Website Upgrade and Pricing Changes

By | June 2, 2022

Hi Everyone,

I made a brief mention of this about a month ago in one of my Fireside Chat Podcasts, but it’s time for me to specify the plans we have for this website moving forward. I feel these are exciting changes and will enhance your experience here. 

Tracey and I have been working with our webmaster Evelyn on going through an upgrade of this website focusing on several things that I have been wanting to improve for some time:

  1. General appearance
  2. Site navigability
  3. Ease of finding topics of your particular interest

Those are the main items, but we’ve been working on quite a bit more. Now, we finally have a viable plan to get it done. It’s a good, clean look with better menus (and more up-to-date in terms of relevancy). You will be seeing this upgrade this month (June). I’ll let you know the exact date as we get closer to it. 

A technical note: when we do the switchover, the site may be down for a few hours. I assure you it won’t be for an extended period of time, and I will make an announcement in advance. 

One thing I am in the process of working on is cleaning up and updating tags and categories for all of my previous posts so that they can be more easily found in a search, and also so that they can be incorporated into a menu system (by theme). So, abductions/encounters, or geopolitics, or secrecy, or UFO sightings, etc. Or by other categories such as Fireside Chat Podcast, or Off the Cuff Podcast, or The Richard Dolan Show, or audio podcasts, or articles, etc. It will even be possible to highlight recent comments by members of the site. And more. 

So that’s the good news. 

This next part is one I’ve struggled with but come to believe it is now time, which is to raise the monthly membership rate from $6.99 to $8.99. We will also be re-introducing an extended plan (six months at $49.99).

I am hoping that most or all of you will feel this is a reasonable change. In four years of operating this site we haven’t changed our pricing structure at all. But it’s gotten to a point where I feel it’s no longer avoidable. 

How to value something can often feel subjective, and I imagine that’s true of a website. What I try to do here is something I feel is unique among UFO researchers. I don’t claim to be a journalist, so I am not always trying to be the most up-to-date news source on UFOs (although I do usually cover important contemporary UFO news). Instead, I believe that I offer a grounded and in-depth perspective on all aspects of the UFO subject, at least as much as I can, while incorporating a mature historical, scientific, and philosophical perspective.

I also try to produce a lot of original content, which means original writing, original audio, and original video. It’s hard work and I don’t always produce as much as I want, but I can assure you that everything that goes up here is something that is important to me and I feel worthwhile to share. I don’t believe in creating fluff or luring you into sensationalism. That is so easy to do in a field that is strange enough without the hype. 

What I am saying is that it’s my hope that you will continue to feel that this site is worth your time and monthly contribution. 

I am planning for this price change to go into effect in July. If there are any changes to this plan, I will let you know right away but right now this is how it looks. And in any case I will keep you posted as the time approaches.

What I can say is that I have been very busy behind the scenes but will soon be very busy in front of the scenes, here on this website once again. Tracey’s voice is still not quite ready for a podcast, but am I am working on a strong presentation on USOs which should be ready soon. And I have much more to be offering you.

One final point. It’s your support that allows me to research the things I do, to dig into obscure but important areas, to work on my next book, and to do all the things I do in this field. It all comes down to your support. For that, I could not be more grateful. 





57 thoughts on “Website Upgrade and Pricing Changes

  1. Salsafreak

    Good for you Richard.
    Your content keeps getting better and better!
    I will keep my membership.
    – Salsafreak

    1. T. J.

      Here here, glad to have this place to visit, not to mention yours & your wife’s well presented research, progressional analysis & opinions! 🙂

    2. Anna Scott

      No prob, so do I need to sign up again, or do anything, or will it just be automatic? Though, I guess I’ll know if I can’t login at some point..

  2. Pyroxide_Martini

    Oh Good! Very happy about the extended option – I’ll be switching to that as soo as its live 😀 Forex man – The Aussie dollar is 30% below US atm so rather lock it in before it tanks further (although I miss the halcyon days of online shopping when it was briefly on parity).

  3. HappyCup

    Yours was one of the few still in the $5 zone… those days are gone (Go Brandon).

    RDM is well worth it though. Thank you for bringing back the long term methods. I like just paying once or twice a year for stuff I know I’m going to use. I always know you will have good stuff.
    Keep up the good work👍

  4. JimmyBee

    Hi Richard.
    I have always considered the membership fees here as a way of supporting your work, not just a “license” to read all the material here. I think the price increase is minimal, and quite fair!

    Get well, Tracy~

  5. AZgal

    This site is definitely worth my time and contribution and I am looking forward to the website upgrade. Thank you for all the work you have done and continue to do. Your dedication is very much appreciated!

  6. Richard Brown

    The increased fee is totally worth it, Richard. I’ll be happy to continue my membership. Keep up the great work!


  7. William May

    No problem Rich. I can swing another 2 bucks. There is good stuff on here. I appreciate that you are digging into the world political situation. Most of us don’t really understand what is going on. You are devoting all your time trying to research things that others are interested in but don’t have the time or resources to actually find out this stuff. I don’t know how you do it even if it is your job. I have had a couple of private conversations with Richard Doty lately. I was surprised he is so easy to communicate with. I tend to believe his whole story. Maybe I’m gullible. I just watched LMH presentation on the history of MJ12. These are the people Congress really should talk to.
    Years ago I read several of W.E.B. Griffin’s books about WW2. His hero was a young Marine captain who went into intelligence around 1944. He had to be cleared for top secret Majic. It was a term for the highest secret clearance we had. This was in 43-44. His historical novels are accurate except for a few characters he invented. My point is he knew from personal experience of from military advisers that that was an accurate term for our highest secret clearance. It wasn’t invented after Roswell, it was a military term way before that. Glad you and Tracy are feeling better.

  8. Craig Champion

    No worries; it’s understandable to have a rate-increase. I always look forward to your thoughts, not only as far as the UFO Phenomenon but also regarding politics and literature. Tracey adds yet another dimension. The Truth remains important!

  9. Kelly Marsden

    Keeping my membership !
    I value your extensive research into UFO
    Topics that I am interested in, and I’m happy to
    Be supporting your new books to come !!

  10. dodge

    From the best owners manual ever for our kind:
    Luke 10 6-7
    6 If someone who promotes peace is there, your peace will rest on them; if not, it will return to you. 7 Stay there, eating and drinking whatever they give you, for the worker deserves his wages. Do not move around from house to house.

    This certainly applies here I believe. Appreciate all you do in the “fight” RD.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      I will look into this. I’m not sure it’s a function of the website as much as one’s own personal computer or phone. But we will discuss this with Evelyn and find out if there is anything to make that process easier for people.

    2. Claudia McCue

      Look into getting LastPass ( Stores passwords for all sorts of stuff, and auto-populates. All you ever have to remember is the one password that opens LastPass; it does the rest. I’ve found it to be a lifesaver!

  11. Dirk Adams

    Richard, your knowledge and the website are precisely what I need to maintain my sanity these days. I walk around every day thinking nothing makes any sense anymore… It’s actually intellectually refreshing to be introduced to a dose of honesty and learning the nature of this reality . Count me in!

  12. Dan Jensen

    If you must you must but I’m out. I’m retired and on a budget. But if you offer veterans discount I’m back. Thank you for you efforts in bringing us your research.

  13. Ron Anderson

    Don’t know how you have time to do your research, writing, podcasts, etc. Thank you so much! $8.99 is a bargain.
    Hope you and Tracey have vacation breaks to enjoy & reflect. Keep up the good fight!
    Sincerely, Ron

  14. David Loach

    Richard, I’d happily pay $25 a month for the information that you give.

    I’ve never missed a single show, great listing as I’m driving around the UK with my job.

    Keep up the bloody great work!


  15. Thomas Bay Hvolby

    I love this site and the community it contains. You are doing well, and I will continue my membership despite the price changes. You and Tracey are doing a fantastic job, and I would love to support that.

  16. J-Rod

    An extra $2? Well, there goes the kids’ breakfast. LOL . Sounds exciting Richard. Look forward to it.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Hi Ed, all of that will be very clear when we roll out the new system, it will be very easy for anyone to change their membership style if they wish, stay tuned. This won’t come out until July, we are still working it out.


    Definitely going for the 6 month option.

    You should charge extra for members of the Intel Community as their employers can certainly afford it with their new enhanced surveillance budgets. They aren’t just watching the skies, you know.

    AS long as I’ve got your attention, assuming I have… Mr. Elizondo and others are all pushing for immunity. Mr. E. himself has said “you aren’t going to get your pound of flesh.” Mangled Shakespearean references aside, as someone who has suffered at the hands of these people, I do not want to see blanket immunity. There are people who just didn’t keep secrets, they illegally surveilled, harassed, engaged in character assassination, physical intimidation and even murder. They ruined or even ended people’s lives.

    Shall these people not be held responsible? Should we just sweep it under the table along with all the other things unsaid and unaddressed?

    Thank you for your work. Everyone should pay for that work and I do not mind doing so because you deliver value. I also enjoy and am comforted by hearing someone with much the same knowledge and opinions. I am grateful far beyond a hundred bucks a year. I wish I could visit you, thank you in person and talk your ear off for several hours. After all, I’ve listened to you for 3 years here!

    1. J-Rod

      @ActiveG I totally agree with you. I’d like a Disclosure to occur not just to officially bring to fruition the realisation that we are not alone, but to see all the “custodians” of the secrecy ; any age, shape , manner or form, be brought to account . I want heads to roll!

      Especially , investigations into the disturbing forms of the establishment behaviours you have outlined. By the way how have you “suffered at the hands of these people?” if you don’t mind me asking.

      In fairness to Lue ( not that he’s a saint) but he has gone on record saying he’d testify in the event of some sort of immunity. Actually I wonder if this immunity will supersede the tentacle arms of the black opps world. People , even though immuned, may still be afraid to say anything. Anyway, if you have more to get off your chest…please do. ps: last pod I saw of Lue was with Congressman Burchett and when the camera panned to Lue, you could see a gun behind him. And I thought I was paranoid. LOL.


        As a researcher in the ’80s and ’90s, I eventually went to court with the NSA over the Yeates Affidavit. This opened a box of snakes which has not gone away to this day. I have a background in some other areas which must have also been disturbing to them, and it has added up to some nastiness and unfortunate events. I won’t whine about it — it comes with the territories I’ve operated in.

        What I will go on about is justice for the wronged, many of whom have suffered far more than I. What I will go on about is diplomacy, trade and cultural exchange, which we are being denied, illegally. Disclosure has already happened. NOW what do we do?

        I’ll take this opportunity to once again recommend to everyone on this site and especially our host, a serious consideration of Lambros Callimahos’ short monograph UFO HYPOTHESIS AND SURVIVAL QUESTIONS, which concerns such topics.

        It seems to me that adding these areas of present-day importance and priority would significantly increase this website’s value to the community.

        Does it seem that way to you?

        1. Richard Dolan Post author

          Thank you ActiveGuardian for this comment. Did I ever know your real name or have I simply forgotten? And thanks also for citing the Callimahos statement, which is one of those forgotten gems.

  18. Lazy Mystic

    Thank you for keeping prices modest, and especially for the longer term buy in option; an annual price would be optimal. (I always like ‘bulk pricing’ on staples, and your site is a staple!)

    Consider offering a veteran’s or elderly discount.

    I look forward to the new website.
    It is true that i did not care for the current menu functionality and website look so much.

    Can you and your web team *please* consider alternative platforms to using Yoootooob for your video files uploaded here?

    (Also, do you have a non-gmail email which i can contact you via ? e.g. i use protonmail , which is even free at first and easy to open the account.)

    I would really like this site, and it’s community, to wean itself off of bad actors in the tech/internet sphere. Yoootooob-hosted videos posted here feel like a spy in the house, as evidenced that when your posted video ends, the Yoootooob window starts offering personalized Autoplay suggestions from that company which are not of/by/for our Member’s community.

    Is this not creepy, and does it not violate the anonymity / privacy of Members watching your videos here?
    There *must be* a way to platform your videos here in our Member’s community that does not use ethically compromised companies like surveillance-addicted Alphabet.
    I wish everyone would stop patronizing such despicable bad actors… “Don’t Be Evil” my ass!! This is as appalling, pretentious, Orwellian, and goofy as the Washington Post’s “Democracy Dies In Darkness” front page banner tag.

    Thanks for always considering this unfortunate reality.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Hey LazyMystic, just want to let you know that switching these videos off of Youtube would be an undertaking that would probably double the blood pressure of Tracey and myself. It would be a massive undertaking and frankly I don’t look forward to it. Plus, our website “team” consists of one other person (Evelyn), who is busy enough responding to specific membership issues. We do have a team that does help with social media and in fact we are about to roll out something very nice very soon that does not rely on Youtube at all, but Vimeo. But switching out this website, I just don’t see it happening. I understand your privacy concerns, but all membership videos are only available by link, and that link comes from this site. The videos are not searchable in YouTube. I realize that does not address your specific concerns, but the truth is we’re doing our best here. Ninety-nine percent of the time, it’s just me and Tracey. In fact, that’s been a key part of how we have been able to keep our membership price low. So to conclude, while I understand your position on Big Tech (which T and I share), this is how it is for now. If I can get everything switched to Rumble or Bitchute, I will think about it, but it’s a massive undertaking.

      1. Lazy Mystic


        The idea is like the North direction in a conpass: we’ll likely never get to True North, but it’s still helpful to acknowledge that distinguished direction.

  19. Alammers

    A price increase is perfectly reasonable. You work hard on the content and I’m happy to support you. I’ll be staying.

  20. ajdooley

    I’m sticking around.
    You mentioned the monthly rate and the 6 month rate. What will be the yearly rate which I am currently on.


  21. Roscoe

    Don’t mind the increase. You always make a valiant effort at quality and quantity content ! thanks again Richard…

  22. Laura Mullen

    Dear Richard and Tracey, Congratulations on your new website! Your work is superb and very much worth the additional $2 a month. Thank you for bringing your laser perspective and analysis to the most relevant and controversial topics of our time. Blessings to you both!

  23. ColonelBleep


    I’m keeping my subscription. I hope the site upgrade includes functionality for larger uploads. I might add that in addition to COVID-19, other relevant categories would be Earth changes, like Pole shifts, floods, Planet X and climate changes. Extraterrestrials have been warning various people for a long time now about impending disasters, so I think it is relevant to UFOlogy. Also a section for remote viewing.

    1. ColonelBleep


      Make sure you have some sort of back out plan, so you can restore the site if there is an issue. I was involved in telecom for 23 years and have worked on a few servers for a big customer. One time I worked for about 13 hours straight after my regular shift on a router maintenance that went bad. The network engineers were desperate to find an image file that would allow them to bring to the router back up. We had multiple OC-48 circuits down. I had to stay until the router was back up. I’ve been in a few situations where I just wanted to scream.

  24. Peter Squire

    Bloody hell Dolan, this increase is an outrage sir!!!!

    Only kidding Richard! Had you going there admit it. Your site ramains great value and you remain at the top of your research field. Sites like yours are a must for ufology diehards like myself. While the internet remains a relatively open source of information (for the time being) we must go and get the best info from the best people and that’s you currently buddy.

    Anyway, as the tyrannical planetary governments try to restrict our freedoms everywhere i’ve no doubt you will continue to, as you say, “fight the good fight”. Cheers Richard.

  25. Jim Pearson

    I skimmed through the update about the price increase. No problem. Will I have to re-up in order to approve the price increase or will it happen automatically? Automatically would be preferable. By the way, I took your recommendation to purchase “Invisible Residents” by Ivan Sanderson. His writing style is indeed razor sharp,witty & entertaining. Some of the other ufology books I purchased were disappointing to me. I won’t name them.

  26. Theresa Damsgard

    I will stay. I love what you guys do and the information and talks. You guys are awesome!!!!!!

  27. Scott Santa

    Best bang for the buck – bar none. Worth every penny and then some. One really can’t put $ worth on your efforts Richard, let me say that the value of your “product” is without measure, in fact, it’s invaluable. There isn’t ANYthing out there that gives what you offer here. Unique, insightful and a hundred other adjectives can’t describe the enormous and worthy content and information you provide. No one else is even close to replicating what this site offers.

    Thank you for ALL of it.

    I’m ALL in.

  28. GrannyChanie

    I intend to continue my membership, probably going to the half year membership. I was just thinking about how much I appreciate this site and your work this morning. While getting ready for work, I listened to a video broadcast by an “up and coming” person whose questions were so basic and unoriginal I had to turn it off. I appreciate your thoughtful and highly intelligent writing and videos that always stimulate the mind and are never “dumbed down” for your audience. I am grateful to you and Tracey for all of your excellent work on this website, as well.

  29. MarkH

    Hi Richard.
    I was thinking about trying to get Children or teenagers more involved for free on the site and have been racking my mind on how to do that.
    Other than that have a spot in the member’s forum where we as a group can pick a theme or topic we would like you to cover either in writing or as a podcast and it can be submitted to you directly or by observation.
    Have a great day RD. and Tracey.

  30. Todd Flowers

    Richard while I feel your content is well worth the price increase you couldn’t have picked a worse time to do it imho with inflation running rampant I am trying to cut costs everywhere just to survive.

    Best regards,
    Todd Flowers

  31. Heather Jones Weaver

    I will gladly pay the increase! It is still too cheap for the education you give us, the mental stimulation, and having a community to openly have this kind of conversation and thought sharing opportunity. You are still cheaper than Jimmy and I support him every month too! I will always support our community and encourage everyone I know to do the same.

    I’m very appreciative to you and Tracy for all your work and all you do! I agree with Ron James when he says we need to get Richard Dolan to the government table to educate those on The Hill. He says he’s promoting your books to the politicians for an education on the UFO subject – great job!

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