Wilson-Davis Livestream Panel at 6 p.m.

By | July 5, 2020

Greetings, Everyone,

On Grant Cameron’s Youtube Channel there will be what promises to be a fascinating round table discussion/panel on the Wilson-Davis notes. This will start at 6 p.m. Eastern time. The link below might get you there (I’ve been having trouble getting a proper link to Grant’s channel for some reason), but if not just go to youtube and type Grant Cameron Whitehouse UFO.

Immediately after we are done with this, however, the entire discussion will be available on a number of Youtube Channels, including our own, so you will be able to watch it there. I will link to it in this post after we are done.



This, of course, has been one of the key developments in ufology during the past 13 months. In recent weeks and months, new information and developments have occurred, and the participants in the panel include most of the leading researchers who have supported the authenticity of the document. 

I am not even sure of all the people who will be on this panel, but one will be our site moderator Bob McGuire, who has something of definite interest to say about Admiral Wilson. For those looking for hints, check out the blog of UFOJoe

Most of the “Young Guns” will be there, as I understand it. One person who will not be there, but who in my opinion belongs there, is the mysterious Mr. X, who is the gentleman who gave a three-hour interview to Project Unity’s Youtube Channel. To those who complain that this man is anonymous and therefore argue that he has no right to call out people close to the Wilson document, I say such objections are irrelevant. He is entitled to his opinions on the matter and most importantly, his analysis of the document is the best out there, in my opinion. 

Anyway, this promises to be of interest to our community. Tracey will follow up this interview by  interviewing me to give a breakdown of the panel for my weekly Fireside Chat Podcast! 

And thank you all, by the way, for your kind birthday wishes. I appreciated them all.

And I also hope that all Americans enjoyed celebrating the Fourth of July. 😉





3 thoughts on “Wilson-Davis Livestream Panel at 6 p.m.

  1. Carolyn3

    This was such a great panel and I just loved all of the comments. I appreciated so much the comments regarding the statement that UFO’s are real but abductions are not. I noticed several people made comments of that. I’m also glad that everything was explained in greater detail from so many on the panel that helped me understand the timeline of this event better,

  2. PressToDigitate

    Richard, as always, you’re the smartest guy in the room.
    Remember that quote “Loons, Crooks or Worse” – Ron Pandolfi
    Remember what I said. Its the “debunking” within Ufology that is the official disinformation effort
    Pandolfi himself is a real piece of work. Among the *few* confirmations ever offered that he ever had any official connection to anything, is his signature on the transmittal page on a contract report, which officially concluded that High Frequency Gravity Waves could not be produced and would have no practical application if they could be – an assertion that we *KNOW* to be false, due to multiple subsequent contracts to companies like Gravwave, for work along those exact lines. Pandolfi and his circuitous fairy tales about “portholes” that his Alien Princess daughter conjures up in the desert for the perpetual amazement of Grant and a coterie of others, is the epitome of the problem afflicting Ufology.

    I must reiterate my profound concern that NO ONE in Ufology – or Known To Ufology – is or has ever been a bona fide “Insider”. Those closest are all still on the outside, looking in. Puthoff, Davis, Sarfatti, Green, Nolan; all scientists who’ve had outside ‘study’ contracts (primarily of a theoretical nature), and never been ‘Read In’ to work within the system with actual access to the Real Thing. Wilson, Mellon, Semivan, all nibbled around the edges, but were refused official access. Elizondo, just like Nick Pope – and Allen Hynek, for that matter – ran *A* Program, which had NO access to the Inside, and which, in all three cases, they acknowledge was not *THE* Program; a much larger, deeper, darker effort, which got the choice data, got there before they did, and obstructed their own [somewhat] more ‘above-board’ investigations. Since we have ample verification that such a deeper real “Inside” exists, and *there isn’t a single researcher in all of Ufology* who appears to be able to name *a single known genuine Insider with valid credentials* – I have to revert to my conclusion that the entire “real” Inside program, “Majestic” or whatever has become of it over the years, is now run by, if not wholly composed of, Alien Hybrid Operatives, and that it is actually being run entirely for the benefit of their Agenda here on Earth – and NOT for either A) the Protection of the National Security of the United States of America, or B) the Defense of Humanity from Extraterrestrial Threats. For an effort that must have employed at least *Tens of Thousands* over the last 40 years, for *Not A Single One Of Them* to have come forth as whistleblower, or following their retirement, or on their deathbeds, or through their survivors afterwards, is NOT POSSIBLE, assuming those workers were normal Human Beings. This is vividly shown by the number of proven whistleblowers we’ve had, on the UFO subject, *from other programs elsewhere in the military, government and industry* continually over the decades. I’m not alluding to the fantacists Goode/Tomkins, etc., but the LCOL Stevens, SGTs Dean and Stone, etc. People Leak – they get old and leak More; they get old and sick and leak Much More. They Die, and their kids leak Lots. We have that all over Ufology. We DON’T have it with the real Inside program, MJ-12, and whatever it evolved into today. This preternatural silence strongly suggests the use of direct Alien psychic ‘suasion techniques on Human personnel, *OR* that the personnel involved are not fully Human to start with.

    This should scare the feldercarb out of anyone who’s paying attention. It means that those agencies responsible for protecting us against the ETUFO presence have been infiltrated, compromised, corrupted and co-opted by the Aliens themselves. If there is one solid piece of contraindicating evidence to refute this hypothesis, I haven’t seen it. [For one thing, it makes it a dead certainty that the elusive official “Disclosure” can never be obtained, and we must look elsewhere.] If you agree that this is likely the case, then, isn’t the *rational* assumption that whatever is afoot – apparently on our nickel – is NOT being done for the benefit of Humanity? Doesn’t it raise the presumption that, rather than quibbling over each bit of evidence, we should instead be sorting out what do DO about it?

    To a first approximation, it makes, for example, Derrel Simms’ approach to and data on the ETUFO problem a LOT more relevant than TTSA’s.

  3. Craig Champion

    Great round-table discussion. It was also rewarding to meet some of the “Young Guns” of the Field.

    Very enlightening discussion surrounding the “shell” companies and how an audit trail apparently stops at their door whilst defense contractors then receive subsidization for r &d.

    Question: am I to understand that Admiral Wilson was retired when he attempted to delve into his presumed previous authority over contracted work?

    Another question: is it that Liszt, Luke’s, Greenwald, et al are questioning not whether the memo existed as much as whether it might not be yet another co-intel effort to provide a false lead/excuse for future contracts? Is that the contention?

    Really enjoyed all the information…

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