Article: UFO Leak of the Century: Richard Dolan Analyzes the Admiral Wilson Leak

By | June 9, 2019

It’s out.

The most significant leak of UFO-related documents in many years is out, and people are beginning to talk about it. Some have even called this the most significant UFO leak ever. What’s clear is that this is very important. The public conversation we will be having about these documents is only beginning, and there is no doubt in my mind that it will continue through the remainder of this year and for years to come. Or until it is surpassed by something even bigger.

I’m talking about the Admiral Wilson documents. These are in relation to Thomas Ray Wilson, a man with a long and distinguished career in the U.S. Navy. Wilson was Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency from 1999 until 2002, and prior to that served as Director of Intelligence for the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Deputy Director of Intelligence for the Joint Chiefs. This position is known as J-2, and Wilson held that from 1997 to 1999.

The basics of what I’m about to tell you have been known by a few researchers for many years, including by myself. Many of us have discussed this series of events repeatedly, but until now, we haven’t had the documents to prove it. I’ve been talking about this since I first learned about it in 2007. Others, like Steven Greer and the late Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell, also made many statements, direct and indirect, about it. More recently the researcher Grant Cameron has, and even more recently the attorney Michael Hall. Indeed, an excellent chronology of all of our statements was recently put together by Guiliano Marinkovic here. I don’t know if it’s complete, but it might be. It’s certainly very thorough.

So what are we talking about?

These are notes by Dr. Eric Davis from October 16, 2002.

Who is Eric Davis? He is a scientist, but surely qualifies as a very interesting scientist. For many years, during the 1990s, he was a member of the National Institute for Discovery Sciences, which of course was owned by billionaire Robert Bigelow. NIDS was a very important organization back then and brought scientific rigor to many interesting areas of research connected to UFOs and beyond. The mystery of the black triangles, for instance. And most famously the Skinwalker Ranch in Utah, something Davis was very much involved in studying.

Davis is also a close associate of Dr. Hal Puthoff, who owns the scientific company Earthtech. Dr. Puthoff of course has an extensive career in science and the world of intelligence. Along with Russell Targ he developed the protocols for America’s classified remote viewing program in the 1970s and 80s. He is an expert on Zero Point Energy and what is called spacetime metric engineering. Think about that for a moment. And he has also has worked closely with Bigelow on a number of occasions. Plus of course he is an integral member of To the Stars Academy (TTSA). Hal Puthoff is someone I’ve known for many years and I have said it over and over again that he is someone who has always quietly been trying to help the cause of UFO Disclosure.

In my own judgment, and I am surely not alone in this, Davis and Puthoff are currently engaging in some of the most important scientific research related to UFOs in terms of their work on the now famous artifact from an alleged UFO which contains what’s known as a metamaterial and possesses incredible properties. I’ve discussed this elsewhere so more on that another time.

The bottom line is that Eric Davis is not just any scientist, but a scientist with a deep appreciation and solid scientific approach to certain areas of the fringe. And, through his association with people like Bigelow and Puthoff, he clearly has been able to have access at least from time to time to powerful individuals like Admiral Thomas Wilson.

These notes, then – 15 pages in all and included at the bottom of this article – were written by Davis in the aftermath of a meeting he had with Wilson in October 2002. They concern a series of events that took place during the spring of 1997, when Wilson was Deputy Director of Intelligence for the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

What took place during this meeting was a discussion of very great importance. It concerned nothing less than a confirmation of the existence of deeply classified programs to study alien technology. That is, extraterrestrial aliens. Their craft and technology.

As everyone knows, claims and more claims have been made over many years regarding this. I’ve discussed it countless times, and so have many other researchers. But these leaked documents, while not the first leaked documents to offer such a claim, are the most compelling. And unlike, say the various MJ12 and Majestic documents, there is no argument over their authenticity. They are real.

We need to be clear about what this is. It’s not a classified statement from the President or even from Wilson himself attesting to the reality of this program. However, it is a wholly credible series of notes by a scientist who only intended this to go to an extremely limited group of close colleagues. As such it has exceptional credibility. Moreover, the amount of detail and of specific names in it make it obvious that this is all very real.

It’s will be impossible to debunk this leak as a hoax or fabrication. At most, skeptics might argue that somehow these men were given wrong information. But as you will see, this is also not a credible argument.

The full fifteen pages are available at this link.

I will try to present the highlights of this, although you will surely want to read the entire 15 pages carefully on your own.

As stated, this note is dated October 16, 2002.

There are names contained in here that I don’t yet know, undoubtedly others will identify everyone here. But most are searchable and identifiable.

The two were set to meet at 10 a.m. that day, and Wilson apparently was ten minutes late, arriving with two Navy officers in uniform. Wilson himself was in civilian clothing.

The two sat in the back of Wilson’s car for a little more than an hour, in back of the EG&G Special Projects Building. One interesting thing about that is that EG&G’s “Special Projects” division was the operator of the Janet Terminal at McCarran Airport in Las Vegas, which became famous or notorious as the airline to fly employees and contractors to remote government sites in Nevada and California – places like Area 51.

Davis began asking Wilson about a very important meeting dating from April 1997. At the time, it was known only to a very few people. But it involved UFO researcher Dr. Steven Greer, Apollo 14 astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, and a U.S. Navy Lt. Commander Willard Miller, who met with Wilson and two other individuals, Admiral Michael Crawford and General Patrick Hughes. In Edgar Mitchell’s recollection, the date was April 9, 1997. Later in the notes, Wilson gives the same date.

Davis’s notes do not explicitly state what this meeting was about. But this much is known through statements by Greer and Mitchell, which is that is was to bring to their attention the existence of deep black and let’s say rogue private organizations involved in studying alien technology and bodies, and essentially needed to be brought under formal control by the U.S. government. Or, let’s say, something reasonably close to that. One thing that came up later in the notes is that they presented the thesis of what was then a brand new book: The Day After Roswell by Philip J. Corso. This book brought forth the allegation that at least some of the technology recovered from the Roswell crash in 1947 was segued into private industry. Turns out in the aftermath of Wilson’s two-month adventure, which I’m about to describe, he became a believer in the fundamentals of Corso’s thesis.

Davis’s notes gloss over this part of the meeting but focus on what was discussed after the formal meeting. This was a two-hour conversation between Lt. Commander Miller and Wilson on “UFOs, MJ-12, Roswell, crashed UFO/alien bodies, etc.”

That’s rather interesting, and we are just getting started.

Wilson, in fact, said that “he knew about intelligence on US mil/intell on UFO close encounters – and foreign gov’t encounters. Seen records.”

Again, that is a very interesting statement, isn’t it? Remember, this is 1997, a full decade before the start of the AATIP program. You’d sure like to know which records Wilson was talking about.

Then comes the first major bombshell of this document, and we are only at the bottom of page one. In Davis’s notes, Wilson confirmed that he was able to confirm in June 1997 that “there is such an organization in existence” in relation to “MJ-12/UFO cabal – crashed UFO.” At that time, this is late June 1997, Wilson phoned Miller and apparently told him that yes, he was right. There is such a group, a cabal, that manages the crashed UFO program.

Davis showed Wilson a letter from Miller dated April 25, 2002 – this letter is part of the leak. This letter makes it clear that Davis and Hal Puthoff were engaged in their own research into crashed UFOs and trying to figure out all the players within the government that have something to do with it.

One of the extremely interesting statements in Miller’s letter is that he would be able to provide Davis and Puthoff with “the name and last location of a senior officer who I believe had first-hand knowledge [of] U.S. government and alien reproduction vehicles (ARVs) at Area-51 and associated locations.”

There’s more here from Miller, including “the name and current location of a retired senior (Flag-rank) officer who I believe was directly involved in government interaction with a significant UFO event on the east coast of the U.S. and I believe has, by virtue of his former leadership position, high military rank, and control of significant military forces, direct knowledge of USG involvement in this business.”

He also said he had a list of civilian contractors with likely involvement in “alien-derived technologies, crashes, landing, and associated events.”

After reading this Wilson laughed and said that he “didn’t tell Miller EVERYTHING,” whatever that means. Then Wilson said “Miller can make good educated guesses on who (contractors) has alien hardware.” Then, “Miller can give good advice on which defense companies to look at – that’s all he knows.”

Clearly, Wilson knew a lot more.

Wilson was also angry that Miller, a fellow Navy officer, betrayed the trust of their conversation by relaying it to Greer and who knows who else. In reality, it doesn’t seem that Miller told many other people. Davis in his note added that Miller only told Edgar Mitchell, who was the one who told Davis about it in 1999. It’s possible that Miller told something to journalist Leslie Kean. At least this is what Wilson believed in his conversation with Davis in 2002.

Wilson was clearly nervous even in talking with Davis and said he was taking a risk just talking with him. And indeed, two decades later, the entire conversation is now out.

Davis then asks Wilson to describe what happened during the timeframe of April 1997 to June 1997.

Wilson said that about a week or so after his meeting with Miller, he “made phone calls, knocked on a few doors, talked to people.” This went on for 45 days, on and off, he said.

The way Wilson investigated this is worth consideration. He said he received a suggestion from a General Ward to search through the records group files in the OUSDAT office. That is, the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Technology). After doing some searches I believe this is Air Force General H. Marshal Ward, who in fact soon after became Director of special programs, at the Office of the Undersecretary of Defense for Acquisition and Technology in the Pentagon.

Even more interesting, during this time Wilson ran into William Perry, who had just left his position as U.S. Secretary of Defense. Perry is an extremely important and powerful figure and is still alive at age 91. Perry is someone of exceptional intelligence and ability who knows all the right people and appears to have always known all the right people.

What’s fascinating to read is that Wilson told Davis that he ran into Perry in May 1997 and they “talked about this quietly.” And Perry suggested the same thing as General Ward had. That is, go through the OUSDAT records. Again, this is the Defense Department records pertaining to “acquisition and technology.” Which makes sense.

Wilson then said “they told me” (and I am not sure in this case who the “they” is but it seems to be Ward and Perry) “of a special projects record group not belonging to usual SAP – a special subset of the unacknowledged /carve-outs/waived programs – not belonging to the usual SAP divisions as organized in ‘94 by Perry himself – set apart from [the] rest but buried/covered by conventional SAPs.”

This is a very significant statement. SAP, or Special Access Programs, are the primordial ‘black budget’ programs that infamously are nearly completely outside Congressional oversight. It’s been understood for a long time that in this environment, many of these programs are beyond oversight not merely of Congress, but the armed services themselves, dominated by the private contractors even sometimes over the defense department officials themselves. Here, Wilson is telling Davis that he learned that this UFO crash retrieval program appears to have been buried within other Special Access Programs, not belonging to the standard organization of how these programs are set up, but set apart.

Wilson then mentioned a few other names in this regard, Paul Kaminski, General Michael Kostenik, and Judith Daley, who was the Assistant Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Advanced Development, OUSDAT. Out of this he did find this unusual record group. The budget information as he learned seemed very high, but he said that might just have been errors in the way that budgets were reported.

Davis then tried to get to the main point: what SAP compartment did you find it in?

Wilson’s answer was “core secret – won’t say.”

Davis: code name?

Wilson: core secret.

Davis: who was the project contractor or government agency that ran the program?

Wilson: a top aerospace technology contractor.

Davis: who?

Wilson: core secret.

Davis asks for hints.

Wilson: sorry, no.

Then the story comes to the climax. Wilson said he “made three calls to the program manager – one of them [a] conference call with [the] security director and [the] corporate attorney.”

These individuals were not happy to hear from Wilson. He said all of them had a “testy tone” with him, and were confused as to why he was looking for them and what he wanted to know. Wilson said they were “agitated” and “surprised.”

Wilson informed them that he read their program record in the OUSDAT special program records group “and wanted to know about their crashed UFO program, what their role in that was, what they had, etc.” He also “asked if they heard of MJ-12 or some such organization code related to crashed/recovered UFO craft.”

This is a simply breathtaking moment here. You have the Deputy Director of Intelligence of the Joint Chiefs of Staff attempting to inquire about a UFO crash retrieval program by contacting the private contracting firm that appeared to be responsible for it. Remember, he’s talking to the program manager, the security director, and the corporate attorney.

Wilson told the three that he demanded a formal briefing on this program, and was doing so on his authority as Deputy Director DIA and Joint Chief of Staff J-2. This was an oversight on their part they needed to correct, he said.

Their reply was interesting: they would need to discuss this and get back to him. That they would arrange for a face-to-face meeting and settle the matter that way.

The meeting took place about ten days later, in mid-June 1997, according to Wilson. He “flew out there” to a conference room in “a secure vault.” There he met with the three individuals. The program director, the corporate attorney, and the security director, whom he noted was retired from the NSA and was a counter-intelligence expert.

They called themselves the watch committee or the gatekeepers. This was because some years earlier the entire program was nearly outed during a Pentagon audit investigation. They were there to ensure the program remained ultra secret. On that previous occasion they were forced to brief the government investigator on the program. In the aftermath of that episode they somehow made a formal agreement with the Pentagon to prevent this in the future.

What this meant was exceptionally tight controls to allow any U.S. government personnel into the program. Public status or rank were irrelevant. You could only gain entry by meeting unspecified criteria as determined by the watch committee.

As Wilson put it, “their way or the highway.”

He was mad. This group was operating without proper oversight from legitimate U.S. government agencies. And furthermore, he learned that the purpose of the meeting was to deny his access. His credentials and government authority was proper and valid, but he wasn’t on the “bigot list.” This is a term in the classified world referring to the people who are cleared to have a need to know. The Admiral was told he did not have a need to know.

This prompted some angry back and forth. Apparently, Wilson did indeed have proper legal authority to be demanding what he did. It didn’t matter.

Now this part is interesting. As a reply to Wilson’s arguments, they pulled out their Bigot list, last updated in 1993, which was four years earlier. Wilson didn’t give Davis any names, but he did say they were nearly all employees of the company. He didn’t recognize any military names, no politicians, no one in the White house, no on in Congress, or even any Congressional staffers. No one he recognized from the Clinton or Bush Sr. administrations. A small handful of names were Pentagon officials who’s names he knew.

Then they got down to some more detail. The program manager told Wilson they were not a weapons program, not an intelligence program, not any special ops or logistics program. When he asked what they were, there was a loud groan from the Program Manager. But the security director and the corporate attorney said it’s okay, you can tell him.

They told Wilson “they were a reverse engineering program” of “technological hardware” recovered in the past. He wondered, hmmm, reverse engineering Soviet or Chinese technology? They said no, not that.

They had an intact craft that they believed could fly. That’s interesting. (a) it’s intact and (b) they had not yet figured out how to fly it since they “believed” it could fly.

They made it clear to Wilson that “they didn’t know where it was from,” although they had ideas about that, but that “it was technology that was not of this Earth – not made by man – not by human hands.”

They also indicated this project had been continuing for “years and year” with “agonizingly slow” progress with “little or no success.” There was a “painful lack of collaboration” with the outside world and a very small number of cleared individuals – somewhere between 400 and 800.

Wilson asked some specific questions relating to UFO history such as Roswell, MJ-12 and others but got no answer from them. Wilson said he would complain up the chain of command about this and they said, go ahead, do what you feel you need to. It clearly didn’t bother them.

The meeting broke up at that time. Wilson did complain to the Special Access Program Oversight Committee (SAPOC). and was told sorry, they were siding with the contractor so he was out of luck. He was to drop the matter immediately and forget about it. Once again, he got angry. Then they threatened his career. If he didn’t comply, he wouldn’t get the promotion to DIA Director, he would get an early retirement, and would probably lose one or two stars along the way.

In January 1998 Wilson spoke to Jacques Gansler (who died in December 2018), and who had recently been put in charge of the acquisitions and technology division. Wilson said to Davis that Gansler had been briefed by someone, which apparently surprised him. Davis asked, what did he say?

Wilson’s answer here is interesting for sure. “UFOs are real, so-called alien abductions are not.” Gansler then said to drop the matter. There was going to be no more discussion about it.

That was essentially all of the notes, other than Davis asking Wilson if he would meet with Hal Puthoff, or Dr. Kit Green, and Wilson seemed to indicate probably not.

Those are the basics of what is in these notes, and of course they are available for anyone to read now and I am sure they will be analyzed by many.

This is an extremely important leak of information. It indicates strongly what many researchers have been arguing for a long time. That there is a deeply classified program existing within the labryinthian structure of the U.S. defense department system, hidden away from any meaningful oversight, studying at least one alien UFO.

It’s important to note that these notes do not mention the recovery of alien bodies. Apparently Wilson wasn’t told one way or the other about this. Of course, information about alien bodies has come out from quite a few excellent sources, and a few of them have come to me over the years. But what we have here is a snapshot of an incredibly important program to study alien technology.

It’s interesting that, in this scenario, progress in understanding the tech had been painfully slow. That would surely seem to call into question some of the more spectacular claims of secret black budget progress. Stories like the Alien Reproduction Vehicle, for instance, to say nothing of some more incredible claims made by people over the years. It’s not that some of these other claims are therefore invalidated by the Wilson documents. Ditto with the statement that UFOs are real but not alien abductions. What we know is that this was told to Wilson by someone who had been briefed. What we don’t know is how truthful or accurate it was. Was Wilson told that abductions don’t happen because that was considered even more sensitive? Just speculation, but the thing is to keep all these possibilities in mind.

What we have ultimately is a very powerful statement of a small group of people – Eric Davis, Hal Puthoff, Kit Green, Edgar Mitchell, and a few others no doubt – quietly working hard to learn as much as they could about the deep nature of the UFO coverup, and truly hitting paydirt with Admiral Wilson.

There is no use in denying the reality of the meeting between Davis and Wilson, and no use in assuming anything other than that Wilson was being completely truthful with Davis. The notes speak for themselves.

It will be interesting to see how all this plays out. There’s the UFO research community and those who follow that community, which is fairly small. I can guarantee you that that community will be incorporating this document into its big picture from now on. The real question is how this will affect the broader culture.

Right now we are moving in a very well-defined direction toward some form of disclosure on UFOs. I’ve been calling it controlled disclosure because, well, it has been tightly controlled to produce a certain spin on the phenomenon. One thing that is definitely being left out of that narrative is the nature of the coverup. The controlled disclosure has involved a rebranding of UFOs into something very mysterious, something maybe otherworldly or maybe not. It’s a fiction – a convenient fiction and may be useful for getting the word out to the mainstream – but a fiction nonetheless.

But these notes blow all that apart. Here we see true runaway secrecy. No oversight. Angry, upset military and government officials who frankly had a right to be upset. This signifies the existence of a truly secret world.

I’ve been arguing for years that if we want a healthy society we need to get on top of this. We need to recognize there is an enormous discrepancy between the official truth and what’s really true. We need to stop lying to ourselves, and to allow ourselves to be lied to.

It’s not that there are no genuine causes for having secrecy in this world. I don’t know many people who are that naive. But secrecy, especially long term secrecy of information that is of great transformative power – that kind of secrecy is a cancer to our societal well-being. It forces the established powers to continue to lie, over and over again, and it makes us learn not to trust our own judgment, our own senses when we see or learn something, or else it trains us to distrust our very establishment because we know they are lying to us. it’s a bad place to be. it’s not healthy for any society and it needs to stop.

Lies can dominate a society for a long time but ultimately lies are exposed. Every lie has a finite life. Ultimately truth will always win.

Having access to the truth doesn’t ensure that we will fix all of our problems. That’s never easy. But not having access to truth ensures we will never solve them, because we will never have access to the information we need in order to solve them.

I know that the people involved in this leak are unhappy that it’s out. But I would simply want to remind them that posterity ultimately is going to benefit. This needed to come out.

Richard Dolan
June 8, 2019


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      1. Scott Madsen

        I ran into the same problem Richard. Can’t find video(s). Would be nice if there was a link to all videos.

  1. MarkH

    Hi Richard,
    You are a Super-Human, thanks for this will comment after i try and analyze it all myself but for now, and i know i say it a lot but thanks for all your effort. I hope you have time for yourself to relax occasionally? I know it is selfish but i don’t want you to burn out earlier than you should. “the brightest light burns half as long”.
    Great, thanks, and much appreciated.
    Sincerely Mark.

  2. Don.B

    I must say this is absolutely fascinating! ! I wonder if the craft in “possession” might be the one from the 1942 Cape Girardeau, MO crash.?

    Unfortunately, I managed to miss the live chat yesterday, but was able to read it last night after it had been posted. A few statements Richard had made got me contemplating WHO the source of the leak was, having read the 15 page document several times.

    June 8, 2019 – 10:34 pm
    I do have an idea of how this all happened, but I have promised to hold off on that for now. but it’s a very logical and understandable situation.

    June 8, 2019 – 10:34 pm
    the leak will be very easy to understand, whenever its origin is revealed, as at some point it surely will be.

    I realize this is purely speculation on my part, but I’m kind of inclined to suspect that the 15 page document was eventually given to Dr. Edgar Mitchell, and that it was somehow “timed” to be released after he passed. Having recently spent the past few days listening to the different conferences and interviews he’s given regarding his view and interest in the UFO subject, it makes the most sense. After all, he was one of the folks pushing for UFO transparency who had probably the most public interest/awareness and fame from his NASA career and wasn’t afraid to speak his mind in public. He also stated several times that he personally knew all of the current serious UFO researchers around the world on a first name basis, and was actively in communication with all of them. What better a way to solidify your legacy than to be able to finally bring this important info to the masses? Maybe I’m incorrect, but it would make sense and help qualify the documents as legit, considering the source of the leak MAY be the 6th man to have walked on the moon. Call it a hunch, but to me, it just feels right.

    Only time will tell. 🙂

      1. Don.B


        After hearing your Saturday podcast on 6/15/19 and what the current assumption is regarding the source of the 15 paged document, I’m starting to think that I shouldn’t question or dismiss my intuition.

        In addition to my earlier post above, I have to ask myself this:
        What could they possibly do to Mitchell now that he’s gone? Use fake news to tarnish his reputation or call him crazy? Why would you send him to the moon in the first place if he had a questionable mentality? I suspect that all the folks Mitchell was involved with wanted this (and probably a LOT more) to come out but couldn’t/can’t due to their contractual NDA’s.

        Now I’m seriously considering trying my hand at remote viewing. Maybe the UFO/UAP community that we associate ourselves with needs to start a group of RV’s to answer things. If it worked for the SRI, and supposedly “anyone has the capability to RV” according to Russel Targ, wouldn’t that be on the productive side of the fence? It’d be interesting to see if you could conduct a RV session remotely over the internet – if this hasn’t already been tried.

  3. John Kafer

    Hi Richard,

    Great video and article as usual. This leak and the information contained there within, Is incredibly significant. Hopefully, it helps to move the disclosure needle a bit. I hope so. Thanks again for all you do.


  4. BrianH

    General Gansler’s alleged statement on the final page about UFOs and alien abductions really sticks out for me.

    While I can fully understand how a man with his position and access would be able to definitively say that “UFOs are real”, I do not understand how he can definitively state that “alien abductions (are) not real”. There really is *no* way he can assert that unless he’s sitting in on the alien’s policy working group meetings? Or is his certainty from retrieved and deciphered media from a crashed alien ship? I’m joking there, but what it really seems to me is that Gansler doth protest too much on the point of alien abduction.

    The finish line answer to our generations of questions is what I think the MJ12 cabal types are truly afraid to let out. The acknowledgement of UFOs or even non-human intelligences is small compared to acknowledging the activities of these beings. Abduction for the purpose of experimentation. I think General Gansler was throwing a bone to Admiral Wilson hoping Wilson’s hunger would be sated enough to fog the abduction issue.

    On the contrary, if these conversations are legit, I’m more convinced of alien abduction than ever, from Gansler’s odd affirmation.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Agree on Gansler. The docs are legit, very much so in my strong opinion. So Gansler’s statement is odd. Could simply be that Wilson wasn’t cleared?

  5. Daniel Hoffmann

    My opinions as to the acronyms in the 15 page document;
    “The Company” …Wilson talks about meeting in a “vault.” Lockheed Martin Skunkworks is known for their special bank-vault conference rooms, lined with lead and steel.

    “JA” John Alexander…see the connection between John Alexander and Oke Shannon at this link,

    Oke Shannon…ex-navy, graduaute of Annapolis, linked in…
    Oke Shannon both graduated with advanced degrees in 75/76 from similar if not the same military institution.

    LANL…Los Alamos National Lab

    1. Daniel Hoffmann

      Oke Shannon and Admiral Wilson both graduated with advanced degrees in 75/76 from similar if not the same military institution.

  6. Damien Repasi

    I’m thinking the supposedly “agonizingly slow progress” on reverse engineering the spacecraft is some kind of smokescreen. It makes me think there already was some project that was successful in reproducing the technology, and that group perhaps represents the true “breakaway society.” It’s awfully convenient to say, “we’ll we have one craft we can’t even get to fly, and progress on its reverse engineering has been very slow. Nothing too spectacular.” I wouldn’t be surprised that even this one USAP project in question is itself a cover for far more involved and advanced projects. Or perhaps such projects have gone so far underground, (perhaps literally as well as figuratively,) that they are beyond any true official knowledge. If these people have the tech we think they might have, who knows what the truth is? If they can brainwash or mind-wipe people and whatnot, maybe this one black op is or was just a decoy. While even this one project is important and demonstrative of the previously theoretical runaway secrecy and tax dollars spent on an effectively illegal black project, I can’t help thinking it makes it look as though it diminishes all the other claims of ARV’s, abductions, DUMBS, off world projects, etc. While people get all worked up over this one project, it’s a distraction from perhaps much darker black projects, if that’s even possible. Just my two cents.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Entirely possible in my opinion as well. All we “know” is what Wilson said they told him. Let’s assume he was truthful with Davis — I would say a reasonable assumption. We do not know how many programs there are for this, first of all. We don’t know how much information they want to give him. So yes, there’s a lot we need to take with a critical mind.


    Excellent synopsis as usual Richard..thank you so much. The only thing that tarnishes this a bit in my mind is involvement by Greer. I’m relatively new to the following of ufology but I have to say I have mixed feelings about Steven’s credibility. Perhaps in the 90’s as CSETI founder Steven’s clout was deserving of such classified programs. I could very well out of place here but I ask for your thoughts on this to set me straight.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Thank you. it’s very interesting how Steven Greer was able to make the rounds as he did during the 1990s. It’s a fact and one day I’d like to find out the true story. His account is that his CSETIs were so incredible that he got some high level attention. Maybe, who knows. But I’d like to get some other perspectives. But he certainly DID talk to some powerful people back then, no question about it.

      1. Franc

        Do not understand how anyone can be around Greer for more than 30 secs without wanting to leave the room. I would rather listen to a Corey Goode bullshit session as white noise locked in a cell for 24 hrs than listen to Greer…

        1. Richard Dolan Post author

          Lol Greer can be tough to handle I agree. But he has still had some HITS over the years. I know, his personality makes it difficult for many researchers to want to work with him.

  8. Carolyn3

    Hi Richard and Tracey,
    I’ve read all of this and listened to you on this information. I’ve been going through everything you posted with great detail, and I had a sign of relief probably for the first time since my experiences. I feel a sense of vindication or something like this (hard to explain the emotions) Experiencers are NOT crazy and we know what happened to us/me, and I hope in time to remember more in greater detail. I almost cried with relief as this was that emotional for me.
    Thank you so much.

  9. Carolyn3

    Abductions are not real?? wow I beg to differ. If not real then what are they? Too many abductions to say they are not real.

  10. BrianH

    Richard, do you think that the removal two weeks ago of Major General Dawn Dunlop as head of Special Access Program Central Office (SAPCO) is related to the recent leaked info or government-volunteered info regarding UFOs?

    What’s been reported so far from unnamed sources is that General Dunlop fostered a “toxic work environment”. Maybe I’m off-track, but based on her 30 year exemplary record, it seems that Dunlop was custom built for a job like SAPCO boss, and not given to the anti-leadership behavior as what’s been described. This looks like her first and only failure in a career that zoomed faster and smoother than the jets she flew in combat. SAPCO chief isn’t just given to anybody.

    Maybe I should save this question for a future AMA, but any thoughts? Link below.

  11. Craig Champion

    Thought: If the Davis Notes hit the corporate media, it might suggest that there exists a true, unencumbered intent toward disclosure. Alternately, if the “controlled disclosure” continues, I naturally continue to wonder why, i.e., what’s the “MO?” I’m thinking that, as I previously mentioned there might be a rollout of some of our black budget high-tech, such as the black triangles, in accordance with the ever-developing military/private sector space fleet. Acknowledging some of the ufo phenomenon might therefore constitute rationale for our continuing development in space. Just a thought…

  12. Scott Madsen

    Richard, I love the fact that you write out the content before doing the video. That is simply a step beyond!

    I want you to know (you probably do already) that UFONN just completely screwed up the story yesterday. They muddied the waters with an ill conceived interview with Michael Hall. In which they injected poor information from Miller…

    There are a multitude of reasons why Miller would want to debunk the docs. It is now a mess due to Chant’s crappy interview and lack of careful questioning of Miller.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I heard about Miller’s denial, but didn’t hear it directly yet. Of course it is to be expected and so many people seem to be accepting it blindly. Eyeroll. No matter. If I had to fight this battle completely alone, I would have no worries in the least. None. Because I KNOW without a doubt of what I am talking about in this instance. Not in all things about UFOs, but in this, yes. Fortunately however, there are other researchers, too. Fact is, this story and these notes will not go away. It will be fun for me to see how the deniers and “IT’S AN OP” callers will be forced to change their tune. They will.

  13. Simmo1

    I agree with this assessment. Case in point, I tend to think Bob Lazar’s story is broadly credible. At the very least he was able to take John Lear and Gene Huff to the right time and place to view a UFO/ARV test flight, which is some killer inside information. And is at odds with Gansler’s assertion that they couldn’t get the UFO to fly.

    It’s like the “layers of the onion metaphor” that’s been used to describe UFO secrecy. A layer gets pulled back with each promotion into a sensitive division. Outer layer is “all UFOs are misidentified natural phenomenon and conventional aircraft etc”. Second layer is “okay, some UFOs are real, but they’re ours ;-)”. Third layer, “okay some of the UFOs are also alien, but the aliens aren’t here often, are no threat and there’s no such thing as alien abductions” and further layers are pulled back with harder and harder to digest revelations as the insider’s career progresses. Lord only knows what the innermost secrets are

  14. Franc

    Decorated “Captain Marvel” Air Force pilot removed from DOD job
    FEATUREDWIB AIR June 12, 2019 Corey Dickstein 0

    Corey Dickstein
    Stars and Stripes

    The Air Force’s highest ranking female fighter pilot was removed from her job leading the Pentagon office responsible for overseeing some of the military’s closest-held secret programs, defense officials said Tuesday.

    Maj. Gen. Dawn Dunlop was removed from her position as the director of the Defense Department’s Special Access Programs Central Office on May 31 by Ellen Lord, the Pentagon’s acquisition chief, according to the officials. The office, known as SAPCO, is responsible for oversight of the Pentagon’s special access programs, which are highly classified projects that require security and safeguards beyond the scope of typical secret information.

  15. Kit

    Out on the sidewalk after the UFO Meetup Group meeting, Tracey and I finally figured out what UFOs are all about.

    As Richard has explained in the past, the breakaway civilization which consists of a secret cabal of above government global wealth controllers, long ago turned over the reverse engineering of alien craft to private defense contractors. This is to avoid oversight and meddling by know nothing politicians, including the president. 20 years ago reverse engineering progress was described in the above recently leaked 25 page Admiral Wilson “notes,” from 2002, as very slow.

    Twenty years later, they likely have finally figured out the alien propulsion, materials manufacturing, and free energy technologies and have reached a rough technological parity with the aliens. As such, the breakaway civilization has now the means to exist totally independent of Earth and to build a utopia for themselves either somewhere on Earth or elsewhere.

    This has all been done by prior agreement with the aliens who, in return for intact alien craft, were given free use of humans and the Earth as a resource for their own purposes. The breakaway civilization is now allowing a slow release of UFO information so as to accustom humans to the idea of aliens among us. Meanwhile, the breakaway civilization retires to it’s space travel, free energy utopia completely separate from the rest of us about whom they could care less.

    Mystery solved. I can go back to playing guitar and Richard and Tracey can head for the beach.

  16. THz

    If only it were that simple, Kit. If only… not that it isn’t, but why on earth would a breakaway civilization with technology that can supposedly allow them to traverse interstellar distances with ease, WANT to set up a utopia here on this ragged old planet, with inhabitants that often handle disputes more like cave men and who haven’t yet grasped the thought that we should be treating each other as equals? Seriously, we are significantly immature. Too many of us still can’t even look at another person without prejudging them in an infinite variety of important ways.

    If I was a breakaway civilization, I would be doing my damnedest to STAY distanced from this world’s inhabitants and minimize contact. Actually, I wouldn’t even see any need to integrate whatsoever with humanity, given that utopia could be established almost anywhere else in the galaxy. And the LAST thing I would want to give this world’s inhabitants is technological parity. We are far too unpredictable and uncivilized. I think we proved that only 74 short years ago when we discovered nuclear weapons.

    OR, if I was a breakaway civilization and had a less “civilized” mentality, I would simply invade en-masse, decimate the existing population and re-engineer the world into the desired utopia. Why wait hundreds or thousands of years for our brains to mature? Why wait and watch while these cavemen decimate and pollute the planet upon which utopia would be built? Why not just get it over with and take over the planet?

    No… it can’t be that simple. There is a reason humanity hasn’t been through “first contact” yet. It might be as simple as a little boy playing with his ant collection. Perhaps this is some sort of test for humanity. Or maybe we are like insects on the sidewalk that we walk over, mostly oblivious. Or perhaps we really are just curiosities where revealing the truth of their existence might “take all of the fun out of it.” I’m sure aliens have senses of humor, just as we do. Heaven knows they toy with us enough.

    Even all of that doesn’t quite fit right.

    Who knows what the real answer is?


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