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By | April 7, 2018

The Answer Forum is a place where I will answer your questions, by video if possible but in any way that I can best answer. All you need to do is write to me or Tracey via the Contact Us tab, and I will reply to all those questions that I can. I can’t promise an answer every time, but I will do my best.

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  1. AvatarDean DeHarpporte

    Earlier today I posted a rather long entry containing my reactions to the Ozark UFO Conference. But it seems to have disappeared without a trace. Any idea of where it went? And is the blog the place to post such material? Or would it be more appropriate to post in the chat room or the answer forum?

    1. TraceyTracey

      Hi Dean, Kit, and all members,
      I’m glad you asked. I will explain. The first time anyone comments, the comment goes to moderation, and during this time it will seem to disappear. (This process is mostly in place due to some areas being public and subject to spam advertising etc. ) After you have been approved one time your posts will go immediately up without moderation as a trusted contributor. Dean it took us a couple of days to get to your post, but we approved it right away and it looks like it is up there. Please feel free to use the chat room to comment and connect with like minded people. The answer forum is a place where we can collect your questions, and when Richard gets time he will answer them usually in video format for the group. Hope this helps! – Tracey

  2. AvatarKit Nelson

    I see almost no comment traffic on this site. Is it happening and I’m just not finding it for some reason?

  3. AvatarDean DeHarpporte

    Richard, I have a thought on the world situation that I would like you and others to comment on. Thank you.

    After reading – critically – an article in the New York Times about the spreading presence of U.S. military operations in remote parts of Africa to combat extremists, it occurs to me how ubiquitous the terrorist threat has become. It has spread not only across the Middle East but into Africa, Europe and America despite great efforts to contain it. It is hard to shake the analogy of the barbarians who eventually toppled mighty Rome.

    The question is why now? Why in the 21st century does world order appear to be beadking down, and why is extremism so hard to combat. I believe that two secular trends are driving the random violence. The first is the decay of the West, led by America, where corruption and rampant militarism has burdened the Leader of the West to the point where extreme inequality is creating a plutocracy. The West has lost its resplendent champion, but still its world citizens are following us blindly down the road to economic chaos.

    Yet, the more important reason for the trend toward collapse of world order may be the flood of information resulting from television and the internet. In the 21st century everyone has immediate access to all the news and distortions of the news. Mainstream media – because of its alliance with government – is no longer the only and most reliable source of news. Everyone knows now that billions live in abject poverty while a tiny few control most of the world’s money. Many if not most people sense a profound deception of reality by the mainstream press, which is allied with governments to preserve stability and world order. Some alternative media sources call out mainstream media distortions of reality while other sites provide real information, whether it serves the interest of world order or not. Still other media, playing on the anger of the disenfranchised, drive home the unjust exploitation of the poor by the rich. Inevitably, a desperate minority – profoundly alienated by the deception of reality they now discern – strike out with raw, meaningless violence.

  4. AvatarKit Nelson

    What exactly is the difference between an abductee and an experiencer?

    My answer is that abductees are taken by aliens without their permission. Experiencers have contact with aliens by choice. I base this on the Oxford Dictionary definition of the word abductee. I suppose an abductee could become an experiencer over time if (s)he comes to believe that the aliens’ intentions are beneficial. Or vice versa.

    Another factor is that the idea of personal Liberty is based on the Non-Aggression Principal that says that a peacefully living person is sovereign and cannot be forcibly brought under the jurisdiction of anyone including the government or even well intentioned aliens. Under this principal, abductions are acts of aggression and as such, cannot be justified, no matter how beneficial the abductor’s intentions.

    Perhaps an argument could be attempted on the basis that the human race itself does not live peacefully and therefore the Non-Aggression Principal does not apply justifying abduction. I would argue that it is individuals, not whole species, who are abducted and each individual lives peacefully or not.

    Experiencers are voluntary contactees, a la George Adamski. Those taken involuntarily are abductees a la Linda Cortile. What say you?

  5. AvatarWilliam Reynolds

    Hello Richard . I have heard you thoughts on 9/11 .What are your thoughts on ” Where did the towers go” by Judy Wood ? Have you approached any , or been approached by the media , reporters or commentators on this subject ?

    1. TraceyTracey

      Hi William,

      Yes, it took me a few years to get that book. I think sometime around 2011 or so if I remember correctly. Very important book and probably close to the truth, as far as I can tell. I’ve made this comment from time to time whenever discussing 9/11 during interviews. As for major media, no … they have NEVER approached me on 9/11. Of course, I don’t think they approach anyone, do they?

  6. AvatarKit

    Abductions are needlessly involuntary. Why?

    Suppose an alien came to you and said this: “We need Human volunteers. If you agree, you will be taken aboard one of our ships and be medically examined by our personnel. We are conducting an alien/Human hybrid breeding program and we may medically extract sperm or eggs from you. You may also be asked to interact with hybrid children and adults in a teaching role. We may insert a small implant. We may also be able to improve certain of your medical conditions. There may be some after effects but they will be temporary and not life threatening. We will answer your questions as best we can but we cannot tell you at this time the reason for this program. Be assured that it is important and is for the future benefit of all life on Earth. Afterwards you will be returned to where we picked you up. You can elect to have all memory of your visit erased or not. Keep in mind that if you retain memory and tell others about your experience with us, they will likely not believe you and think you are mentally ill.”

    Would you go? I would. There is no shortage of Humans that would line up to go. If these aliens have been interacting with us for centuries or even only the last 70 years, why don’t they know that?

    1. SaraGSaraG

      I like your line of thinking. I have often asked myself the same question. I like to look at this subject with my “Logic Filter”. Most of the time I can come up with a logical hypothesis for the various aspects of the UFO question. But this one always stumps me. You could say do we sit down with the lab rat and explain our motives before we begin experimentation? No but there is a difference between humans and lab rats. Self awareness. Surely the aliens understand we are self aware. Yes… this one always stumps me.

      1. AvatarKit

        Sara G, I like your thinking, too. One possible answer might be that these aliens who abduct people have no concept of asking for permission. By all accounts, they are a telepathic society. Not only do they communicate telepathically, they also have the mental power to force others to think and do what they want them to do. In such a society, those whose telepathic powers are the strongest will rule those whose powers are weaker. They would have no need to ask permission for anything. Telpathy is the ultimate societal control mechanism. Individuality and freedom of choice would be unkown, as would the offering of choices to Humans. What say you?

    2. AvatarDrew Streitberg

      I think its akin to whether we would ask our pets or farm animals the same thing? The reality is we wouldn’t, even if they could understand us we probably still wouldn’t because either it needs to be done anyway and their answer is irrelevant to our actions or we simply don’t care (especially with regards to farm animals (mostly)). I suspect this is likely the answer given an ET species would be superior to ourselves (in many respects but possibly not all).

      There is another possibility in that we may have been asked permission and given it but the event was either too traumatic and blocked by our minds for our own protection or they erase the memories for the most part either on purpose or as a by-product of the abduction itself. That way they achieve a more docile candidate during the abduction process but retain the secrecy of their activities post abduction.

      The problem with erasing conscious memories, and I note this has been documented in cases where medical practitioners have supplied medication to victims or traumatic events, is that whilst it erases the conscious memory it doesn’t erase the PTS symptoms. The issue afterwards being you now experience PTS symptoms but with no memory as to why which actually makes it more difficult to overcome as you have no reference point to process any more.

      Just my 2 cents.

  7. AvatarLaura Hovey Neubert

    Do you think you would ever want to host a conference? If so, what theme/topics would be of the most interest to both of you in this realm? For instance, what do you think is lacking from current offerings?Which conference to date comes closest to your best ….and maybe you already answered this question. ?

    Great show tonight!
    Laura and Bruce

  8. AvatarKit

    By all accounts, aliens who abduct Humans use their telepathic powers to communicate and to control humans’ thoughts and actions. Richard has outlined the methods used by the national security state and /or the breakaway civilization to control our reality, our thoughts and actions. These methods are a very poor and very expensive substitute for telepathic power but they share the same goal, absolute control.

    Ingo Swann, in his book, “Penetration,” postulates that humans have and could develop telepathic powers. But telepathy is one ability that the national security state / breakaway civilization does not want the average human to haqve. They have apparently not yet developed it themselves either as evidenced by the elaborate and expensive control methods outlined by Richard.

    Imagining the implications of a telepathic society is an engrossing topic. Here is a link to David Jacobs’ take on it.

    1. AvatarDavid Ostby

      Hi again, Kit. Yay, your bumper music hits the mark! Regarding your question about alien/abduction/telepathy/permission, I think a piece of work that Remote Viewer Lyn Buchanan did may be of interest. I sure found it interesting: He once said that he was tasked with developing a way to classify ETs into a threat assessment table. (I am doing this from memory so forgive me Lyn if I got some details wrong!) He decided to build a simple quad chart, where the two axes were ‘friendly vs unfriendly’ and ‘psychic vs non-psychic’. He went on say that our biggest threat is from the unfriendly/psychic races. The friendly/psychic races are considered benevolent and not a threat… even often helpful. Using RV he was able to find that we do a lot of trade (!) with the friendly/non-psychic races. I believe he also said that the powers that be do not consider the unfriendly/non-psychic races a threat… which is also pretty interesting.

      So I wish I would have had the presence of mind to ask how he would have classified the ET races that are typically thought to be abducting humans. Seems like they would fall in his ‘unfriendly/psychic’ category…

      1. AvatarDrew Streitberg

        I listened to that as well – I believe it was an interview on C2C where Lyn was discussing classifications of ET.

        One of the issues with RV is that it is not ‘time-locked’ – where you simply “roam” via RV, what you experience has no time designation so it could be anywhere within our concept of time. Targeted RV is different again and I recall (and correct me if I’m wrong) that during one of the darkside of the moon RV sessions that an ET became aware of his presence and he had to break off.

        Now this is actually quite interesting because many people who have encountered sharks in the ocean have actually felt them ‘lock on’ long before they see them and I postulate that perhaps an issue might be that through a RV session an advanced ET may actually be able to ‘lock on’ and track you back to your physical self. It would be interesting to know whether any RV’s have actually experienced abduction phenomena and/or strange occurrences thereafter?

        But in regards to Kit’s comments about developing psychic abilities – I would suggest and from other reports and experience liken it to working out. The more you workout the stronger you get – some techniques, in the same way we build muscle, are more effective than others and like fitness, everyone is different and one technique won’t necessarily be as effective for someone else. Basically the same rules apply “if you don’t use it, you lose it” and you have to rebuild in the same way you do with exercise.

  9. AvatarCarolyn Padgett

    Thanks Kit for the this information. I have recently found the book Penetration by Ingo Swan several days ago on Amazon and have been teetering on whether to get it or not…most likely will. I sent Tracey a message on what she thought since either her or Richard..maybe both had mentioned his books regarding remote viewing. I will also check out the site by David Jacob’s it looks interesting

    Thank you

  10. AvatarMetaStrange


    Few questions.

    Why do you do what you do? What are your motivations?

    Are there particular personal reasons why you got into UFO research and that sustain your interest? Or are you more interested in the ‘bigger picture’ in that you feel your research will help people in the grand scheme of things? And if so, how will it help?

    What’s your view on how UFO research fits into the greater canopy of scientific enquiry? Is it a question of furthering science and/or technology? or is it more about the psychological and sociological implications, which would come from not being alone in the universe and the societal affects technological advancements could bring?

    Finally, have you read a book called “Will Storr Vs the Supernatural?”

  11. AvatarJoseph Mastroianni

    Your latest youTube vid, which is from 2016 – is unfortunately prescient and I wish I could sit here and develop rebuttal arguments to yours, but your observations are identical to mine and it’s all I can do to keep the tears from my eyes (figuratively).

    I can sit and type to you in agreement, which makes me feel good temporarily and I’d much rather an argument I could win and leave this desk feeling accomplished. Instead, I feel vacuous.

    Our world is becoming fascist. It’s more than obvious now.
    We have turned over the keys to those who would profit at our expense in a visible way. Before it was hidden. Now it’s overt. The “public good” has become a catch phrase for suckers too stupid to figure out how to monopolize on public wealth, public lands, public resources, public trust.

    We’re feeding people fear instead of hope. We’re refusing them the education they could get to free them, and those who seek education are saddled with indebtedness from which they will never escape.

    Add to all of this, disclosure. Disclosure will be “used” as a tool to further the fear.

    The hope in this, perhaps, is that all of this, too, is a cycle. You’re a student of history and you know that inevitably, this too will pass – as sure as death comes to each of us.

    Unfortunately, I have little hope this can be corrected in my lifetime, and maybe not even my children’s. Bravery and sacrifice take time, and crises. And one thing this fascist force is good at, is continuing to amp-up the “status quo” in an organic manner, so society never realizes that not only is it not true that “things were ALWAYS this way,” but that things don’t have to be so.

    You’re a singular voice in a miasma of effluent, Richard. That’s a problem for us all.

    1. Richard DolanRichard Dolan Post author

      Hi Joseph,
      I don’t recall which video you are referring to from 2016, but yes things can seem bleak. For me, sometimes it’s simply a matter of the day of the week. I have days when I feel more hopeful, other days, not so much. But I remind myself that people have always struggled, that those with real depth and insight are always a minority. I’m actually glad that many of us can gather here. Very glad YOU are here, that is for sure.

  12. Tony BermansederTony Bermanseder

    Hi Answer Forum!

    It seems Richard and Tracey have little time to answer questions regarding the ufo phenomenon on this part of the member platform of their website.
    In view of the demand on their time in their work and agenda, this is rather understandable.
    I have forwarded the following (now open) invitation to support their work and would also relate particular and relevant information here as a simple member contributing and participating on this platform.

    Dear Richard and Tracey!

    I am an Australian researcher into the ufo phenomenon from a cosmological scientific perspective, which includes the metaphysical nature underpinning this subject matter.
    I have engaged in this work for over 30 years now and the recent scientific advances and insights into the nature of the multi-dimensional universe related to string-membrane physics and to wave-particle duality and consciousness studies, have allowed a deeper insight of explanatory potency to finally placate the ufo phenomenon onto a sound scientific paradigm.

    As I have followed your work for many years now and as I am impressed by your sincerity and integrity; I would like to offer you informative data regarding the ufo phenomenon within a higher dimensional scientific paradigm. You have often addressed the link to consciousness and the multi-dimensional universe in your presentations as well as possible links to an advanced quantum mechanics.

    My research has incorporated some of those aspects in a reformulation and description of the spacetime metric in a quantum physics of the 10-11-12 dimensional fabric of that spacetime; where however it is not spacetime which embeds the dynamic of matter and energy, but a pre-plenum of energy allowing spacetime to emerge from it.
    This earlier ‘energy’ (existing before space and time in an ontology of physicality as say a cosmogony for a cosmology), you can then use to define the concept of ‘physical consciousness’, say as proposed by Grant Cameron, Stuart Hameroff and Roger Penrose to name just a few.

    I have commented on Tom Valone’s electrogravitics and Hal Puthoff’s work on the ufo propulsion mathematics on my website here ( and my fundamental (mathematical-scientific) work underpinning your research interests can be perused here:

    One early published paper on consciousness from 2011 (Journal of Consciousness Exploration and Research) can be found there and my major paper named : The Monopolar Electron – An extension of the standard model of particle physics; is proposed for publication in October by the PreSpacetime Journal of the same publisher.

    There is no copyright on any of my work and you are free to use any work you might wish to retrieve from the linked website to your pleasure and convenience.
    Please let me know, if you are interested in further discussion with me.
    I believe to be in a position to add certain information about the nature of the ufo phenomenon with respect to its history as part of the universe’s multi-dimensional evolution to your information base.
    My skypehandle is anubisbarbelo

    Best regards and wishes for your future


    As an example regarding the ufo phenomenon which satisfies a more scientific apoproach I would like to address some basics about the nature of a ufo in the context of a multi-dimensional reality.
    The scientific basis for the dynamics of a real ufo relates to the extension of 3-dimensional space into 4-dimensional space (or 4D-spacetime into 5D-spacetime).

    A very simply analogy is the existence of a shadow cast by a 3D object after illumination by a Light Energy Source. This 3D illuminated object then casts a 2D-projected and Dark Image onto an illuminated surface say.
    The natural ufo is however a 4-D object and so casts a Light shadow onto a 3-D surface being illuminated-energized by a Dark Energy Source.

    The important aspect of the ufo so is that it is occupying extra or more space than is observed by the 3D observer. The plasma orbs as higher dimensional ‘volumars’ so are actual projections of a 4D-physical reality as ‘shadows of light’ and energized by the Dark Energy and ‘dark matter’ of contemporary scientific research.

    It is well known by science, that the entire universe can be described as a 3-dimensional membrane or surface in a holographic cosmology. In technical terms it is a Riemann sphere as a dimensional derivative (2pi^2R^3) of a 4-D volumar (½pi^2R^4). The basic nature of the universe is energy (Einstein and Planck) but manifesting from a prior data- or information base. The holographic multidimensional cosmology then allows the 3D volume of the universe to become a 2D data-mapping onto its boundary or the ‘inside bubble surface’ of the so called Hubble horizon.

    Further details relate the energy of General Relativity describing spacetime curvature as a combination of volume preserving and volume changing tensors in 3D space and 4D spacetime to this ‘dark energy’ in higher dimensional space as indicated.

    There are many ufo acconts, Richard can verify, which describe interaction and entry into ufo craft which appear much smaller from the outside, then they are on the inside.
    This short descriptor so should allow the interested researcher to arrive at a better understanding about this part of the ufo topic.

    As said I have over 30 years of ufo research from the scientific perspective to draw upon and simply would like to share this information in the context of the logistical timeline of universal transformation this planetary civilization finds itself embedded in at the present time of cosmic metamorphosis.

    Best regards to all members here.

    1. Richard DolanRichard Dolan Post author

      Hi again, Tony,
      Thank you for this post. I read through it as well as I could. Definitely appreciate the visual examples you offered, which made it much easier to follow. I will make a note of your website for sure, and I have no doubt I will find it helpful in my future formulations of reality, consciousness, and the UFO phenomenon.

  13. Tony BermansederTony Bermanseder

    Hi Richard, thanks for replying.

    The reason I offered my input is your and Tracey’s ability to communicate the nature and significance of the extraterrestrial reality in a real grass roots driven agenda of disclosure. Your emphasis on rationality and logic aka gnosis is supplemented by Tracey’s intuitive Sophia; meaning Understanding and Knowledge in a male-female synergy of Mind-Body and Body-Mind ‘healing’ or harmonising the Descartian duality. You could of course also call it male reason and female intuition.

    Needless to say and as you already perceived, my communication skills are rather limited. Not only am I an ancient guy in a wheelchair with a heavy German accent; my linguistic expressionism is often convoluted and tangential.
    This is however the effect of having a vast amount of information, which I am trying to pass on to the populance in dire need to understand its own history and destiny a little better.
    As you would agree, this civilization is at the cross roads both politically, scientifically and socially.

    There is a real problem for an ‘awakening vox populi’ though and you will encounter this at your transhumanism conference in September.
    I am well informed about the speakers there and their respective platforms and ‘belief systems’. Knowing of your attendance there, was another reason I joined your website.

    You see, my scientific work began in earnest in 1985, when I discovered an algorithmic nature for the existence of a physical universe. As an example there exists a particular computer program-algorithm, which allows the emergence of fundamental constants, like the speed of light, Planck’s constant of the quantum and Boltzmann’s constant of thermodynamics to emerge as solutions to that algorithm.
    In other words the universal mathematical and physical structure of the physical universe becomes an emergent effect of an ‘universal intelligence’ to manifest itself from the premise of potential forethought and experienced afterthought. This of course relates to known ancient scrolls like Nagh Hammadi and Qumran. I don’t know if you are aware of the ‘Apocryphon’ and ot the ‘Nag Hammadi codices.

    In the context of your interest in geopolitics; I would like to point you to a certain codex there known as the ‘Gospel of Thomas’. This text is the ‘super duper’ manual of the globalist controllers due to its encoded esoteric message and promises. Much of what is appearing now as ‘revelations’ on a multitude of fronts; is related to the contents of this text; such as the metaphysical abuse of sexual energy and the overall sequestry of information and resources.

    But generally, the ‘great conflict zone’ the human civilization has now entered; requires a metaphysical solution and only a deeper understanding and nous on that level can succeed.
    You will perhaps experience this dilemma at the Legends conference. You will find that most if not all speakers will agree on the geopolitical manipulations and agendas; but that there is something missing in their approach to the metaphysical reality.
    Many take the scriptural encoding (composed by extraterrestrial sentiences using telepathic means) literally and especially in the ufo context as Genesis 6; the ‘Garden of Eden’ archetypology, the Nephilim, Noah’s flood, Moses and the exodus etc etc.

    So my intent to communicate with you was to provide you with the information to harmonise the geopolitics and the logical sciences with the metaphysics; so bridging the great divide between the metaphysics-religion-spirituality and the logic of the reasoning mind.

    I do hope that I can provide pertinent information on your platform to anyone interested.
    Thanks again for replying and you might ask Tracey, if she can remember the Dragons of Cuculcan.

    1. Richard DolanRichard Dolan Post author

      Tony, thank you so very much for your insightful commentary. You are one of those people who bear fruitful re-reading. I’m inspired to find the Gospel of Thomas to read. I read it many years ago. Time for another go at it.

  14. Tony BermansederTony Bermanseder

    No problem Richard. You are helping me in allowing me to share information on your platform.
    I have studied the ‘esoteric scrolls’ for so 40 years now and truly believe to be able to help you to ‘decode’ the passages the ‘echeloners’ – ( my word for secret society – deep state – shadow government – elitists); you might encounter at the Legends conference.
    I am subscribed to Doug and Joe of the Hagmann report (now also banned temporarily/ permanently) and like you I consider them full of integrity and honourable intent to expose the geopolitical agenda.
    However they seem not to discern the multilevel interpretation of the ‘scrolls of antiquity’ and so fail to understand the motives behind the echeloners who do.
    A simple example is Orwell’s 1984 and Huxley’s Brave New World; both treatizes composed by ‘Fabians’ and following a deeper insight of the ‘interational socialists’; technocracy and applying the Hegelian dialectic, which today is beginning to become implemented in ‘modern politics’ as the political socialism of Saul Alinsky.

    Now I am sure you are well aware of that. But here comes the problem. Next to this Hegelian dialectic of cultural marxism aka collectivism; the echelopners also use an esoteric dialectic, say as a form of Manly P. Hall’s ‘metaphysical alchemy’ and something you have mentioned in your presentations a nu7mber of times.

    You are so insightful in perceiving its subject matter to the human affairs, but also a multi- or interdimensional connect to the ‘breakaway civilization’ and the shadow globalist government.

    Therefore should you be able to ‘read the minds’ of the echeloners and understand what they do and think and why they are doing this; you would naturally be able to connect disclosure and the human metaphysical history to this agenda.
    I am sure you know of what this is in general terms. Namely, the propagation of partially ‘correct’ information, but presented in such a way as to cause more disinformation and doubt than not ‘disclosing’ at all.

    So why are they doing this?
    They do this because they obey a ‘higher lawfulness’ and a jurisprudence and legislature as obtrained and written in the ‘ancient scriptures.
    Then telling the populus what they are doing or planning from Orwell’s physical tyranny to Huxley’s soma-induced tyranny to transhumanism and AI, nanotechnology and technocracy, say in books and films and tv channels; they, the echeloners (CFR, Bilderbergers, Feds, the Russian oligarchy (expelled)-Bush-Clinton billionaire cartel etc); OBEY the laws of their own secret texts, say as found in particular prophetic texts like Isaiah and the Nag Hammadi codices.
    The Gospel of Thomas (GOT) is decoded in images false and real and many application of the mirror concept. The book of Isaiah (KJV) is THE future account of a new human civilization, say as the New Siuon giving birth etc as the New Jerusalem in Revelations.

    Perhaps I can indicate to you the truth of the matter in pointing out a very specific code, nooine to my knowledge has ever addressed correctly, historically or academically.
    If you check this code, what ‘interpretations’ or meanings can you web search?

    Revelation 21:1
    And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea.

    For one the bible literalists, of whom you will meet many at the conference; hardly never address the idea of why there should be a new heaven, if the old one was so perfect?
    Then how can the new earth have no more oceans or even lakes and water?
    The ‘bible experts’ scratch their heads etc, similar to many such passages in the GOT.

    Now look at this code:
    Revelation 11:7
    And when they shall have finished their testimony, the beast that ascendeth out of the bottomless pit shall make war against them, and shall overcome them, and kill them.

    Revelation 13:1
    And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy.
    Revelation 13:11
    And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon.

    There are many more with angels standing in the middle of a river with feet on either side of the river etc etc.

    can you see it now?
    The SEA is a Mirror and the beast is a false image of yourself, namely the false prophet rising from the earth as the object seen in the subject of the Mirror as SEA.

    So when the code claims there being no more SEA; it simply means no more ‘false images’ can be seen in a ‘broken mirror’ namely also the ‘judgement’ of nthe whore of Babylon when an angel casts a millstone into the sea to destroy NOTHING physical, BUT a F alse Image of whatever. Many codes in Revelation 14 address this too, as do the synoptic and the gnostic gospels.

    I detailed this Richard; so you can use this example at the conference to indicate to the bible literalists, that there exist deeper decoding tools to read the scriptures and scrolls of antiquity.

    I hope you find my data sharing of value and that you can use some of my information.

    Thanks for replying

  15. AvatarJoseph Mastroianni

    Re: Your last live cast – from your (or someone’s) backyard in Rochester – 8/24/18 – WRT Fakers…

    I don’t know how you, or any other serious investigator, can do it day after day. I’ve seen a couple short videos posted of some post-lecture “confrontations” with audience members, outside the lecture hall in the hotel hallway – good lord.

    The fundamental premise of this field of inquiry has been labeled “fringe” or even “occult” for decades. There is no editorial filtering. We can talk about “Fake News” – but even that has editorial legitimacy. An editor, somewhere, is crafting the quality and effectiveness of whatever message it is, truth or fiction. In this field anybody anywhere is free to step forward and proclaim the legitimacy of his or her fantasy. Everyone wants some degree of fame, attention, and ultimately love, and that’s one way they feel they can get it. Exclaim – “I can turn BLUE”

    (Dude, when I heard you say that I almost laughed myself out of my chair. What went through my mind is – Yeah, when I was a kid I could turn myself blue by holding my breath or staying in the swimming pool too long… I remember my mom watching my siblings turning themselves blue as a way of arguing against some parental proclamation or another. All I could think to do is cross my arms and stare sternly at the screen and say to the blue guy – “ok, are you DONE yet?”)

    Frankly, I couldn’t live in that arena, and it’s one reason I can’t see myself attending a UFO conference. It’s a self-consciousness. None of us want to appear to be nut cases, but this field of inquiry is so replete with nut cases it’s best we voice our opinions in a self-selected and tiny community. And face it – most of what happens to all of us in this “paranormal” existence is utterly unprovable. It’s utterly unscientific – and many of us are scientists. If a phenomenon is unrepeatable and non-universal – then it’s not science. It’s something else – but not substantial. And there’s no harm in filing it away with all your other bad dreams, and no benefit in voicing it, except over beers as bar room entertainment.

    The most important thing, I think – is that we allow ourselves at least to believe our eyes. I believe I saw WTC7 come down for no good reason. I saw it. Made no sense. Still doesn’t, and I don’t accept illogical explanations for it. And when people tell me there’s a “new physics” or that “Einstein was wrong…” All I can think is: No, he wasn’t. No, there isn’t. There’s a reason you need to understand the math first before you can make those blanket proclamations. All good explanations and science also thoroughly explain the non-supernatural every day boring lives we have. Newton was not wrong – he was just incomplete. Einstein is not wrong (if he was, all our modern spacetravel and radio wouldn’t work) he could just use refinement – which is why there are hundreds of Post Docs trying to figure out how to Quantize Gravity.

    Having a hallucinogenic experience is profound for the experiencer, but unfortunately, not so useful for your fellow men – and similarly – a lot of these UFO experiences are akin to hallucination. Not to say they’re the same thing – but in effect, they are, because you can’t bring me into your hallucination, nor you into mine.

    Again – I don’t know how you guys do it, day after day. How to parse the insanity – because it is, even if real, a form of insanity. It doesn’t jive with our SOP mental patterns – it’s not “normal.”

    I’m glad you and Tracy are doing this (I sure couldn’t). And I look to you, and others (like LMH) first – because you’re sane people dealing with an utterly insane subject.

    I look forward to where you’re headed.


  16. Tony BermansederTony Bermanseder

    Hi Joseph!
    You are a little too skeptical about the so called paranormal fields of research.
    You admit to act under a form of self-consciousness and question aspects of the factuality of mainstream media and you agreeably deny any form of the supernatural.
    Was not Einstein and many others before him, like Galileo, considered ‘fringe thinkers’, before the depth of his ‘perception’ became apparent and commonly accepted by the ‘mainstream’?
    The question of what physical consciousness is, as well as the quest to quantize gravity might well be related, as many researchers like Stuart Hameroff, Roger Penrose and many others propose.

    Can you entertain the notion, that the missing link in quantum field theory is the century old scientific dilemma about the electromagnetric mass of the electron? Is it a point particle in QFT or does it have a classical size?

    And can you then envision that solving this old problem about the displacement scale parameters, might very well lead not only to a deeper understanding regarding what this physical consciousness is and how quantum gravity can be geometrized to form a link to the classical curvature geometry of General Relativity , but also illuminate the ufo phenomenon? Is there such a thing as Quantum Relativity?

    Thanks for your considerations, Joseph
    Quantum Consciousness in the Penrose-Hameroff Model

  17. AvatarMetaStrange

    Will the next live AMA be a Christmas edition? UFO reports/sightings which have occured over the holidays? Also I’m hoping to see some tinsel.

  18. AvatarLori Laingor

    Some questions: In a 2018 Contact in the Desert talk , Paul Stonehill from Russia was asked if they have abductions in Russia and he said “apparently they do not” (at 56 min on Youtube). He only knew the story of a rich powerful guy in1997 Moscow being taken into a mothership and talked to. What’s going on? Do our shadow government and power elite have the technology and mind control capabilities to play this off? — to experiment on us and create hybrids? maybe working with the “bad aliens”? German’s?

    ET’s must have way more advanced medical technology, and could easily get DNA samples, clone and hybridize us, not to mention diagnose and heal us, without torturing and mind wiping us.

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