UFOs and the Coming Global Crisis (RD Article)

By | January 26, 2023

UFOs and the Coming Global Crisis

Richard Dolan
Jan. 26, 2023


For many years I have looked for relationships between the UFO phenomenon, the cover-up, and the global political situation, particularly in relation to the United States. I’m convinced there are many important connections.

One thing I am thinking about these days is what appears to be a dramatic decline in the relative power and influence of the United States vis-à-vis the rest of the world. If you look around at various sources of information (particularly non-western based), you realize that it’s been a bad couple of years for the United States in this regard. 

A Bad Moon Rising

Look at the war in Ukraine. Something that has been reported so dishonestly in the West that it truly blows my mind. Even so, it is clear that this is going to be a big problem for the U.S. A war in which the media can’t keep papering over the hard realities, try though it may.

Beyond that coming catastrophe for the West, you can see other developments that are at least as important if not more so. For instance, how the U.S. has blown its diplomatic relationships with many of its former key allies. Consider Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and India for starters. Then you’ve got the incalculable economic destruction they have wrought upon Europe. The destruction of Nordstream was only the most obvious example of U.S. contempt for Europe, one among many. 

Through it all you see the loss of confidence in the U.S. shown by what is known as the Global South. You see the shockingly rapid de-dollarization now occurring throughout more and more of the world. We’ve got economic and financial problems of great significance, frightening demographic issues on the horizon, and an increasingly restless and unhappy population that lost its faith in the system a long time ago.

The UFO Coverup

In the meantime, the United States has been the leader of the worldwide UFO cover-up. I don’t think there’s any other way to put this. It’s not that the Russians and Chinese have no secrets, but the United States controls – or at least has controlled – far more nations than Russia or China. In an era of a potential seismic transition of international geopolitical power, moving from a unipolar to a multi polar world, for example, how might this affect the management or even leakage of important UFO information?

I speculated for a long time that significant leaks about this phenomenon may potentially occur during periods of political instability. This is because I’ve noticed occasional linkages between the two. Not many, but a few, mainly due to regime change or regime change threats: for example in Spain and China in the 1970s, United States in the 1970s (Vietnam & Watergate), and the Soviet Union at the end of the 1980s. Each of those societies had a certain level of turmoil which translated into critical leaks of UFO data. I think it is not out of the question that something like this can happen in our current era.

UFO information is power, and if the United States loses its grip in terms of being able to control the UFO narrative or even simply manage its own secrets then I’d like to think that this would eventually lead to some sort of disclosure that we can all benefit from. Of course it could go the other way: that a significant leak of the UFO reality may lead to even greater destabilization. 

This too has been a concern of mine, although the extremely well-managed and controlled “disclosure” of the last five years has shown us all that quite a lot can be released without blowing the whole deal. Even so, what’s been openly acknowledged, while significant on a certain level, remains minuscule when compared with the actual reality of the situation.

Is it only a matter of time before somebody with access to the information is going to break their silence and reveal the truth? Whether that’s due to a geopolitical transition or other factors, I think this will be one of the most interesting aspects of our future history. 

Potential Triggers

In the coming year, for example, I believe there will be a collapse of political power in Kiev. I would say this is a high likelihood. If this turns out to be true, this will have far-reaching consequences. Here are some. 

Loss of U.S. military prestige. The United States armed the Ukrainian military from 2014 until 2022, building it up as essentially the best or second-best military power in the European theater (Turkey probably being better). Ukraine’s military was no joke, and it was all-but-decimated in the first few months of the war with Russia. Since spring 2022 Ukraine has been on U.S. life-support both militarily and financially. The various U.S. wonder weapons that were supposed to turn the tide of the war (Javelins, M777s, HIMARS, Patriots, and now the German Leopards and M1 Abrams tanks) have not or will not make a bit of difference, and all the honest military analysts know this. Probably most shockingly, the U.S. has also shown that its bloated military industrial complex can’t keep up with the Russians(!) Not in terms of weapons, not in terms of ammo, not even close. Also not in terms of strategy and tactics, by the way.

You might think a loss of prestige is no big deal, but it is. Don’t think there won’t be a political backlash against this. Right now the western propaganda machine is in overdrive mode to conceal this fact from the public, but the rest of the world has already taken notice. When the truth can no longer be denied, there will be recriminations and perhaps a few sacrificial lambs, probably generals and admirals (who, in the U.S. tend to be highly politicized and hence even more vulnerable). Frankly it will be all-too-deserved. The Russians are showing a new and very successful military doctrine in this war while the U.S.-Western strategy has been … well, in fact there really hasn’t been a strategy.

Loss of Confidence in the Western Bloc. Also, the world is seeing the bad faith exhibited by the West and its European vassals. The separate admissions by Merkel, Hollande, and Poroshenko that Minsk 1 and 2 were never serious agreements and were only a ruse against the Russians to enable the Ukrainians to buy time and build up their military — this is not something that other nations are going to forget.

Nor have they ignored the illegal theft of hundreds of billions in Russian assets (justified as “sanctions”), something that is causing them seriously to reconsider putting their own money in western banks. We could easily go on but the point is that the U.S. and the nations it controls have already lost much of their status around the world.

Financial Crises. Meanwhile we see the acceleration of the global de-dollarization movement. Nations — not just the Russians and Chinese but also the Indians, Saudis, and many others — are noticing that using the dollar as the international reserve currency can be dangerous. Best to begin untangling themselves from it ASAP. This is one factor behind the obvious failure of the economic sanctions against Russia, although a more important factor is that the U.S. obviously had no idea how resilient the Russian economy had become over the past decade. All these developments and more will probably force a reckoning. Such a reckoning can easily occur this very year, made a bit easier by the slim Republican majority in the House.

Beyond this, I think we will likely see real panic in Europe when they realize all is lost. Europe bet the farm on a Russian loss. They truly seemed to believe that the sanctions would destabilize Putin’s government and magically result in some Western-friendly faction replacing him. Then they could go back to getting cheap Russian natural gas, this time from a compliant Russia, hopefully one broken into several smaller regions. Don’t laugh: they really believed this, at least the crazier neocons among them. 

The failure of this outcome will mean that a deep realization hits home: that they are screwed. I can’t imagine the level of panic this will induce because the truth is that Europe no longer has any good alternatives to the cheap and abundant natural gas (and oil) they used to get from Russia. Energy that was critical in keeping the European economy healthy. 

The Crippling of Europe. Any crisis in America will be strongly flavored by the virtual certainty of major European pain throughout the year and beyond. This pain will not go away. The Europeans have really done it this time. Expensive and probably scarce energy is now built into their economic model. Deindustrialization is already happening in Germany, once the powerhouse of the continent. And don’t forget the consequences of another wave of migrants into Europe, this time the Ukrainians. This is already causing problems throughout Europe and can only worsen.

Dealing with these problems is a political leadership across the continent that, outside of Orban, has detached itself from the people it claims to represent and instead has ripped off its mask while giving the public a collective middle finger. I’ve never seen a time in which Europe’s political leaders are so uniformly hated by their own public and — here is the real key — which doesn’t care. And yet they remain in power. We all understand how this happens. 

Even so, many people are now wondering about the stability and longevity of the EU itself, an incredible development when you think about it. Many people predict the end of the EU. I’m not so sure. I am honestly amazed by the Europeans. I look at what’s happening there and just wonder, “have these people collectively lobotomized themselves?” I am sorry if this sounds harsh, but I am astonished every day by the sycophancy of their political leaders, especially the Germans, who have allowed the U.S. to run them into the ground. I don’t have a sense of what the general population thinks. I know there are dissenters and protesters, but the impression I have continually received is that they are mostly brainwashed and compliant. Am I wrong? Please tell me I’m wrong.

Anyway, this is what a major crisis looks like. And I suspect that what I’ve described is just the beginning. Public dissatisfaction, especially in Europe, will no longer be tolerated. You see this happening already. Protests spring up but none of them get any traction because the police and media know how to manage these things. The panopticon, plus the police, plus the new laws, plus the media, plus the digital control of your bank account, plus total subservience to Brussels, Davos, and Washington. Checkmate, at least for Europe.

Whither Disclosure?

None of these developments jump out as directly related to the UFO subject. But they don’t need to be in order to have an effect on the release of sensitive information. I’m not saying this is going to happen, but it might.

Although it has to be said that the above developments can just as easily work against UFO disclosure as for it. It’s not difficult to see the hammer of The State really coming down, not just among the Europeans but the Americans, too. (Forget the Brits, the Canadians, the Aussies, and the Kiwis — they are already a done deal.) 

I hate to say this, but I predicted a year ago during the early stages of the war that it would go badly for the West and this would result in a greater loss of liberty for Europeans, Americans, and all allied nations. Throughout the so-called collective West, the outlook for dissent looks bleak, but in my own view at least there is a glimmer of hope within the United States. Not much, but perhaps a glimmer. 

I honestly think the United States has not gone quite as far down the road because of the First Amendment to our Constitution. We have this:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

I’m not saying that other nations lack similar language but with us, the right to free speech is so deeply embedded into our laws and national psyche that despite all the efforts of the Global Revolutionists to scrub it away, it’s still there. It’s weakening for sure, and I live in fear of the generation under the age of forty, and definitely under the age of thirty, which strikes me as simply not giving a damn about this, but again I sincereley hope I am out of touch and wrong. 

Even so, I do think that the United States still has enough of a faction to continue forcing the current administration to apply the brakes, even if tepidly and inconsistently. Those damned people with the Red Hats. And by the way, how did we end up living in an Upside Down World?

In any case, we clearly do. So when the money laundering pit once known as Ukraine goes belly up later this year, and Poland moves in troops to bring Galicia back into the fold (good luck with that!), and the European neocons run around like the Keystone Cops in their ongoing determination to “stop Russian aggression,” and the Brits (probably) go through another PM, and Biden has all kinds of egg on his face (not that he’ll notice because no one will tell him) … WHAT THEN?

What happens when it becomes clear that the one hundred billion dollars the U.S. spent on this misadventure was wasted? When it eventually becomes obvious that the West never had a chance in this war–because it didn’t? That the strategy and tactics they clearly forced on Ukraine (hold on to every inch of ground despite sustaining massive loss of human life) was stupid and unconscionable?

At some point, it will be impossible to deny the naked truth. Then we will see the recriminations and questions. That is the setting in which shit can be stirred, and all manner of unwelcome tidbits can leak out.

Again, it’s just as possible that instead of leaks and disclosures of sundry types, we may see a Big Hammer coming down here in the U.S. of A., just as elsewhere in the Land of the West. But …

How It Might Go Down

In the grand context of the coming shit storm, UFOs may well seem like an afterthought. And if anything does come out, you can bet that many in the alternative community will see this as a pure distraction and ruse. They can’t help it because many of them still think UFOs are not real and that therefore any official attention on them is a ploy and deception to conceal something bigger. We see this even in elements of the UFO community itself.

But information may well come out.  If it does, there are several distinct scenarios by which this may occur.

1) A rise in whistleblowing from insiders within the U.S. military, intelligence and scientific communities, for example via the AARO office as currently stipulated in the 2023 NDAA;

2) Anger and dissatisfaction from higher-ups in the U.S. military system or possibly even former government officials who go beyond the confines of AARO, deciding that it’s time to speak out publicly about their knowledge and experience;

3) Governments outside of the United States releasing data as an attempt to gain a diplomatic advantage;

4) Private citizens finding evidence of encounters or other secrets being revealed through whistleblowers, leaked documents, or even open source information; and

5) Media outlets (most likely alternative or smaller media) around the world that become emboldened to report on UFO stories due to the changing political landscape.

In other words, if we see the United States losing its grip over its geopolitical allies and controlled states, it might be reasonable to expect UFO initiatives coming from disaffected people from within the U.S. structure, or perhaps other sources outside the United States.

I don’t think the above possibilities are of equal value or likelihood. Let’s look at them one by one.


1) A rise in whistleblowing from insiders within the U.S. military, intelligence and scientific communities, for example via the AARO office as currently stipulated in the 2023 NDAA.

This is an obvious possibility to consider since it’s newly embedded into law and seems specifically designed to encourage military and government personnel to come forward with their UFO/UAP encounters. I wasn’t sure I wanted to include this in this list since it’s not necessarily related to U.S. geopolitical decline, but it’s something that is already on the table as a potential reality.

Furthermore, it seems possible to me that in an environment that invites discontent among the military — which I do think the U.S. has reached to some extent — that the potential decline of U.S. geopolitical power could be an additional factor, even subconsciously, in coming forward. After all, you wouldn’t expect whistleblowers to come forth when there is a true spirit of belief by members of that community. When you feel like a winner, you’re much more likely to go along with the program. But when things start to fall apart, it can be different.

Are we likely to get any military insiders to report their UFO encounters? I think the answer to that is yes. Will any of that information reach the public, and will any of it be dramatic enough to cause a stir? Within the strict confines of the AARO structure, I am doubtful. But it is a possibility. That is, it’s possible that one or more military UAP witness will actually get his or her story out to the wider public, and that such a story could have traction. It’s possible, although I think it’s unlikely.

2) Political dissidents or former government officials going beyond the confines of AARO, deciding that it’s time to speak out publicly about their knowledge and experience.

First off, I do not think that any real dissatisfaction is going to come from either American political party, at least not anything directed at the U.S. military. Obviously not from the Democrats, since it’s their guy who has directed the ruinous U.S. policy. Even the so-called progressives proved long ago that they are every bit as sycophantic to the defense establishment as Dick Cheney and the GW neocons of old.

But don’t expect anything better from the Republicans. Sure, you have a few red-hat MAGAs who have openly criticized America’s role in this war. To which I add thank goodness. (Yes, thank goodness). But they are not enough of a faction to do much about it. Most of that party is just as committed to Empire as the Dems. To them, the military is sacrosanct. Yes, of course the Republicans will do everything they can to make Joe Biden look bad. And yes they will certainly go after Biden’s long history of shenanigans in Ukraine. Just don’t look for any genuine anger coming from them directed at the military, at least not publicly.

However, within the military there are going to be many angry people. It’s often the case that true military professionals are least excited about waging war. And the true military professionals in the U.S., who have a strong tradition of pride and accomplishment, are going to be very angry over the public beating that will redound to the U.S., even though U.S. troops are not (officially) involved in the fighting. To a large extent, it won’t matter. This is about reputation, and their reputation is going to suffer. Plus, they will be furious over the waste of resources going into the money pit that was Ukraine.

These are the people who are likely to come forward with damning evidence of all types regarding the mismanagement of their beloved institution. And really, who can blame them? No doubt, most of this will not be UFO related. But some of it could be. Consider the recent leak of a potential UFO over Iraq in 2016 that was sent to Jeremy Corbell. I don’t know what that object is, but it is certainly interesting. Who knows what other revelations may come out?

What is possible is that real anger can motivate people, and this seems more likely to come from within those individuals from within a very proud institution who are seeking to defend its reputation. This could include data on UFOs.

3) Governments outside of the United States releasing data as an attempt to gain a diplomatic advantage.

This is an interesting possibility, one that in the past I have sometimes wondered about. I used to state my belief that the world was really only looking at three players, at least in terms of national UFO disclosure: the U.S., Russia, and China. Not that I ever thought any of these three were good candidates to do it, just that they struck me as the only three nations that had enough global power and standing to do it. Besides, most other nations were controlled to a significant degree by the U.S., and those that weren’t were either friendly to Russia and China and therefore unlikely to jump ahead of them in UFO Disclosure. Nor did most nations have the national security infrastructure to gather together a comprehensive intelligence assessment on the matter, or have the ability to acquire their own cache of exotic hardware and/or bodies.

My sense of both Xi and Putin has always been to emphasize their caution when it comes to international politics. I realize a number of Americans and westerners are prepared to disagree with me very strongly here, but I stand by this assessment. Regarding China, I don’t think there is any question. Name the last military adventure the Chinese have undertaken? Exactly. Taiwan may be on the menu in the near future, but you have to thank the U.S. at least somewhat for ratcheting that whole situation up. But the Chinese, while aggressively promoting their economic interests around the world, most notably in Africa, are extremely conflict averse, or so it seems to me.

The same applies to Russia, with the difference being that Putin has actively been seeking to reverse the situation Russia found itself in at the end of the Cold War. This is too long a story for me to recount here, but suffice to say that the Russians really did believe in 1992 that they just might be accepted by the West and made a real go at it. The result was that they were carved up by western financial institutions, the nation essentially got sold off at firesale prices, and the Russian mafia rose to prominence out of the ashes of the old KGB, with help from the West. Yeltsin presided in the 1990s over a nation that fell apart in every way. Standard of living collapsed for all but the kleptocrats, and even life expectancy plummeted. The Russians began to realize what Western integration was going to look like.

Putin’s policy since 1999 has been to “resovereigntize” Russia. To everyone’s shock, he famously ended the (U.S. supported) war in Chechnya. He then actually had the temerity to threaten the Russian Mafia out of the political system. Those who fought him, like Mikhail Khodorkovsky of Yukos Oil, lost that battle and ended up as darlings of the western media. Putin then turned his attention to the Russian economy, then the military, and then (finally) opposing U.S. regime change actions in Syria — the act that earned him eternal enmity from the West. No one expected that. Who dared to oppose the U.S.? That of course prompted the U.S. engineered Maidan coup in Ukraine of 2014, something STILL not acknowledged in the West to this day. Good grief.

My point is that Putin is not some crazed renegade hiding out in some bunker, as currently portrayed in the western media. He is deliberate, calculating, and legalistic at all times. The man has a law degree and it shows.

In the past I looked at these factors and thought, “I don’t see Putin or Xi moving any more toward UFO disclosure than the Americans.” Reason being that genuine UFO disclosure is just too disruptive, too unpredictable, and this did not seem aligned with the personality of either man, nor the perceived political or geostrategic interests of their respective nations.

And of course it goes without saying that I never considered a genuine UFO disclosure effort coming from the United States government.

But what about today’s situation? On this matter, I’m more intrigued by Putin than Xi, but also we may want to consider that there are a few new potential players in the game that were not in consideration a few years ago. These are the new renegade states: Saudi Arabia, Turkiye (that’s the spelling now), and possibly India, Pakistan, Iran, and even Brazil. I’m probably forgetting a few others, but each of these nations have been on a much more independent path from the U.S. than they were recently (except of course Iran which always has been).

Are any of these nations likely to drop a disclosure bomb, or at least leak some surprising UFO/UAP information? This is all speculative, but I could see something happening on a limited basis if (a) any of these nations are having serious difficulties with the United States, and (b) they have UFO information that somehow would make the U.S. look bad. You could add (c) and believe they have the ability to get their message out to the world despite an intensely hostile global media still largely controlled by the U.S.

I continue to think this is an interesting possibility but still consider it unlikely. You never know, however. If any nation aside from the U.S. were to make such a move, one might think it would come from Russia, which has the most motivation to stick it to the U.S. and discredit it in the eyes of the world. But would Putin really do it? And moreover, would he want to? Would such a P.R. victory (if he were even to get it) be worth the aftermath? 

Somehow I doubt he would be willing to take that risk, but I don’t know all the things he knows. A few months ago, I wrote a piece on Putin and UFOs. I didn’t have much to say except that it’s known Putin is a great admirer of the late Yuri Andropov, who is known to have had an interest in UFOs. I have no doubt Putin knows all about whatever secrets Andropov had in all his years as head of the KGB and then of the Soviet Union. Frankly, I would be surprised if UFOs were not part of those secrets.

4) Private citizens finding evidence of encounters or other secrets being revealed through whistleblowers, leaked documents, or even open source information.

I find this scenario to be interesting. In a way, it’s the other side of the coin of scenario #2, in which a dissatisfied insider decides to leak information. I mentioned the recent leak of a UFO photo from Iraq to Jeremy Corbell. He has received a number of interesting video leaks from within the U.S. military. There’s George Knapp, who also still receives information on this from military people. Independent researchers such as Linda Moulton Howe and even myself continue to communicate with such people, although I can wager that I get a smaller number of them—but I do get them. There are others who hunt for and obtain information.

But this is different from scenario #2 in that it involves the dedication of private researchers to move the needle. It could involve researchers “putting it all together” in a way that makes sense and resonates with a larger public.

The problem with this scenario is that, in my opinion, the deeper one’s analysis goes, the harder it seems for them to get a broad hearing on the matter. It’s not impossible, just difficult. You read the analysis of places like the War Zone, or watch the guests who do appear in mainstream UFO news stories and you can see what I mean. Very skeptical and conservative estimates of this phenomenon still get far more attention than genuine analysis of the strangeness of UFOs.

5) Media outlets (most likely alternative or smaller media) around the world that become emboldened to report on UFO stories due to the changing political landscape.

Finally, we might wonder about the media. Be honest, you forgot about them, didn’t you?  Of course, the media plays a huge role in all of this, usually on the side of downplaying this subject, but in a world of shifting power alignments, can that change?

Clearly, genuine and competent coverage of the UFO subject by major media would be of incredible significance, but I don’t know anyone who sees this as likely. If the U.S. goes through a major crisis in the coming year or two, I think the major role of the media would be to hold the line, so to speak, on behalf of the national security establishment. 

The one outlier I keep wondering about in all this is Tucker Carlson, who doesn’t seem to be reading from the same script as the rest of them. He seems genuinely interested in UFOs to the point where I strongly believe that he believes in them. As in alien, but of course he doesn’t feel comfortable to just say it like that in public. However, he does sometimes appear to come fairly close to that. Quite remarkable.

But I have to admit I will truly be shocked if even Carlson goes any further than he already has. Maybe I will be wrong, and I would like to be. We shall see.

We should also ask ourselves how likely it is for non-U.S.-based media outlets around the world to become emboldened to report on UFO stories due to a changing political landscape. If there is a shift in how governments view this topic, could it potentially lead to a corresponding shift in how it’s reported by the media in that nation? I would think it’s possible, especially among the nations that seem to be breaking out of the tightly controlled U.S. sphere of influence.

Then there is the English-speaking media outside of the major establishment, whether they exist on YouTube, Rumble, Bitchute, or somewhere else on the web. We already see movement in this area happening. Many news sites on Youtube that used to only cover politics now make space for UFOs. People like Kim Iverson, Saagar Enjeti, and even Paul Joseph Watson just for starters. Of course there is a growing number of UFO-oriented Youtube channels that provide good news and information on the subject.

Will we see an increase in alternative media outlets around the world reporting on UFO stories as a result of any big upcoming changes? It’s hard to say, but it is certainly an interesting possibility.

A Final Note of Caution

One thing we have seen in the last five years is an exceedingly impressive ability by the establishment media to control this story. Once upon a time, I reflexively thought, along probably with most people, that once there was an admission of any sort from responsible government officials that UFOs were real, that it would likely break open the door or secrecy. Or at least that it could.

Instead what we have seen is a remarkable ability by government-friendly media sources to control the narrative and purge it of any “conspiracy” oriented content. Quite impressive. Regarding the sure debacle on the horizon in Ukraine (at least from a Western point of view), we must not underestimate the ability of the establishment spin machine to memory-hole all the nasty bits and simply move on to something new. In fact, I think we can expect that to happen. Still, this doesn’t invalidate the above scenarios. For my part, I will not underestimate the power of indignation and anger that is likely to come from within the U.S. military culture when everything officially goes sideways and there is no way to deny it.


This has been some speculation on my part, nothing more or less. I do think that in such a tumultuous time as we are now living in, with a global situation rapidly devolving into something like catastrophe for the Western powers, that many new possibilities are likely to appear on the horizon. One of these new developments may well have to do with the UFO phenomenon.

But that doesn’t mean that any coming crisis will precipitate a UFO leak. It might, but it might not. I simply want to bring the possibility to your attention. One thing that we have to remember is that during most periods, history moves along at a more leisurely pace. But then things may happen and you get developments that might have taken twenty years or longer happening within the space of a year or two.

I believe that there is a possibility of significant leaks of UFO information due to U.S. decline in the coming year or two. Already, we’ve seen numerous cases in which former government officials have spoken out about their knowledge and experience with UFOs. We know there are many more out there waiting to come forward.

There are some fascinating changes happening globally right now; who knows what the future holds? One thing is certain: this topic is not going away anytime soon. And as the political landscape continues to shift and evolve, so too will our public conversation about UFOs. 

33 thoughts on “UFOs and the Coming Global Crisis (RD Article)

  1. Christian Morales

    I think a lot about the phenomenon and how it’s related to what’s happening in the world and it makes me very nervous. We know that ufos are a daily thing, especially now. I just saw Ben Hansen release another Air traffic control FOIA that happened last week. They say for the last year this has been a normal thing. Ufos are not hiding anymore. Why? Idk. I do know that a year ago was the beginning of the war. Do they have An actual galactic federation? I must say Im very skeptical of the galactic federation, but if there is something like that, are they increasing surveillance because of the war? Is there an alien who’s going to the federation, and saying: look at the humans! They are at war! They are dangerous! They are advancing fast! What are we going to do about them!? I want them wiped out! No not yet, just increase surveillance make sure they don’t blow any nukes because we must protect the planet, but at some point will they change their mind? I mean look, I believe they can control the weather and cause a terrible cataclysm if they wanted too. I just wonder… is the USA talking about uaps because the situation is so bad that they decided they have to get in front of this issue!? Richard thanks for covering this. What would you do with your portfolio Richard? My family for example, there are a few that don’t have savings they have it all in the market. Sorry I shouldn’t talk about this here.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Thanks for the info from Ben Hansen, which I didn’t know about. And yes, I have to say I am also feeling a bit nervous about how the war seems to keep escalating. as for portfolio questions, I wish I were able to answer. I bought some crypto over a year ago and of course the value of that has tanked. Which crypto does, so there’s the long term possibility. Except that we see significant moves by international finance to cripple crypto moving forward. Gold? I think gold is always a good choice. Real estate? maybe after there is a correction in the market, which I suspect is coming. Which companies in the market? I’m not the one to ask on that. I agree it’s a very unstable situation out there and things can get really scary. Hoping and praying they don’t.


    I do not believe that any or all of #1, 2 3 or 4 will change anything. Haven’t we had and still have all of those things already? Didn’t we have all those things BEFORE The Op started in 2017?

    There is no disclosure. That’s already done and over with. All that remains is open contact, open diplomacy, trade and cultural exchange. Without those, people are in a UFO religion world of belief in saviours and some coming magical event that never comes, sold to them by a priesthood of snake-oil salesmen. Their product is at best, something that does nothing… and at worst? Poison.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Well I probably agree with you but I am trying to see how the scenarios might play out in the event of a significant crash in the U.S. position in the coming year or two. If that happens, I do think significant instability from within the U.S. system is possible on several fronts, and I only wonder how the UFO situation might play out.

    2. itsmeRitaC

      ” All that remains is open contact, open diplomacy, trade and cultural exchange. ”

      Hi AG, i say this. That isn’t really happening on Earth, let alone beyond. If we can’t get it together…………..I can’t imagine much is coming soon to a theatre near us.

  3. Thomas Fattorusso

    List its time you talk w jorjani what you are saying what he is saying is similar in terms of outcomes do not take this the wrong way but I fervently hope you are wrong both of you.

  4. Craig Champion

    Certainly do appreciate your thoughts in this excellent analysis of the current state of geopolitics and its possible relationship to the continuing cover-up of the ufo phenomenon. It’s great being a member of your site and receiving a “two-fer” – expert ufo as well as geopolitical history and analysis!

  5. Andy Walker

    Richard, I think this kind of analysis is where you’re at your best. Synthesizing your vast knowledge of UFO with history and geopolitics. The RD expertise trifecta!

    I know some don’t like the geopolitics and want you to stick to UFOs, but I love it and hope you’ll keep throwing content in this vein up, at least occasionally.

  6. Noah Gale

    I agree with your geopolitical comments as well as the possibilities that crisis can bring.
    Thank you.

  7. OgronWaitress

    It’s a superb piece, as ever. One quibble. Did I read you right that you currently hold up Viktor Orban as a champion of the liberal Western demos?

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      don’t think I said that at all, just that (among European politicians) he alone is opposing pretty much every single nefarious decision coming out of Brussels. I think it’s fair to say that liberal Western demos hate him!

      1. OgronWaitress

        Sorry, I inferred from what you wrote that you held him up as someone closer to the people than other European leaders and therefore a bastion of some kind. He’s a populist that is true. He’s also something of an autocrat with a dislike for independent courts and a pretty fruity take on ‘race mixing’. Zsuzsa Hegedüs, one of Orbán’s longest-serving advisers, resigned over his remarks last year about the need for Hungary to remain racially pure. I’d be a bit worried if he were someone you admired, Richard, to be honest.

        1. Richard Dolan Post author

          Well, I don’t have the numbers in front of me, but I would bet anything that Orban is vastly more popular in his country than probably any other EU leader (possible exception Meloni of Italy who is brand new there). But Macron? Hated. Scholz? Hated. Sunak? Hated. Von Der Leyen? Hated. Not Orban. Now let’s ask why this is so? I would say because he is better at listening to his people than any of the others. As far as I can see, that’s democracy in action.

          1. OgronWaitress

            I don’t think Orban would object to being called a right-wing populist. And he is exactly that, I’m sure we can agree there. And, as you say, he IS undoubtedly popular and getting more so. The neoliberal drips who are currently in charge of the Western European nations cannot dream of such a connection to the ordinary people. He’s way ahead of them there. It helps that his cronies control the media and help filter out alternative views, mind you, but every State media does that to one degree or another. His repressive laws against LGBT+ and power grab at the Hungarian judiciary do not bode well though.
            Bolsonaro, in many ways a cousin of Orban, was once the darling of his people too, lest we forget. A big talker populist with defined enemies and irredentist views. Who talks of HIM now?

  8. itsmeRitaC

    “This too has been a concern of mine, although the extremely well-managed and controlled “disclosure” of the last five years has shown us all that quite a lot can be released without blowing the whole deal. ”

    I haven’t gotten too far into this article yet Richard. But if i don’t comment as i go along, i won’t remember my earlier thoughts. 🙂 I know you will never acquiesce on this, but i believe ever more strongly as time goes on, that it is and has been a big old limited hangout.

    A serious question for ya. What do you think has been accomplished, in reality not theoretically, by this TTSA kick off to the “controlled disclosure”? How has it been beneficial to us? How does it benefit the MIC? Or do you think it is not at all involved with MIC? I will continue to say that i don’t run into anyone who is suddenly into the topic. In fact, and i know i have said it before, (i hate being boring), most people i have asked just think it is something to do with military in general.

    Also. I don’t see any recent programs, and there are many shows, that are not military/intel people involved. I just saw a documentary about the total control the DOD has on any kind of media that involves military personnel and agencies. I know we have discussed this in the past. This particular documentary was from 2022. I saw it a couple weeks ago. It even talked about backing of many ‘reality tv shows’ that have nothing to do, directly, with military topics.

    Unless you have access to inside information that you aren’t telling us about, (oh no!), I just can’t imagine that you don’t already know this stuff.

    Thank you! I will no doubt have more comments as i read further……………………….Rita

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Who says it’s beneficial? Also, what is the point of this limited hangout? In other words, I would ask the same question of you: what has this limited hangout accomplished? What I think makes the most sense is what I have been saying almost all along. That a group within the military has its own agenda that is not the same as the agenda of others, and there is a battle going on behind the scenes. That the Big Boys are winning (surprise surprise) and have used the unexpected revelations to their advantage … or at least have very effectively minimized the damage. I think this all makes MUCH more sense when seen as a behind the scenes dispute. But hey, I ain’t omniscient! Only time will tell who’s right on this.

      1. itsmeRitaC

        Thanks for the response Richard, i am going take this quite seriously and attempt to figure out the difference between controlled disclosure, or controlled any news stories, and a modified limited hangout. It may be that we are using two terms for the same thing essentially.

        But i will of course defer to you on what may appear to be minimal differences to me. However, everything i see in media is pretty much military and threat based. And for me, i don’t want a disclosure that is accepted by the ‘community’, because the DOD, etc. are willing to say that something exists that may not be something human made………………a slim possibility in fact. But “we will look at this because it is a serious military threat. ”

        I would rather pass on that myself. And that is all i have seen. And there is no way this isn’t totally under military and intel manipulation and control. The part that isn’t controlled, we can only know outside of official narratives. For me that would control includes weapons contractors and not so ‘former’ intelligence personnel. I have reason to believe these people less among all the population on the planet in fact.

  9. Carole Wahl

    I’d like to believe that there is indeed a Galactic Federation. I am optimistic that we, as a worldwide society, will get our act together…equal opportunity and respect for all nation states…definitely no more wars. Otherwise, disclosure may very well come from the very guys that fly those saucers.

  10. Christian Sedlatschek

    This is an excellent article on geostrategy, Richard. I couldn’t agree more! My limited knowledge exchange with Germans (in Germany) is they do understand but are compliant sheep, unable to speak out the truth and defend it, solely because they maybe afraid of losing their social status, credibility and maybe monetary benefits. So, they go along with the official narrative on any occasion. I’m curious, if they understand the upcoming implications once Russia has defeated its enemies in Ukraine. Just today, I am reading an article on one of Germany’s most prominent mainstream media, The Tagesschau, that the German economy will suffer for the coming years due to above mentioned confinements (high energy costs, inflation, etc.). Is this the way the political leadership tells its citizens the truth? The AFD (Alternative for Germany, a right wing conservative party) is slowly gaining track in the polls but the final push still remains subdued (people maybe thinking someone’s looking over their shoulder when casting their ballot). There is a lot of brainwash and it is increasingly becoming obvious that the Green Party is a war party not an environmental party, established and funded by the US military complex. Ms Anna-lena Bearbock, Germany’s State Secretary, talking about wars all the time. I’m sure Russians don’t take her serious anymore. Something big must happen to wake people up and encourage them to represent their own interests.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      The Germans have developed a strange psychology since the end of WWII. It’s got to be very, very tough. They gave the world Hitler and the Holocaust. How do you get over that? As a result, there has been a deeply conflicted society ever since — nationalism is of course absolutely off the table. Okay we can get that. But there really isn’t even a sense of national pride. It’s like they can’t be allowed to enjoy their own history. I often think about this. As an American, I may have all kinds of problems with my criminal government, but I do love U.S. history and find it endlessly fascinating. Germans really can’t appreciate their history in the same way, not since 1945. I think it does strange things to their national psyche. Lots of self-loathing, especially from the progressive parties. What their political establishment believes in as a result is the European Project, that’s definitely big. And also working underneath the United States in EVERYTHING. Oh and Baerbach is a monster, in my opinion. Yeah, how did the Green Party become ultra-Neocons? Well, they have! And I expect legislation sometime in the next year or two directed against AfD.

      1. Andy Walker

        A friend of mine from Germany once told me That Germans have a deep global inferiority complex over what happened during WWII. She said it’s not just as a nation, but that individually Germans feel very ashamed, even though most of them weren’t even born yet. I don’t know how you overcome that.

        1. Richard Dolan Post author

          Yes, exactly. Exactly. And it’s frankly exacerbated by the fact that even their culture has been dominated by America and Hollywood values. Germany didn’t just give us the Nazis and WWII. Yes, we all know that was horrible. But they gave us Bach and Beethoven, as well as an exceptional intellectual culture throughout the 19th century, and much more. It’s a nation that has a history going back thousands of years and rightfully has much to feel good about. But WWII took it all away from them. I have German friends too and I wonder how many more years and generations they will be ground down like this. I mean, The U.S. clearly had Nordstream destroyed (Victoria Nuland was practically shouting that fact out with glee in front of the Congress last week). And they say nothing. It’s like the whole nation has Stockholm syndrome and the Americans are their kidnappers.

          1. itsmeRitaC

            I agree with you on this Richard. It does sure help Israel in its ultra ‘right’ , yes i am using a lazy term here, government. And worse than ever now. I still think Israel has the bodies from Roswell. 🙂

          2. OgronWaitress

            Sorry, I inferred from what you wrote that you held him up as someone closer to the people than other European leaders and therefore a bastion of some kind. He’s a populist that is true. He’s also something of an autocrat with a dislike for independent courts and a pretty fruity take on ‘race mixing’. Zsuzsa Hegedüs, one of Orbán’s longest-serving advisers, resigned over his remarks last year about the need for Hungary to remain racially pure, describing them as Nazi ideas. Worrying.

      2. Christian Sedlatschek

        Yeah, the psyche is in deed strange. Hadn’t I travelled around the world that much with studying, working and spending some quality time in other countries (US, UK, Canada), most likely I wouldn’t have noticed myself. If only someone finally would tell the Germans, that this beast Adolf H., was a product of Anglosaxon and French intelligence agencies for one sole reason, to attack Russia, I am sure that psyche would change. He was fed, raised and equipped by MI6 and US intelligence to correct for a mistake that MI6 had done during WWI. The Bolshevik revolution was an MI6 operation with the goal to replace the zar and gain access to Russia’s vast resources (just like today). But the Bolshevik didn’t betray their country, so they had to be punished for that. That’s the story in a nutshell. It explains everything how these events played out so quickly over a time span of 20 years (1918 – 1939).
        But you’re right, Germans deserve better. Their culture and history goes back thousands of years and should be accounted for. Let’s hope for the best!

  11. Christian Sedlatschek

    Just want to add to above note: German chancellor Olaf Scholz just travelled to South America these days. I’m wondering if he knows about the coming defeat in Ukraine and tries to secure future resource shipments to Germany (minerals, gas, oil, etc.). They’re talking about it openly in MS news. It is noteworthy though, that he’s been there more often than usual. I’m not sure what he’s trying to accomplish but I think he knows the West has lost in Ukraine and he may try and re-evaluate his options.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I have tried to get a careful look at Scholz and also get that sense from him. He’s extremely weak but you can tell he didn’t want to send the Leopards and it’s obvious the German military also didn’t want to send them. They are extremely unhappy about all that. His recent defense minister Christine Lambrecht did not want to do it either and that apparently is why she’s gone. Scholtz realizes that Germany is in serious trouble and may indeed be scrambling. He’s got his work cut out for him.

      1. Christian Sedlatschek

        Yeah, he’s a very weak chancellor. Everybody knows that and people are talking openly about that. His public appearance regarding cum-ex deals with Warburg Bank in Hamburg didn’t make him shine in a good light. The impression is he may be corrupt and may have helped his business partners during his time as mayor of Hamburg. His best excuse:” I don’t remember anything”. People are extremely upset about this. Germany is in serious trouble, he knows that. But I also do think, he inherited some of the problems from his predecessor, Angela Merkel. Angela Merkel, in my opinion, is a monster too, for she’s done a lot of harm to the country in various ways. Again, she was likely operating for the US establishment, trying to fulfill their wishes as much as possible. Germany as a global competitor had to be sabotaged somehow: waves of migrants, destruction of Nord Stream I and II (Yes, I think that was the plan all along by Merkel) and countless other measures I may not be aware of. It took some time but people woke up and her successor, Friedrich Merz, has to pick up the pieces. I still believe in the common good and for things to work out as time passes but it may take some time.

  12. OgronWaitress

    Sorry, I inferred from what you wrote that you held him up as someone closer to the people than other European leaders and therefore a bastion of some kind. He’s a populist that is true. He’s also something of an autocrat with a dislike for independent courts and a pretty fruity take on ‘race mixing’. Zsuzsa Hegedüs, one of Orbán’s longest-serving advisers, resigned over his remarks last year about the need for Hungary to remain racially pure, describing them as Nazi ideas. Worrying.

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