AI Volition and the ET Presence | Fireside Chat Podcast

By | December 11, 2022

Hi Everyone, 

This is an hour-long talk that explores some longstanding themes that I just can’t seem to leave alone. I really feel that we here at this website follow a unique path within the field of ufology. A big emphasis definitely is on looking at some big picture questions, including “why are aliens here at all?” To me, and I suspect to you as well, this is very important and something that, even if we an’t answer it definitively, we want to think about long and often. It’s important. 

So in that spirit I am discussing here a question that gives some nuance to the issue. It’s about artificial intelligence. Can AI ever get to a point in which it has its own desires and goals that are independent of human input? As a way of trying to explore this issue, I do my best to discuss intelligence and even consciousness as a system of organized data and groups of data that (for us) are organized within our organic brains. But I’ve been wondering a bit lately if intelligence can reside within non-organic media like computers or even light? We do know that some of the AI experts do believe intelligence CAN reside within a computer. Maybe that is true, maybe not, but it does seem possible to me, at any rate. 

The real question may be whether or not an algorithm can either independently develop its own level of complexity that prompts it to have its own survival instinct, or whether even such a survival instinct can be programmed into it from a human developer. If this is so, we humans might have a few things to worry about! After all, an AI that has its own agenda might very well want to develop its own ecosystem — which let’s face it is the Internet. That’s where AI “lives.” And we would share that ecosystem with AI. What if it decides to do things that inhibit our ability to thrive within that ecosystem? What if there develops an AI “war” in which one AI is set on destroying another AI — American developed AI versus Russian AI, for example? It’s not hard to see a real escalation in the capabilities of an AI, including one that develops a survival instinct, as it were. 

And once that happens, would humanity even have a chance at managing this? Or are we going to be totally at their mercy? After all, it’s not as though we can just shut down the Internet these days. We would have a real problem on our hands. This could happen very soon, it seems to me. Just another potential crisis to throw into the pile. 🙂

What is the ET position in all of this? It’s a comparable question to what I’ve asked regarding the coming “fourth stage” of humanity — our transhumanist future. What do they think about the potential of a strong AI sentience coming from our society? Is this something they might covet, or something they might fear? Does this color their actions here on Earth?

Speaking of transhumanism, I received a link from one of this site’s many All Star members, Presstodigitate, regarding an announcement of a German laboratory that has a concept in which it could become an artificial womb facility that could incubate up to 30,000 lab-grown babies a year. Read the article here.

Between the creation of a new human species, a potential AI apocalypse, and a massive ET presence that is engaged in a worldwide covert action campaign, it’s important to remain focused on what relationship might exist between these three important developments. Also to remain cheerful in the face of a very great challenge that undoubtedly faces all the inhabitants of our beautiful world. We must all find the joy and peace of mind that we deserve. For those of us who care to explore these issues, it can sometimes take some work to find a way, but I believe we *can* do it. I really believe it comes down to the right philosophical perspective. More on that in a future podcast!