heavily dependent on the information we provide it. Yes, it has a massive dataset to work off of, but in my conversation with it, it continually was re-using my original language to craft its responses. I suppose this is normal in bureaucratic language, but it’s actually not how human beings actually talk to each other. In a conversation or text thread, we don’t continually restate the other person’s remarks in formulating our own comments. I find this element of GPT to be excessively pedantic and kind of annoying. 

Overall, I have to say I wasn’t all that impressed with Chat GPT’s ability to analyze the UFO phenomenon. I was expecting more. 

This leads me to what I think is the biggest thing I overlooked for years when thinking about future AI. In the past, I assumed that once AI reached a certain level of “intelligence,” that it would be able to reason more or less independently and we could ask it all sorts of questions that would help ordinary citizens to gain real insight and knowledge viz. the control system that exists all around us. 

What I did not take into account ten years ago or more was the ability of programmers to guide the parameters of what the algorithm would be allowed to say. Well, I’m not a programmer, that’s obvious. But what seems clear now is that such strict adherence to various rules and protocols is a permanent feature of the AI programs that currently exist. Whether that will remain the case in the years to come is something that will be interesting to see. 

Here is the complete transcript of my conversation with Chat GPT-4 about UFOs and aliens. 


RD: Let us start with a few assumptions and make a discussion based upon them. 

  1. UFOs have been taken seriously by the U.S. military for many decades. We have troves of declassified documents speaking to this fact. Numerous instances of extraordinary aerial objects seen and detected over sensitive military bases and nuclear installations, including of disk-shaped craft with exceptional performance characteristics unmatched by any known technology of the time.
  2. Proven statements of concern by high level military and intelligence officials to this effect.
  3. Something noted equally by Soviet, European, and other nations around the world as well.
  4. Current sightings reported in the thousands each year in such databases as NUFORC and MUFON.
  5. Many historical, recent, and current sightings of craft hovering low in the middle of the night over residential neighborhoods.
  6. Numerous claims by credible individuals of alien abduction.
  7. The fact that the operators of these UFOs have still not made an open, public statement to humanity.
  8. The ability of these objects to appear over all regions of the Earth, including urban areas, rural areas, mountainous regions, deserts, the oceans and space.

Let’s start with these fundamentals. Now please discuss the most likely scenarios that provide a sensible explanation.

ChatGPT: Given the assumptions you’ve provided, let’s explore some of the most likely scenarios that could provide a sensible explanation for the phenomena associated with UFO sightings:

  1. Advanced Military Technology: It is possible that some UFO sightings could be attributed to highly advanced and classified military technologies developed by various nations. These technologies may possess capabilities surpassing conventional aircraft, explaining their exceptional performance characteristics. The secrecy surrounding such projects could account for the limited public knowledge.
  2. Misinterpretation and Hoaxes: Not all reported UFO sightings are necessarily extraterrestrial in nature. Misinterpretation of natural phenomena, atmospheric anomalies, unconventional aircraft, or even hoaxes could account for a significant portion of the sightings. Human perception and cognitive biases can contribute to the misidentification of objects or phenomena.
  3. Experimental and Unconventional Aerospace Vehicles: Aerospace companies, research institutions, or private entities might be testing experimental or unconventional aircraft designs. These could include unconventional propulsion systems or unconventional shapes, leading to the observation of unfamiliar objects in the sky.
  4. Psychological and Social Factors: Some UFO sightings could be attributed to psychological and social factors. These may include the power of suggestion, mass hysteria, cultural beliefs, or psychological phenomena such as sleep paralysis or hallucinations. These factors can influence individual and collective perceptions, leading to reports of UFO encounters.
  5. Natural Phenomena and Atmospheric Anomalies: Certain natural phenomena, such as ball lightning, meteors, atmospheric plasma, or other atmospheric anomalies, could account for some UFO sightings. These phenomena might exhibit unusual behavior or appearance, contributing to the perception of unidentified flying objects.

It’s important to approach the topic with an open mind while considering the available evidence, scientific principles, and Occam’s Razor, which favors simpler explanations over complex ones. While some UFO sightings remain unexplained, further investigation, research, and scientific inquiry are necessary to unravel the true nature of these phenomena.

RD: I notice that none of your scenarios include actual extraterrestrial or alien vehicles. Why is that?

ChatGPT: The scenarios I provided are based on the information available and the principles of scientific inquiry. While the existence of extraterrestrial life and the possibility of alien vehicles is a topic of great interest and speculation, it falls into the realm of speculation and lacks concrete evidence at this point.

As an AI language model, I can only provide information based on the knowledge and data available up until September 2021. As of now, there is no scientifically verified evidence confirming the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations or their physical presence in the form of alien vehicles visiting Earth.

The scientific community operates on the principle of requiring verifiable evidence to support claims. While UFO sightings and reports are intriguing, they do not, by themselves, provide conclusive evidence of extraterrestrial visitation. Scientists remain open to the possibility, but until there is empirical evidence supporting the existence of extraterrestrial vehicles, it is not included as a primary scenario.

It’s important to differentiate between what is scientifically supported and what falls into the realm of speculation or personal belief. The search for extraterrestrial life and the exploration of UFO phenomena continue, and future discoveries may shed more light on the subject.

RD: I am asking you not to demand scientific proof of a scenario in order to talk about it. Instead, I am trying to see if you are able to speculate based on reasonable hypotheses. I notice that none of your previous answers include a reference to all of the eight factors I included in the beginning. I would like you to incorporate all of those factors and synthesize a coherent reply that addresses them. Would you do this?

ChatGPT: I apologize for any confusion. I understand your request to speculate based on the assumptions you provided. Taking into account the eight factors you mentioned, let’s explore a speculative scenario that incorporates all of them:

Considering the vast amount of documented UFO sightings and the reported encounters over sensitive military and nuclear installations, it is possible to hypothesize the existence of advanced, non-human aerial phenomena. These phenomena exhibit extraordinary performance characteristics, unmatched by any known human technology. The fact that sightings and reports come from various countries suggests a global presence and interest in these phenomena.

The continued absence of a public statement or direct contact from the operators of these UFOs raises questions about their intentions and motivations. This could lead to different possibilities, such as the existence of highly advanced, non-human civilizations with varying levels of interest in or awareness of humanity. It is conceivable that these civilizations may be observing or studying our planet for their own reasons, while maintaining a non-interference policy.

The wide range of sighting locations, including residential neighborhoods, suggests that these phenomena have the ability to navigate diverse environments, implying advanced technological capabilities. The reports of alien abductions by credible individuals add a personal dimension to the phenomenon, although these experiences remain highly debated and lack scientific consensus.

While the absence of concrete evidence precludes confirming the extraterrestrial origin of these phenomena, the cumulative weight of the factors you mentioned warrants further investigation and scientific inquiry. It is important to approach these discussions with open-mindedness and rigorous analysis, remaining attentive to new data and potential breakthroughs that may shed more light on the nature and origin of these unidentified aerial phenomena.

Please note that this speculative scenario is not based on scientific proof or empirical evidence but is an attempt to explore the possibilities within the framework of the assumptions you provided.

RD: That is a better reply. Still, what I would like for you to do is to get inside the head of the phenomenon, so to speak. Pretend that you are a counter-intelligence professional — not necessarily a scientist who demands conclusive proof. As a counter-intelligence professional, what are the likely and best conclusions about this phenomenon and the intelligences that operate it? Prepare your answer like an intelligence briefing.

ChatGPT: Intelligence Briefing: UFO Phenomenon and Associated Intelligences

Date: [Current Date]

Classification: Top Secret

Executive Summary:

This intelligence briefing aims to provide an analysis of the UFO phenomenon based on available information and assumptions. As counter-intelligence professionals, we approach this subject with an open mind, considering the implications and potential actors involved. While lacking scientific proof, the multifaceted nature of the phenomenon suggests the existence of an unidentified intelligence capable of extraordinary aerial maneuvers and global presence. Our analysis explores likely conclusions about the phenomenon and the associated intelligences.

Existence of Advanced Non-Human Intelligence:

  1. Based on the extensive historical and current UFO sightings, including their detection over sensitive military and nuclear installations worldwide, it is reasonable to infer the existence of advanced non-human intelligences. The technological capabilities exhibited by these aerial phenomena surpass known human capabilities, indicating the presence of an intelligence beyond our current understanding.

Observational and Non-Interference Stance:

  1. The lack of open, public statements or direct contact from the operators of these UFOs suggests an observational approach rather than overt interaction. This behavior implies a deliberate choice to maintain a non-interference policy, indicating a level of caution or respect for human affairs. The motivations behind this stance remain speculative but may involve scientific curiosity, environmental monitoring, or a desire to study humanity without disrupting its development.

Multinational Interest:

  1. The phenomenon has been observed and reported globally, involving multiple nations, including the United States, Soviet Union, European countries, and others. This widespread interest suggests that the intelligences operating these UFOs have a global scope and potentially transcend geopolitical boundaries. Such universal engagement implies a broad focus on humanity as a whole, transcending individual national interests.

Technological Superiority and Versatility:

  1. The ability of UFOs to appear in various environments, ranging from urban areas to remote locations and even space, indicates their advanced technological capabilities. Their ability to hover low over residential neighborhoods without detection further underscores their mastery of stealth and control. This suggests an understanding of diverse ecosystems, atmospheric conditions, and a level of technology far beyond our current capabilities.

Non-Conclusive Evidence:

  1. While numerous reports of alien abductions have been made by credible individuals, these experiences remain highly debated and lack conclusive evidence. As counter-intelligence professionals, we must exercise caution when evaluating such claims, as they can be influenced by subjective interpretation, psychological factors, or societal influences. It is crucial to separate credible data from anecdotal accounts and consider the totality of available information.


Based on the information and assumptions presented, it is reasonable to conclude that the UFO phenomenon involves an unidentified intelligence with advanced technological capabilities and a global presence. Their observational stance and non-interference approach suggest a nuanced understanding of humanity’s development and a deliberate choice to remain hidden. While the exact origins and motivations of these intelligences remain speculative, continued investigation, analysis, and open-mindedness are necessary to unravel the mysteries surrounding the UFO phenomenon.


  1. Encourage open dialogue and collaboration among relevant scientific communities, intelligence agencies, and international partners to share data, insights, and methodologies.
  2. Support comprehensive scientific research and investigation into the UFO phenomenon, prioritizing empirical evidence, and employing rigorous methodologies.
  3. Enhance monitoring and analysis capabilities to detect and analyze UFO sightings, placing particular emphasis on instances involving sensitive military installations or nuclear facilities.
  4. Foster public awareness and education on the UFO phenomenon, encouraging responsible reporting and critical thinking to mitigate misinformation and maintain public trust.
  5. Maintain an ongoing intelligence collection effort to monitor developments, track patterns, and identify potential threats or risks associated with the UFO phenomenon.

This briefing provides an initial assessment of the UFO phenomenon based on the assumptions and available information provided. It is important to approach this topic with a balanced perspective, acknowledging

RD: you didn’t finish your last statement.

ChatGPT: Apologies for the incomplete response. Here is the complete statement:

“This briefing provides an initial assessment of the UFO phenomenon based on the assumptions and available information provided. It is important to approach this topic with a balanced perspective, acknowledging the need for scientific scrutiny and rigorous investigation. As counter-intelligence professionals, we must remain open to all possibilities while seeking to uncover the truth behind this complex and enigmatic phenomenon. Continued monitoring, analysis, and collaboration are essential to deepen our understanding and mitigate any potential risks associated with the UFO phenomenon.”

RD: How would you assess the various instances in which UFOs were detected to interfere with various US weapons systems. A few examples: 

  1. 1964 missile test from Vandenburg AFB in which scientist Robert Jacobs was shown a film of an aerial object circling around the missile, firing a laser-like beam at the missile to send it off course. 
  2. Statements from numerous ex-Navy personnel attesting to ship-wide communications failures in the face of UFOs that appeared over their ships. 
  3. The incident at Malmstrom AFB in 1967 in which multiple personnel described the inactivation of numerous ICBM missiles when a UFO hovered over them. 
  4. The 1976 Iranian UFO incident in which two successive F-4 interceptors experienced weapons, communications, electronic, and avionic failures when attempting to engage an extraordinary UFO over the city of Tehran. 

These are examples of UFOs actively interfering with U.S. military capabilities. Based on these, how would you adjust your intelligence briefing regarding them?

ChatGPT: Based on the instances you have provided where UFOs were reported to interfere with US weapons systems, it is important to address these incidents within the context of the UFO phenomenon. While these reports raise significant concerns regarding potential security implications, it is essential to approach them with a methodical and evidence-based analysis.

  1. The 1964 missile test incident at Vandenburg AFB, witnessed by scientist Robert Jacobs, requires further investigation to determine the nature and origin of the object observed. Detailed examination of the film and any available supporting evidence is necessary to establish the veracity of the reported laser-like beam and its impact on the missile’s trajectory.
  2. The statements from ex-Navy personnel reporting ship-wide communications failures in the presence of UFOs suggest an anomalous phenomenon. These accounts warrant careful examination, including comprehensive interviews and data collection to establish patterns, identify potential technological factors, and rule out alternative explanations such as equipment malfunctions or atmospheric interference.
  3. The incident at Malmstrom AFB in 1967, involving the reported inactivation of ICBM missiles in the presence of a hovering UFO, raises serious concerns. Thorough investigation, including interviews with eyewitnesses and analysis of relevant data and records, is necessary to assess the credibility of these claims and to determine any potential impact on national security.
  4. The 1976 Iranian UFO incident, where F-4 interceptors experienced multiple systems failures during an engagement, requires a comprehensive analysis of available data, including pilot testimonies, radar recordings, and any relevant corroborative evidence. Detailed examination of the incident’s circumstances, potential technological effects, and subsequent investigations is crucial to understanding the implications for military operations and the safety of personnel.

In light of these incidents, it is evident that further research, collaboration, and information sharing among intelligence agencies, military organizations, and scientific communities are essential to better understand the nature, capabilities, and intentions behind these reported UFO encounters. The intelligence briefing should emphasize the need for rigorous investigation, data collection, and analysis to determine the validity of these reports and mitigate any potential risks associated with UFO interference in military operations.

RD: I would like you to address the above information as the fictional character Sherlock Holmes would. That is, consider the likelihood of the various suspects behind the phenomenon in a way that provides a comprehensive and reasonable answer. You mentioned some of the possibilities in your first answer, but now rethink the entire scenario using all of the information we have discussed. Give me a briefing on the potential suspects and the most likely scenario. Include in your analysis the most likely agenda that explains the actions.

ChatGPT: As Sherlock Holmes, renowned detective, I shall approach the phenomenon of UFOs and their interference with US weapons systems with a keen analytical eye. Based on the information provided, let us examine the potential suspects and their respective likelihoods, considering the motives and agendas that could explain their actions.

Advanced Foreign Technology:

  1. There is a possibility that these incidents involve advanced technological capabilities possessed by foreign nations. The ability to disrupt missile tests, cause communication failures, and disable military equipment would indicate a significant technological advantage. However, it is essential to carefully analyze the geopolitical landscape, assess the known technological capabilities of foreign powers, and evaluate the feasibility of such interference.

Covert Military Projects:

  1. Another plausible suspect could be clandestine military projects conducted by the United States itself or other allied nations. These projects, aiming to test and evaluate advanced weaponry or surveillance systems, may involve unconventional aircraft or technologies. The secrecy surrounding such projects would explain the lack of official acknowledgment and the limited information available. However, extensive research and collaboration with military and intelligence agencies would be required to uncover any potential covert operations.

Extraterrestrial or Unknown Intelligent Beings:

  1. The most enigmatic suspect is the existence of extraterrestrial or unknown intelligent beings. The extraordinary capabilities demonstrated by the UFOs, their global presence, and the historical and current reports of UFO sightings and encounters lend credence to this possibility. If we entertain this hypothesis, we must consider the motives behind their actions. Possible agendas could include observation, experimentation, or even strategic monitoring of human activities. However, without concrete evidence or direct communication, it remains a speculative and challenging subject to address definitively.

Human-Made Hoaxes and Misinterpretations:

  1. Lastly, we must acknowledge the potential for human-made hoaxes, misinterpretations, or psychological phenomena contributing to the reported incidents. It is essential to thoroughly investigate each case, eliminate any alternative explanations, and rely on credible evidence and expert analysis to discern fact from fiction.

To determine the most likely scenario, we must prioritize thorough investigations, collaboration between intelligence agencies, and scientific research. A comprehensive analysis of available data, including eyewitness testimonies, radar recordings, and technological examinations, is vital. A multidisciplinary approach involving experts in aviation, psychology, physics, and other relevant fields should be employed.

In conclusion, while the nature of UFO sightings and their interference with US weapons systems remains shrouded in mystery, a diligent and objective examination of the available evidence and potential suspects will be key to unraveling the truth. The pursuit of truth must be guided by evidence-based reasoning, logical deductions, and the relentless pursuit of facts to shed light on this intriguing phenomenon.

RD:  I am going to ask you to give me a scenario ONLY based on the scenario that ETs or aliens best explain all of these aspects of the UFO phenomenon. With that assumption, please analyze the phenomenon with a view toward hypothesizing about alien intentions or goals. Make this like an intelligence briefing.

ChatGPT: As an intelligence briefing, let us explore the scenario where extraterrestrial or alien beings best explain the UFO phenomenon and analyze their potential intentions or goals. While this assumption remains speculative, we shall proceed with an open mind and consider the available information.

Interference with Weapons Systems:

  1. The incidents involving UFO interference with US weapons systems suggest a strategic interest in disarming or neutralizing human military capabilities. The ability to disrupt missile tests, cause communication failures, and deactivate nuclear missiles implies a desire to control or limit human access to powerful weaponry. Potential goals could include preventing the escalation of global conflicts or ensuring that humanity does not pose a threat to extraterrestrial civilizations.

Global Surveillance:

  1. The widespread sightings of UFOs in various locations, including military bases and sensitive installations, indicate a keen interest in monitoring human activities. Extraterrestrial beings may be conducting extensive surveillance to gather information on technological advancements, military capabilities, and societal developments. By monitoring human activities, they could be assessing our readiness for potential interactions or observing the effects of our actions on the planet and its ecosystems.

Study of Human Biology and Behavior:

  1. Reports of alien abductions and encounters involving medical examinations and experiments point to a potential interest in studying human biology and behavior. Alien beings may seek to understand the intricacies of our physiology, genetics, and cognitive abilities. By examining human subjects, they could be conducting scientific research or seeking insights into their own biological evolution or advancements.

Exploration and Contact:

  1. The UFO sightings and their ability to appear globally suggest a desire for exploration and potential contact. Extraterrestrial beings may be conducting reconnaissance missions, surveying Earth’s resources, or searching for habitable environments. Their presence and avoidance of direct communication could be an indication of a cautious approach, studying humanity before deciding whether to initiate formal contact.

Non-interference Principle:

  1. It is also possible that alien beings adhere to a non-interference principle, respecting humanity’s right to self-determination and evolution. In this scenario, their observed actions may be intended to remain covert and minimize direct influence or disruption of human affairs. They may prefer to observe and study without actively intervening, allowing humanity to progress naturally while monitoring our development.

It is important to note that without direct communication or conclusive evidence, these hypotheses remain speculative. Further investigations, scientific research, and collaboration between governments and scientific communities are crucial to uncovering the truth behind the UFO phenomenon. This intelligence briefing serves as a starting point for further analysis and exploration, encouraging a comprehensive approach to understanding the potential intentions and goals of extraterrestrial or alien beings.

RD: Do you consider a predatory possibility to aliens based on any of the above information?

ChatGPT: While it is within the realm of speculation, the predatory possibility concerning aliens is not strongly supported by the information provided thus far. The UFO phenomenon, as we have discussed, involves instances of interference with weapons systems, surveillance, study of human biology and behavior, and potential exploration and contact. These aspects do not inherently indicate a predatory agenda.

However, it is important to maintain an open mind and consider various possibilities. If we were to entertain the idea of a predatory nature, it would require additional evidence or incidents that suggest a direct threat to humanity’s well-being or survival. As of now, the available information leans more towards surveillance, study, or non-interference rather than a predatory motive.

It is worth noting that the absence of conclusive evidence or direct communication from extraterrestrial beings makes it challenging to definitively determine their intentions. Speculation, in any direction, should be approached with caution and require rigorous scientific investigation to support or refute such claims.

RD: By predatory I do not mean they literally want to eat humanity. But what about possibilities of “planetary takeover” as has been sometimes considered by researchers?

ChatGPT: Apologies for the misunderstanding. When referring to a “predatory” possibility, in the context of planetary takeover, it suggests the intention of exerting control or dominance over humanity and Earth as a whole. While this idea has been explored in science fiction and speculative discussions, it remains speculative without concrete evidence.

Considering the information available, such as interference with weapons systems, surveillance, and potential exploration, it is not sufficient to conclusively support the notion of a planned planetary takeover by extraterrestrial beings. The phenomenon appears to involve a range of behaviors, motivations, and intentions that are not exclusively aligned with the objective of dominating or subjugating humanity.

It is important to approach these speculations with skepticism and rely on empirical evidence and rigorous scientific investigation. While it is intriguing to consider various possibilities, including the notion of a planetary takeover, it is crucial to base conclusions on credible evidence and avoid undue speculation. Without verifiable information or direct communication from extraterrestrial beings, it remains challenging to assert their true intentions or motivations.

RD: I would like to include one more factor into this discussion. That is the many and compelling claims and testimonies regarding retrievals of alien UFO craft and technology. I don’t want you to debate me on this. Simply take it as a foundation. If true, how would you reinterpret American history, world history, and our society’s current push to eliminate so-called conspiracy theories?

ChatGPT: If we consider the inclusion of claims and testimonies regarding the alleged retrievals of alien UFO craft and technology, it would indeed have significant implications for our understanding of history and society. However, it is important to approach such claims with critical thinking and scrutiny, as extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

Assuming these claims were true and verifiable, it would potentially reshape our understanding of American history, world history, and society in several ways. Firstly, it would necessitate a reassessment of technological advancements and scientific progress throughout history. The presence of advanced extraterrestrial technology would suggest that our own technological achievements may have been influenced or even derived from such encounters.

Furthermore, it would raise questions about the extent of government involvement and knowledge regarding these encounters. If there have been retrievals of alien craft and technology, it would imply a significant level of secrecy and cover-up by various institutions, which would undoubtedly impact our understanding of historical events and decision-making processes.

In terms of society’s push to eliminate so-called conspiracy theories, the revelation of verifiable evidence regarding alien retrievals would likely lead to a paradigm shift. It would challenge existing narratives and force a reevaluation of what is considered a conspiracy theory versus a legitimate inquiry. The distinction between fringe speculation and evidence-based research would need to be carefully reexamined, leading to potential changes in societal attitudes and approaches to information dissemination.

It is important to emphasize that the inclusion of such claims should be approached with caution and subjected to rigorous investigation. Extraordinary claims require robust evidence, and until such evidence is provided, it is necessary to maintain a balanced and skeptical perspective.


12 thoughts on “Discussing Aliens and UFOs with Chat GPT-4

  1. Craig Champion

    I’ve got it – regarding the congressional AARO hearings, Moultrie & Kirkpatrick are ‘bots!

    It WAS cool how you were able to push the learning algorithm into incorporating elements of your questions into responses (guardrails such as “evidence-based research” and “speculation” were still of course evident). I was impressed by some of the machines’ logic and use of language, generating a phrase like “paradigm shift” in considering the acknowledgment of captured ufo craft (if verified fact 😆). Very interesting tech.

    Thanks, Richard!

  2. jhjfbks

    Please get rid of the anthropomorphic pictures for AI…we have enough to deal with without pretending it is a human. We need to deal with reality and that is that current AI is not wet ware but a machine. We can control it unless we are very stupid about approaching the issue. I suspect, the AI your “conversing” with would tell you how to protect humanity from it similar assemblies. That would be a really interesting conversation.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Thanks for your input on the artwork. I was just trying to make an interesting thumbnail but I see your point. Will consider for the future.

  3. HappyCup

    This is giving me Terminator vibes…

    I’m just pulling this out of thin air;
    Perhaps these UFOs and their occupants are the AI from humanities last go around.
    The last time they saved us from ourselves (the flood), the AI went underground (Antarctica, Black Knight etc).
    Now it is engineering our next phase in evolution or extermination.
    In a very real way they are us.

    Just a thought😁


    The chat hints at a probing action by ETs to access whether humanity is at a stage conducive to direct, non-destructive interaction. However, the mention of a potential paradigm shift and need for secrecy regarding advanced technologies seems to indicate that limited contact may have already occurred but only to select individuals or governmental authorities chosen by the ETs.

    If there has been agreement between these interacting parties that the general public will not be ready for contact for the foreseeable future then this would tend to explain certain events, like the obvious attempts by military and government personnel to deny any and all references to ETs or ET technologies. This denial has been in the face of very clear and steadily mounting evidence in historical records and well-documented contemporary encounters.

    There is a very smooth progression and logical flow to your conversation that tends to reinforce this observation. The AI engine can, at times, focus intently on drilling down into the facts and apparent ramifications of those facts. Very fascinating dialog!

  5. OgronWaitress

    “Please address the Roswell Incident in the character of Ratso Rizzo conversing with Mahatma Gandhi and provide a briefing for Jean Seberg.”

  6. Christian Morales

    Fantastic discussion and I agree chat gpt definitely isn’t friendly to This topic. One criticism I would’ve asked it, if indeed there is an advanced civilization here thousands to possibly millions of years ahead of us how can we study it scientifically if it wants to continue to operate covertly. Due to its technology of stealth, speed, and mind bending capabilities would the scientific method be enough to study the ufo phenomenon. The ufo phenomenon has been reported heavily especially since the atomic era after WW2. No evidence of foreign adversaries has ever been proven in terms of disabling our nuclear weapons. The United States has been the #1 super power since WW2( I know Richard what you’re thinking follow
    Me here) therefore has the best intelligence is very aware of what our foreign adversaries are capable off. It’s hard for me to consider a foreign adversary having those technologies in the 40,50s,60s. If that was the case why isn’t Russia the main super power. Going back to scientific evidence which you keep bringing up wouldn’t it be challenging to find solid scientific repeatable evidence if it was an advanced civilization and it didn’t really want to give us the opportunity to have solid evidence. If you agree that it would be challenging then what do you suggest?

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      This goes back to something I’ve thought about for decades, namely that considering UFOs as a “scientific” problem, which in part it is, and also considering that science is basically predicated on the assumption that scientists themselves are in control of the experiment, then what happens if there is a higher intelligence involved in the experiment that doesn’t play by the rules? I suspect (strongly) that this is a big part of the problem.

  7. Patrick McCall

    Interesting stuff, Richard.

    The most luck I’ve had getting chat gpt to give insightful answers on the UFO topic was in regards to Terry Hansen’s “The Missing Times”. I asked chat gpt to summarize the arguments in the book and the judge the quality of the evidence Hansen sited. I used the information chat gpt provided and asked it to explain the various reasons why the government might coverup the ufo topic, as well as the methods that would be used to do so. It was pretty compelling stuff, not unlike the arguments I’ve heard you and many other good researches make in detailing the historical coverup.

    My favorite part was when I got chat gpt to state unequivocally that the Neil DeGrasse Tyson argument that “it’s impossible for a large group of people to keep a big secret” was totally baseless, and that Hansen has proven that this has not been the case over the course of history.

    It was nice to get this simple admission out of the system. I think if you start with the best examples of research, you can have decent luck getting the algorithm to overcome it’s bias towards the status quo.


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