[UPDATED] Virtual Hangout with Me TONIGHT for May 20 Attendees

By | May 7, 2021

Hi everyone,

I will be available for a hangout this evening on The Observation Deck for any and all folks who have already signed up for the online conference we have scheduled for May 20. I will be around at 8:30 EDT and plan to be there for several hours. 

It’s a virtual environment and surprisingly easy to work, even for those who have never been there before. When you arrive, there will be people there to “greet” you. Do check it out if you are free! I will look forward to seeing you there. Make sure you have a microphone of some sort on your system and we will talk to your heart’s content. 

[IMPORTANT UPDATE: When I first posted this, I gave incorrect and definitely incomplete information on how to get there. Here is the bottom line. If you have already signed up, you should have received an email (or several, perhaps). You will need to DOWNLOAD the Observation Deck App. This is the key. Once you have it downloaded, you shouldn’t need to do anything else after that.]

I had previously offered a link, but that was SO old fashioned of me. You just go to your email and download the App. It will take you all of five minutes to create your avatar. Then you are in business!

Looking forward to seeing you there! 🙂


22 thoughts on “[UPDATED] Virtual Hangout with Me TONIGHT for May 20 Attendees

  1. PressToDigitate

    That link just takes us to the OD’s Main Page; there is no indication there as to how to get *INTO* the VR environment to participate. I’ve been looking through that site for the last two hours already trying to figure out how to get in. I registered for full access to the May 20th event, but have received no link to log on via email, either.
    If we’re not there, this is why.

    1. Richard Dolan Post author

      Yes I noticed. Working on that now! [Just heard from the tech folks. So I will very soon post more clear instructions. But in your case, they tell me you never opened their emails to you! lol. Apparently you should start with those. But I will come back with a revision to my post very soon).

      1. PressToDigitate

        Found their obscure email (subject should have referenced your event) and got logged in; downloading the applet now to PC, not available for my trusty Chromebook apparently. Its taking some time to install. We’ll be there if at all possible.

        1. Richard Dolan Post author

          Thanks for the info, David. I just told them you thought the email wasn’t as clear as it should have been. I am going to assume you will be able to download the app. I’ll be there tonight! Actually I was just told that the initial email is one we have no control over, but the subsequent emails are sent out because of that reason.

          1. PressToDigitate

            Through no fault of your own, or Observation Deck or Virbela, we were still unable to connect for tonight’s session, as explained in a previous Comment (under the Iandoli post). I hope it went well, and look forward to experiencing the VR tech on the 20th.

  2. Andromeda107

    I have had issues with the file, I followed the instructions for the PC download, double-clicked it on it and nothing happened, it tells me no objects were found. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it, tells me the exact the same information. I also didn’t get an Observation Deck Icon downloaded onto my computer.

  3. Andromeda107

    I just found out that the virtual 3d only works on PC and Mac , not Asus Chrome books, which is a bit disappointing. No 3d virtual meetup for me.

  4. Scott Santa

    I got in yesterday – twice – I roamed around for a bit. Sorry wasn’t able to be there when you were Richard. Definitely a new experience. See you on the 20th if I don’t run into you in the meanwhile!

  5. pcesser2@comcast.net

    I’m in somewhat of a pickle as well. My RDM account was put on hold about same time my old debit card was hacked. Have new card now and purchased May 20 sessions using new card. Currently cannot get in and I haven’t changed account to monthly plan. And, unfortunately, by mistake I deleted OD email before downloading app and instructions. Not sure how to fix any of this and ask for your assistance. Don’t want to miss May 20th, or ANYTHING else. Thank you.

  6. Olof Röckner

    Thank you Richard for the kind comments about my art displayed in the virtual gallery and great talk with Captain Ron. For everyone that missed the talk for any reason it is posted on the Observation Deck’s youtube channel.

    And I have posted all my recent UFO / UAP art on my twitter and instagram.

    It is also visible inside the Observation Deck in the digital art gallery

  7. like2know

    I have contacted support for the site many times. I have not been able to see ANY of the pre sessions, and am wondering if I will even be able to see the May 20th show.
    They have sent me a new invite, after I was told to delete the original, and that didn’t work either. I last received an email a few days ago saying I would be contacted by Virbela directly, but haven’t received anything.
    I had hoped the other things on the OD were recorded, but that question wasn’t answered.
    I certainly don’t think much of this type of forum.

  8. jflieger

    I registered (maybe even twice) but cannot find the link or confirmation email either. I did finally find a message (spam folder), but no link or instructions about downloading the ap.. Does the invoice ID act as a link? I do not see how to download the ap, or click on anything on the emailed page, which is presumably a confirmation (but that is not clear either). Please ask the OD crew to resend instructions. I see from the comments I’m not the only one wandering around in the noosphere in search of conference access.

  9. GrannyChanie

    I have downloaded the app and have been checking things out. At first I couldn’t figure out how to make my avatar a woman:)) The only issue is the sound. I have no problem with sound for Zoom, but they’re unable to hear me on this platform. I noticed when reading about this, headphones are recommended. I hope it’s okay if I just watch and listen.

    I was unable to be on the Friday night get together. Is there any way to watch any of the Friday night event after the fact?

    I’m sorry if this sounds like I’m complaining. I’m not, it’s just this is so new to me and very different, BUT it is very cool! I look forward to the conference. Hopefully, I can figure out how to navigate it! ^0^

  10. jflieger

    I got the ap downloaded. But it wants a password, and I don’t know what it is…I haven’t entered one and the order number on the receipt doesn’t work. They said they would email a link to reset password, but it never arrived.
    Please fix this before the event on the 20th!

  11. iam080



    Lue Elizondo’s most recently expressed personal belief on craft retrievals:

    Based on such beliefs, playing a speculative game of chance in Dolan’s virtual world, if Lue was to place some roulette bets on times/locations of craft retrievals, which recovery sites would he put his personal money on? 😉 Cape Girardeau 1941? Roswell 1947?

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