Weekly Fireside Chat Set for Monday

By | January 3, 2021

Hi Everyone,

Just letting you all know that although I won’t be doing a fireside chat this evening, as I usually do, I plan to record one for Monday afternoon, and should have it up here immediately afterwards. 

Everyone please have a wonderful evening.


5 thoughts on “Weekly Fireside Chat Set for Monday

  1. AvatarPressToDigitate

    Amazon Customer Service resent the emails again for me, and said to check your Gmail folders (like Spam). They also said that your Kindle is connected to a phone number but not to an email address (or, at least, not to that one), but that if you linked the email address to your Kindle directly, books sent to you would automatically show up on your device.

    PS. If MUFON won’t give YOU access to their incident Database, then it – and MUFON itself – *SERVE NO PURPOSE* in Ufology. They won’t get any more money from us. I told you this field has been ‘Infiltrated’ – just like other sectors key to Their objectives; Why wouldn’t They?

    1. Richard DolanRichard Dolan Post author

      Hey David, I checked my gmail and DO see the very nice gifts from you and Clyde. Thank you both so very much! I will download and read. Regarding MUFON, yes I am disappointed that I can’t have access to the CMS. I had this idea that I used to be able to read it. Wondering if I was mistaken. In any case, I do understand their point but jeez…. it’s frustrating, since I am only trying to do a proper history of our mutually loved subject. Oh well. I might be able to make some calls and we shall see. Again, thank you for these gifts!

      1. Avatarwhatif

        Yeah, I had a difficult time understanding how MUFON could justify shutting down Richard Bleeping Dolan! What are they thinking? MUFON should give you FREE lifetime Field Investigator privileges and pretty much anything else your research requires.


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