Update from Las Vegas

By | November 12, 2023

Greetings, everyone!

We’ve been having an incredible time at the Stairway to the Stars event in Las Vegas over the past few days. It’s been an absolute pleasure to meet so many of you, our cherished site members, in person. The warmth and camaraderie we’ve experienced here have been truly heartwarming.

A special shout-out to our member, Allan Lavigne, who surprised us with not just one, but two thoughtful gifts. We’re touched by your generosity, Allan. We’ll be sharing photographs of these lovely gifts as soon as we can, as well as many other photos from the conference.

The event has been a whirlwind of activity. On Friday evening, I had the honor of delivering a keynote lecture titled “UAP Amid a World in Revolution”. This lecture delved into themes that we’ve explored here on our site over the years, albeit with some fresh perspectives. We’re working on making this lecture available to you as soon as possible. Given the current distribution control by larger companies like Gaia, it might be quicker for me to re-record it for our website. Rest assured, also, the original will be available in the coming months.

Yesterday, I participated in an excellent panel on UFO Disclosure, moderated by Steve Bassett. The panel also featured insightful contributions from Danny Sheehan, Nick Pope, Paul Hynek, Caroline Corey, and another gentleman whose name unfortunately escapes me at the moment. Each panelist brought a unique perspective, making it one of the most engaging panels I’ve been a part of.

We’re doing our best to make this panel discussion available to you as soon as we can. Meanwhile, Tracey is gearing up for her lecture, which is scheduled in a few hours. Having seen what she’s been working on, I know it is superb and — like with everything else we have been doing here — we will be working to make that available somehow here. 

Hosting a UFO conference at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas is an interesting choice, to say the least. It’s been a while since our last visit to this city, and it never fails to amaze us with its energy.

We’re planning to record a Vegas-style fireside chat later today. If we’re unable to do so today, we’ll definitely make it happen tomorrow. We’re excited to share a video update with you all as soon as we can.

Stay tuned for more updates. We’re grateful for your continued support and engagement.



2 thoughts on “Update from Las Vegas

  1. Andykub

    It was great to meet you and to see you speak live. It’s kind of like watching a band live vs seeing a video. The energy of the speaker/band is picked up by the audience and energy is transmitted back to the stage. If any of you on the forum here has the opportunity to see Richard live, don’t pass it up!
    I’m only sorry I had to leave after the first day and couldn’t see Tracey’s talk.
    As for Vegas, my wife and I just moved almost a year ago. We stay away from the strip, but life here is still interesting! In a good way! I hope to see you again some day!


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